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Williamson's Tavern, Mansion House

Just back from a lunchtime excursion. Based on this and other recent visits it seems that the quality of the beer has declined quite drastically. Had a pint each of their summer guest (whose name escapes me), Deuchars IPA and Marston's Pedigree (this last to see if it's as lousy a beer as I always assume..) The first was vile, the second slightly sour and the last only stiffened my resolve to continue avoiding this beer in future.

I used to use this place quite a lot but won't be rushing back in a hurry.. shame.

19 Jul 2007 13:59

The Shaston Arms, Soho

A proper Hall and Woodhouse boozer selling a good range proper Hall and Woodhouse booze which is always a winner in my book.

Not sure what Quinno is talking about, certainly never noticed a particular proliferation of Independent readers or any kind of whiff of lavender whenever I've been here.

12 Jun 2007 12:09

The Bell, Cannon Street

This is a great little one-room old fashioned city boozer. Traditional 'wooden' feel with bits of the pub history and list of the landlords since 1668 or so is on the wall - apparently records for prior to then where destroyed in the Great Fire. TT's Landlord was absolute nectar last night, they also had Deuchars, Youngs Ordinary, Woodford's Wherry (and the farcically named Courage 'Best'). Staff friendly, not too rammed (even after work on a Thursday) - simply excellent stuff

8 Jun 2007 08:54

The Sea Horse, Mansion House

Against all the odds the Harvey's bitter is pretty damn good in here.

4 Jun 2007 13:07

The Pavilion End, Mansion House

Pretty godawful, looks like an All Bar One but marginally preferable to those pustules on the drinking landscape in that this place does at least have a wee bit of garden and screens to show live sport. Lame beer selection, plenty of overpriced generic fighting juice and possibly the worst short-order cooked food in the City. A visit to this establishment is really only permissible if it's warm enough to sit outside and you're early enough to get a seat out there. Otherwise, avoid.

4 Jun 2007 13:04

The Porcupine, Leicester Square

Any discerning drinker will naturally seek to avoid this neck of the woods at pretty much all costs, but occasionally the thirsty man will find himself here - and if so there are far worse options than this one. It's a Nicholson's so you know what you're going to get - trad. dark wood sort of environment, couple of guest ales. The Taylor's Landlord I had there was none too shabby and I don't recall it being too overpriced. Eastern European staff were friendly enough and did an alright job of keeping the place tidy-ish. I was in on a Tuesday so there was no sign of any of the Burberry Brigade.. Only slight objection would be the beggars coming in and hassling for change, but I guess that that goes with the territory round here. Pretty much best in show for the vicinity.

4 Jun 2007 12:44

The Halfway House, Earlsfield

Closed for a refurb to reopen in about a month. They're totally gutting the place - fingers crossed it's not the same stripped-pine-and-polenta wrecking crew that did such a comprehensive job of destroying the Dog & Fox.

4 Jun 2007 09:09

The Samuel Pepys, Mansion House

Cask marqued now - TT's Landlord on fine form this lunchtime. An excellent compromise between a proper men's city drinking pub and somewhere that'll keep your femal colleagues happy.

20 Apr 2007 14:38

The Black Prince, Woodstock

Corking roasts and cracking barmaids. Hurrah.

2 Apr 2007 10:32

The Dog and Fox, Wimbledon Village

I wandered in on Sunday to see if it really was as unutterably terrible as their website would seem to reply. Actually, it was worse. It's a cafe cum restaurant for the 3-wheeled buggy brigade of Wimbledon Village. I've no comment to make on the beer as a)I couldn't bear to stay in this preening hell hole for long enough to try it and b)nor will anyone else who doesn't have little Tarquin and Clytemnestra in tow.

The one plus was that it was nowhere near as busy as it used to get on Sundays, but that might be due to the fact that it's doubled in size (obviously further removing any of the last vestiges of character).

Youngs, stop it.

23 Jan 2007 16:15

The Harp, Covent Garden

The Harvey's Best was on stunning form on Saturday. It's still a great boozer but it does amaze me that people go to it to drink generic fizzylagerpop... too often too busy, which is a shame.

22 Jan 2007 12:59

The Front Room, Wandsworth

Been bought by those lovely free thinkers at Mitchell & Butler and is becoming the truly unique bar experience that is All Bar One.

I can barely contain my excitement.

19 Jan 2007 12:59

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

Sam Smith's OBB is just filth, unfortunately. An only slightly more palatable version of John Smith's or Tetley's or other such pap.

The only thing in favour of this joint is that it's not a bad place to meet someone who doesn't know London and needs somewhere easy to find - before you take them somewhere far, far better.

11 Jan 2007 13:42

The Ailsa Tavern, Twickenham

The manager seemed a top bloke when I was in there before the England v SA game at Twickenham a week or two ago. Beer (Youngs) was good, food was crap. No real discernible difference in the pub compared to how it was 18 months ago or so. An unremarkable but inoffensive 6/10.

Reviews on here seem a little harsh methinks.

6 Dec 2006 09:34

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

Clearly the poster below has a brain the size of a sultana. Off to Lloyds No. 1 with you, monkey. YOM is superb in every way as it was, is now, and ever shall be.

26 Oct 2006 12:14

The Wheatsheaf, Thatcham

An utter disgrace of a pub.

23 Oct 2006 10:41

The Harp, Covent Garden

AleKing is spot on.

20 Oct 2006 11:19

The Nags Head, Belgravia

Cracking pub though, if a bit small. Adnams was great last time I was in there.

13 Sep 2006 12:41

The Royal Oak, Borough

THe area is less than salubrious but this place is well worth seeking out. Harvey's Ales were superbly kept (the Best was better here than the Market Porter) and the staff were really friendly. Had Sunday lunch here - 2 roasts (massive and delicious) and 2 pints came to less than 20 quid so I don't know what the poster below is complaining about - this is London, and you're not going to find much lower prices outside of Wetherspoons- I'd say the Royal Oak was fantastic value.

Manages to do this without losing the feel of a proper drinking local - an absolutely marvellous pub.

7 Aug 2006 16:05

Williamson's Tavern, Mansion House

Great old fashioned city pub. Staff were really friendly, Superb pint of Timothy Taylor's today, other options were London Pride and Adnam's Best so there's something for everyone, and they have the guest ales on rotation. The food looked slightly suspect - chain-pub-itis of those nasty laminated menus - but for a couple of ales this place is hard to beat in this neck of the woods.

20 Jul 2006 14:10

The Fire Station, Waterloo

Going downhill this place, the staff just couldn't give one and it's always pretty dirty with empty glasses/overflowing ashtrays everywhere. Sort it out please, the Hole in the Wall just isn't much of an option in the summer. By the way Conniwot you really are a sad, bitter little man. I'm guessing you're probably rather lonely too.

12 Jul 2006 12:09

The Woodman, Battersea

Badger Beer - fantastic.
Really good food, cheap as hell if you get in on the two-for-one thing early evenings.
Big screen for sport
Comfy sofas
Distinct lack of oiks/Foster's drinkers.


6 Jul 2006 16:12

The Market Porter, Borough

Chef won the lottery on Saturday.

Not fair.

Top boozer though.

4 Jul 2006 12:42

Founders Arms, Bankside

I nicked in for shelter & a cheeky half during a cloudburst last night. The beer (Young's Ordinary) was cloudy and a bit crap and to my shame I couldn't be bothered to complain - it's a tourist place and I didn't really expect any better. The manager came over to where I was standing, looked at the drink, said that it was off, apologised profusely and took it back to be changed for a new one - which was infinitely better.

Top marks for customer service - seriously impressed by this.

24 May 2006 10:38

The Pig and Whistle, Earlsfield

Pyjama man has gone...

It feels brighter..

The staff are smiling and friendly..

The beer has gone from undrinkable vinegar to actually being rather good..

Only nipped in for a couple of crafties so shall reserve judgement for now but things are definitely looking up.

18 May 2006 12:42

The Box Bar, Earlsfield

It aspires to being an All Bar One.

It really is that bad.

9 May 2006 11:20

Shochu, Fitzrovia

Savagepink if I ever open a pub or bar please consider yourself barred, you sound like the customer from hell. You're blaming the bar for being busy?

Shochu - a good 'trendy' bar, and this from someone who normally hates such establishments with a passion. Reserve a table in advance and take a date and you're guaranteed action. Woo and yay.

9 May 2006 10:44

The Leather Bottle, Earlsfield

No idea what all the whingeing is about. The ale is great. The food is fine, if a little overpriced. The staff are friendly and competent. It's my local, I've been using it for years and I wouldn't change it. Keep up the good work.

19 Apr 2006 16:46

All Bar One, Canary Wharf

Ever since I donated my brain to medical science I've loved drinking Carlsberg in here after a hard day at work in the back office. Top marks.

19 Apr 2006 16:01

FM's, Newcastle

This wasn't Rockshots fella, Rockshots was hmm somewhere else. And Rockshots was a gay bar, Conniwot was saying he loved it there. FM's was a crappy upstairs place avoided by the discerning drinker.

31 Mar 2006 10:44

The Hatchet, Mansion House

A woman in the Hatchet? Shurely shome mishtake?

Good Beer and as the 'Hog says, it's fine for hiding in, no one'll ever find you in here.

17 Feb 2006 16:21

The Crutched Friar, Tower Hill

ABO - All Bar Scum. P&P = Pitcher and Poser. Happy to clear this up.

Crutched Friar = not the worst of a pretty underwhelming bunch at this end of the City.

14 Feb 2006 11:29

Snoopys Disco Pub, Gran Canaria

Great place this. The Landlord Bob quite rightly takes his vocation very seriously and takes time and trouble to seek out rare and interesting real ales, which are kept perfectly and served directly from the cask. The food is great - menu changes daily with vegetables from their own garden and locally sourced organic meat, lovingly prepared by Bob's charming wife Myfanwy. They can have a fairly idiosyncratic door policy and keep out the type of scum that might be found on an 18-30 holiday.. oh.. hang on...

2 Feb 2006 14:18

The Pitcher and Piano, Bishopsgate

This chap Baldo is clearly a moron/works for the shit chain that is P&P (see his other comments). Still the City's worst pub bar none.

3 Jan 2006 09:56

The Zoo Bar, Leicester Square

Quite fun when someone else is very kindly paying for all the booze. Otherwise typical formulaic Ly-chester Square crap for tourists and other assorted transients. Morons will love it, I'm sure you'll know if you're one of these people.

16 Dec 2005 11:57

The Coach and Horses, Mayfair

Liked this place, sells Deuchars IPA so getsa many points for that. Small trad wooden boozer, wasn't overly rammed with folk when all the surrounding pubs were so that was a plus. Could prob do with more staff as it was a bit of a tip (dirty glasses piled up on bar, excessive amounts of fag butts etc on the floor) but all in all pretty good.

16 Dec 2005 11:36

The Punch Bowl, Mayfair

Solid enough boozer dishing up very good Bombadier and Courage Best. Does fill up after work and the barman was a bit clueless but that's a minor gripe. I reckon that there are better pubs in the area but if you fancy a change you could do a lot worse than this.

16 Dec 2005 11:32

The County Arms, Wandsworth Common

A bit crap. Feels like drinking in a pseudo-smart airport hotel if that's not an oxymoron. Food is overly ambitious and over priced. Beer nondescript, service laughable. I wouldn't bother.

14 Oct 2005 10:43

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Now this is one top little juicer. Looks like it'd be about on a par with Coopers in the station from the outside but be brave and go in and it's a great place. Trains rumbling overhead, great selection of decent ales (Adnams especially good) - and no b*gger seems to know it's there so it's never too packed. One criticism would be of the tosser (male) student bar staff - regulation food stained t shirts and bum fluff does not make you look cool kids so leave the attitude outside eh? Being served by schoolchildren aside, HitW = thumbs up.

13 Oct 2005 14:13

Deacons, City Of London

Cheap as hell (round the 2 quid mark as I recall). Lots of screens so good for sport (including screens in the windows so passing pikeys too cheap to buy a drink can watch too). Pretty nondescript other than that.

Good for a crafty few strong continental lagers before going on to whatever shit event it is you need to sharpen up for.

12 Oct 2005 15:08

The Market Porter, Borough

The best selection of beer in London. Anyone that would like to argue with this truism is a moron and shouldn't be allowed to express their opinion on a public forum.


12 Oct 2005 14:18

Blackie Boy, Newcastle

Pretty standard Newcastle juicer this, a cut above the normal Bigg market dross, worth nicking into for a sharpener if you're passing I guess.

Does anyone remember Sal, the lovely blonde barmaid that worked here about 5 years ago? Best cans in the 'toon and no mistake.

12 Oct 2005 14:02

The Crooked Billet, Wimbledon Common

Fantastic. Edgar the 'new' landlord (since the beginning of the year) is an absolute gentleman and doing a great job. The beer is the best pint of Young's ordinary to be found in London, bar none, and I believe the Special and London Ale have recently won CAMRA awards. Food is good and cheap. Top marks, end of story.

6 Oct 2005 09:58

Doggetts Coat and Badge, Southwark

Characterless is spot on. Handy enough in the summer to nick in for a crafty sharpener on the way back to Waterloo but it's for tourists and other assorted transients. Beer - mediocre. Food - looks mediocre. Prices - excessive. Best off heading back towards the City & the Founders Arms really.

29 Sep 2005 10:16

The Park Tavern, Southfields

Always looked like a bit of a old man pub so I'd never bothered going in there prior to the refurb. Went in for a few last night and was very impressed. Service from the (very friendly) landlord was great and the 6X was on great form - unusual for London. Massive comfy sofas and a decent looking menu with reasonably priced food. I look forward to commandeering sofas for long winter days of beery fun - I really hope this place does well, it'll be good competition for the Earl Spencer.

22 Sep 2005 14:31

The Grouse and Claret, Belgravia

Nipped in for a couple on Thursday during a crafty afternoon crawl. PLace has been quite smartly done up, landlord and barmaid were both really friendly and the Badger Best was on great form (only 2.50 for a pint too which is great for this part of London). Had a look at the upstairs and downstairs areas and both looked like they'd be great for a party or whatever. Top marks - I'll be back.

19 Sep 2005 11:52

The Chameleon Bar, Woking

I fink it's wikkid that ppl can cum here and drink 20/20 and punch some1 if u want 2. Gr8 place I luv it LOL.

For god's sake. I despair.

17 Jun 2005 11:50

The Pig and Whistle, Earlsfield

It pains me to say it but this place is becoming a total dive. I've started using it less and less - the beer is just poor. It's a Young's pub within at most 5 miles of the brewery and the beer just takes like piss. I am at a loss to explain how they do it. They've recently given up on serving Pilsner (the Young's house lager) - not surprising, the last time I tried it there I understood for the first time why people refer to rubbish beer as tasting like vinegar. On the increasingly rare occasions the beer is even faintly palatable it's because the landlord is on holiday.

Every time I've been in there recently I've seen people either sending the food back or querying as to why it's taking so long to appear. I had a roast there a couple of months back and it tasted as I would imagine a Birds Eye microwave meal for one (loser) would.

They don't serve good beer, they don't serve good food. There is no longer any point to this place whatsoever. Youngs, either sack the landlord or close the place down. It is now officially a shit pub. Give it up, you're going nowhere but even further to the sewer. Nul points.

16 Jun 2005 14:09

The Broadgate Exchange, Broadgate

There was an entirely fair comment on here yesterday from a former member of staff at this pub which illustrated the infinite depths to which this total dive had sunk. Rubbish beer, rubbish food, rubbish staff, just a big, steaming pile of turd. The Exchange sums up everything that can go wrong with a pub. The comment has now been deleted. Shame.

15 Jun 2005 15:00

The Earl of Spencer, Southfields

This is a cracking pub. Didn't have any problems (described by some of the posters below) with the staff who all seemed quite capable and friendly. Exceptionally well kept beers - unfortunately the Hook Norton was off but the Adnams Best and London Pride were both superb, a description I do not use lightly! This place was the Evening Standard Pub of the Year 2004 and the quality of the food alone makes this understandable. Not the world's longest menu but very well balanced, and the sea bass, lamb and chicken that we had were of a quality that would put many restaurants to shame. Main courses are at around a tenner - perfectly reasonable, if you want cheaper than that then off to Wetherspoons with you! Waitresses were attentive and service prompt. No you can't book tables (this is a pub for god's sake) and yes it does get busy (successful places do..). Couldn't fault this place.

7 Jun 2005 11:36

The Cannon, Cannon Street

Had to resort to this place as the Banker round the corner is closed for a refurb and I'd rather peel myself with a plastic spoon than go into the ABO next door. The Cannon was full of middle aged, balding, beer bellied losers in cheap suits delaying getting on their train home to their crap lives. Beer below average - still, London Pride only 2.40 a pint so not too bad. This place may just as well not be here (except it keeps aforementioned losers out of the Banker.)

3 Jun 2005 09:50

The Fox, Putney

Hmm.. bit of a debate going on here. An element of truth from both sides. The (bar)staff are generally fine, with the exception of one monosyllabic South Afrcan who is aloof, arrogant and rude. The manager is fine. The beer isn't that expensive (whichever prole wants to go to the Railway is welcome to it) - bear in mind that this is Putney after all - and is pretty good (best Heineken in London and yeah I know it's chav juice but sometimes only ice cold lager will do.) The only real criticism is that the food is unutterably terrible. So bad it's almost worth ordering just to laugh at it. Still, as a Saturday lunchtime destination to watch the footie/warm up before nipping down to Twickenham it's prety reliable.

2 Jun 2005 13:48

O'Neills, Cardiff

Not bad for an O'Neill's. Bar staff did a great job before the Lions game on Monday when it was a little on the busy side. I'd imagine it fills up with inbred fight fans at weekends and probably worth avoiding.

26 May 2005 12:34

The Toad at Two Rivers, Staines

Reading all these comments makes me want to visit this establishment as an anthropological study.

17 Feb 2005 17:05

The New Moon, Bank

It's.. OK.. I was slightly underwhelmed. The beer (London Pride and Greene King IPA) is fine, the staff are fine, the other punters are fine (as long as you don't object to men in suits). It has got one of the classy EA Golf machines (rather than the Golden Tee rubbish), and plasma screens up at either end for the footie/cricket. There are local boozers with masses more personality and/or class (try the Lamb in the market or the Swan off Gracechurch St).. the New Moon rather pales in comparison.

4 Feb 2005 16:28

The Royal Oak, New Malden

I wonder in Paddy86 is perhaps related to the landlord? Or he works in this pub? Or he is a member of the Combat 18-esque fraternity '213 Unit'? Or what his vested interest is in plugging this place and slating all the local competiton....

27 Jan 2005 14:27

The Leather Bottle, Earlsfield

Went in here on Friday for the first time since the refit (the pub was my local a couple of years ago before I moved) and I don't see what the complaints below are all about. The dining area has been smartened up, the loos are now clean, but other than that it hasn't really changed. The loutish builder types aren't there anymore which is no great loss, and the live singer bloke was pretty good. The only criticism I would make is that the beer was nothing special but other than that there's nothing wrong with the place. Not the world's most memorable pub but you could do a lot worse.

24 Jan 2005 11:51

The S Bar, Battersea

Pretty good. The manager was great - despite having lost the area reservation he managed to sort it out and find us a space. They had a live DJ on who was pretty good, and the drinks weren't too expensive (3 for a vodka tonic which for a wannabe trendy bar is definitely atthe lower end of the scale). Personally am more of a pub man but as bars go this is a good one. Cheers!

24 Jan 2005 11:25

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

Adnams, London Pride & Youngs on tap. Excellent. Was there on Saturday and it got completely rammed with Chelsea fans (tho' the ones that live in Kensington rather than Morden so there were plenty of Barbour jackets and no trouble). Still, the barstaff were friendly enough and pretty efficient given how packed it was. The food was pretty mediocre but then as they say 'eating's cheating' and this place is well worth visiting for the beer alone.

24 Jan 2005 09:58

The Water Rat, Chelsea

Now an italian restaurant that got slated in a review in the Sunday Times last weekend.

21 Jan 2005 11:55

Digress, Moorgate

Oh god, it's bad. I was forced to go there for some work thing - and all my worst fears were confirmed. Full of drunken idiots spraying each other with bottled lager. No real beer. Crap music. Arrogant staff. GO AWAY.

20 Jan 2005 17:03

The Jamaica Wine House, Bank

I was disappointed by this place. Never had the privilege of visiting pre-refurb and now it's a bit of a sad mongrel of a pub - you can see the odd bit of the original fittings but mixed in with the pure evil that is the accursed P&P/All Bar One style. The effect is bizzarre, and not really that successful.And yep, the service sucked big time. Keep walking up Cornhill and go to the Counting House.

19 Jan 2005 12:21

The Lord Aberconway, Liverpool Street

It's got those posters in the window advertising how cheap the crap fizzy lager is at certain times which put me off before I went in there.. but those aside, it's not too bad. It does get very busy for the small size and they do seem often to run out of the beverage of choice, but it's not really a session kind of place so these annoyances aren't too serious. It's occasionally worth popping in just to make the change but there are much better city boozers out there if you know where to look.

19 Jan 2005 12:17

The Railway Tavern, Liverpool Street

Bit tatty and could use with more effort on the clearing glasses/ashtrays front. Beer instantly forgettable.They do (or did) some manner of 'Pizza in the Pub' malarkey which was approximately acceptable. OK if you're meeting a mate who doesn't know the city as it's easy to find from the station - but once you've met up, take them somewhere better.

19 Jan 2005 12:13

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

Great pub with terrific Badger beers. It's in a cracking spot overlooking the Hamble River/Elephant boat yard (which is handy for parking the yacht) so the pub does fill up quickly, but is pretty huge and the staff are very competent so if you get a table you're laughing. Didn't eat there but the food looked delicious so will definitely do so in future. They pipe comedy tapes (Have I Got News For You etc) into the loos which is a nice touch!(I would advise eating at the Jolly Sailor rather than going to the Ferry Restaurant nearby - the Ferry used to be very good, but is now under new management and on the two occasions I have been they would have been put to shame by Basil Fawlty.) Jolly Sailor - thumbs up.

18 Jan 2005 16:48

Babel, Clapham Junction

I think I saw this place at the time I would hate it the least; i.e.when it's not filled with it's usual clientele of, I would imagine, braying tossers. Monday night it was actually OK. Yes it's a bar, yes there's table service, yes it's more expensive than Wetherspoons. Still change from 3 quid for a pint of Kronenbourg (which is almost unusual), but the food (platter-type stuff) was OK and not too expensive. The staff were trying hard and were friendly and polite. Local competition includes the Northcote (mediocre, tatty verging on grotty) or the Fine Line. Do the maths.

18 Jan 2005 16:27

The Pitcher and Piano, Bank

As P&P's go this isn't too bad. However that's like saying 'as cases of ebola go this isn't too bad'. The only 'beer' (and I use the term in it's widest possible sense) is Marston's Pedigree, which says it all really. Do yourself a favour and walk two minutes up the road to the Counting House or Simpsons (unless of course P&P's are up your alley in which case you're welcome to it).

18 Jan 2005 14:08

The Swan, Bank

Magnificent pub for men in suits to drink possibly the best London Pride in the City. Has a bit of a 'locals' feel to it but so long as you're recognised as 'one of us' (ie you're male and in a suit) then there's no hassle. I only checked out the downstairs bar which is pretty tiny (it would feel crowded with 10 people in there) but the decor is authentic stone flagstones, dark wood etc, and - correct me if I'm wrong - feels uncontrived as it's been like that since the year dot. I foresee a long friendship with this pub - marvellous.

18 Jan 2005 09:26

The Emperor, Cambridge

The place is a little short on atmosphere and the Barmaid was pretty unfriendly (tried to fob me off with the last pint in the barrel of Adnams but strangely was happy enough to change it when requested.) It's not a bad boozer for a couple of swift jars and handy enough for meeting up in (close to the station) but there are far better pubs in Cambridge if it's a session you're after.

17 Jan 2005 10:37

The Open Page, Earlsfield

Nice pub, just what Earlsfield needs. Decent garden in the summer (with the crucial heaters), friendly staff, burgers look good.. not sure about the sport-with-no-sound policy but there's always 366 down the road if the commentary is essential! It's definitely better since they booted the builders. The London Pride was OK without being brilliant, they also had Budweiser on tap which is a plus. Good stuff people, thanks.

14 Jan 2005 12:19

The Clachan, Soho

Pretty good boozer that seems to take the Very Serious Business of Keeping Real Ale appropriately seriously. The Timothy Taylor's Landlord was great, in addition to which they had London Pride and A.N.Other on tap. Good selection of malt whiskies, though they kept the empty boxes of finished bottles up behind the bar which made choosing a little tricky. Food portions looked enormous and the prices were very reasonable for this part of London. The staff could benefit from a little English Language training and the manager could perhaps invest in a clock that shows the correct time, but these are niggles. What was perhaps slightly more worrying was that one of the barmen was called to check out some hobo that had passed out in the loos - I guess that kind of goes with the territory of being situated in W1. My normal reaction to finding myself near Oxford Circus is to run away screaming asap - this place is worth seeking refuge in. Good stuff!

13 Jan 2005 09:21

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

Manages to be surprisingly good despite being smack bang in the middle of the Hell on Earth that is Oxford Circus. The interior is interesting (lots of old fashioned mirrors, corridors, etc.) and the staff are friendly and efficient (they need to be given how busy this place gets). London Pride is pretty well kept if slightly unmemorable. I can't remember what the prices were but it certainly didn't stand out as being overly expensive. If you have the profound misfortune to find yourself in the vicinity then the Argyll is well worth popping into to console yourself.

12 Jan 2005 15:37

Williams Wine and Ale House, Hoxton

it's got a pool table and a golf machine but the beer is, I am afraid to say, terrible. Go for the games and order bottles only - much as it pains me to say that. The bar staff generally have limited English but are friendly enough and will change your crap pint for another crap pint on request. Food is OK with frighteningly quick service. Sort the beer out and it could be great.....

7 Jan 2005 14:35

The Monument, Monument

I was quite pleasantly surprised. It's pretty big and though the staff could have been faster the service was OK. The food was the typical laminated-menu-chain-pub-plastic-burger bag o'shite but hey if it's 4 quid or whatever then you can't really argue. Fairly uninspired choice of beers, but at least they had London Pride which other than being slightly too warm was pretty good. Generally speaking, it's fine. Only problem is that there are a few far, far better options within about 5 minutes walk, so there's really no need to ever go back to this one.

7 Jan 2005 14:10

The Devonshire Arms, Kensington

Top little boozer a short hop from the antipodean ghetto of Earls Court. Extremely tasty (and equally lethal) Leffe on tap, good Adnams Broadside and Staropramen so something for everyone. Comfy sofas, lit by candles and lots of lovely ladies so a a nice ambience. The food was great too - and at about 9 quid for a very tasty coq au vin a damn sight cheaper than you might expect a gastro-style menu to be when you're not a million miles from Kensington. The drinks ain't cheap - a pint of leffe and a white wine spritzer was the thick end of 8 quid - but this is probably similar to what a pint of e.g. Hoegarrden would cost elsewhere so can't complain. I rate this place - cheers folks.

7 Jan 2005 09:08

The Rose and Crown, Kew

I really like this pub, as the poster below says - in the summer you can't beat a day sitting outside quaffing ale and watching the cricket. I haven't eaten there but the food looks great, and it is always completely rammed on weekend lunchtimes so that has to say something. One negative is that the wooden chairs/benches outside are screwed down - this is Kew Green not Peckham, what's the worst that could happen?!

6 Jan 2005 14:21

The Pig and Whistle, Earlsfield

Further to previous comments I'm sad to say that the jury is still very much out on what is happening to this pub. Prior to the the change of landlord it used to be a very friendly and pleasant local. It served decent food, it served decent beer, and that was pretty much the end of it. I understand that the brewery (Youngs) did not deem that the place was profitable enough and that a change was due, but surely they can not have envisaged the transformation to a 'Welcome Break' style roadside cafeteria that seems to be taking place. I am aware that the profit margins on food are higher than those on drinks but the number of tables that are now crammed in in rows (bringing to mind a Victorian classroom) make it almost impossible to move through the pub. The landlord seems happy to serve drinks only for himself. (I hadn't known who he was before he was pointed out to me last night - I had presumed that the chap in question was a local 'character' who enjoyed propping up the bar in his pyjamas drinking stella but, no, apparently this is the gentleman responsible for this once fine boozer). The misguided innovations continue - the weekly music quiz continues to drive away the punters (witness the travelling gap toothed Mickey-Disco type setting up on the stage at the front of the pub as people look awkwardly at each other and their watches before making their excuses and leaving..) I don't want to be too negative about this pub as I really do want it to succeed - but it's in real danger of becoming the sort of place where the same 5 people sit at the bar all day glaring at strangers and leering at the barmaids.. Youngs, please sort it out!

6 Jan 2005 09:28

The Hand and Raquet, Wimbledon

'Decent, fairly standard chain pub' Sorry, am reeling from the shock of of reading this piece of oxymoronity from the poster below.. Once upon a time the Hogshead was very nearly quite good- decent ales kept properly, non chav clientele. Now however it seems to be trying to do a Wetherspoons, which in itself is a good reason to stay on the other side of the road when passing. The food is rubbish too.

4 Jan 2005 14:31

The Stables, St Andrews

Unless you and all your ancestors have grown up within half a mile of this place then DO NOT GO IN. Quite simply, it is not safe - you will get a pasting. That's just the way it is. It's not exactly in the town so you'd have to go looking for it if you wanted to drink there - I would strongly counsel against this. You have been warned!

4 Jan 2005 10:39

The Brewery Tap, Wimbledon Village

I liked this pub far more than I expected to. The Adnams was great - Gales less so but it seemed well kept 9and the pub has a cask marque)so I'll put that down to taste. Landlord was friendly and seemed to enjoy the product which has to be a good sign. The food looked very good but they were turning people who wanted to eat away at about 3pm having run out, so maybe this could be addressed. Another good pub for the village - nice one.

4 Jan 2005 10:15

The King Of Denmark, West Wimbledon

Utterly mediocre and that's probably being overgenerous. The only 'beer' available was Courage Best which was clearly not the best of starts. Nasty and slightly tatty decor and the other punters were fairly dodgy looking. With the much better Swan next door this place is easily avoidable.

4 Jan 2005 10:08

The Swan Tavern, West Wimbledon

Pretty good Youngs Ordinary, friendly staff and the food was good if a bit expensive for what it was. Nice comfy sofas and pretty cavernous so it would have to be rammed with people to feel busy. Infinitely better than the Denmark next door, this place is well worth stopping into (it's near the curry house too which is always a bonus).

4 Jan 2005 10:04

The Coal Hole, Strand

Some very mixed comments about this pub - but I was in there with my girlfriend last night and we were very pleasantly surprised. OK the bar staff were not British but were very friendly and helpful - despite the fact that we asked for one thing then changed our minds and went for something else the guy was patient and friendly. The Timothy Taylor's Landlord was damn fine, and the atmosphere was great. Given the location I would have expected it to be full of tourists but this was not the case, so they're clearly doing something right. The Roman frescos around the top of the walls add interest, and I now have an ambition to spend a day at the table at the back on the ground floor by the medieaval tapestry thing - a great session could be had there! Reading below it sounds like the pub has had a chequered history, and I can't comment on the food, but if you're on the Strand then I really would recommend giving this place a punt.

31 Dec 2004 10:32

The Livery, St Pauls

Rubbish. Bizarrely it's constantly busy (I guess no one ever lost money by underestimating the stupidity of the public), the music is crap at earsplitting volume, the drinks are hugely overpriced and taste much as I would imagine warm piss would. If there is anything lower in the food chain than an All Bar One then this is it.

30 Dec 2004 16:14

Grapeshots, Broadgate

Great little Davy's wine bar, an excellent place to hide away for extended lunches. Nice food (sandwiches, cold roast beef etc) and the usual Davy's wine list. Top city lunch spot, and still a pretty well kept secret.

30 Dec 2004 15:49

The Orange Brewery, Belgravia

It's been neglected and feels like it. The outside gives the impression that they do still brew their own beers - sadly now it is just the usual London suspects, poorly kept. The clientele were pretty scummy though inoffensive, the menu was tired. The bar staff were really friendly and nice but other than them the place just needs a good kick in the pants - it could be great. Shame.

30 Dec 2004 15:45

Gotham Town, Newcastle

Rubbish. 'Goth theme' - says it all really. Smells very strange as well. No.

30 Dec 2004 15:38

The Head of Steam, Newcastle

Top pub with a bit of bar mixed in. Happily the 'bar' bit just means that it plays excellent music (do they still have the live DJs?), and there's a good selection of beers. Good place to kick off a night. Sarah's comment about the toilets is right though - always very confusing.

30 Dec 2004 15:37

The Union Rooms, Newcastle

The building is stunning ( I think it used to be the old Liberal club) and the beer, though a bit dodgy, is spectacularly cheap enough to make it worth the sacrifice. Worth popping into to check out the building alone, and you might as well have a beer when you're in there.

30 Dec 2004 15:34

FM's, Newcastle

Crap. Some sort of tenuous music biz theme so the stairs up to it are decorated with e.g Donny Osmonds toenail clippings. Mediocre overpriced lager (I wouldn't trust a place like this with proper beer) and I wasn't about to hang around to sample any of the dogy sounding food. Fills up with chavs on Thursday onwards - if you are one, you'll probably feel at home.

30 Dec 2004 15:32

The Hotspur, Newcastle

Fairly typical T&J Bernard place. Beer is kept well enough and it feels fairly authentically 'pubby' (dark wood). Fairly typical steak pie etc menu but none the worse for that. Shows the footie so does fill up with rabid 'toon fans but is probably the best pub in the town centre.

30 Dec 2004 15:28

Crows Nest, Newcastle

Spray-on fake aussie bar. So lager, 'amusing' road signs with kangaroos on them, and big portions of red meat. Also home to the sloaney student brigade, which makes it worth crossing the street to avoid.

30 Dec 2004 15:26

Bankes Arms Hotel and Country Inn, Studland

Complacent. Gets a lot of tourist trade due to the great situation and lack of any local competition and so I think they're getting a bit lazy. I stayed here and the rooms were comfortable enough whilst feeling a bit faded. There was a good range of beer and the food (I had game casserole) was very nice, though the amazing speed with which it arrived did suggest that it had been reheated. The huge garden does have a cracking view of the bay but again suffers from a lack of attention - the crisp packets and empty glasses that accumulate so rapidly make it feel a bit grubby (surely they could pay a local teenager to sort this out!) In the vicinity it's really the only option, but until they start trying harder it sadly isn't worth journeying to specially.

30 Dec 2004 15:20

Stone Horse Paper Cow, Liverpool Street

It's bad but there are worse in the vicinity. The beer selection is limited (Directors,and Greene King IPA as I recall) and the staff are a wee bit hopeless (though they do try). The food isn't very expensive and is acceptable if completely forgettable. it's got a pool table and a big screen which comes in quite handy for the football/rugby/golf. There are better pubs nearby, but there are far, far worse so I can't judge this one too harshly - 'nondescript' doesn't quite do it justice, but in the interests of brevity that's probably the best summation.

30 Dec 2004 15:11

The White Hart, Bishopsgate

It's dirty, it's full of wideboy tossers, the beer is hardly ever 'on'. A tragic excuse for a pub.

30 Dec 2004 15:07

The Apollo, Marylebone

Bit of a shortage of proper beer whenever I've been there but the lager is quality and served very cold as it should be. Cheap food (I think it was about 7 quid for 2 meals?) that was pretty good, slightly contradictory in that the menus are on gastro-style clipboards while the selection is fairly trad pub food (fish & chips, caesar salads etc.) Worth the 3 minute walk from Baker St station, and it's off the main road so isn't too plagued by tourists looking for 221B.

30 Dec 2004 15:02

The Water Poet, Shoreditch

A fantastic pub, hidden away on the northern outskirts of the city. 2 pool tables, table football, a garden where they do barbecues in the summer. Really friendly landlord and extremely attractive eastern european (female!) barstaff. Very good Broadside, Kronenbourg White beer, and San Miguel on tap. Excellent and eclectic range of music. I cannot rate this pub highly enough, and only do not give it a 10 rating as it is almost too far from my office! (I am in no way connected with the pub other than as an enthusiastic patron).

30 Dec 2004 14:31

The Grove Tavern, South Wimbledon

Don't go in wearing a suit, unless you are bored of your face and would like it rearranged. Not the warmest welcome I've ever come across.

30 Dec 2004 11:57

The Legless Tup, Fulham

A bit ikea but OK for meeting up with people for going on somewhere better. To be fair it's a better bet than a lot of the poncey hellholes around here (if you're lucky you might catch a glimpse of James Hewitt with his face buried in a pile of bolivian marching powder) and the food is OK. Worth the walk from Fulham Broadway and quite good for watching sport.

30 Dec 2004 11:49

The Chelsea Potter, Chelsea

One of the best on the Kings Road (though all is relative) this place is OK. Quite small and gets busy/smoky but the beer is decent enough and the staff are friendly.

30 Dec 2004 11:24

The Sir Paul Pindar, Bishopsgate

Nondescript. I agree with the poster below that it's a mystery as to how they got the cask marque - the beer, when it is available, is just not that good. The place seems to be pitching itself at the lager/alcopop crowd (see the posters advertising cheap drinks - clearly they are cheap because they are crap). Though it gets pretty crowded it's quite big so there's generally space to breathe. It's probably a good bet as a mid-point between the nearby good (Dirty Dicks/Shooting Star), the bad (Corney & Barrow in Exchange Square) and the bloody ugly (Pitcher & Piano..)

29 Dec 2004 11:25

The Railway, Salisbury

Wasn't very impressed with this one. Paternalistic and unwelcoming locals, and the beer tasted as I imagine it would have done had it been piped in straight from the urinals with a little meths added. Worth the walk to the town centre to avoid this pub.

29 Dec 2004 10:47

The York, Islington

Standard issue really. The pub is about as bland and undistinguished as this review. Outside is nice in the summer, inside is alright in the winter. Nothing particularly memorable about it. Not worth travelling to but if you're around Angel tube then it's definitely your best bet. Actually to be fair the pub isn't quite as boring as this review (as it's not obviously part of a chain) but, hmm, yes..

23 Dec 2004 12:09

East India Arms, Fenchurch Street

Slightly shabby old style city boozer for standing up and drinking in. I wouldn't bother asking for a glass of wine for the lady as they'd probably think you were taking the mickey. Tasty Eastern European Barmaids, tasty London Pride. Fine by me!

23 Dec 2004 11:08

The Duke of York, Kings Cross station

It's pretty bad but it could be a heck of a lot worse. The beer is OK (London Pride), the staff are efficient enough.. It could be cleaner but I guess this is to do with the volume of trade they get. If you're stuck waiting for a train then this is definitely your best bet rather than venturing out to be parted from your wallet by the junkies and crack whores outside the station. Compared to the utter disgrace of a pub that is this place's equivalent at Waterloo this one is actually quite acceptable. It's all relative!

23 Dec 2004 10:52

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

Perfect antidote to the gash chain bars to be found in the city. It's small, it's slightly shabby, there is as mentioned below the odd crazy bloke talking to himself.. but the quality of the ale is second to none (they regularly rotate the guest beers), and the staff could not be more welcoming (even to 'suits'.) It's a unique place. Take a walk down there at lunchtime stopping on the way to pick up an onion bhaji or two from one of the shops on Brick Lane - perfect.

23 Dec 2004 10:38

Corney and Barrow, Broadgate

If you're on expenses then it's OK I guess, and not a bad place to nip into for a bit of surreptious watching of the cricket during office hours. It's expensive, the beer is all bottled, the mark-ups on the wine are almost hilarious (well, they are hilarious if the company is paying). It's undistinguished but inoffensive.

22 Dec 2004 16:11

All Bar One, Broadgate

Very confusing this place. You would think that anyone who was willing to pay the prices for the dubious pleasure of drinking in here must be in receipt of multi-million pound bonuses and have money to burn, but looking at the inflated tie knots and extravagant quiffs of the back office types around the place this is clearly not the case. Maybe they just had their taste glands removed at birth. The 'beer' (I wince as I type that) is the typical sodastream pap to be found in any ABO/P&P/and so on. The atmosphere is eerily similar to that to be found in a provincial airport departure lounge.. No, no, and thrice no.

22 Dec 2004 16:06

The Gun, Shoreditch

Good old fashioned boozer. The beer isn't anything to write home about (though there's nothing worng with it - and I think it's a freehouse which is always to be welcomed) but the place has quite an 'honest' feel about it and the staff/licensees are friendly. Good place to hide from colleagues - also to watch footie on one of the screens

22 Dec 2004 15:37

The Steam Passage, Islington

Lager is OK (they don't sell any real beer). Feels a bit like a student union bar. Barmaids were quite fit. Thats' it really. if you're passing and thirsty then why not?

22 Dec 2004 15:34

O'Neills, Wimbledon

It's an O'Neills so you know what to expect before you go in there and it lives up to that really. It's just.. fine. Prob best avoided on Friday/Saturday nights when it gets very busy with ummmm people on their way to Po Na Nas/The Watershed but for midweek footie watching you could do a lot worse (e.g. 'The' Bar or the Walkabout).

22 Dec 2004 15:26

The George, Hammersmith

It's just rubbish. It's dirty, the staff are rude, the beer is typical formulaic crap - surely the good people of Hammersmith deserve better than this?

22 Dec 2004 12:10

The Alexandra, Wimbledon

Pretty grotty in keeping with most of the other pubs round here - mouldy beer, swirly patterned carpets, just a bit tired really. The Smart Alex wine bar next door is no better - OK it's cleaner but the staff are equally surly and the beer is equally poor. Hop on a 93 up to the village, much better.

22 Dec 2004 12:02

Edwards Bar, Hammersmith

Even in the hive of scum and villainy that is the environs of Hammersmith station this place stands out as a particularly aggravating pustule. Crap beer, incompetent/slow/rude staff, overpriced, full of chavs/smoky/rubbish music. Do yourself a favour and nip 5 minutes down the river to the Blue Anchor instead.

22 Dec 2004 10:24

The Slug and Lettuce, Fulham

If you wanted a guided tour of all that was or could go wrong with a pub, come along - wear body armour though as it's full of either our drunken friends from the antipodes or thuggish and drunken Chelsea fans. The creative syntax of the gentleman contributor below Mr 'Grantous' just about sums up the clientele of this establishment - so you can probably surmise from this whether or not you'll find yourself at home there.

21 Dec 2004 14:47

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

Perfectly situated so you can leave your back office job, come in here, drink lots of crap, fizzy lager with lots of other Essex boys then have a fight. Dirty Dicks and the Shooting Star are both within 2 mins walk so there is no reason to ever come here unless the above description sounds like you.

21 Dec 2004 14:26

Walkabout, Wimbledon

This place is better than it would be if it was a place for Brits to go and get drunk/be jingoistic, but then presumably the so-called liberals and our friends at the CRE would close it down anyway. I have absolute nothing against Aussies/Saffas, unless there's a whole bunch of them hammered in a small space. Which is what you'll find here. So if that floats your boat, you'll love it.

21 Dec 2004 14:01

The Fire Station, Waterloo

The only option for drinking 'in' Waterloo Station. It is a bit barn like and always very busy, but the beer is fine if uninspired, the food is (I believe) award winning - certainly the chips are excellent (though at about 4 quid for a portion not cheap). If you really can't wait til you get to wherever you're going to have a beer, then this is where you have to come.

21 Dec 2004 11:03

The Reef Bar, Waterloo

God what is it with Waterloo? Like Coopers downstairs this is a pustule on the armpit of satan. It's filthy, the staff are rude, it's crowded with fat middle aged men who can't bear to go home to their miserable lives, the drinks are rubbish.. the only thing going for it is that there's a loo you can use if on the way home from somewhere far, far better (which would be anywhere else in the known universe, excluding the aforementioned Coopers and of course Essex).

21 Dec 2004 10:58

Wellesley, Waterloo

Horrible horrible horrible. Do yourself a favour - go into Wine Rack, buy a couple of tins of special brew and drink them on one of the platforms instead. At least you might maintain a modicum of self respect that way.

21 Dec 2004 10:54

Laffertys, St Andrews

Fairly standard spray-on faux 'Oirish Bar'. Decent enough beer, food and ambience, seems a fairly safe place to hide from the students who seem to prefer blowing their grants in the Gin House/Ogstons over the road.

20 Dec 2004 15:36

The Raisin, St Andrews

Andy's comment below is quite right. It's just the same as all the others. It is one for the students though (the braying hoorays even get cheaper beer in here I think). When they've gone back to Berkshire for the Summer/Winter it's OK - decent pool tables and a comfortable place to watch the footie. It should be included on a crawl of the town, but not really worth visting in it's own right.

20 Dec 2004 15:19

Central, St Andrews

Fairly typical T&J Bernard pub. Beer is well kept and the food is cheap and hearty (pies/filled yorkshires etc). Possibly one to avoid when the students are in town, otherwise the best place centrally for a beer (or 10).

20 Dec 2004 15:10

All Bar One, Wimbledon

If you like ABOs then doubtless you'll like this one. If so, please don't walk up the hill towards the Village or the Common, there's nothing for you there.

20 Dec 2004 14:33

The Slug and Lettuce, Borough

If you like S&L as a chain and you're in the area, you will love this place, please drink here! (and save the rest of us from having the proper pubs filled up with you and your oikish ilk).

20 Dec 2004 14:29

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

Fairly standard Youngs pub (not a bad thing) but the beer is well kept and the licensees/bar staff are exceptionally friendly and obliging. The food is good too. Does tend to fill with the after work crowd but I don't think we should find that desperately surprising! One of the best pubs in the area if like me even the thought of going into an ABO/P&P makes you want to hurl yourself off the nearest tall building.

20 Dec 2004 14:25

The Dukes Head, Putney

Good no nonsense original Youngs boozer, warm, comfortable and friendly. Quality of the ordinary was top notch. Traditional wooden decor with big windows overlooking the river. Staff friendly and attracts a decent class of punter. Only criticisms could be that the toilets are a bit scummy, but that's a detail! One of these is worth a million All Bar Pitcher and Parrots - keep it up!

17 Dec 2004 10:57

The Holy Drinker, Battersea

Beer selection is pretty limited but they do swing-lid Grolsch which is enough of a cheap thrill for me. Fairly small and dark, and yep gets full of young people with money. So?

16 Dec 2004 14:24

The Duke of Albemarle, Mayfair

Fairly standardish, gets busy with after work crowd but it's the best 'pub' in the area if it's a pub you're after (rather than a poncey bar)

16 Dec 2004 14:15

The Woodman, Wimbledon Park

Nothing good about it, nothing bad about it. Uninspiring choice of beers, uninspiring menu. It's really the only option if you're in the immediate area - but if you're after more than a couple of quick pints you're better off going down the road to the Pig & Whistle. The big screen is good for the rugby though.

15 Dec 2004 11:41

The Phoenix, City Of London

Aside from obviously delighting all the clean air fascists there is nothing to recommend this pub. Mediocre surroundings, mediocre, overpriced beer, mediocre clientele, mediocre food.. there are far, far better pubs in the City if you bother to have even a cursory check - and some of them are even ventilated.

14 Dec 2004 17:08

Dusk, Battersea

More a cocktail bar than a pub, Dusk is a lot better than you would expect given the grotty location. Extensive cocktail list - and they're well made from quality ingredients by skilled staff. Service is not the quickest but the waitresses are very efficient in taking orders from your table, so if you're smart then there'll be no queuing at all. Can't remember what the music was like so i guess unobtrusive! If you want a 'night out' without having to venture too far (assuming you live in SW London!!) then it's worth a visit.

14 Dec 2004 12:35

Bertie's Bar, Wimbledon

Pretty dreadful. Fills up with chavs who think they are too good for Edwards round the corner (note to chavs if you have learnt to read yet - stick to Edwards). Doesn't seem to know whether it's a wine bar or a pub and fails at both.

14 Dec 2004 11:03

The Prince of Wales, Wimbledon

Fairly standard station pub i.e. tatty and unimpressive. Beer is OK (they have a good range from Young's to Theakston's) but for some godunknown reason it's usually busy and fills up with loutish/inbred builder types. OK if you're desperate, and there's really nowhere else in the area.

14 Dec 2004 11:00

Project Orange, Battersea

Not bad at all. Quite dark and the projector screen often has some fairly odd anime stuff on it, but the music's cool and the beer (Staropramen, as well as some quirky looking fruity stuff) is good. Sort of stand up shouty upstairs (get's busy and loud on weekends) and more chilled downstairs. If you're in/around the Junction, probably your best bet for a session.

14 Dec 2004 10:40

O'Neills, Battersea

Yeah it's a chain, but at least O'Neills try to look like pubs and not IKEA showrooms. Decent range of lagers (though the Stella seems more turbocharged in here than anywhere else - dangerous) and the food is perfectly edible. Long bar and plenty of efficient staff so the service is good. Massive screen and they seem to show a lot of sport - but get in early as it fills up! Best place to watch the footie in this part of London.

14 Dec 2004 10:36

The Northcote, Clapham Junction

Pretty nondescript, though it stands out due to the unspeakably poor quality of the local competition - which are the acursed Fine Lines/A(s)BOs. Bog-standard selection of lagers and the general appearance of the place doesn't really imbue confidence in their ability to keep any real beer. Staff were pretty poor - slow and rude. Food is acceptable. Big plus is that is does have 2 big screens for watching the footie/rugby on - so if you're on Northcote Rd, you could do a lot worse.

14 Dec 2004 10:32

The Ship Inn, Wandsworth

Nice Youngs pub by the river on the south side of Wandsworth Bridge. Very well kept Youngs ales (particularly the special), interesting food menu. A bit over-brightly lit but the pub was fairly empty when I was there (a Monday night) so it's probably not quite so barn-like when it fills up. Friendly and efficient service, chatty locals at the bar. barbecues outside in the summer are (I am told) great, though the place does get rammed on Sunday lunchtimes. Worth getting off the train for.

14 Dec 2004 09:48

Falstaff, Brussels

Went there at about 6pm on a Saturday, and despite the numerous empty tables were told that we couldn't have one unless we were going to order a full meal. Shame, as it looks good in an ornate/mirrored way. Certainly the food menu was visible whereas the beer list was not, so perhaps they're trying to make it into a restaurant. As BITE is a pub review site, this place gets nul points, malheureusement.

13 Dec 2004 12:38

Tiger Tiger, Piccadilly Circus

TheGP and thegrimreecer are absolutely spot on.

I went there during the first week I lived in London a couple of years ago and have not repeated the mistake. If you're into All Bar One etc or are similarly unencumbered with good taste then you'll probably see this as the natural end to a 'wikkid nite out' [sic]. If not, look for one of those friendly black cars with the yellow light on top, wave at it, and get away, fast.

13 Dec 2004 12:31

Yates's, Wimbledon

Don't see why people laugh at your oh-so-with-the-zeitgeist Burberry headwear? Relish the blinding reflection from your sparkling white trainers? Can you identify any kind of sickly sweet alcopop in a blind tasting? See Stella/Fosters as the connoisseur's ale of choice? Like nothing more than a good fight with a passer-by come chucking out time? Come to Yates' geeza u'll luv it! [sic]

10 Dec 2004 16:27

The Blackbird, Earls Court

Well kept Fullers ales and friendly staff, so a good place to kill time whilst waiting for a train/a mate. I probably wouldn't recommend it for a session but I tend to avoid Earls Court anyway as it's an utter dive. Probably the best you'll do near the station (Warwick Rd entrance), and a million times better than the Courtfield a couple of doors down the road (shudder)..

8 Dec 2004 15:19

The Courtfield, Earls Court

Dirty. Overflowing ashtrays, dirty glasses everywhere, cliquey and unwelcoming regulars. And this was at 6pm on a Tuesday! I went there as was looking for somewhere to kill 20 minutes before meeting a mate at the station. Walked in, decided that waiting outside was preferable - says it all really as I can't think of when I've ever walked straight out of a place without at least having a beer. Needs refurbishment, new management, new customers. Avoid.

8 Dec 2004 15:14

Wine Lodge, Fenchurch Street

Pretty mediocre really. Tatty round the edges interior, nondescript food, smoky. Only ever been there with oikish colleagues who seem to like it, so I guess there must be something to it. Only faintly redeeeming feature is that the bitter (Youngs) was pretty well kept.

8 Dec 2004 12:15

The Live and Let Live, Cambridge

Good drinking pub. Visited on a Saturday evening when there was a singer on (who was pretty good) and there was a lively atmosphere without being rowdy. Well kept ales and plenty of room to drink them. It did seem to attract some fairly pathetic looking geeky students but the pub can't really be blamed for that - they were in the minority. Service was fast and friendly - well worth a visit.

7 Dec 2004 11:09

The Kingston Arms, Cambridge

Very good pub. Good selection of well kept ales, open fires, tasty barmaids, CAMRA literature around the place and free internet access. What more does a man want? Food was good and more imaginative than one might have expected. Definitely a place to look out for.

7 Dec 2004 11:08

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

Nice pub. Quite brightly lit but fairly eclectic decor (on a real ale/rowing theme), and very friendly licensees. Very good pint of Adnams best (unfortunately I can't remember what the other ales were as this was the early part of a crawl). They're pretty militant on the no smoking/no mobiles rule which doesn't detract from the place at all - a sign of things to come perhaps! One criticism was that it did have too many children in there - this was at about 6pm on a Saturday - it's meant to be a pub, not a creche. Other than that last point, highly recommended.

7 Dec 2004 11:06

The Masons Arms, Battersea

Good pub this. Quite smart in a minimalist sort of way with large windows and a high ceiling so it feels light & airy. They always have guest beers (though what's written on the blackboard doesn't always tally with what is actually available) and they're well kept. 3.10 for a pint of Staropramen which is not cheap but then the pub is going for the moneyed young (of which there are plenty around here!) Large selection of wines by the bottle or glass. Really good food from the open kitchen by the bar - again, not cheap, but interesting and constantly changing menu - the place gets rammed on Sunday lunchtimes. Well worth a visit.

3 Dec 2004 12:00

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

This pub at first sight seems to want to fulfil the First Rule of the Law of Pubs; 'If thou art by a Railway Station, thou must be shite'. It attracts the slightly chavvy sit-in-th-pub-all-day-every-day-though-of-employable-age element, it's overly smokey, the food is the usual short-order pap.. but the staff are friendly, there's always room at least to stand, and the beers are cheap and actually pretty good. If you're waiting for a train/a mate in the area then you could do a hell of a lot worse - you're probably better off here than trekking down Northcote Rd for the dubious pleasure of visiting All Bar Scum/the Fine Whine etc.

1 Dec 2004 14:26

The Crosse Keys, Bank

As Wetherspoons go (I am not generally a fan) this place is OK, which is odd as it's very 'wetherspoony', ticking all the usual boxes. It's enormous (though the building is nice), serves plastic food, has a huge screen which shows football, has those utterly classlesss shiny plastic food/drink menus on all the tables.. but the staff do try hard, service is pretty quick and they do a pretty good job with the quality of the beer. If you work round here it's not a bad place to go with colleagues (assuming they are skinflints and lack the good taste to go elsewhere). If you don't work round here, don't bother.

1 Dec 2004 14:18

Folly Inn, Whippingham

Went on a Saturday evening a couple of weeks ago. Surprisingly lively for the location with lots of very young girls dancing on the tables (much to the delight of Mr Lunch) to the sound of a lone guitarist/singer. Well kept Flowers ales and the food (steak) was pretty good, fast service and reasonably priced. Recommended.

1 Dec 2004 14:11

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