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The 5 Tuns, Heathrow Airport

I was very surprised to see that the place is OK. Not outstanding, but really, you are sitting in front of security in T5. They could put anything there and force you to deal with it. Instead, you get some well-kept real ales, quick service (always a plus in the airport), and sport on the television. Not a bad place to be if you are early for your flight.

4 Apr 2009 19:40

The Sports Cafe, Haymarket

Reason #1 to go: Good place to watch American sports.

Reason #2 to go: Cheap wings.

Reason #3 to go: actually, that's it. So if you don't need to watch baseball or NCAA basketball, find another place. I mean, if you want to watch any UK sport, there are about 2,000 other places in London that show the games AND have real ale, cheaper prices, and character.

4 Apr 2009 19:36

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

The one advantage to this pub is that if you drink outside, you are sure to be in multiple photographs, as there are busloads of tourists taking pictures of this "Olde English Pubbe." Otherwise, do your tourist friends a favor and take them to a pub with real history. There are many within a 10-minute walk.

At least the real ale selection wias decent.

4 Apr 2009 19:31

Lowlander, Covent Garden

Not truly a pub; more of a Belgian restaurant with an impressive beer list. If you are looking for a night of real ale and football, not the place. If you want to pay a bit more for some interesting beers and more of a dining experience, check it out.

4 Apr 2009 19:26

The Old House at Home, Newnham

Returned for the first time in 3 1/2 years. Pub remains just as good, but realized I never mentioned the pub cat. He (or she?) is likely to sit on the stool next to you when you order. Never did learn what he/she drank, but made for a fine companion.

4 Apr 2009 19:23

Royal Oak, Winchester

Was better than the last time I visited, but that simply means it was now average. Gets a point for interesting beer selection, including a mild. You just don't see much mild on hand pump in these parts.

17 Dec 2008 03:51

The Cricketers, Hartley Wintney

Went to the pub part and had very good ales and good conversation with the staff and locals. Went to the restaurant part and had a very good French meal. The oddity is that they seem like two different establishments that share one room. Works, though.

17 Dec 2008 03:48

The Harp, Covent Garden

Just focusing on the pub: yes, the ales are good, and yes, it has nice decor. I did find it to be...dull. Very few people; even the barstaff were not chatting. Maybe I caught it on a too-quiet Sunday afternoon when everyone seemed to be elsewhere watching football.

14 Nov 2008 15:04

The Fox, North Waltham

Go for a meal.

10 Apr 2008 02:50

The White Swan, Covent Garden

Pleasant place with friendly punters at the bar. But it is still a chain pub.

10 Apr 2008 02:49

The George, Temple

Not too crowded on a Sunday afternoon. Found the real ale in good condition, unlike some previous posters.

10 Apr 2008 02:48

The Windmill Tavern, Waterloo

Honestly, a bit affected. Go if you want to be seen.

19 Nov 2007 02:50

The Anchor and Hope, Waterloo

Barely a pub, really a restaurant/bar. But a good restaurant/bar. Particularly if you want to watch a young, attractive crowd.

19 Nov 2007 02:49

The Queens Arms, South Kensington

Good pub, hidden from the street as others say. Google Maps could not locate it, which is why is may not be packed. Lucky for those who do find it.

19 Nov 2007 02:48

The Anglesea Arms, Chelsea

A true gem. Nicely decorated, full but not overly crowded, a good selection of real ales with some variety from the typical pub, all in a nice area. I plan to be back.

19 Nov 2007 02:45

The Zetland Arms, South Kensington

Had a very different experience from many of the other reviewers. All real ales were available, the pub had no bad smells, and the service was quick. Did I hit it on a good night or have they been listening to this group?

19 Nov 2007 02:43

The Angel in the Fields, Bond Street

Found it somewhat dull and the food was disappointing. Better options in the area.

19 Nov 2007 02:41

The Ship, Rotherhithe

Yes, a complete locals pub. One that readily allows a visitor to join in the conversation (as long as no bad comments are made about Millwall). Only one ale on hand pump, but it tasted very good. Could use redecoration, but the solution to that is to sit outside.

Oh, and the prices are much lower than anyplace right on the river. That counts, too.

29 Jul 2007 03:27

The Mayflower, Rotherhithe

Did not see the landlord or have a non-English speaking server, so I found the service very good and the outdoor deck a pleasant place to sit. Ale was in decent shape. Maybe the key to enjoyment (and to control costs) is to show up just for the drinks.

29 Jul 2007 03:25

The Pontefract Castle, Marylebone

Yes, each floor has a different mood. Has the advantage of being to pick and choose. Has the disadvantage of not being terribly exciting.

24 Jun 2007 03:05

The Devonshire Arms, Marylebone

Quality of the ale was OK and prices a bit high. It is in a convenient location and how standing room outside.

24 Jun 2007 03:03

The Cambridge, Soho

We must have hit The Cambridge on a good night. All the real ales were in good shape, the barstaff served us quickly, and the music was at the right volume. Would not travel to be here, but given its location near many theatres and restaurants, was a good meeting place for a couple of pints.

4 Feb 2007 21:08

The Jerusalem Tavern, Clerkenwell

Managed to get the little 2-seater upstairs (and fitted 3 of us around it) and greatly enjoyed watching the crowd below. Liked the beer range very much and the service was top-notch. Addthe proximity to the Smithfields restaurants and we found a great place to start the evening.

4 Feb 2007 21:04

The Chapel, Marylebone

Visited this past Friday evening and saw no evidence of bad service or poor atmosphere. Noticed many of those posts were from 2005, so possibly the management has improved it. Given the proximity to the Edgware Road tube station, found it convenient for a few pleasant pints.

4 Feb 2007 21:02

The Queen's Head, Dogmersfield

Perfectly nice place with decent food and a few real ales. A bit out of the way, so not worth a trip, but a good place to stop if you are in the area.

24 Jan 2007 01:26

The Allsop Arms, Marylebone

Maybe I had a better experience than most, or maybe because I was there in the afternoon, but I found this pub to be a pleasant place, if not particularly memorable. Cricket on the television, decent ale, and good food. No, not worth a journey, but would drop by if I were in the area for a pint. Do agree that the barstaff's English could use improvement.

3 Sep 2006 15:28

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Expect crowds and tourists, but worth it for the good beer and the decor.

27 Aug 2006 02:24

The Alma, Windsor

Liked the mix of people, the decor, and the live music. Prices were fair, particularly for Windsor. My favorite place in town to visit on a Sunday, when you can enjoy the music and extend the weekend just a little bit.

27 Aug 2006 02:18

The Two Brewers, Windsor

Good atmosphere, which means it can be quite crowded. In good weather, you can drink on the street outside or sit at an outdoor table (if you can grab one). Found it to be a good crowd, with a minimum of chavs and tourists.

27 Aug 2006 02:15

The Windsor Castle, Windsor

Good ale selection, a great location right off ot the Long Walk (which means nice views from the outdoor tables) and a good crowd. Since it is off the tourist track, unlikely to be overly crowded.

27 Aug 2006 02:13

The Prince Arthur, Windsor

Nice enough locals place, but not a lot that stands out from the crowd.

27 Aug 2006 02:11

The Trooper, Windsor

This is where you can find real locals, good beer, and a good match on the television. And I agree that Saffron has the best Indian food in Windsor.

27 Aug 2006 02:10

Crosses Corner, Windsor

OK food, OK ales, OK prices. Does have Sky Sports going for it and some outdoor seats.

27 Aug 2006 02:08

The King and Castle, Windsor

The largest pub in Windsor, and possibly in all of Berkshire--spread out over three floors and an outdoor garden. Don't expect a quaint olde English pub, but a large modern place with doormen and a young crowd on the look for fellow singles. Still, good choice of ales and with all of that room, plenty of places to sit or stand.

27 Aug 2006 02:06

The Henry VI, Eton

Live music, a beer garden, and a good crowd. Beer choice not great, but had good cider available.

27 Aug 2006 02:03

Grog and Gruel, Fort William

Great beer, great service, good food. At least five real ales on hand pump, all well kept, mostly Scottish, none conventional. Lively crowd downstairs, more quiet in the upstairs restaurant.

19 Jul 2006 22:25

The Antler Bar, Kinlochleven

A true drinking establishment in an old factory town. No real ales, but a variety of beers, both Scottish and otherwise. Bit grimy, but that can add to the charm(?).

19 Jul 2006 22:23

The Bridge of Orchy Hotel, Bridge Of Orchy

A welcome stop for any walker on the West Highland Way. As an isolated pub, could have rested on its laurels, but with excellent food and well-kept ales, earns its keep very well. Has outdoor seating that may lie useless much of the year, but was well-used on a sunny Summer day.

19 Jul 2006 22:20

The George and Devonshire, Chiswick

Other than being right next to the Fuller's brewery, very little to distinguish this pub from many others. Does get a point for well-kept beers (which must be the freshest in town, given the location!)

19 Jul 2006 22:17

The Bell, Odiham

Friendly and well kept, but somewhat quiet. Prices are quite reasonable.

11 Jul 2006 18:54

The Fox and Hounds, Belgravia

Thought it would stand out more, just tends to blend in. As does the beer--OK, but not stellar.

11 Jul 2006 18:52

The Only Running Footman, Mayfair

Lively atmosphere and good ale selection. Yes, it is small--certainly not the space to be on a Friday evening if you are claustrophobic. But if you like a good atmosphere in a good location, drop by.

14 May 2006 21:12

The Wilton Arms, Belgravia

Can't say that I found the locals to resent the presence of an outside. Found them quite chatty. Also found the ales to be well-kept. Yes, prices are not low, but I imagine neither is the cost of upkeep in Belgravia.

14 May 2006 21:10

The Grenadier, Belgravia

Yes, it has history, but not quite sure what the fuss is all about. Not quite a hidden treasure, but also not as friendly as I would have expected.

14 May 2006 21:08

Queens Arms, Basingstoke

Close to the railway station, and really the best choice for a round before or after your journey. Televised sport is part of the appeal, although on my visit the music was on so the football came without commentary. Good selection of ales.

23 Apr 2006 18:32

The Crown, Old Basing

Cannot agree that "it's not really a pub." Full of locals of all types on my visit, a few eating but most simply having a few rounds. Each room had a bit of a different atmosphere, one more quiet, the others very lively. Sure looked like a pub to me.

Quality of the food, ales, and service were all quite high.

23 Apr 2006 18:29

The Bridge House, Paddington

Good location just by Little Venice. Short walk from Paddington Station but seems miles away in atmosphere.

27 Mar 2006 01:24

The Waterwitch, Odiham

Weather was too wet and chilly for the beer garden, but had two fires warming the interior. Hogs Back TEA was well kept and the food was fairly good (although my steak was a wee bit small and a wee bit overcooked). Quiet at first, but filled up quite nicely over the course of the evening. Good mix of ages, as a pub should have.

26 Mar 2006 23:50

The Three Cups Inn, Stockbridge

Has a nice village pub feel and some fine real ales available (had a few rounds of a well-kept Fagins from the Itchen Valley Brewery). The menu was definitely not pub standard and looked worth a taste. The only odd note was that both the barstaff and at least two tables of customers were French--not what I expected in rural Hampshire. Maybe it's the influence of their French chef...

21 Feb 2006 02:30

The Old Vine, Winchester

Seems to want to be a bit of everything, and ends up muddled. Would not strike it off the pub list quite yet (it still has real ale on hand pump), but it is clearly focused on the restaurant side. Looking to be upscale in decor, yet the gents' toilet is unheated. Had a not bad time there, but would go elsewhere for a true pub experience (say, the Eclipse right down the street).

21 Feb 2006 02:22

O'Neills, Winchester

Yes, it is an O'Neills, so it is corporate-owned and inauthentic. Yes, it is not a true English pub, as there are no real ales on hand pump. And yes, they have a big screen showing football. That being said, the barstaff was welcoming, the pub was large so it did not feel crowded, and the patrons created a good mix of people without the issues you can often find in these large, corporate pubs. Found it to be a good place to go when I wanted to watch football. I would not make it my local, but a good visit for the right situation.

16 Jan 2006 14:53

Royal Oak, Winchester

Nothing special. Not sure why I spend time here for a pint when Winchester has so many other interesting possibilities.

16 Jan 2006 14:49

William Walker, Winchester

Does not stand out from the crowd, but friendly enough bar staff, some real ales on hand pump, and a great location near the cathedral.

16 Jan 2006 14:48

The Eclipse Inn, Winchester

A classic town pub. Good ales and good locals who welcome an outsider into their conversation. No loud television, just an mix of people having a few drinks. My thanks to the fine gentlemen who showed how friendly a traditional pub can be.

16 Jan 2006 14:47

The Black Boy, Winchester

Where does one start? The well-kept, interesting ales? A warm staff welcome (not sure what happened with anonymous in August)? The large, nicely diverse crowd, even on a Monday? The gents playing Irish folk songs? The fire near the entrance? All contribute to making this an incredible pub, one of the best I have every visited.

13 Jan 2006 19:17

The Belsize, Belsize Park

More gastro than pub. Good food, though.

13 Jan 2006 19:01

The Cumberland Arms, West Kensington

Good neighborhood place with a mostly young crowd, but not so young that a 40-year old feels out of place. Nice atmosphere and decor. Was busy, but not so busy that it was difficult to find a seat or space to stand. A shame that the London Pride was not on hand pump, but the other ales were well-kept.

19 Nov 2005 16:04

The Waggon and Horses, Hartley Wintney

Now this is what a small town pub should be. Good crowd and friendly to all who visit--a regular offered some free sandwiches to this visitor. Well-kept Courage ales on hand pump. Even has the right decor, down to old wood beams and a bit of smoke in the air.

7 Nov 2005 02:19

The Falcon, Rotherwick

Quiet pub in a quiet town. Good food and friendly service. Well-kept London Pride on hand pump.

7 Nov 2005 02:13

The Old House at Home, Newnham

Friendly country pub with good food and well-kept ales. No television, but newspapers available if you are by yourself. Best deal is the two-for-one mains on Monday evenings.

7 Nov 2005 02:11

The Jekyll and Hyde, Turgis Green

Country pub along the main road. Large seating area is good as it was fairly full at lunch. Good pub food.

6 Nov 2005 17:51

The Hopland Brewery, Hopland

If Michelin rated boozers, this would be marked "worth a journey." Go for the great beers and the best cheeseburgers on the planet. Don't worry about driving home; you can stay at the local hotel and drive back through wine country the next day.

7 Oct 2005 04:51

The Winning Hand, Beenham

Friendly country pub on the side of the main from Reading to Newbury. Appears to have a set of regulars that the staff know well, but the staff treated this traveler with equally excellent service. Nicely set-up bar with a separate dining area. Also some outdoor seating by the car park. Only one real ale on tap the night I was there (Arkells 3B) but a second hand pump is on the bar. Dining menu looks interesting--I plan to try the dining room the next time I visit. Worth a break if heading to the West.

6 Oct 2005 03:54

Ox Row, Salisbury

Pleasant enough place. Outdoor seating is nice, even though it sits on the car park. Good ale selection.

8 Sep 2005 03:46

Gravity Bar, Dublin

Yes, it's a great view, a must visit on any trip to Dublin, and a good pint of the black stuff (they should know how to pour it here...). However, not sure this can rightly be called a pub.

6 Sep 2005 03:38

Bankes Arms Hotel and Country Inn, Studland

For a tourist pub (let's be honest: it is near a beach, in a very small town, and advertises in all of the local travel guides), it has character and a good selection of real ales that many do not. It is the mediocre food and the slowness of service that remind you that this even with those benefits, it is still a tourist pub. Definitely visit if you are passing through or going to the Bay, but it is not worth a special trip.

1 Sep 2005 01:48

The Chineham Arms, Chineham

Visited only at lunch, but seemed pleasant. Mainly workers from the local business parks. Good lunch food served quickly and a well-poured pint of London Pride. Outdoor tables a nice touch, even though the only view is of the car park.

31 Aug 2005 04:38

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Yes, full of history and the back bar is stunning. Otherwise, somewhat disappointing. Resting on its fame?

30 Aug 2005 03:33

The Albert, Primrose Hill

Yes, the garden is a great place to drink. Found the food to be very good. Location near the park makes it a convenient place for a weekend lunch.

30 Aug 2005 03:26

The Perseverance, Holborn

I can see why The Perseverance could bring such mixed reviews. Definitely not a traditional boozer: the selection of real ale is small, the crowd is young and trendy(ish) and the decor is not pub standard. Yet, I found the staff helpful (particularly upstairs in the dining room), the food excellent, and the atmosphere lively. If you are looking for fish and chips to go with a Young Ordinary, this is not the place to be. If you like some eclectic tapas and a good vibe and are willing to drink what is on hand pump, try it!

29 Aug 2005 01:56

The Newton Arms, Holborn

Caught me by surprise. From the outside, looks like a modern, not particularly interesting place. Found a friendly staff, good sports on several screens, and a good number of outside tables. Was able to sit outside and watch the Ashes at the same time with a well-drawn pint. Tried to visit again on a Sunday but it was closed.

29 Aug 2005 01:50

The Dolphin Tavern, Bloomsbury

Quiet place with a few real ales. Good pint of London Pride. More similar to pubs outside of central London than to those in the neighborhood.

29 Aug 2005 01:48

Queens Larder, Bloomsbury

Good ale and very nice sitting outdoors with a view of the square. Size is an issue--not just small inside, but not enough outdoor tables.

29 Aug 2005 01:46

The Swan, Bloomsbury

Good ales and a few outdoor tables. Not much else distinguishes it.

29 Aug 2005 01:44

The Woodman, Branksome

Not sure what this pub wants to be. Good ales (I like Hall & Woodhouse), but not many. Tries to have flashy entertainment, but did not match the crowd.

29 Aug 2005 01:42

The Royal Oak, Windsor

Definitely a good sports pub--screens all over (although none of the ones I saw on Saturday was showing the Ashes). Was crowded on my visit--took some time to get served at the bar.

29 Aug 2005 01:40

The Carpenters Arms, Windsor

Surprisingly good (read: not very touristy) pub so close to the castle. Excellent food and five well-kept ales on hand pump. Attentive service as well, and as pointed out by others, a pub that is welcoming to children--when not crowded.

29 Aug 2005 01:35

The Red Lion, Westminster

Dropped by in the evening and saw a good mix for patrons: government types in ties, tourists in comfort clothing and various friends and relations. All seemed to be having a good time. Good ale selection and at a fair price for London. The pub fits into its surroundings well.

23 Jul 2005 03:03

The Kings Arms, Mayfair

Good place in the winter (first floor bar has a nice atmosphere to it) and the summer--if you can deal with the crowds outside. Good ale selection, but at Mayfair prices. My favorite in Shepherd Market.

23 Jul 2005 02:58

Ye Grapes, Mayfair

Visited twice...or at least tried. Second time was good: large crowd outside and a decent pint of London Pride, but at a high price. First time was a non-starter, as the pub was closed without notice. Overall, have had better luck at the Kings Arms.

23 Jul 2005 02:56

The Prince of Teck, Earls Court

Good ale selection, fast, friendly barstaff, has a nice open decor, gets a good crowd. Yet, still has a chain feel about it.

23 Jul 2005 02:52

The Kings Head, Earls Court

Solid place for a pint or three. On the plus side: great selection of real ale, welcoming atmosphere, interesting menu, great barstaff, short walk from the Tube.

On the negative side: well, very little. A bit smokey is about it--and there is no smoking at the bar.

Overall, should be the place to visit when you are going to an event in Earls Court.

23 Jul 2005 02:50

The Millstone, Old Basing

The outdoor patio is one of the best places to be a warm summer evening. Nice mix of people, good selection of both Wadworth and Guest Ales, all in good form. Food is fairly basic pub food with a few interesting specials. Solid value and a good time away from Basingstoke town center.

22 Jul 2005 21:32

The Audley, Mayfair

Nice decor in a nice part of town. Bit high priced, but not out of line for Mayfair. Good place for a pint or two before moving on.

16 Jul 2005 01:10

The White Cross, Richmond

Youngs Special well kept. Lively crowd of the Richmond gentry. Great location along the Thames--with outdoor seating in the garden and on the balcony. Lovely view from the windows. Walking distance from transportation. Bar staff quick to serve. All in a pub that actually has been around a while. What more can you look for?

20 May 2005 04:26

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

Good beer, good atmosphere. True, not much in the way of music and no television for sports. Must be the type of place where you bring friends and actually talk.

20 May 2005 04:22

The Lass O'Richmond Hill, Richmond

Does seem to be more of a restaurant than a pub, but the food is good, the real ale was well kept, and while the music may be too bland, the decor makes for a good meal. Staff was a bit slow, but an overall good experience if you are having a meal.

20 May 2005 04:20

The White Lion, Egham

Quiet early in the evening; picks up later. Courage house (Bitter is only real ale), with pool table, gambling machines and video jukebox. More of a true boozer than the Iguana down the street.

21 Mar 2005 03:13

The Rose and Crown, Mayfair

Pleasant enough place. Food served into the evening.

21 Mar 2005 02:28

Wetherspoons T4L, Heathrow Airport

Has the usual false atmosphere of an airport bar, but balanced by a good selection of real ale and fairly quick service (always a plus when trying to catch a flight). Did not find the prices to be outrageous, particularly for an airport.

19 Mar 2005 22:29

The George, Eton

Seems to be more of a restaurant than a bar. Good service and three real ales available. Was a pleasant place for a round before dinner, would probably not settle in for the whole evening unless I was eating there.

19 Mar 2005 02:43

The Red Lion, Egham

Pleasant pub on a pedestrian street. Well kept real ale. Bit quiet when I visited early in the evening.

19 Mar 2005 02:39

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

Plenty of history...and that can mean plenty of tourists on a Friday night. Given its location, you can expect a full house.

28 Feb 2005 03:58

The Red Lion, St James

Small but stunning. If you want to show off to tourists, this is the place to do so. Just don't expect to get a seat very quickly--the pub is so small that it can crowd easily.

28 Feb 2005 03:57

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