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Comments by MartynG

Dun Cow, Salthouse

Enjoyed a very pleasant pint of Wherry here on Saturday evening. The service was efficient and friendly and the beer was of excellent quality.

We also had a meal - again, this was very good and came very quickly

The views from the garden are fantastic and made the beer all the more enjoyable.

However, this is very much a food destination, so sitting space inside is a a premium. Not an issue on this occasion as the weather was very good, but if it was wet and cold, the situation might be different.

2 Sep 2014 13:55

The Golden Fleece, Wells next the Sea

Paid this establishment a visit last Saturday (30 August).

After visiting last year, I was impressed by the improvements that (what I assume to be new management) have made; the place is bright and clean, the staff helpful and the beer (Wherry) was excellent.

Yes, it's become much more of a food establishment, but so long as beer drinkers are made welcome (and we were) I have no problem with this.

The new sitting area along the front of the building is great for people watching!

Dogs allowed.

2 Sep 2014 13:49

The Cock, Broom

Called in a couple of weeks ago on a classic car tour. The new owners were very accomodationg and are clearly enthusiastic about their venture.

Friendly service, excellent beers and a facinating unspoilt building with loads of character - what's not to like?

Heartily recomended (and we will be back!)

8 Jul 2014 13:36

Bright Star, Luton

The Star has changed hands again, now run by Sally, Andrew and their son, Jack. The welcome is warm and genuine

Although limited to Mcmullens beers, the quality has improved significantly (AK and Country) with a guest being Bard (haven't tried it) and prices remain reasonable (£3.25 for AK).

The food is also very reasonable, with main courses starting at about £4.75 and it's all fresh, home cooked produce.

The pub (and kitchen) is now open daily from 12 am until late evening (not sure about final closing times, but it is about 11.30).

PS - it isn't my pub, but it is my local! Give a try

7 Jan 2014 17:41

The Bluebell Inn, Hempstead

An intersting pub, witha facinating history.

We dropped in late on Sunday afternoon, to find the kitchen closed. However, as it had only just closed, it was quicly re-opened and three meals rapidly produced.

One of our beers proved to be the end of the barrel and was changed without question.

Only a brief visit, but the management/staff proved to be very welcoming and freindly, the beer was very good (the Nelson's Revenge in particular!) and itwas very comfortable.

We may well return (particularly to see the saturday Classic Car meeting).

23 Sep 2013 13:35

The Chequers Inn, Kettleburgh

Called in yesterday (Sunday22nd Sept) whislt on a clasic car tour.

Initially we were disapponted as the pub appeared to be shut (it was mid afternoon). However after a minute or tow we were welcomed in and spent a very enoyable hour in the company of Debbie and Ron (and a few others.

An interesting pub, with great beer and lots of atmoshrere. Well worth a visie

23 Sep 2013 13:25

The Cross Keys, Harpenden

The comment made by ID23 appears to be totally out of kilter. To give the poster the benefit of doubt, perhaps the wrong pub is being refered to.

OK, so I'm a regular, but Max and Kev have worked very hard to maintain the old fashioned pub atmosphere since they took over; it has recently been decorated and is clean and tidy. The beer is excellent and the service is great.

Perhaps ID23 (if indeed, the Keys IS being refered to) would be so good as to what, is "nasty" about the decor and service. However, specifics, rather then generalisations, are essential.

26 Jul 2013 13:21

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

Further to my earlier post, this pub has found it's feet and is supurb. Well worth a visit.

BTW - the London Pride has been replaced by Tring Side Pocket in order to provide a weaker "session beer".

23 May 2012 13:48

The Edinburgh Inn, Wells Next The Sea

Called in here on Saturday after running from the Golden Fleece(a serious deterioration has sent in since my last vist). The beer (Wherry) food and service were all excellent and would not hesitate to return.

The pub's location does it no favours, but the interior is cosy (despite it's size) and welcoming.

21 Mar 2012 13:17

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

Visited a couple of days ago after an absence of many years. What a transformation - really clean, tidy and pleasant. The Doom bar was excellent and the menu looks to be reasonably priced.

Good luck to Nick and Bernie on their new venture

21 Mar 2012 13:06

Bright Star, Luton

Just a quick note to say that the pb is now closed all day MONDAY's until the end of March

25 Jan 2012 12:43

The Oak Tree, Harpenden

Snarling Mallard - the "free cheese" you mention (sorry, didn't see you on Sunday, did I?) relates to the Cheese Society established by the locals - who donate the cheese and port - to raise money for charity. It has been running for many years now.

If you had paid a quid, you could have joined in.

31 Aug 2011 13:17

The Cross Keys, Harpenden

Hasn't really "changed hands" - the tenant has installed a management couple.

19 Apr 2011 13:39

Bright Star, Luton

Pleased to say that the pub has now been taken over by a local lady (Judith) who knows and appreciates the local customers. Hopefully this means that the quality of beers and service will be fully restored - early signs are excellent, with a warm welcome and a lively vibe.

Now open from midday until 11pm every day.

4 Apr 2011 09:54

The Brocket Arms, Ayot St. Lawrence

This has developed into an excellent pub, with a reasonable range of well kept beers, in a wonderful location. When it re-opened after refurbishment I did have my doubts, but things seem to have settled down.

Not the easyest place to get to, but well worth the effort.

9 Mar 2011 13:27

The Eldon House, Bristol

Very pleasant pub, with well kept beers (Bath Ales). Enjoyed a couple of pints of Gem and they were very good.

Food is very good too.

9 Mar 2011 13:12

The Three Horseshoes, Harpenden

Erm - now closed (again!) Something to do with a licence (or lack of) I believe.

21 Feb 2011 12:59

The Three Horseshoes, Harpenden

Pleasantly surprised to find that this establishment has re-opened as a pub, rather than being a restaurant. It has a supurb location, real fires and is dog friendly.

There are three real ales available (Tring, Cumbria and Ringwood at the time of my visit ) all of which are well kept. However, these will change on a regular basis. The landlord appears to appreciate real ales, which is a good start.

Pub food is also availabe at reasonable prices.

Any business that reverses the trend of tuning pubs into eating houses deserves our suppot.

7 Feb 2011 12:33

The Cross Keys, Gustard Wood

Started usingh this pub again recently as my usual local appears to be taking a turn for the worse.

It's been a few years since my last vist, but the landlord remembered and welcomed me, the beers are very good, the service excellent and the atmosphere cosy (well, at this time of year!)

Heartily recommended.

3 Feb 2011 13:12

The White Lion, St Leonards

Revisted on our way back from the KOP Hill Climb on Sunday 26th Sept (pouring rain, open cars!) to receive a warm welcome, excellent beers and great service. (The log fire was also extremely welcome!)

5 Oct 2010 13:05

The Cross Keys, Harpenden

Contrary to Snarling _Mallard's comment, TT landlord continues to be on sale.

19 Jul 2010 13:15

Bright Star, Luton

Now under new management (wef 18 May 2010) and first impressions bode well for the future. A nice atmoshere has been created and the beer is good. Still finding their feet a bit (as you might expect).

Good luck to Betty and her team

24 May 2010 12:51

The Carpenters Arms, Harpenden

Just to clarify -"the place over the road" used to be a pub the - "George iv" which closed some years ago an is now a private house. The retention of the pub sign was part of the planning consent , if I remember correctly.

26 Apr 2010 12:27

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Called in for a couple of pints one lunchtime last week. Still an excellent pub (although, being a lunchtime, it was quiet).

1 Mar 2010 13:01

The Fox, Kinsbourne Green

Continues to grow on me - not a "traditional" pub but the atmosphere is very welcoming and the service very good. We recently had lunch, which was excellent, for the price.

Not a huge range of beers (only real ale is Timothy Taylor landlord, which isn't one of my favourites) bu there are others, such as Wiess Bier, which compensate.

1 Jun 2009 13:03

The Brocket Arms, Ayot St. Lawrence

Paid our first visit since the refurb yesterday afternoon.. Nice to see the place looking so clean and polished. Both the beer (Old Speckled Hen) and the service were excellent. Prices seemed reasonable (4.50 for pint of hen and half of Becks).

Slight fly in the ointment was the BBQ. I felt that 4.00 for a couple of small sausages, a slice of bread and a little bit of garnish was a tad expensive.

Hopefully, this will be a welcome addition to the list of venues

1 Jun 2009 12:52

The Three Horseshoes, Harpenden

Called in on Sunday afernoon. Nice to see the old place open gain (many a happy spent here over the years!). It's most definately a restaurant rather than a pub, but I had a really excellent pint of Spitfire.

Hopefully, it will again become a target for weekend walks

20 May 2009 12:51

Folly Inn, Whippingham

I'm pleased to say that this remains an excellent, friendly pub with excellent service and atmosphere.

My son and I visited on Easter Sunday evening and had a meal (the manager - Alan? - managed to find us a table, despite it being very busy,) and a few pints of "April Fool" (no comment!) which was good, if a little below perfect temperature for my taste, but it did get better!

The live music and table dancing (that's dancing ON the table, for the uninitiated) conitinue to be a well established and welcome tradition

15 Apr 2009 13:47

Folly Inn, Whippingham

Remains one of my favourite destinations on the Solent. Long may it continue

9 Apr 2009 13:26

The White Lion, St Leonards

Called in on a suday afternoon a couple of weeks ago. Nice to see an old friend (from another life - bit of a surprise really!) working behind the bar.

Just had a quick pint (GK IPA) which was excellent. Still friendly and welcoming. Definately remains "on the list"

9 Apr 2009 13:24

The Crown and Garter, Inkpen Common

Nice enough place, and the beer was good. Sadly, all of the atmoshere seems to have been "improved" out of it. Maybe I've been spoilt, but the beer also seemed to be pricey.

31 Mar 2009 13:58

The Cuckoo Inn, Hamptworth

Discovered this place on Sunday quite by chance - excellent (I have to agree with everything Saxon_Scooper has said). We only had time for a quick pint, but were made welcome and the beer was excellent.

31 Mar 2009 13:53

Royal Oak, Fritham

A small group of us called in here on Saturday. Excellent choice of beers and a wonderful location with friendly staff and locals.

Will certainly pay another visit.

31 Mar 2009 13:46

The Old Fox, Bricket Wood

Paid my first ever visit here on Saturday 21st March for the classic car gathering. well worth the effort and an intersting location with great promise.

The beer was ok (a little flat) - perhaps just the way it was being pulled ?

The service was a little slow (but very jolly) which made up for it. The main hold up seems to be the location of the till - it's buried in the corner where everyone is falling over each other to get at it.

Best of luck - will be back

25 Mar 2009 14:01

The Strathmore Arms, St Pauls Walden

Dropped in here a couple of weeks ago, on a Sunday lunchtime - still an excellent country pub with an interesting selection of real ales which are well kept.

Doesn't look inspiring or pretty from the outside, but it really is well worth a visit.

25 Mar 2009 13:53

The Elephant and Castle, Amwell

Can't agree with cgj.

Children are and always have been, welcome in the front and side bars and there never have been any problems. Both of our boys have been accompanying us for evening meals and Sunday lunch since they were quite young.

However, children (and dogs) have always been excluded from both the back bar - beyond the well - and the rear garden; there are signs to this effect.

To my mind, this is a reasonable compromise - and as a regular at this pub, I have been happy to accept.

25 Mar 2009 13:46

The Adam and Eve, Coventry

Must call in sometime - i lived a few doors away once (25 years ago) and thenit was like a wild west saloon!

18 Mar 2009 13:16

The Cross Keys, Harpenden

I have to say that the pub is now better than ever.

18 Mar 2009 13:09

Bright Star, Luton

Still a great pub - the beer and food are excellent (the food is possibly of an even higher standard than previously) and the staff are helpful and friendly. Might get a little "raucous" on occasion, but it's all light hearted and harmless.

18 Mar 2009 13:06

Peppercorn, Kinsbourne Green

This place has now re-opened as "The Green" - the aforementioned Asian restuarant. Haven't tried the food yet, but reports are good (after a shakey start).
That said, it does have a huge bar area on the ground floor, but in my view it is totally soul-less - a bit like the lounge of any international hotel anywhere in the world. On my most recent visits, the three real ales were distinctly "off" .

It would also seem that there is a developing reputation for trouble at weekends as Harpenden empties to The Green due to it's 2.00am licence.

18 Mar 2009 13:00

The Carpenters Arms, Harpenden

Whilst nothing to do with the Carpenters, I understand that the "Shoes" has re-opened, but I have no details.

Glad to say that "The Carps" contiues to be an excellent venue

18 Mar 2009 12:54

Bush Inn, Arlesford

Called in mid- afternoon on Sunday with a friend who said it was 20 years since his last visit. We were made very welcome and the beer was excellent. Can't comment on the food (as we didn't eat) but at least they were still open and serving (unlike other establishments we tried in passing).

Will certainly bve back

23 Feb 2009 13:21

The Gibraltar Castle, Batford

Dropped in on Friday evening. Nice to see Don (ex The Cross Keys) behind the bar, but the place was dead compared to how it used to be. The friendy, fun atmosphere has disappeared. As there was so few people in, I can't comment on the views of others, below.

The beer is still good though.

23 Feb 2009 13:16

The Cross Keys, Harpenden

I'm pleased to say that Viv and Mike are still in residence, so no changes yet. The banter is as good as ever and hopefully, will remain so.

12 Sep 2008 14:04

The Slug and Lettuce, Harpenden

Appallingly slow (and disinterested) service. Pass by, it WILL be quicker

25 Jul 2008 13:18

Peppercorn, Kinsbourne Green

It's currently closed for major building works, not a mere refurbishment. When trading it was pretty dire, with expensive, unappetising food and expensive, poor quality beers.

I believe it will re-open as an Asian themed restaurant, so I suspect high quality real ales will be thin on the ground

25 Jul 2008 13:14

The Oak Tree, Harpenden

To be fair, the pub has had the same landlady for at least 18 months (can't remember exactly)and it is getting better.

22 Jul 2008 13:27

The Cross Keys, Harpenden

Good beer and friendly company - but then I am a local. As with all small pubs, those already inside will turn to see who's coming in as the door opens (if only to see who's buying the next round!). There's nothing sinister in this - it's just curiosity.

22 Jul 2008 13:23

The Woolpack, Brookland

Dropped in here on Sunday afternoon on our way back from Rye. The place was somewhat packed - largely by a members of a scooter club "on tour" Despite this, the service was brisk, efficient and friendly, with the Spitfire being of an excellent standard.

Can't really comment about the cooked meals (other than the fact that they looked substantial) but the sandwiches we had were very good value.

Will certainly call again next time we are doen that way.

1 Jul 2008 13:34

Bright Star, Luton

Now under new management (with effect from 30 May) Hopefully, the previous high standards will be maintained.

2 Jun 2008 13:01

Blue Pig, Wolvey

A distant relative used to run this pub, many, many years ago. My father still has some of the original oil lamps from when the business was sold (probably in the mid '60s.

That said, I haven't visited in many a year, but having looked at the photos and read the reviews, I think I will be calling in the next time I'm in the Coventry area.

23 Apr 2008 14:02

The Pheasant, Withybrook

I've been visiting this establishment for many years - since the days when it was called "The Half Moon" - and was a real country pub with lock-ins at the weekend (which gave rise to it's downfall, but that's an entirely different story!)- but I probably won't be doing so again.

There's nothing really "wrong", it just seems to be sloppily managed with the consequence that it has become just average and despite an extensive menu, there's nothing particularly special or enticing.

Although this is a free house, little effort appears to be being made to offer any variety in the beers on offer. What is on offer is well kept, so no complaints there.

If this was my old school report, it would say "could try harder"

23 Apr 2008 13:56

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Visited yesterday for the first time in many years (about the time that it won the Evening Standard "Pub of the Year)and was amazed by the transformation. Admittedly, it wasn't very busy, but the service was good and the OBB was excellent. I've always been fairly ambivelent regarding Sam Smith's beers, but this was good.

A charming pub.

23 Apr 2008 13:40

The Elephant and Castle, Amwell

I've been using this pub regularly for more than 20 years and it has really been transformed by the current landlord (Bob)his Wife (Sue, who runs the kitchen) and son (Gavin)not forgetting the rest of the team.

Bob takes real pride in his beer (as does Gavin) and an excellent standerd is usually assured. The food is always good.

Sunday lunch is very good value and because of this is always very popular (both summer, with the extensive gardens being available and in winter, whenit's really cosy with the log fires blazing) so it pays to join the queue outside the front door at 11.55am if you really want a table. Being a fairly small pub there is only a limited amount of space and for this reason, reservations are not taken - it's first come, first served.

It is, therefore, an excellent local pub that serves both good beer and food.

11 Apr 2008 13:41

The White Lion, St Leonards

I have made a couple of visits to this pub recently, the first mid-week with a friend to check it out as a possible venue for a classic car meeting (yes - there wer even a group of pre-war rileys in the car park when we arrived) and the second on Saturday with my family for lunch.

On both occasions the welome we received was warm and friendly.

The beer is of excellent quality and the food verry good value and the portions (at least in my case) substantial.

Well worth getting out into the countryside for.

11 Apr 2008 13:22

Mount Pleasant, Coventry

It's certainly changed since the days of the long term landlord (Bill Drakely). Much improved, with a good pint although it has lost it's "village" caracter, but then, so has Walsgrave

28 Mar 2008 14:04

The Trengilly Wartha, Nancenoy

Although this place could be regarded as being rather upmarket, it is used as a watering hole by many of the locals, which makes for a convivial atmosphere. A good range of well kept local beers, an even better wine celler and the food is excellent

28 Mar 2008 13:59

The Five Bells, East Finchley

Dire - awfull food and below average beer. Not worth the effort.

28 Mar 2008 13:53

The Gibraltar Castle, Batford

Excellent pub with a lovely pint of London Pride. Friendly staff. The food is a bit above average in terms of price, but then the quality does reflect this. Well worth a visit, but it can get a little crowded around the bar.

28 Mar 2008 13:47

The Carpenters Arms, Harpenden

Continues to evolve since the departure of Tibble and now feels even more cosy. The beer remains of good quality and the atmosphere friendly. still well worth a visit.

28 Mar 2008 13:36

The Golden Galleon, Exceat

Revisited the Galleon earlier this year. Stunned by the changes since we lived in the area, but then that was almost 30 years ago!

I can't say that I like the changes, but the beer was OK, bu the food was a little expensive, particularly for mass catering

28 Mar 2008 13:30

The Oak Tree, Harpenden

A good local pub with the usual aray of regular inmates. Beer is usually very good and the atmosphere very friendly. Sadly, no food at the moment.

17 Mar 2008 14:25

Bright Star, Luton

A real traditional country/village pub(one of the few left). The beer is always excellent and the food is good value.

Nick and Bernie are always welcoming and helpful.

Well worth a visit

17 Mar 2008 14:22

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