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The Tattershall Castle, Embankment

Me and my chums call this 'the boat'. Having read a few of the reviews, I have to agree that it is a good place to go for a night out. The discotheque below decks opens at nine o'clock, but doesn't get busy til tenish. A tip for you all is to pay your entry fee and get your hand stamped then go back upstairs to enjoy the view, and return later. Trust me you will be glad that you did!

6 Jun 2007 16:48

Lloyds No. 1, Bexleyheath

Lloyds Lloyds Lloyds where have you gone wrong? Is it the rubbish bouncers that you have? Is it the Millwall "top boys" that go there and drink their blue WKD and think they can fight everyone(which they try and do)? Is it that you let more people in then you can accomadate? Ive had some enjoyable Sunday evenings in there but there always seems to have a menacing air in there particularly when afore mentioned "top boys" sing their song. Ive been there when it has 'gone off' and the bouncers have done nothing to stop it. Ive been there when someone has been bottled in the toilets and my younger brother has given him first aid. However a mention must go to the freshen up man whose "no spray no lay" patter has been tried and failed in other pubs. The staff have been ok and it must feel like an uphill struggle for them sometimes. Please Lloyds sort yourself out because I now have to spend Sunday evenings with my girlfriend!!!!

27 Jan 2007 15:17

The Lost Hour, Greenwich

I was here on Thursday the 25th for a leaving drinks shindig. I am 27 and the bouncer asked me for ID! Yes ID! Some might say I should be complaimented on being IDed but I beg to differ! The bouncer said he didnt know who I was which suggests to me if the bouncer knows you then ID isnt needed which is wrong in my opinion. A friend of mine had the same problem and he was with a friend in he's fifties!!! Rant aside it was an ok night especially as it was Pound a Drink night, but the drink was Carlsberg so you really can't complain. The Auctioneer is very a student pub and this was evident by the clientale.

27 Jan 2007 13:49

Bar 38, Portsmouth

Have to agree with H-Files here! The toilets have a communel fountain handwash thingy!

27 Jan 2007 13:12

The Old Customs House, Portsmouth

Quite a strange pub in its layout. Lots of little rooms and corridors but I guess that the name suggests that. A nice pub if yoy fancy a few quick quiet ones after a days shopping, bowling, cinemaing at Gunnerswharf.

27 Jan 2007 13:08

Tiger Tiger, Portsmouth

Having been to Portsmouth twice in six months, I have been to this bar. Cant remember much because I was quite drunk both times but I do seem to remember it is quite pricey. Non pub related- I think I know who H-Files is because I am always printing his football shirts!

27 Jan 2007 12:58

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