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The Three Tuns, Marylebone

H & Co. be praised! What I love about this place is that you can be away for weeks or even months on end and when you return you're remembered and it's like you were never away! Fantastic manageress and lovely, friendly, worldly staff! Well kept beers, reasonable and tastey grub! A nice little hide away from Oxford Street. 9/10

9 Jul 2012 21:03

The Dover Castle, Marylebone

Is going downhill rapidly I'm afraid to say! There have been far too many unexplained closures of late, no stable managers for some months now and the tall, jester like barman has been let go too so I hear!
A recent refurb has brightened it up nicely and it should be experiencing a new lease of life but it just doesn't feel the same to me anymore. I only hope that things get back on track! Will revisit again in a month or so to see ....

4 Aug 2010 17:30

The Golden Eagle, Bond Street

Having revisited this little corker a few times now, I feel informed enough to post this comment and to rate it. They keep a fantastic pint of Guinness .... which isn't as easy to do as some of you may think! Their ales are also well kept and one often leads to 4 or 5! Their traditional music nights are brilliant and Tony is a credit to them! Last but not least, the barman comes across as a grumpy, little git ... which he can be but give some time and you'll soon realise it's all an act! ...... Or at least that's what I'm telling myself just so I can enjoy a nice pint! 9/10

20 May 2010 01:21

The Albion, Hampton Court

Paid a visit here a few weeks back and I'm only getting around to posting my thoughts: It's a hellhole!
Ok, I'll admit I may well have caught it on a bad day so I will go back to give it a second chance but on the day I did visit I noted the following:
It was full of chavs and football louts.
It smelt to high heavens of piss.
The staff were more interested in posing and chatting up the skirt in the place.
I hope that it was a once off and that when I go back things will be better. Watch this space!

20 May 2010 00:59

The Mucky Pup, Angel, Islington

An absolute gem! Enthusiastic and friendly staff. Chatty and welcoming patrons and a fine ale selection. As previously mentioned, you also get the added bonus of a free jukebox!

20 May 2010 00:51

The Regal, Cambridge

Was unfortunate enough to be dragged in here some months back! Between drunken, spotty faced teens vomiting and angry football louts yelling their heads off .... this place is vile!
Luckily, when in Cambridge you're spoilt for choice so venture elsewhere!

20 Jan 2010 17:35

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

I agree wholeheartedly with the previous comment, this is by far the best pub in Cambridge!! One cannot argue or say anything negative about their real ale selection and the quality of what is served! A CAMRA members nirvana! The garden is such a relaxing place to be on long Summer evenings!

A must see!!!

20 Jan 2010 17:21

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Bloody marvelous boozer! I'm going to save you all my rantings, long winded descriptions and compliments and simply say that this pub is a shining example of how a pub should be! Hands on and involved manager who obviously loves his job and still enjoys it after all this time.
Pay a visit ASAP you won't be let down!

20 Jan 2010 14:40

The Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

A very well run pub with friendly and efficient staff who are more than willing to describe and recommend their guest ales! I've been in here several times and have never been disappointed with their ale selection. There are usually two if not three available at any one time and another in waiting!
No food available but I can over look that and indulge in a packet of crisps!

20 Jan 2010 14:30

The Blue Posts, Piccadilly

Fantastic little pub! Strange and varied bric-a-brac on the shelves including numerous Chinese statues etc which brighten the place up! Well kept Landlord on when we there. As mentioned before a mix of regulars and bewildered tourists not knowing what to make of it all!
Didn't have any food this time but their fish n chips looked quite nice and seemed to be a reasonable portion size. Will definitely be returning again!

20 Jan 2010 13:10

The George, Soho

During an imprompt pub crawl last Saturday afternoon in and around Soho, we stumbled across this small, one roomed corner pub and I regret to say that we were none too impressed! It's old woodwork and mirrors were neglected and dirty. The toilets were disgusting and in need of refurbishment. Whatever real ale that normally is available was off so we had to resort to lager, which was poor. It's a crying shame to be honest, this little boozer has so much potential and so much could be made of it in time but for now it's one to write off I'm sad to say!

20 Jan 2010 10:35

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

Desperately needing to escape the maddening crowds of Oxford Circus & Regents Street last Saturday, I ventured in to to this exquisite Nicholsons pub. The decor is wonderful as detailed already and I found the service to be fast & friendly considering the masses of people taking shelter. I opted for a pint of Thwaites Nutty Black which was very well kept and hit the spot! This is pub is ideally located for a swifty pint while the Mrs spends a fortune in the shops!

20 Jan 2010 10:17

The Bull Terrier, Croscombe

Wonderful little village pub that has somehow retained it's traditional feel and sense of community. Locals were all very friendly and chatty, Landlord and Landlady were perfect hosts and the ale was spot on! Well worth a visit! 8/10

20 Jan 2010 01:39

The George Inn, Croscombe

I'm sad to say that I was somewhat disappointed when I visited this eatery some months back. I say eatery because in my opinion that's exactly what it is, what once was a fantastic village pub has now become a gastro-esque establishment! Well kept ales, a few of which are brewed solely for the George as previously mentioned but I can't help but think that this place has forgotten it's routes .... Word of advice to you; eat here but enjoy a good pint or two in the villages other pub The Bull Terrier which has more of a traditional village feel to it!

20 Jan 2010 01:34

The King's Head, Wells

Haven't been in Wells for awhile now but on my last visit I was fortunate enought to stumble across this gem of a pub! Well kept ales, very friendly staff, relaxing atmosphere and an absolutely crackin open mic night on a Tuesday which came as a pleasent surprise! A young man playing 12 string acoustic guitar, covering a wide array of music and a host of other musicians and singers! Well worth a visit! 8/10

20 Jan 2010 01:25

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