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Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

Great range of Thornbridge beers in here, including the amazingly hoppy Kipling. Lots of different styles and plenty of bottles. Had a good atmosphere on Friday evening and Saturday lunchtime. Yorkshire can certainly do station bars very well!

17 Oct 2010 10:24

The North Bar, Leeds

Widest selection of beer in Leeds. Pricey though with some of the stronger brews going over 5. Always find it hard to decide between the draughts when in here so usually end up plumping for one of the Trappist bottles. A classy start or end to a crawl down or up Briggate.

29 Jul 2010 16:35

The Garden Gate, Leeds

Not sure where to start on this. Clearly still finding its feet just a few weeks after changing hands. The one beer I had (Leeds Best) was in good nick although a little cold. Fairly quiet at 2:30pm, with maybe around 6 or 7 people in. It seemed the pub closes from 3pm-5pm so I had the one and left, which I was a little disappointed about, as I'd have liked to stay for longer and relax, and chat to the barman and lady to see how things were going.

The area the pub is in unfortunately is pretty downtrodden despite being only half a mile southeast from Clarence Dock. I didn't see any trouble, but you saw the hints. Broken bottles, graffiti, but I didn't feel threatened. Still if you're coming here on an evening, I'd make it in a group.

How they will make this place a success I'm not sure. It is aleady a destination pub and just about walking distance from Leeds (10 minutes from the Grove if you know the way and aren't tardy), but they won't be able to just make a replica of the Midnight Bell, Pin and Brewery Tap and expect similar success. They'll have to go one step further. Regular nights, a wider selection of continental ales perhaps (like North Bar), or an amazing reputation for ale like the Kelham Island Tavern in Sheffield. Perhaps the best method would be to do what was done with Sinclair's Oyster Bar in Manchester and rebuild it in central Leeds somewhere! With it being highly unusual for a pub in having II* listed status, they may be able to persuade the council to put up some signs to the place.

29 Jul 2010 16:26

The Cuthbert Brodrick, Leeds

Still good beer, but the service in here can be a little sketchy. Last time I was in, one barmaid was telling off a barman for trying to continue a conversation while she was serving a customer - while she was serving. Uncomfortable glances all around!

17 Jul 2010 18:23

The Brewery Tap, Leeds

After a year of opening this place is more homely and relaxed than it was upon opening. A couple of real ciders on last time I visited, and the usual 3 or 4 Leeds Brewery ales plus a couple of guests, in addition to 2 European brews (that's Leffe and Hoegaarden, not Stella and Kronenbourg). Good for a stop off for a pint or two, but the layout isn't the best for encouraging a good atmsphere IMO. Still too many harsh furniture edges and IKEA feeling to the place but the beer makes up for it.

17 Jul 2010 18:06

Wellingtons, Leeds

Has just been this space. Advertising real ales. May end up being worth a short walk out of town. They'll need to do something to get people there first however.

23 May 2010 18:01

The Midnight Bell, Leeds

Good beers. If you like Ikea furniture, you'll like this place. In my opinion however bars with soft edges always win out over the sharp edes and wooden style places, so I had to mark this one down for that.

23 May 2010 17:54

The Grove Inn, Holbeck

What a trooper. How this place braved out the massive amount of construction going on around it I don't know. However I do know it serves a fantastic pint of ale or cider, and is the home of Leeds CAMRA which should tell you something about the quality of the place. Regular folk evenings, food at lunch, open fire for winter evenings, cracking beer, friendly beer staff and friendlier roaming dog, I really can't fault this place.

23 May 2010 17:49

Palace, Leeds

Still doing great pints here, and best of all you get served in a pint mug with a handle, when as the last time you got one of those? On the outskirts of town so you need to know this place is here.

23 May 2010 17:46

The Duck and Drake, Leeds

Still amazing beer, its location holds it back but don't let it dissuade you. Not many places do as good a pint as this one.

23 May 2010 17:44

Aire, Leeds

Best thing about this bar is the terrace, one of the few overlooking the Aire & Calder Navigation. However it has a poor selection of beer and prices are quite pricy, over 3 for any pint.

23 May 2010 17:37

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

Still get the impression the atmosphere in here could be so much better. Has a bit of a reputation for real ale but it is now being eclipsed by a number of other pubs nearby - needs to pick up or it might start to struggle. Never tried the food but they do a great pie according to other punters.

23 May 2010 17:34

Becketts Bank, Leeds

Can be a bit grim midweek like most Wetherspoons, but serves an excellent pint. Two-tiered, it's worth getting a seat upstairs to do a bit of people-spotting.

23 May 2010 17:33

The Sports Cafe, Leeds

Lager, lager, lager. What is it with these places? The demand for a proper brew is surging and all they can churn out is fizzy chemicals. Brilliant for sport however, I think they have (at least) three receivers so usually have everything shown no matter what it clashes with.

23 May 2010 17:32

The Cuthbert Brodrick, Leeds

Excellent beer, a large beer patio overlooking Millennium Square, can't be faulted for food at all. Expect it to be busy during the World Cup. Generally a more upmarket clientele than the other 3 Wetherspoons in Leeds due to its location.

23 May 2010 17:30

The Dry Dock, Leeds

It seems the barge now extends out onto a large grassy knoll to the side, very relaxing and there's not many pubs around where you can get a pint and relax on grass while savouring it, especially in city centre Leeds! The problem is they do about 20 different lagers but not a single proper beer.

23 May 2010 17:29

Stick Or Twist, Leeds

A down-to-earth place serving great beer. My last two visits have treated me to Kelham Island's "White Falcon" and Woodforde's "Sundew", both of which were absolutely amazing beers that I could have enjoyed all day. The punters in this establishment can be a bit rough and ready, but I prefer that to those you get in the 3 a pint places.

23 May 2010 17:26

The Adelphi, Leeds

Interesting boozer but the problem with this place is that they know their target audience is people under 30 so they play on it. Every now and then you get a few hen and stag parties.Not a regular occurence though.

Now for the beer..what was on today. Peroni, Franszlaner, Roaring Meg, Mort Subite, Fruli, Sierra Nevada, Staropramen, Leffe, Kirin Ichiban, Hoegarden, Amstel, Aspall Cider, Old Rosie, Landlord, April Fool, Copper Ale. Bar staff were a bit condescending but a good selection.

1 May 2010 20:50

The Eldon, Woodhouse

Newly refurbished. New manager (by the looks of it). New laminated floor. Looks like a re-furb by someone who wants to flip it for a quick profit. Manager was wandering around seemed a nice chap but didn't get chatting to anyone. Beer was satisfactory, sport on screen is pretty much what you ask for so long as there's nothing else on. Overall, I need another viewing. It's not quite the same as it was previously, it's less dingy (which IMO is a bad thing, I like pubs dark) and the satellite reception is a touch dodgy at times.

1 May 2010 20:44

The Victoria Inn, Borth

One of the best places to be on a sunny day, on their duplex sun terrace out the back. Grab a table on the roof if you can for some amazing views over the Irish Sea. Had a fairly average Black Sheep in here, a few other lagers on tap, wasn't too fussed about the beer as the view made up for it.

21 Apr 2010 15:14

The Duck and Drake, Leeds

Wonderful old style boozer, had a cracking few pints in here a couple of months ago. Friendly staff and punters, also seems to be some local bands on at the weekend. I don't go here often enough really.

8 Jan 2010 16:41

Hogshead, Leeds

Always has the match on and couple of real ales, pretty nondescript otherwise.

8 Jan 2010 16:38

Bar Censsa, Leeds


8 Jan 2010 16:35

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

Alright place but I always leave thinking there was something missing as I never stay for more than 1 or 2.

Good beer - but why not have more on (like for eg the Ship and Mitre, Liverpool and get a name for itself)? Usually around 4 or 5 brews on but nothing that ever stands out as something I've not tried before or that looks unusual.

There's not enough seating but the bench over to the right side is great if there's two of you as nobody ever seems to want to sit on it! Rest your pint on the arm and you're away.

The blonde barmaid needs to smile a bit more

8 Jan 2010 16:34

O'Neill's, Liverpool

Great place to watch the footy if you get there in enough time to get a seat. Had a very pleasant 3 pints in here while watching Leeds stun Man Utd in the 3rd round last weekend. Rangers v Celtic was on elsewhere in here too so dual receivers on the sport.

We got in, found a seat, got totally engrossed in the footy, turned round and the place was 3 times as busy. I like my pubs dingy so this was really good.

8 Jan 2010 16:30

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

Had a watery pint of something instantly forgettable in here. Not a great place but one of the few places you can get a breakfast and a beer before noon so usually end up here at some point on my travels.

8 Jan 2010 16:27

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

Very well presented boozer and decent beer, a bit chilly towards the back of the though which is the only place we could find a seat - this is because the smoking area is right next door to it and the smokers kept leaving the door wide open while it was minus two.

Had ordered before I spotted the bottled Raisin Beer in the fridge, shame it wasn't on tap.

8 Jan 2010 16:25

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Had a belting time in here last weekend, no complaints whatsoever. Fantastic range of beers, decent food, football results on the tv (muted), can't complain at all. Will be back next time I'm over.

8 Jan 2010 16:23

The Adelphi, Leeds

Leffe now on tap, but don't dare ask for it by the pint!

31 Dec 2009 20:20

The Adelphi, Leeds

Hmmm. 3 for a Landlord, no thanks! This is Leeds not London or Dublin.

5 Nov 2009 14:33

The Roebuck, Northwich

Had a nice pint of Theakston's Dark in here yesterday. Also had Hobgoblin on and a decent selection of whiskies that I didn't sample. Very crowded when I walked in due to a football match being on locally, then became very quiet with just a few people in later. A big screen around the side.

25 Oct 2009 15:05

The Brewery Tap, Leeds

Had a fine pint of Lancaster Red in here the other day. A little pricy at 2.60 when there are two Wetherspoons a short walk away. It had usual range of Leeds Brewery beers on, plus Leffe, Erdinger and two or three guest ales.

The decor and ambience don't really let you relax in here, it's very bright and everything is very wooden. I'm sure after a year or two it will appear more homely and inviting but at the moment there is something missing.

4 Sep 2009 11:43

The Hole in the Wall, York

Had a good pint of Honey Bee in here today. Friendly barmaids. Some guys at the bar seemed to be trying to explain offside to them. Why do people bother!

2 Sep 2009 17:47

The Park, Bradford

Got absolutely drenched walking here yesterday. Didn't see any real ales on but plethora lagers on offer. Food are all 2-for-1s and a very good choice. Nicely placed next to Lister Park for a good walk around or a bit of boating on the small lake in summer (the next one is due in 2012).

2 Aug 2009 11:32

Sir Norman Rae, Shipley

Had a pint of Empress IPA in here - though I'm not sure it was an IPA! Maybe it was wired up wrong. Still as a earlier commeter has said this is a typical Wetherspoons, full of old soaks but I visited early enough that it hadn't taken on the usual Wethers' tang the air seems to get after a while.

2 Aug 2009 11:29

The Shipley Pride, Shipley

Sorry to mimic the last poster, but 3 real ales including a local Saltaire (Blonde) one in bad condition. It almost made me gag.

Interesting club across the road that looked completely out of place.

2 Aug 2009 11:27

Fanny's Ale And Cider House, Saltaire

Nice boozer this, popped in on a quietish Saturday afternoon and had a pit of Dry as the Desert, very light in colour but nicely hopped. Will certainly be making a trip back and this place makes me further persuaded to move to this area from Leeds.

2 Aug 2009 11:25

Bricklayers Arms, Leeds

Closed when I walked past a few Saturday afternoons ago.

1 Aug 2009 12:22

The Beaufort Arms, Stoke Gifford

You wouldn't realise sitting in the beer garden you had a mainline station 2 minutes away. I changed here from Bridgend to Leeds and had an hour to sit outside. The scene was the typical English village, people playing cricket on the village green and an impromptu Red Arrows display directly overhead. As for the pub I only had time for one real ale which I couldn't fault. The barmaid was also friendly and locals cheerful. Will try to visit here again if passing through.

13 Jul 2009 15:16

Wyndham Arms, Bridgend

Standard Wethers fare really. Fairly lively on the Saturday due to the rugby being on, but the friendly bar staff kept a tight ship. Good to see Old Rosie on tap rather than from a box in the fridge, although it should come with a warning at over 7%

13 Jul 2009 15:12

Sir Timothy Shelley, Worthing

A typical Wetherspoons. I'm now sure how they managed it but it is the exact same layout as one in Wakefield. As always with Wethers, a pleasant drop and reliable for a bite.

3 May 2009 11:26

The Charles Dickens, Worthing

Nice boozer with a few seats outside for when it's sunny, visited here completely by accident due to getting lost from the train station but it served a nice drop. A couple of dogs loitering around inside

3 May 2009 11:23

Admiral of the Humber, Hull

Decent enough spoons, went in before the rugby on Sunday and enjoyed a good gammon egg and chips and a couple of IPAs.

31 Mar 2009 16:30

Bricklayers Arms, Leeds

Not sure what's happening here. Only one beer was on at weekend, Greene King, with at least three taps off. Very quiet and somewhat worrying as I used to like this place. The jukebox was only playing out of one very tinny speaker and the fruit machines didn't work.

31 Mar 2009 16:25

Friar Penketh, Warrington

Nice and friendly, otherwise a typical Wetherspoons. One of the cheaper ones.

2 Mar 2009 20:51

Chicago Rock Cafe, Warrington

99p Stella or Staropramen (all drinks, in fact!) on a Friday night, suppose I shouldn't complain.

2 Mar 2009 20:50

The Barley Mow, Warrington

Seemed pleasant enough but no choice of bitter on offer apart from Worthington's. Every lager you could think of though! Several little sections and very cheap menu, didn't eat but the food at other tables looked alright

2 Mar 2009 20:49

The Lava Lounge, Swindon

Was in here at weekend to watch Mancester United v Chelsea. Screens are a bit poorly served by seats - last time I was in here they'd arranged all the seating for the big screen but this wasn't in use so there were plenty people in odd arrangements to see a TV around pillars etc. No ales on but as usual a good selection of lagers. I didn't notice a food menu either on this visit but on previous visits to watch football I've enjoyed some good pizza in here.

16 Jan 2009 15:15

The Midland, Cheltenham

Very handy while waiting for a train, pool table to keep you occupied although the selection of ales is a bit lacking.

16 Jan 2009 15:12

Steam Railway Co, Swindon

Was in here last weekend and had another good night. Abbot Ale and several others on tap, pool table to the back in its own separate enclosure (nice that, for players and other customers alike). Have managed to catch some rugby league in here on a previous visit as well which I was impressed about. Very little to complain about.

16 Jan 2009 15:10

The Eldon, Woodhouse

Another bad experience in here. Walked in and it didn't look too good with all the ale clips turned around, no excuse really. Had an awful pint of some fizzy rubbish and sat down to watch the football. Poor atmosphere, seemed to be the landlord's boyfriend in again, serving himself behind the bar, and then filling up his pint with a can later on. Better walking down the road towards the church to the Bricklayers. Much friendlier.

31 Dec 2008 20:20

Old Bridge Inn, Kirkstall

Went into this pub around 4 years ago and had a great time watching the rugby league downstairs, lots of exposed stonework down there with low ceilings etc. 2 years ago I remembered this pub when looking again to watch a rugby league game, walked in and ominously the barmaid was at one end of the bar with around three strange characters, almost like a private bar. Cherrily asked her if the rugby was on, "we don't have Sky any more". It also looked like the downstairs was closed off. Had a rushed pint of some fizzy rubbish as it was a trek to anywhere else and only Tetley's on offer. Not been back since but the post below from July suggests it hasn't got back to how it was a few years ago.

28 Nov 2008 23:23

Stick Or Twist, Leeds

The scaffolding outside has now been removed (was it used for anything?)

21 Nov 2008 12:59

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

Had a couple of Robinson's Unicorn in here a couple of days ago, I found it a little bit too cold and this seemed to take away much of the taste too. A great multi-roomed pub however that has a mixed crowd, an open fire in one of the rooms at the back of the pub and an absence of music or gambling machines.

21 Nov 2008 12:58

The Salisbury, Manchester

One of my favourite Manchester bars, enjoyed a couple of very good Abbot Ale in here on Wednesday. Underneath Oxford Rd station but you can hardly hear the trains. Pub is a bit of a favourite for people before going to gigs or to Rockworld nearby, so it has a definitely rock slant to the music. Very welcoming.

21 Nov 2008 12:54

The Czech Bar, Manchester

Went by here for a few birthday drinks, quite a nice bar with a decent menu too.

21 Nov 2008 12:52

Palace, Leeds

In my top few pubs in Leeds. Always a tasty pint and it seems to be a babe magnet for some reason, can't be the real ale surely?? This pub has been here for decades and I'm sure for decades to come with its current regime. Not a complaint about this place at all. It's up there in Leeds with the Grove and Scarbrough.

4 Oct 2008 21:32

The Angel Inn, Leeds

A weird place. Very cheap ale but the regulars give it such a quirky feel. Don't take a date there, do go there do take yourself to oblivion.

4 Oct 2008 21:28

The Dry Dock, Leeds

If you can stomach a lager it's actually quite a nice place to spend a summers' afternoon watching the world go by. I don't see a use for it between August and May though.

4 Oct 2008 21:22

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

Nice for a pint but there's something about this joint which never makes me want to stay for more than two despite the quality of the ale. If you are
waiting for a train to somewhere better then you can't do better than here really.

4 Oct 2008 21:11

The Midnight Bell, Leeds

New, seemed a bit too formulaic for my liking. All square joints and canteen seating. Beer was fair.

4 Oct 2008 21:08

The Grove Inn, Holbeck

I'm probably one of the office workers who have "adapted to the pub rather than the other way around". It's a nice little joint this one, always a tasty pint for you, the lunchtime meals rattle out of the tiny kitchen in no time at all. Lovely wood fire going all winter long, has started quite early this year though due to the bitter autumn.

4 Oct 2008 21:07

Stick Or Twist, Leeds

The scaffolding has gone but Mani is still there thank god, and the barmaid with the pigtails (how hot does she not realise she is?). Not bad, funny smell midweek when it's full of the tramps and lowlifes from the nearby exurbs, but abolutely rammed full of skirt most weekends

4 Oct 2008 21:02

The Walkabout Inn, Leeds

I always come out of here depressed. A wooden coffin.

4 Oct 2008 21:00

The Chemic, Woodhouse

Does a nice pint but I do like some entertainment when I am in a boozer. So the lack of i) fit barmaids ii) fruit machines iii) tv iv) test your strength punchbox does seem to be a slight negative.

4 Oct 2008 20:58

Bricklayers Arms, Leeds

Lovely boozer. Looks rough but is anything but. very tasty barmaid currently on offer too. Always a couple of ales on, and a cheap doubles bar for those in search of oblivion. Another Leeds pub that reliably shows rugby league - with students about these days can get tricky. Look out for the toilet smell.

4 Oct 2008 20:57

The Eldon, Woodhouse

A nice little pub. Brilliant on a Saturday afternoon to watch the football scores roll in. Usually shows the rugby too which is always a bonus. Always has two or three ales on. The students that do make it into this joint sem to find quite quickly that there is no messing about due to the quite detailed prison history of the boyfriend of a barmaid. The atmospher worsens when he's around.

4 Oct 2008 20:54

Tan Hill Inn, Keld

I've not been there yet but hoping to over the winter at some point, quick question which doesn't seem answered on their otherwise excellent website. Where is the nearest public transport stop off. I'm presuming a few miles slog is required from then on?

2 Oct 2008 20:21

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