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Comments by King_Viv

The Thatched Cottage, Farnborough

Came in here on Thu afternoon and was very impressed. Two helpful members of staff behind the bar. Broadside at £3.14 and Old Hooky at £3.04. Lots of different areas to sit, the food being served looked good and the bar staff were more than accomodating when I asked for one of the televisions to be turned on so I could watch the IPL cricket. My experience was very good!

11 May 2013 11:29

Ye Olde Mitre Inne, Barnet

Very nice pub, visited today. Even though we were away fans, there was no problems with us coming in. Staff were very friendly, beer was good and reasonably priced. Recommend anyone to visit this fascinating old juicer.

1 Jan 2013 22:34

The Old White Lion, East Finchley

Waited for the advertised on their website opening time today of 1200hrs,only to be informed at 1205hrs that it would take half an hour for the pub to open due to sickness. Manager only turned up at 1200hrs and another member of staff at 1203hrs. Very poor running of a pub. Didn't hang around for the half hour...

1 Jan 2013 22:30

Imperial Standard, Aldershot

Came in for the first time at around 2140hrs on Sat night - marvellous!! Terrific live band, place was jumping! The ale was superb and I'm looking forward to going back!!

19 Dec 2012 19:07

The Heron Hotel, Aldershot

The pub is now closed and boarded up. Another one gone...

26 Nov 2012 18:18

The Garden Gate, Aldershot

Very friendly little local pub, with good ale.

26 Nov 2012 18:17

The Liden Arms, Swindon

Classic estate pub! However, very welcoming staff, the ale was good and a decent price too. Downside was the morons who, despite there being young children around (though they should have been out by 2130hrs and this was at least 2200hrs) were more than fond of bellowing expletives (all of them it would seem) at each other, despite only being sat 2 feet away.

26 Nov 2012 18:09

Sun Inn, Lydiard Millicent

Happened upon the pub at lunchtime on Sat, so popped in. Very welcoming landlord, excellent ale and a superb ham, egg and chips at a very reasonable price! The wife's jacket potato with cheese and beans was also very good!

26 Nov 2012 18:04

The Stratton Arms, Brackley

Fantastic little pub. Was here yesterday for a christening party and was extremely impressed. Cracking selection of well kept ale and reasonable prices. Marquee in the garden kept the heat of the blazing sun off and barbeque pits for visitors to bring their own meat to cook in the huge garden are a superb idea. Loads of space for children to run around and play away from the seated area with a little football goal too. An Aunt Sally "pitch" as well was a hit, especially as I'd not played this game for years!! As stated, a grand pub and the staff were all very friendly too.

1 Aug 2011 18:40

The Ship, Farnborough

Came in yesterday lunchtime and very pleased - friendly welcome and well kept ale. Sky Sports and ESPN too, dart board and pool table.

2 May 2011 15:30

The Trafalgar, Aldershot

Still a great little boozer, steeped in military tradition and history, you can't beat the Traf. Very friendly patrons and staff, jukebox and pool table.

9 Feb 2011 18:10

The Crimea Inn, Aldershot

New landlord is reintroducing real ale - the Tribute and 49er were quite superb on my last recent visit. Well worth popping in.

9 Feb 2011 18:07

The Albion, Aldershot

Came in a few weeks back - basic boozer without real ale, but the staff were very friendly, pool table, dart board and fantastic Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy!! Not bad at all.

9 Feb 2011 18:05

The Beehive, Aldershot

Crikey, came in here a few Saturdays ago - the smell of body odour and flatulence was horrendous!! Landlady was drunk as a lord. Appears to have gone well downhill.

9 Feb 2011 18:04

The Heron Hotel, Aldershot

Oh, Sky Sports and ESPN as well!!

3 Apr 2010 11:54

The Heron Hotel, Aldershot

No real ale served; however, a friendly local pub at reasonable prices. Friendly, welcoming staff, juke box, pool table, darts and occasional live music and disco's.

3 Apr 2010 11:53

The Three Guineas, Reading

Great selection of ale on my visit yesterday and all sampled were fine! Huge boozer, typical station pub! Well worth a visit.

13 Nov 2009 15:33

The Alehouse, Reading

What a smashing little pub! Super selection of interesting real ales and very quirky seating areas!! Splendid stuff.

13 Nov 2009 15:30

The Bugle, Reading

Only had Courage Best on yesterday. As already said, back bar was very tatty, but a characterful pub nonetheless.

13 Nov 2009 15:13

The Back of Beyond, Reading

A typical Wetherspoons. Beer was good, very reasonably priced.

13 Nov 2009 15:10

The Bath Hotel, Sheffield

Unbelievable pub. When I walked in, I thought I was in a cross between the pubs in "Goodnight Sweetheart" and "Life On Mars" - absolutely superb. Fine choice of ales as excellent prices. I would recommend everyone to visit this place!!

4 Nov 2009 19:49

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

Went there on Saturday just gone and was very impressed with the range and price of the ales. The quality was superb as well. Well worth a visit.

4 Nov 2009 19:45

The Shepherd and Flock, Farnham

Excellent ale on offer yesterday - the Old Thumper was superb! Decent prices for drinks too from a supposedly expensive pub!!

19 Oct 2009 18:53

Sir Daniel Arms, Swindon

The Japanese real ale that I sampled in here last night was superb! Very busy with all age groups about.

23 Nov 2008 18:14

The Lava Lounge, Swindon

Went here last night - arrived at 2100hrs and the staff told us it was closed, then didn't know what time they were opening!! As it was, they then opened. No real ale, limited choice of draught drinks - the cider was awful.

23 Nov 2008 18:12

The George, Idle

Fairly big pub, pleasant atmosphere and the beer was good too!

3 Nov 2008 21:42

Crown Hotel Suddaby's, Malton

Good selection of ale on offer and a shop attached for buying alcohol to take home with you! The pint I had was excellent (Adnams Old Ale) and the others sampled by my group were good too.

3 Nov 2008 21:38

The Original Oak, Headingley

Big old juicer...but no good for fans of real ale!! Not a single one on offer. Newky Brown available however.

3 Nov 2008 21:36

The New Inn, Headingley

Not a bad bog standard boozer - dart board and pool table out the back, selection of drink wasn't bad either. Ex Hollyoaks, now Emmerdale actor in there on Saturday lunchtime reading the entertainment section of the paper - probably to find out the plot of what he's been in...

3 Nov 2008 21:32

Arcadia Ale and Wine Bar, Headingley

Lovely little place! Great selection of obscure booze - I had a pint of the 8% Kwak, expensive, but tasty! The rest of the group I was with had excellent beer too. Well worth a visit.

3 Nov 2008 21:29

Dusty Miller, Barlborough

Excellent value for money with their food! Very friendly welcome and a pleasant pub all round!

3 Nov 2008 21:27

The Pillars of Hercules, Soho

Went here for a pint before seeing The Charlatans at the Astoria last night - very impressed with the quality of the ale. The Valiant was superb. A nice little juicer with a good atmosphere.

19 Oct 2008 19:44

The White Hart, Tongham

Now even more pumps for real ale and a new cooling system has been installed means that means there is now an even better choice and the beer is even better than before!!

16 Oct 2008 21:23

The White Horse, Oxford

Very nice little juicer. Well kept ale and food looked good too.

19 Jul 2008 18:07

The Catherine Wheel, Sandford on Thames

Went in on Saturday - no ale on tap, Strongbow was as Strongbow is!

16 Jul 2008 20:41

The Head of the River, Oxford

Visited on Saturday - very nice pub in lovely setting and the ale was excellent.

16 Jul 2008 20:40

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

I was there on Saturday and was very impressed with the pub, the beer was superb and the food was good...however, the staff left a lot to be desired. Poor service inside, ok I accept it was busy, but staff should be noticing who has come to the bar and in what order to serve them, and outside, we were made to feel most unwelcome.

16 Jul 2008 20:38

The Plough, Northfleet

Came here for a beer before the Aldershot game last night - obviously they had planned ahead by only having one member of staff serving. Waited for 20 minutes before leaving without having had a pint.

9 Apr 2008 22:02

Union Inn, Torquay

Shockingly bad pub. Bar staff could not seem to cope with it being busy and myself and friends waited 20 minutes to be served even though the staff had seen us at the bar. They preferred to serve people they knew, so we left.

12 Mar 2008 21:51

The Golden Lion, Aldershot

Hi anniemh,

Don't remember the team myself as I was only 10 at the time! But is the Ian you're referring to Ian Jopling, son of the landlord, Joe? If so, Joe still runs the place and Ian is there a fair bit.

19 Dec 2007 17:34

The White Lion, Aldershot

Apparently Triple F are merely stitching up the current incumbents by getting rid of them and getting managers in.

15 Nov 2007 22:01

The White Lion, Aldershot


5 Nov 2007 18:04

The White Lion, Aldershot

Marvellous promotional weekend of all ale at one fifty a pint!! All superbly kept as usual and the 6% Summer Isacumin left the missus with a raging hang over all Monday!!

28 Aug 2007 19:41

The Frog & Wicket, Eversley Cross

Came here yesterday for a few beers before playing cricket across the road and was very impressed with the quality of the ale and the friendliness of the bar staff - particularly the chap who recommended a great drink for my hang over struck girlfriend!! Other members of our party also had food and were impressed with the portion size and quality.

28 Aug 2007 19:39

The White Hart, Tongham

New landlord/lady have recently been installed and appear to be reviving the pub! More real ale choice, which is very well kept. Apparently, it has been painted recently and is looking good!

12 Jun 2007 11:46

Running Stream, Farnham

Great boozer - staff on a Tuesday night are particularly good!!

12 Jun 2007 11:39

The Slug and Lettuce, Farnham

Went to go in this place on Saturday night and was informed that clothes depicting sports teams were not allowed on the premises. How the hell is an England cricket shirt going to cause trouble - what country are we in? Ridiculous. The place wasn't even busy.

12 Jun 2007 11:37

The Cricketers Inn, Badshot Lea

Always a warm welcome whenever I've been in recently - the ale is always fine and the pork snackage is possibly the finest in the area!!

12 Jun 2007 11:30

The Parrot Inn, Shalford

Visited on Saturday just gone - beer was nice, but 5.80 for a coke and a pint was rather steep. The garden is nice, but all a bit structured with the seats laid out in lines symmetrically.

12 Jun 2007 11:26

The Parrot Inn, Forest Green

Once a year, the cricket team I play for play against Forest Green Estonia across the road from The Parrot and we always used to have lunch in the pub beforehand; however, the food has now become so expensive for what you get, we've knocked it on the head. We do tend to have a beer there, but having visited recently, the price of this is also becoming extortionate - 3.10 for a pint of bitter!!!! It was well kept, though, but still a ridiculous price.

12 Jun 2007 11:23

The White Lion, Aldershot

Well, the refurb has been superb!! My two visits have seen at least 6 ales on hand pump and all of them were excellent. Good prices too! Hope that it goes on to be a succes. By the way, anyone know what's happening with The Heron up the road?

12 Mar 2007 09:05

The Chequers Inn, Dorchester on Thames

Went to this pub at 1800hrs on a Friday - looks very traditional from the outside, but when you get in, it's all white walls with dark beams, a bit wine bar. But two excellent real ales, reasonably priced, and the best pork scratchings I've found in a long, long time!!

30 Jan 2007 10:13

The Kingfisher Inn, Shillingford

Was going to Shillingford for my cousin's wedding reception, so looked on this website - got excited about this review, so decided to go up early and visit the pub. Got there at 1800hrs, an hour before being due at the reception, only to find it didn't open until 1900hrs!!

30 Jan 2007 10:09

The Punch Bowl, Abingdon

Went in at about 1700hrs on a Friday and it was quite busy with workmen - lots of high vis vests about! Good pint of Ruddles and friendly staff. Nice little pub.

30 Jan 2007 10:06

The Black Swan, Abingdon

I approached this pub from the precinct and saw a sign proclaiming that The Black Swan had a fine collection of real ales, so dived in sharpish - imagine my disappointment to find only one handpump dispensing Morlands Original. Not a particularly nice pub, though the barman was friendly enough.

30 Jan 2007 10:04

The White Lion, Aldershot

Excellent, looking forward to the re-open!

10 Jan 2007 09:32

The Pump and Truncheon, Blackpool

Visited here on Sat 06 Jan 07 - very impressed! 7 real ales on hand pump and all of them superb! Pool table is dodgy as hell though!!

10 Jan 2007 09:25

The White Lion, Steeple Aston

Recently been taken over - is now non-smoking throughout, which is superb!! Excellent food, too, and Sky Sports

4 Dec 2006 11:16

The White Lion, Aldershot

Fantastic news! Will you still be showing all the football once you've been refurbished?

4 Dec 2006 11:12

The Crimea Inn, Aldershot

Good pub, good beer, excellent value food and opposite the Mecca that is the Recreation Ground!

30 Mar 2006 14:28

The Lamb, Farnham

Good pub with good ale and excellent food. Doesn't show as much sport now due to the ludicrous price that Sky wants to charge, which is unfortunate. The bands that play are usually very good.

29 Mar 2006 11:09

The Red Lion, Steeple Aston

Good traditional country pub with splendid real ale!

29 Mar 2006 10:54

The Bird in Hand, Little Sandhurst

Splendid pub! Quality ale, shows the football, friendly locals and good juke box!! Little known fact - the legendary local band Inch Perfect Tackle also formed here in 2005!!

29 Mar 2006 10:25

The White Lion, Aldershot

Quiet pub, but friendly staff and locals. Shows the footy too.

29 Mar 2006 10:22

The Golden Lion, Aldershot

Excellent pub - good booze and the food is superb and very well priced. Shows all the football, including Prem Plus.

29 Mar 2006 10:21

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