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BITE user comments - JonThorpe

Comments by JonThorpe

The Waterside Inn, Leigh

excellent by day, nightmare by fri/sat nights. Full of singles tryin to tap up and it's a pity as through the week, it's an ace pub

23 Oct 2009 04:53

The Chambers, Leigh

re-opened as 'Pulp', IMHO it's the same as before. Waste of money.

23 Oct 2009 04:49

Bar Bliss, Leigh

not the best of music for the weekend crowds

23 Oct 2009 04:48

Boars Head, Leigh

Love this pub. A warm, welcoming pub that hasn't really been affected too much by the smoking ban and/or credit crunch. Nice regulars, tap room, sky, plenty of spce but the best bit is the home made food!

It's the best pub food in Leigh I can guarantee, and sometimes they do decent offers on meals through the day. They shut (the kitchen) at 2.30pm though.

23 Oct 2009 04:46

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