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Comments by John_R

The Leather Exchange, Borough

I strongly object to pubs that charge nearly as much for a half as they do for a pint. This is one of them. Avoid it!

8 Oct 2019 22:53

The Foresters Arms, Welling

Still open. Visited briefly at lunchtime. Menus on display but no food available. Two real ales.

29 Aug 2019 23:02

Red Lion, Penn

Now under new management and considerably improved from my last visit. Rebellion IPA and Timothy Taylor Landlord on handpump. Food available again (though I didn't eat there). Few customers, though, while I was there (but 6.30 pm Friday is possibly not a good time to judge).

28 Jul 2019 14:08

Apple Tree, Gerrards Cross

At least it now has 2 real ales - Doom Bar & Timothy Taylor. But it's pricey, bar staff seem uninterested and prominent notices about dress code are off-putting.

22 Apr 2019 18:42

The Hinds Head, Bray-on-Thames

No longer a pub - just a pretentious and overpriced restaurant.
But its sister establishment, the Crown at Bray, is still a pleasant place to have a drink.

27 Sep 2018 23:41

Case is Altered, Old Redding

Has now reopened under new management. Looks more promising than previous ventures, with a range of local real ales. But virtually deserted on a sunny Friday lunchtime. It will probably take some time for customers to return to this rather tucked-away pub.

8 Sep 2018 13:47

Red Lion, Penn

Visited Saturday about 1.30 pm. Pub empty when I arrived (another customer came later). Kitchen closed. Only 1 real ale. Just one (uninterested) person serving. Pub website has disappeared.
Seems the owners are selling up. I fear for the future of this once very good pub.

13 Aug 2018 13:44

The Craufurd Arms, Maidenhead

Now community owned. Good range of real ale but no food served.

21 Jun 2018 10:04

The Weald Stone Inn, Harrow

But it IS now a block of flats, with a posh Indian restaurant on the ground floor.

13 Jun 2018 02:11

The Worlds End, Camden

Seemed to be the only customer on a midweek lunchtime. No visible handpumps so asked for a half of Guinness. But the they wanted £3 for it. I asked if it was really £6 a pint. The reply was "no it's only £5.50 a pint but £3 for a half". At this stage, I walked out.

10 Feb 2018 14:01

The Hobgoblin, High Wycombe

This historic pub has been tastefully refurbished and reopened earlier this year under its original name, "The Three Tuns". A range of ale very reasonably priced but over-endowed with TV screens (showing 2 different football matches when I was there).

17 Sep 2017 17:56

Hennessys, Tower Hill

Has been refurbished and has reverted to its old name - the Three Tuns.

18 May 2017 22:26

The White Bear, Kennington

Visited for first time yesterday. Seems it was recently refurbished (tastefully) and may be aiming to appeal to a changing demographic. Good range of real ale and wine. Staff pleasant and helpful. I found it much better than some of the pre-refurb comments suggest.

14 Oct 2016 01:40

The White Hart, Beaconsfield

This was once a reasonable pub, but has gone badly downhill.

Three of us (one disabled) visited at lunchtime the other day. We found the pub virtually empty. Even so, the only three disabled spaces in the large (pay-and-display!) pub car park were all occupied and we had to wait ages to be served because problems with another customer's order seemed to be occupying every member of the bar staff.

Two of us eventually got the food they ordered (though one was disappointed to be told that sandwiches could only be on white bread) but they got the third order (mine) completely wrong. We were told the correct food would be brought, but it didn't appear. After about half an hour, we decided to leave and I asked for my money back. The barman said he'll have to get the manager to sort it out. When he eventually appeared, there was no semblance of an apology and he tried to make out we hadn't paid for the food anyway. Fortunately, the till records said otherwise and the manager grudgingly gave me some money back.

Won't be going there again!

29 Jul 2016 20:44

The Two Brewers, Marlow

Reopened October 2014 - restored much as before.

12 Jun 2016 20:16

The Man in the Moon, Stanmore

I found this pub boarded up today. Local paper says it closed virtually without warning at the end of February. Wetherspoons have sold it and it's apparently going to become a Nando's. A great pity - it was the last pub left in Stanmore.

1 Mar 2016 19:34

The Seven Tuns, Chedworth

Now reopened under new management. Had a very pleasant lunch there on a recent walk.

2 Aug 2015 16:28

The Barley Mow, Shoreditch

Let's start with the positive - a good choice of real ale and the one I had (Fullers Seafarers) was in good condition. But I found the pub completely empty (no customers, no visible staff) at lunchtime when nearby places were busy. When a staff member eventually appeared, she appeared surprised to see a customer and perhaps more surprised that I wanted to order a sandwich from the very limited menu. After a fairly lengthy wait I found out why. The food appears to be a takeaway from the nearby 'Red Dog' American restaurant. It was put on the table squashed flat and still wrapped in foil and greaseproof paper - no plate, no cutlery. And the taste was scarcely better than the presentation. Are they deliberately trying to deter customers? Is this yet another good traditional pub that will shortly be replaced by a trendy overpriced restaurant?

3 Mar 2015 18:06

The Golden Heart, Shoreditch

The only pub (so far) that I've rated zero on this site. What can they expect when they charge £2.90 for a half of bitter (but £3.80 for a pint)! Left without drinking or paying.

12 Oct 2014 01:01

The Two Brewers, Marlow

Still closed for restoration work following a major fire in August 2013.

22 Jul 2014 14:15

The Mallard, Teddington

Now 'The Railway' again. Describes itself as a Pub with Dining Rooms. Has real ale but staff training in how to pull a pint, or even glass sizes, seems to be totally lacking.

15 May 2014 23:34

The Bay Horse Inn, Winton

We stayed here for three nights last week. Excellent food, drink and accommodation. Welcoming and efficient staff. Highly recommended. Well worth finding.

14 Jul 2013 15:53

The Queens Head, Downe

Has reopened (as a pub, not a mosque!). Called in today while walking in the area. The Adnams was good (one of 3 real ales).

10 May 2011 22:43

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

Visited for first time this afternoon. Good range of real ale (incluing Old Peculier), good food, pleasant and efficient service. If some of the previous reviews were accurate at the time of writing, things have obviously improved a lot!

21 May 2009 19:12

The Bernard Arms, Aylesbury

Nearest pub to Chequers. Letters and photos from prime ministerial visits displayed in bar, including hilarious account of an encounter with Boris Yeltsin. But all they've got from Gordon is 2 non-committal letters from aides. I popped in only for a quick half on a Saturday afternoon walk, so can't comment on the food. They had 3 real ales, including Adnams. But, apart from the political connections, there doesn't seem anything special about this pub.

5 Apr 2009 01:15

The Cow Roast Inn, Wigginton

Pub open but in the process of refurbishment - I'm assured it won't affect it's character. Lovely place to stop when walking the Canal or Chiltern Way. Delicious Thai food very good value at lunchtime.

20 Mar 2009 10:22

The Dashwood Arms, Piddington

There's a "To Let" sign outside this pub and a generally run-down feeling about it. 3 handpumps, but only 1 in use (London Pride, a little past its best). Few customers on a lovely Saturday lunchtime - those that were present were mainly bikers, I think. I can't see it lasting as a pub for much longer.

21 Feb 2009 17:23

The Perch Inn, Binsey

It reopened a few days ago, apparently, but is now a pretentious eaterie which has lost all its former character. I went there yesterday while walking in the area. Took one look at the lunch menu (seems you have a set-price 2-course meal or nothing), had a quick half (again no choice, but at least it was real ale) and left to get lunch at the Plough in Wolvercote (which was quite happy to serve me food despite arriving after the advertised lunch time).

27 Sep 2008 20:14

The Albion, Scarborough

Now converted to a "Glam n Glitz Showbar" with drag acts etc. Probably OK if you like that sort of thing, but forget it if you're after real beer.

19 Jul 2008 18:31

The French Horn, Gerrards Cross

Closed down. See my comments on "Packhorse" for more details.

5 Apr 2008 18:38

Packhorse, Gerrards Cross

Went there today and shocked to find it closed down just a few days ago. Local press says M&B have sold their 2 Gerrards X pubs [this and "French Horn"] to a developer with the proviso that they must not be reopened as pubs. Absolutely disgraceful! This was a good pub.

5 Apr 2008 18:36

Crockers Folly, Maida Vale

I noticed the same as ianbeer yesterday and searched the web for more info. "Property Week" of 25.10.02 reported that:

"Marouf Abouzaki... said he was also opening a Maroush in Aberdeen Place off Edgware Road, having bought the freehold to the Crocker's Folly pub for 3m."

So the writing has been on the wall for five years! Explains why they stopped trying, doesn't it?

23 Jan 2008 12:58

The Robert Browning, Maida Vale

A surprisingly good pub for this part of London. Good value Thai food. But why is there no properly served real ale?

23 Jan 2008 12:39

The Red Lion Inn, Chalgrove

A pleasant village pub with good beer (including Adnams) and food.

6 Oct 2007 20:27

Brockley Jack, Brockley

Now, admittedly I visited early on a Monday evening, but I was surprised by some of the other comments. Emphasis seemed to be on food (which looked good value), wine (which was good value), real ale (Cask Marque) and the theatre (Strindberg). Perhaps the smoking ban has civilised the place.

16 Jul 2007 21:49

The Hart Inn, Hartland

Now reopened under new management. Only a brief lunchtime visit while on holiday, but seemed fine.

2 Jul 2007 00:32

The White Hart Inn, Bideford

Visited two successive evenings while on holiday. Very good impression first time (Tue) - good beer, good food, very welcoming. Next evening - different staff, no food served, completely different atmosphere.

2 Jul 2007 00:26

The Volunteer, Baker Street

Visited for first time this lunchtime - good beer, good food, and friendly service.

20 Jun 2007 19:27

The Jolly Cricketers, Seer Green

Visited today for a quick half while walking in the countryside - friendly service, good beer, nothing wrong with the Gents. Either it's improved or some people have been a tad excessive with their criticism.

22 Apr 2007 21:22

The White Horse, Harefield

Can't say I'm surprised at the closure - now watch for the planning application!

11 Feb 2007 23:16

The Royal Exchange, Paddington

A good pub in all respects except one - it's horribly smoky.

31 Dec 2006 14:19

The Man in the Moon, Stanmore

Has improved a lot recently. Now mostly no-smoking and the front area where the "rock-biters" used to congregate is now "diners only". The adjacent gents is now usable.

31 Dec 2006 14:10

The Windmill, Mayfair

Strange smoking policy. The only no-smoking room is for "diners only" and, even though I indicated my intention to eat, I was thrown out of there because they weren't serving food at the time! Having alienated non-smokers, I wonder how they will cope when the new law comes in.

31 Dec 2006 14:01

The Castle, Harrow On The Hill

Went there the other evening and wondered why I didn't make the effort to get there more often. Why does the best pub in Harrow get such a low rating?

1 Nov 2006 19:24

The Old Queens Head, Penn

The best pub I've been in round here - and there were 2 real ales on handpump when I visited.

15 Oct 2006 23:19

The Bull and Butcher, Turville

In beautiful and very popular walking country, but since the village has become such a tourist attraction, the pub has gone a tad too upmarket in the selection and pricing of its food to provide a proper ramblers lunch. I agree with Harry (May 2004): other rural pubs (if you can still find them) need our business more urgently.

8 Oct 2006 17:05

The Man in the Moon, Stanmore

One of those Wetherspoon pubs where the no smoking area is for diners only. Can be horribly smoky. Roll on the new law - it may deter the rock-biters too. Tiny, sometimes leaky, Gents loo.

6 Oct 2006 22:53

The Walnut Tree, Fawley

Walked in the area last Saturday. Locals are trying to get walkers' support to save the pub. Didn't find anyone to talk to, but their info sheet says Brakspears sold to a developer who has appealed against a refusal of planning permission for residential use. No more info found on web (action group missed a trick there). Can't see it reopening, but I hope I'm wrong.

12 Sep 2006 00:03

The Half Moon, Harrow

Real ale & food are back - well worth a visit again.

11 Sep 2006 23:34

The Black Horse, Salford

Unpretentious small village pub. Good beer and good value lunchtime food.

6 Aug 2006 13:10

Ye Olde George, Colnbrook

Lunchtime visit while doing part of Colne Valley Walk. Adequate inexpensive lunch and reasonable beer. Service not great (new barmaid, inadequately trained) but not unfriendly and the food came quickly once shed conquered the ordering system! While I wouldnt say owners are making best use of an historic old inn, they havent wrecked it either. Not marvellous, but I cant agree with previous reviews.

31 Jul 2006 23:01

The White Horse, Harefield

Virtually empty on a thirst-inducing Sunday lunchtime. No food apparently (despite "all day every day" notice). New management have altered previous "separate areas" smoking policy - sign now reads "this bar and restaurant is strictly smoking" (hardly far-sighted in view of pending legal ban). Other notices make clear this is *not* a family-friendly pub. Had a passable pint of GK IPA but couldn't help wondering whether the new owners really want this C16 inn to succeed. Or are they thinking more of the site value for other uses?

23 Jul 2006 16:36

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