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The Shipwrights Arms, Shaldon

This pub closed it's door in 2018. It seems unlikely that it will reopen as a pub. A real shame as it was a little gem.

6 Oct 2019 06:44

The Farmhouse, Coventry

This establishment ceased to sell alcoholic drinks earlier in 2019. Not too sure of the reasons why, possibly religion, but no alcohol is allowed on the premises. You can't even take your own drinks for your meal.

6 Oct 2019 06:40

Wyandotte Inn, Kenilworth

Nice pub with great real ale's on tap. It had a 'locals' atmosphere and was very welcoming. Well worth popping in for a pint.

25 Jun 2012 18:48

The Clarendon Arms, Kenilworth

Excellent well kept real ale's. Food was a bit of joke though and poor value for money so won't be dining there again.

25 Jun 2012 18:42

Broomfield Tavern, Coventry

It is very much open again. Currently three hand pumps, one of which is a guest ale. They held a Booze & Blues festival recently and had 12 beers on. A great weekends drinking.

1 Aug 2011 17:24

The Nursery Tavern, Coventry

I was in there last Sat and paid £3.40 for a pint of Old Hookey. I don't know who sets the prices here but whoever it is they are killing this pub off. The prices are extortionate for the area and I'm afraid I have now voted with my feet and will be going elsewhere. Its a crying shame.

1 Aug 2011 17:19

Corn Mill, Llangollen

Excellent choice of real ale's. Tried a couple and both were superb. The food looked good but I didn't sample any. Well worth a visit.

29 Oct 2010 22:21

The Telford Inn, Trevor

A pub with no beer. Disappointing indeed. 0/10

29 Oct 2010 22:18

The Aqueduct Inn, Froncysyllte

I was looking forward to a pint here after walking along the towpath from Chirk. Unfortunately it was closed (during half term with loads of people about) as the board outside the pub declared Winter hours (in Autumn) from 4p.m to 12 I had to go elsewhere. Oh well, their loss.

29 Oct 2010 22:16

The Sun Trevor, Llangollen

Lovely pub with excellent views across the Vale of Llangollen. My first pint was past its best and was replaced with another without question. Excellent meal too.

29 Oct 2010 22:12

The Newlands, Coventry

I've not been here for well over twelve months...until last night. Nothing has changed. Service slower than 'spoons. Two staff behind the bar and with folk waiting to be served the gaffer was seen playing pool. It isn't hard to see where his priorities lie.

15 Aug 2010 09:39

The Old Thatch Tavern, Stratford Upon Avon

I went to this pub for the first time recently. I was 'led' there by the entry in the 2010 CAMRA Good Beer Guide. The beers were excellent but unfortunately, the clientèle spoilt it for me. They appeared to be so far up their backsides and gave me the tumble weed treatment. Maybe they don't like sweaty walkers invading their space.

8 Aug 2010 21:56

The Burnt Post, Coventry

Gave this a try again on Sunday. I have no problem with the beers, all fine quality and worth their entry in the 2010 GBG. However, the food is still impress me. I don't feel its good value. Its served on lukewarm plates, the meat is lukewarm and I'd guess the chips are left to stand under a heat lamp until needed. Think I'll give the food a miss next time.

3 Aug 2010 17:55

The Star Inn, Watchet

Not hard to see why this pub has won the CAMRA best pub award 2010. The two beers I tried were excellent. The staff were also friendly. The food was also excellent but a bit on the pricey side. Certainly the best pub I tried during my stay in the area. Well done Star Inn.

12 Jul 2010 21:45

Esplanade Club, Watchet

Very friendly place but the beer was disappointing for a CAMRA listed GBG 2010 pub.

12 Jul 2010 21:39

The Sovereign, Coventry

All good things come to and end eventually. No real on tap yesterday (22 May 10) and seems like another change of ownership. I don't hold much hope of cask ales returning here. A damn shame if you ask me.

23 May 2010 16:29

The Chestnut Tree, Coventry

Felt about as welcome as a fart in a space suit...tried a half pint of Sneck Lifter (£3 a pint) which wasn't the best. Seems popular with Pool and Darts players. Loud TV and Radio was annoying. There are much better pubs in the location.

2 Jan 2010 22:56

Hearsall Inn, Coventry

Nice boozer with a strong Irish theme. Four real ale's on when I visited and the Webb Ellis bitter was on good form and at £2.20 a pint was the cheapest ale in the area. Ham cobs where a quid...which was nice.

2 Jan 2010 22:52

The Coombe Abbey Inn, Coventry

No cask ale so didn't bother point really as it doesn't sell what I want to drink.

2 Jan 2010 22:49

Crystal Palace, Glasgow

Have been in here a few times now I have to say its one of the better 'spoons pubs. Service is fairly quick compared to other 'spoons outlets. The beer is well kept too and a good selection too. Handy for the station too.

25 Oct 2009 21:12

The Sovereign, Coventry

This pub has now reopened and under new management. Four cask ale's were on offer and was selling Tiger Bitter at £2.00 a pint. Looks like there will be more pumps being used soon, well, they've been installed anyway. I'm told this pub will be selling beers from the Warwickshire Brewery on a regular basis.

25 Oct 2009 21:07

The Drum and Monkey, Glasgow

Another great Glasgow pub that has retaining some wonderful internal features. Staff were very friendly and welcoming. To top it all there were quality real ale's on offer. Not to be missed.

25 Oct 2009 21:03

The Pot Still, Glasgow

Wonderful pub in the city centre. Fantastic selection of single malt whiskies and also three real ale's on offer. Has retained some great decorative feature inside and is most welcoming. Quality place.

25 Oct 2009 21:01

The Sovereign, Coventry

Looks like its bit the dust. It was CLOSED Saturday night at 2130 and also around the same time last night.

24 Sep 2009 22:39

The Royal Oak, Earlsdon

Called in yesterday and tried the Hobgoblin (a beer that is not a patch on its former self after its down grading to 4.5% abv) which was a decent enough pint. I'd have stayed for another of the four ale's that were available but the pub stank of those yellow bricks you find in the bottom of the urinal in the toilet. Shame really because its a good, down to earth, no thrills boozer.

24 Sep 2009 22:38

The Shakespeare Inn, Birmingham

Had an excellent pint of London Pride last week and there was Tiger and Deuchars IPA available. For some reason best known to Bham CAMRA this pub has just lost its CAMRA Good Beer Guide status as it has not been included in the 2010 edition. I've never ever had a bad pint in here and it is always very reasonably priced. (A pub called the Canalside Cafe which sells warm beer has been included in the guide by the way!!). I'm sure Bham CAMRA have their reasons and sincerly hope folk are not put off by it's non inclusion. Shame on you Bham CAMRA.

9 Sep 2009 13:26

The Sovereign, Coventry

Unfortunately the curry night has bitten the dust after the chef called it a day which is a real shame as it was quality grub. Food is still available though. The important thing though is the beer is still very good indeed and the pub has recently gained entry into the 2010 edition of the CAMRA Good Beer Guide. Well deserved in my opinion.

8 Sep 2009 18:40

Pennyblacks, Birmingham

I am so pleased to see this pub lose it's CAMRA Good Beer Guide status. It has not been included the 2010 edition.

8 Sep 2009 18:33

The Canalside Cafe, Birmingham

After the warm beer on a previous visit on a very hot day, I thought I'd give it a go on a cooler day. Again I was disappointed to find the beer was warmer than it should be for a real ale and it also had a few bits in the bottom of the glass. I was served by a chap who didn't want to be there and I felt about as welcome as a fart in a space suit. This pub has recently been given an entry in the 2010 CAMRA Good Beer Guide and I for one, truely, can believe how. There were four ale's available which was good but they really need to sort the cellar temp' out.

8 Sep 2009 18:30

The Crown and Anchor Inn, Findhorn

Had a fine pint here but I'm affraid to glum staff and clientele persuaded me not to make a further purchase. They all had face's as long as the A9 and made me feel most unwelcome. In these times of financial problems I'd have thought they'd have made a better effort to hang to passing / tourist trade.

14 Aug 2009 23:18

Thunderton House, Elgin

Nice to see this pub still selling cask ale's. Quality pint of Deuchars IPA, shame I couldn't stay for more. Food looked really good but didn't try any. There's a Backpackers Hostel at the pub now too so some cheap accomodation to be had as well. Well worth a visit.

14 Aug 2009 23:10

The Moray Bar, Inverness

Walked past this (former?) pub last week and it was boarded up. Can't say if it's a permanent thing or a restoration project.

14 Aug 2009 22:59

The Clachnaharry Inn, Clachnaharry

Recently visited here again for curiosity's sake. The beer, it has to be said, is well looked after but, like everywhere else in Inverness, has become a bit expensive. It certainly isn't as busy as it used to be. Could be a sign of the times or the way its run these days - difficult to say. As long as the beer is good I'll keep visiting.

14 Aug 2009 22:56

The Sovereign, Coventry

Paid another visit last Tuesday for the Curry Night. Now I admit there wasn't a vast choice of flavours but you wouldn't normally expect it from a pub. I can safely say I had the best tasting curry for many a year. The Lamb was very tender and the Bajie's were all home made. It was pure quality. To top it all we had a choice of Slaughterhouse Saddleback, Jennings Sneck Lifter, Church End's What The Fox's Hat and Brew XI all at resonable prices. I'm impressed with the quality here, long may it continue.

13 Jun 2009 19:45

The Phantom Coach, Coventry

Paid another visit here other day after hearing it had changed hands yet again and became a 'Sizzler' pub. There were two cask ale's available which were in good condition at very favourable prices. The food was very good too. A distinct improvement since my last visit.

11 Jun 2009 21:03

Pennyblacks, Birmingham

Expensive beer and attented to by bar staff who haven't got a clue (at least they hadn't when I went) The real ale's are situated at the back of the bar so you have a job to see what is available and its respective ABV. Bar person I asked hadn't got a clue what I was on about when I asked about available cask ale's...just mearly pointed at then!! It would help if they had a board up advertising these ale's. (If there was a board I never saw it!) The beer was good though when I eventually got one. I didn't stay for a second as I couldn't be doing with the trauma of asking again.

2 Jun 2009 19:25

The Canalside Cafe, Birmingham

Charming little pub this. Three real ale's were available on my visit. The beer was fine and clear but was a little warmer than it should have been. It was a hot day mind but the celler should not be affected really! Well worth a visit.

2 Jun 2009 19:18

The Sovereign, Coventry

This is a little gem. Four quality ale's available almost all of the time and the staff are very friendly. Well worth a visit. Beer is kept professionaly by the licencee and I fully expect the pub to be included in the next edition of the CAMRA Good Beer Guide. Regular beers appear to be BrewXI and Slaughterhouse' Saddleback Bitter. The pub also does food until 8pm weekdays. Sunday lunches are also available. The quiz night is on a Sunday and is quite a laugh.

2 Jun 2009 19:13

The Newlands, Coventry

Possibly the worst pub in Coventry for getting served! It has good days and bad days. There appears to be only a skeleton staff who can only go as fast as the pumps can deliver. It's not unusual to wait 15-20 mins to get served - even on a quiet day. The management 'team' are rarely seen behind the bar helping out. As for the beer, there are three handpumps and there always seems to be at least two beers on. These are normally Brew XI, Pedigree or Bombardier. Its cheap enough too and I have never had a bad pint....yet. It just takes so long to get served. The food is hit and miss too. It's a 'Sizzler' pub but sometimes the meals arn't sizzling and if you send it back you wait for ever for its return.

2 Jun 2009 19:05

The Nursery Tavern, Coventry

This pub is now the most expensive in the area. My visits are not as frequent anymore. It won't be long before they price themselves out of ,what is a very competative market, for this area of the city.

17 Apr 2009 15:42

The Bell Inn, Tile Hill

Heard a rumour that this pub was now selling Cask Ale's so it was worth checking out again. There were three pumps on the bar but only two ale's available, Banks's Bitter and Everade's Tiger. Not bad ale's it has to be said. Food is also served here and appeared to be quite good. When the mixed grill arrived at the table it was served on a cold plate and most of the meat was also luke-warm or cold. Not an outstanding performance in that respect.

17 Apr 2009 15:33

The Alehouse, Reading

Was in here a couple of weeks ago - my first ever visit. Quality ale's on tap and have to agree they were expensive but I suppose that's par for the course in this area, maybe? I loved reading all the pump clips and beer maps that were fixed to all the walls and cielings. Quality music being played when I was there too, nothing wrong with a bit of hard rock now and again. I also loved the sign behind the bar which stated "This is NOT the pub you are looking for". It is also next door to the Pasty shop and the barman allowed us to scoff some whilst sat in the pub.

24 Oct 2008 23:47

The Blackfriars, Glasgow

Enjoyed this pub very much. Good selection of real ale's (6) and all in good condition. Friendly staff added to the enjoyment. The Botttleneckers band were in action when I went and they were excellent and well worth checking out.

24 Oct 2008 23:35

The Babbity Bowster, Glasgow

Not a bad pub by any means but very expensive I thought. Paid £6.40 for 4 x 1/2 pts of Real Ale. Needless to say, we didn't stay for any more.

24 Oct 2008 23:30

The Fletch, Coventry

Looks like you have your wish BB. The Fletch is now closed. A victim of the smoking ban maybe?

24 Jan 2008 23:39

Coach & Horses, Stafford

Seemed like a friendly place to me. Had a good pint of Tim' Taylor's complaints.

10 Sep 2007 13:46

The Bridge Inn, Brewood

Superb pub at the side of the 'Shropy' canal. Real ale's available and also food (No lunch time food Mon or Tue). Try the Bridge Club sandwich.

7 Sep 2007 00:50

The Lion Inn, Winchcombe

Only one real ale on tap when I visited. Not the best pub in Winchcombe by any means. Didn't stand out as being particulary friendly either.

15 Aug 2007 16:28

The Old Corner Cupboard, Winchcombe

Excellent food, excellent beer and excellent food. Well recommended you take a visit here. Four real ale's were on tap and all were top quality.

15 Aug 2007 16:25

The Station Inn, Pembroke Dock

Called in at ONE minute after two o'clock to see if I could still get something to eat. I was told the kitchen closed at 2 o'clock, I only wanted a sandwich (not a cooked meal)which they would make so I didn't buy any of their beer either. Found the staff to be rather unfriendly.

15 Aug 2007 16:24

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Never been disappointed with this pub, everytime I go it produces quality ale's in superb condition. Brunswick ale's are brewed on the premissis and they also have guest ale's too. It's one of those pubs that I wish I could put in my pocket and take home with me.

29 Jul 2007 16:22

The Nursery Tavern, Coventry

I have noted the two comments below with regards to using the slops and beer past its sell by date and have been 'monitoring' this pubs performance since. I can honestly say that I have not come across any of these problems with this pub. It continues, in my opinion, to sell quality real ale's and is a worthy entry in the GBG 2007.

12 Jun 2007 15:35

The Craven Arms, Coventry

Good selection of ale's and worth popping in to if you're out on a crawl. Can get busy at weekends and the music can be quite loud which is annoying. Not many seats about so its difficult to relax here and enjoy your pint.

25 Jan 2007 20:50

The Farmhouse, Coventry

Tried to give it a reprieve the other day and found out that it now comes under the control of the Greene King emporium (they bought Hardy's and Hanson's) and has their awful IPA on hand-pull. This was the only real ale available. Needless to say I walked out and went elsewhere.

25 Jan 2007 20:46

The Moulin Inn, Moulin

I enjoyed this pub greatly. Fine home brewed ale's which are brewed next door (informative tour too). Didn't try the food but it looked excellent. Particularly liked the Braveheart ale.

12 Jan 2007 00:33

The Old Bridge Inn, Aviemore

Not to my taste I'm afraid. Expensive food and expensive beer. Much prefer the Winking Owl on the main street (not listed here for some reason) better food and cheaper beer.

12 Jan 2007 00:27

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield

Have to agree with Wobblybob (below) - used to be a good place for a few beers but has gone downhill of late. Both the selection and quality of beers has fallen. The food too has been reduced in size for the same price. Only worth popping in if you've got a few minutes to wait for your train. The railwayana on the walls of one room is worth looking at though

11 Jan 2007 16:46

The Bull and Butcher, Corley Moor

Quality pub out in the sticks and well worth seeking out. Beer quality is first class from the selected Handpulled ale's. I've not treid the food but from what I've seen of them coming out of the kitchen it may be best to starve yourself for a day or two before taking one on! Gets very busy on sunny Sunday's and evenings. A large outdoor area attracts the kids and the associated screaming and wailing!

11 Jan 2007 16:38

The Case is Altered, Five Ways

A proper 'adults' pub and unspoilt by loud music, mobile phones and the passage of time!. The beers are excellent. This is a proper pub out in the country and off the beaten track. Well worth seeking out but don't take the kids - there's nothing there for them and probably never will be.

3 Jan 2007 14:53

The Bulls Head, Barston

This is one of those country pubs you come across from time to time where, when you enter, you don't want to leave. Excellent food and a good selection of well kept real ale's. Can get busy at times. A must.

3 Jan 2007 14:48

Ye Olde Saracens Head, Balsall Common

Nothing special here apart from the 'two-for-one' meals. Had a couple of meals here and, for the price, its not too bad. The Sara' also serve real ale's. Worth a look if you're in the locality.

3 Jan 2007 14:45

The Phantom Coach, Coventry

A change of management a while back saw the removal of the only two hand pumps at the bar. Its changed hands again since, I think, but still no real ale's have appeared. Used to be very popular for food but can't comment on the current situation. Disappointing.

3 Jan 2007 14:40

The Old Windmill, Coventry

Now back in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide for 2007 and not without good reason. Excellent well kept ale's. Very old pud a few minutes from the main shopping centre and well worth the walk out. Used to be very popular with a local motorcycle club until it disbanded but it is still biker friendly.

3 Jan 2007 14:35

The Shakespeare Inn, Birmingham

Probably Birmingham's first totally non-smoking pub and all the better for it. Only ever seen two real ale's available but never had a bad pint. Staff are usually friendly too. Food is excellent value for money. Well worth a visit if you're out shopping and what to escape from the missus.

2 Jan 2007 04:17

The Peeping Tom, Burton Green

Large(ish) friendly pub with three or four real ale's available. Also serves food to a reasonable standard and typical bar menu prices. Large outdoor drinking area where kids are let loose on summer evenings. Recommened if your visiting the Uni'.

2 Jan 2007 04:10

Bear Inn, Berkswell

Never had a bad pint of real ale in here. Cliental are a bit snobbish but my money's the same colour as their's....(Oh I do enjoy popping in when my armpits are full of sweat after a walk!!!) Not tried the food here but it looks good and, checking the menu, appears to be good value.

2 Jan 2007 04:02

The City Arms, Coventry

Not the best pub in town by any means. It's a typical JDW establishment which can get very crowded at weekends because of its low prices. The beer is good if you can actually get served. Food is typical JDW also with a slooooow service but worth the wait in the end.

2 Jan 2007 03:49

The Clachnaharry Inn, Clachnaharry

Very friendly pub with excellent choice of real ale's. Has won awards over the years for its quality. Food is excellent value and well worth the trip out of town. Highly recommened.

1 Jan 2007 11:32

The Blackfriars, Inverness

Has gone downhill recently after a change in management. Does not keep up to speed with the availabity of real ale's and it is very rare now to see all hand pumps actually supplying ale's. Food is excellent as is the weekend entertainment of live bands. Worth a visit all the same if your in the area.

1 Jan 2007 11:29

Innes Bar, Inverness

Very friendly pub down by the harbour area. No real ale which lets it down a bit. As with all pubs in Scotland it is totally non-smoking which is excellent. Popular on weekday lunch times for their food but does not serve food at weekends or evenings. Also popular with Inverness Caley Thistle football fans and can get busy on match days.

1 Jan 2007 11:26

The Bell Inn, Tile Hill

Used to be a lovely village pub but has, in my opinion, been spoilt by 'corporate vandalism' when it was refurbished a few years ago. No real ale. One to avoid in my opinion.

31 Dec 2006 10:48

The Fletch, Coventry

Good 'locals' pub with free quiz nights on Thursday's and Sunday's. Live bands appear occasionally on Friday/Saturday nights. Beer quality varies and it is rare you'll find all four handpumps serving ale. Regular beers appear to be Greene King IPA and Bomdardier. Can get very smokey which puts me off from going on a regular basis. The large function room at rear also has its own bar and serves real ale's.

31 Dec 2006 10:45

The Farmhouse, Coventry

Hmmm - a bit hit and miss. I've been here several times for food and have been disappointed with the ammount you get for your money, it really isn't good value for money. It can also be hit and miss as to whether you'll get food or not despite their advertised 'food served until 10p.m' - I've been here at 8.30p.m and been told the kitchen is now closed. Their real ale's on the other hand are usually of good quality but it is very rare you'll find all three handpumps actually alive with ale. Disappointing.

31 Dec 2006 10:40

The Nursery Tavern, Coventry

Quality pub with quality ale's. Gets a bit smokey at times which spoils it somewhat. Very popular with the Rugby fans and can get crowded when Coventry are at home in the nearby Butts Stadium. I've not tried their food but the Sunday lunches do look good value for money. I would recommend this pub to anyone visiting Coventry.

31 Dec 2006 10:35

The Burnt Post, Coventry

Excellent, well kept real ale's. This pub also has the Cask Marque plaque ensuring good ale's. The pub is large and has a non-smoking area. It is let down by the poor quality food which wasn't good value for money. The Steak and Ale pie was very poor and had to be returned to the kitchen because it was cold. Their menu states 'Generous pieces of prime British beef...." if you call five bits of meat generous then you're a better judge than me. They also state on the menu 'Your Freshly prepared dinner will be brought to your table'. The meals are NOT freshly prepared but micro waved - the pies, for instance, are brought in from outside parties and bunged in the micro wave. This really is a shame. Must do better.

31 Dec 2006 10:32

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