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BITE user comments - Hestia

Comments by Hestia

St Stephens Tavern, Westminster

Incredibly crowded on a Sunday night, and very lively atmosphere. Traditional pub in a good location. I enjoyed my visit here and would definitely go again.

22 Jan 2012 19:26

The Sir John Oldcastle, Farringdon

Fairly standard Wetherspoons. Good for a quiet Sunday morning breakfast for not much money. Standard selection of beers, however they do serve some bottled Belgian beers, such as Leffe and Duvel, which you don't often find at other pubs.

22 Jan 2012 19:22

Golden Fleece, Stamford

A very friendly atmosphere and a pleasant place for a pub lunch; there's even a separate dining area if you don't want to want TV while you eat. Food is good quality pub grub, there is a decent selection of local beers and the staff are friendly.

22 Jan 2012 19:18

The Wheatsheaf, Oakham

Warm, welcoming atmosphere, friendly, helpful staff, locally produced beers and delicious food served in big portions. A really pleasant place for a drink and a meal.

22 Jan 2012 19:13

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