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The Hare and Hounds, Bradford


29 Nov 2008 03:57

The New Inn, Bradford


29 Nov 2008 03:52

The Gardeners Arms, Little Horton


29 Nov 2008 03:51

The Peel Hotel, Bradford


29 Nov 2008 03:47

Macrory's, Great Horton


29 Nov 2008 03:45

Edward's Bar, Bradford


29 Nov 2008 03:43

Jumping Jaks, Bradford


29 Nov 2008 03:42

Bar:me, Bradford


29 Nov 2008 03:40

The Ivy, Bradford

[Now Blue Pelican Bar] This is a lap dace bar, I've never been in and don't think I will, but live an let live, as long as they don't shove it in your face.

29 Nov 2008 03:38

Old Bank, Bradford

It should be the best pub in Bradford. It needs a re-think, up stairs is never open, the gents are bad, for any bad gents. No real ale, just the pumps. The edges of the floors are think with dirt. Needs some money spent on it.

29 Nov 2008 03:31

The Ginger Goose, Bradford


29 Nov 2008 03:20

Calico Jack's, Bradford


29 Nov 2008 03:17

Gallopers, Bradford

The Map shows the Bedford Arms - which is a good pub and where the Leeds united supporters meet before setting off to the match in Leeds.

29 Nov 2008 03:16

Brooks Bar, Bradford

This bar was the old Yates Bar for many years (Before it moved around the back.) Its is not to everyone taste but which pub is? Its clean and the staff friendly, large back yard. Its OK to nip in for a one pint and see how others live there lives.. good for youth and video juke-box.

29 Nov 2008 02:52

Bambooza, Bradford

This pub is now called the Chi - Bar (or something like) and if you over 30 years old it hard to get pasted the doormen.

29 Nov 2008 02:37

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