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The Starkie Arms Hotel, Bolton

Rock & Metal night coming to the Starkie Arms:

Rock and metal DJ from the classics to the present day and also Rockeoke!.

September 14th, 2013
Free Entry, starts at 9

17 Jul 2013 14:01

George and Dragon, Kendal

The George & Dragon IS open for business and is a fine rock and metal pub.
They have bands on frequently such as FRETSAW, who are playing this weekend (Saturday, March 23rd).

19 Mar 2013 15:50

The Moses Gate Hotel, Farnworth

The Moses Gate pub has been an excellent place for cover and tribute bands for a long while now.
The reason the money has gone up is due to the bands being so good and deserving more cash for their talent.

15 Nov 2012 15:23

The Grand Central, Manchester

No "apparently" about it, there *are* live bands going on every Thursday at Grand Central and it *is* free entry.

12 Feb 2011 20:52

The Salisbury, Manchester

The "goth" memorabelia has gone because the staff who liked rock have gone

5 Nov 2009 12:40

Fibbers, Dublin

Why do people give rock fans bad reps because of their looks?
Oh I know - Stupidity!

Fibbers doesn't just have goth and death metal, the jukebox had Thin Lizzy on it last time I checked - Not Death or Goth, they're classic rock! They also had Rage Against The Machine - again, not goth or death, they're crossover

5 Nov 2009 12:30

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