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Comments by Grumpy_Old_Man

The Talbot, Milton Keynes

This pub has changed hands and is now part of the Ember Inns Group. It's had a major refurbish and is is attractive and light inside with an open plan feel and a large bar.

I popped in with the family on Sunday for a drink and had just sat down when we were told by the landlord that we shouldn't be in that part of the pub because we had my 18 month old grandson with us. Apparently we would have been all right to sit in the restaurant with him but this was full (and in any case we didn't want to eat). He was very nice about it and allowed us to finish our drinks but then we felt we had to leave rather than have a second one.

This seems to be really common with pubs in Milton Keynes - ie that you can only take children into the eating area of pubs - which effectively prevents you from going in just for a drink if you have children with you (especially on a Sunday lunchtime!) Surely if pubs market themselves as family pubs they could just apply for a Children's Licence and do away withe these sort of difficulties? I suspect that in reality they only really want to welcome families in if they are eating.

Apart from this annoyance it seemed like a nice pub with a good range of real ales (my St Austell Tribute was excellent) and I may well go back again (bit without children!) I might even try the food.

29 Feb 2016 12:28

Ye Olde Bell Inn, Rye

Tried to pop in here for a pint last Wednesday but it was closed. No opening hours were displayed so don't know if this is a regular thing or not?

15 Feb 2016 10:11

The Barge, Woolstone

Went to this pub again for the first time in a few years and quite like it. still very food orientated as you'd expect, but decent real ale (I had Doom Bar which was very good) and there are tables you can sit at if you don't want to eat - not always the case in MK!

It's popular - so busy - with diners, and the food looked pretty decent.

Friendly service. Will probably go back...

6 Jul 2013 18:54

Caldecotte Arms, Milton Keynes

Popped in here after giving up on the Talbot at Loughton. Hadn't been for years and I think it's improved. Still Greene King IPA unfortunately but they also had Hobgoblin on draught which wasn't bad.

Very much a foody pub but a great location and good fun with it themed around a windmill - the kids will love it! Obviously very family orientated. It was so busy on the Saturday night that we went that we had to sit outside by the lake - lovely views but a bit chilly!

Service was pretty efficient and quite friendly. Food, looked pretty much standard stuff at a reasonable price and there were a lot of families eating it so they must be doing something right.

Might go back...

6 Jul 2013 18:43

The Talbot, Milton Keynes

I've called in a couple of times since I last reviewed the pub, but they seem to have settled in to only serving Greene King affiliated real ales. Nothing wrong with these if you like them but I'm not fond. Ended up having a San Miguel and feeling grumpy about it. They need to change the selection a bit and cater for a wider range of real ale fans.

Last time I rang before going to ask what beers were on. They were still the same. So I went elsewhere.

6 Jul 2013 18:36

The Ship Inn, Noss Mayo

Called in here again whilst doing a bit of the SW Coast path. Didn't really intend to stop (we'd brought our lunch in a backpack) but it's simply the sort of pub you can't just walk past! We sat on the patio overlooking the creek and admiring the views. I had a pint of Tribute which was as good as ever and we resisted the temptation to eat - although the sandwiches in the backpack seemed to lose some of their appeal by the bowls of moules being served to the next table!

This is a lovely pub in a lovely setting. Not sure I'd ever eat there again unless I come into an inheritance, but for beauty, charm atmosphere and location it's just impossible to beat. Could have stopped longer but the sandwiches were calling so we set off and began the long climb out of the village.

6 Jul 2013 18:30

The Swan Inn, Milton Keynes Village

Went here again for a drink for the first time in about 20 years. I understand that they'd had a major fire and a big rebuild but it still looked olde - and must have been refurbished well. The decor was smart but comfortable.

The beer was excellent - I had Timothy Taylor Landlord and it was very well served - pleasant and efficient. Seemed very much a foody pub, but there was no difficulty in finding a table for just a drink. Menu looked good, if a little on the pricey side, and the food I saw served looked appetising - the people eating seemed to be enjoying it anyway!

All in all very pleasant, and I intend to go back again well before another 20 years has expired!

6 Jul 2013 18:23

The Old Station House Inn, Kentisbury

Large rambling pub on an Exmoor crossroads at Blackmore Gate. As the name suggests it was once a Station House on the Barnstaple to Lynmouth railway and it still keeps a railway theme with a carvery set out like a train carriage (but wider, if you get my meaning!) and lots of great old photos of steam trains, stations and viaducts along the old route.
Decent real ale - the Exmoor was good - and cider, and the food looked good although we didn't eat so can't comment. Staff were friendly too. Seemed to have a nice mix between locals and tourists.
Worth a visit.

20 Apr 2013 18:26

The Black Venus, Challacombe

Lovely pub in small North Devon village. Excellent variety of food, although not over-cheap, and a good selection of real ales. Friendly staff who are happy to welcome you for a meal or just a drink. They don't take table bookings though so best to come early (or late!) on busy evenings.

14 Apr 2013 13:59

The Taw River Inn, Sticklepath

Fantastic good value pub in unspoilt Devon village - handy for NT Finch Foundry property. Excellent and imaginative pub grub at very reasonable prices and a good choice of real ales - Tribute, Legend, Dragon's Breath and more on hand pump. Rattler Cider on draught too. Drinks and food all incredible value. Seems to be always busy (unsurprisingly!) so definitely need to book if eating.

14 Apr 2013 13:53

The Chequers Inn, Ledsham

Brilliant pub in attractive village - small, cosy rooms and proper fires. Good Leeds Best and Timothy Tailor Landlord, as well as other real ales. Food looked good although we weren't eating. Not too crowded on the Sunday lunchtime we went, but they've only just started opening Sundays and I understand it can get very busy.
It also has a restaurant, which looked interesting.

Would definitely go back!

13 Feb 2013 15:12

The Old George Inn, High Bickington

Fantastic proper pub in a lovely unspoilt Devon Village. We went in on a Sunday evening and they had live music in the bar - The Umberleigh Bovver Boys ('Contemporary Skiffle - and more!') and a wonderful local feel about it. Great beer too which seems to be constantly changing. On the Sunday it was London Pride & Bombardier (nothing local I thought) but went back on the Wednesday and it was Exmoor and Otter - straight from the tap behind the bar. Very reasonable prices and the food looked good and well priced too, although we didn't eat. If you're in the area a visit's a must!

20 Feb 2012 20:30

The Talbot, Milton Keynes

Newly refurbished and pleasant enough. Real ale pretty decent and usually fairly easy to get a table if you want a drink n& not a meal (not usually the case in MK on a Sunday Lunchtime). 3D Sky sports in one are, but not too intrusive. Service can sometimes be slow-ish.

29 Jan 2012 20:33

The Old Beams, Shenley Lodge

Decently restored pub with McMullens ales (Country Bitter very good) and food very acceptable at a reasonable price. Friendly staff and service usually quite sharp too. Well worth a visit.

29 Jan 2012 20:30

The Oxenham Arms Inn, South Zeal

Wonderful old inn in a beautiful Dartmoor village. The bar is full of history but unfortunately when I visited so was the beer! I took the first pint back and tried the other barrel but it wasn't much better. I'd like to go back but not sure if I'll risk it.

26 Jan 2012 19:33

The Boat Inn, Stoke Bruerne

Like this pub a lot. Beer is always good & always a friendly welcome. Never eaten here so can't comment on the food, but the menu looks interesting. (I wonder who buys the expensive cigars behind the bar and if they go outside into the car park for a smoke?)

26 Jan 2012 19:29

The George Hotel, Hatherleigh

Visited for the first time since its been rebuilt and it's very nice. Not as it was, of course, and not to be expected - something of the atmosphere has gone but something of the dirt & grime too. Much posher than before but kept in character with the previous building. Didn't try the food but the St Austell Tribute was excellent.

26 Jan 2012 19:25

The Dartmoor Inn At Lydford., Lydford

Dining pub & pricey. Don't go if you just want a few pints!

26 Jan 2012 19:20

The Castle Inn Hotel, Lydford

Lovely pub & great beer. Not too many seats in bar area when busy & too cold/wet to sit outside. Locals can be a bit 'cliquey'

26 Jan 2012 19:19

Dead Poets Inn, Holbrook

Fantastic Pub. Wonderful atmosphere and brilliant ale. Shame about the 'no kids' policy but I can see how kids in the bar could change the ambience! They did grudgingly put the heater on in the conservatory for us.

Hope to go back withour kids one day!

31 Dec 2008 20:25

The Bath Hotel, Lynmouth

Hotel now has new managers.

Haven't been since but have a feeling things might not be the same!

31 Dec 2008 19:50

The George Hotel, Hatherleigh

This wonderful old building burnt down on Christmas Eve 2008 bringing hundreds of years of history to an end. A terrible, terrible loss, particulary as the pub had recently changed ownership and there was a possibility it might actually revert to the very special place it once was.

We can only hope that it will be rebuilt, but somehow it will never be the same again.

31 Dec 2008 19:44

The Old Plough House Inn, Duloe

Thought this was very pleasant with good service, good beer and enjoyable bar snacks. Friendly staff and no problem with taking kids in. A bit hard to find using the sat nav though!

9 Aug 2007 22:01

The Ship Aground, Mortehoe

Lovely pub in a great location. Good beer but food can sometimes be a bit slow if busy. Spacious and kids welcome in back & upstairs bars. Pleasant tables outside.

9 Aug 2007 21:57

Falcon Inn, St Mawgan

Lovely old pub in a beautiful location. Excellent food at reasonable prices. Well kept real ale. Very friendly and they welcome kids.

26 Feb 2007 19:39

The Ship Inn, Porthleven

Lovely old pub in a fantastic location. Great beer too. Hard to leave on a wet day!

26 Feb 2007 19:37

The Hunter's Inn, Parracombe

Lovely pub in a lovely setting with decent beer and good food. On a sunny day its beautiful to sit outside. Can get quite busy but the service has been pretty good whenever we've gone.

27 Jan 2007 20:33

The Barn, Milton Keynes

It's okay but it would be nice if once in a while the real ale was on!

27 Jan 2007 12:54

All Bar One, Milton Keynes

Nice decor but all cold fizzy beer. No real ale. Expensive too!

27 Jan 2007 12:46

The Rock House, Lynmouth

Lovely inn with well-kept west-country real ales and good selection of food.

It's lovely location and beautiful garden means it gets very busy on sunny days and you may have to queue to get served. Service is generally quite quick once you've ordered though.

27 Jan 2007 11:10

The Bath Hotel, Lynmouth

Lovely hotel overlooking the harbour in Lynmouth. Now has excellently kept real ale in the public (Harbour) bar.
Friendly, welcoming managers and fantastic, well-priced food.

27 Jan 2007 11:07

The Elephants Nest, Horndon

Changed hands again I think and probably gone up market. Very popular and very busy but a bit more pricey than before.

Lovely old pub in a great location, but I suspect its not so much for locals these days!

27 Jan 2007 11:00

The Ship Inn, Noss Mayo

Lovely pub in a fantastic location (if a bit tricky to get to - winding, narrow roads). Good selection of well-kept real ales and some great food - if a little pricey.

On a sunny day sitting outside on the terrace can't be beaten. You never want to leave!

27 Jan 2007 10:57

Fox And Hounds Hotel, Bridestowe

Proper Devon pub with a great atmosphere, wonderful beer and friendly staff. Can get very busy but they always seem to find some room for you.
Good selection of reasonably priced food (in bar and restaurant).
The chips are to die for!

27 Jan 2007 10:54

The George Hotel, Hatherleigh

Lovely olde worlde hotel, recently refurbished. Great food and good beer.
One BIG downside is very, very slow service when they are busy. We waited an hour and a half for our food and when it came mine was cold. Staff very surly when we complained.

27 Jan 2007 10:47

The Boat Inn, Stoke Bruerne

Lovely pub. Great choice of well-kept real ale, beautiful location, friendly staff, and a Children's Licence so no problems taking the kids in.

Haven't tried the food but must do because it looks really good!

Only trouble is the car parking because their car park is always full (popular pub!) and there's nowhere else to park except the expensive Canal Museum car park.

Woth it though!

27 Jan 2007 10:43

The Black Horse, Great Linford

Been there a couple of times since it changed hands. Thought it was going to be better but very disapointing! They appear to have a 'no football shirts' policy which isn't published and my 13 year old son was not allowed to stay - even in the garden!

Tried it again recently and they had no real ale although several freezing cold and insipid 'creamflows'. When I asked when the real ale would be back on the reply was 'probably tomorrow'!

All in all decidedly average - and expensive!

21 Jan 2007 12:05

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