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BITE user comments - GazzaTheBeerMan

Comments by GazzaTheBeerMan

The Wrekin Inn, Telford

Yoyo pub. One minute its up and great and the next its no good. At the moment it is failing miserably. The owners, New River appear to be doing nothing. The current landlord is grossly incompetent and has had the nerve to bar customers for telling him so. No beer, no customers, no hope.

2 Sep 2019 17:54

The Haygate, Wellington

Demolished without permission earlier this year. Our weak kneed Telford and Wrekin planners said thats alright then, no problem. Clowns, the lot of them. We now have no decent rock music pub in Wellington.

2 Sep 2019 17:48

The Swan, Wellington

Good value carvery twice in the week and a three course Sunday Lunch. Seldom has real ale and its usually the dreaded Doombar but most people come here to eat proper pub food. Better quality food than in Wetherspoon at a similar price. The keg and bottle choices are very unimaginative in this day and age. You can always cross the road to the Cock for a decent ale afterwards.

11 Jun 2019 17:14

The Oddfellows Arms, Wellington

The steakhouse didn't last long and the pub was closed for some time. But it doesn't want to die just yet. The new landlord is keen on his disco and karaoke set up. The pub is nice and clean and there was some pleasant singers (not Karaoke) on last bank holiday Sunday afternoon. Sharps Atlantic is drinkable enough but Doombar isn't going to pull in the real ale crowd. Support the pub or lose it again.

11 Jun 2019 16:53

Moon Under Water, Wolverhampton

Impossible to get served after the Rod Stewart concert. We left thirsty even though Elvis was in the building!!!! You had to be there to understand what I am on about.

11 Jun 2019 16:44

Hogshead, Wolverhampton

Struggled to cope with the onslaught of Rod Stewart's barmy female army and perhaps should have had a couple of extra staff on. We got served four decent beers and the food order didn't take too long but bar service on both occasions was around the fifteen minute mark. Credit to the bar staff for trying to serve everyone in turn.

11 Jun 2019 16:40

Sir Henry Newbolt, Bilston

A gentlemans drinking club on a Saturday afternoon. Spot the lady, there were very few. Decent KI Pale Rider and Mauldons Silver Adder. Surprisingly clean for a Wetherspoon especially when compared with the dusty old Trumpet across the road.

11 Jun 2019 16:34

The Trumpet, Bilston

Average Holden's Bitter in a rather grubby glass. Looking round it is obvious this place needs a deep clean. Don't ever turn the ceiling fan on or everyone will disappear in a thick cloud of dust. Should be a great pub but it really isn't.

11 Jun 2019 16:29

The William Withering, Telford

This place has been slowly fading for the last five years when it used to be smart and tidy, with a good choice of ales and well cooked food. A bit different now. Its heading towards the usual Wetherspoon grubby table standard. Some of the food, in particular the overcooked burgers and chewy steaks are inedible and there have been many refunds. The biggest disappointment is the real ale policy. The house ales from Green King etc were at one end of the bar with the guest ales at the other. The house ales are now badged up at both ends and there appear to be fewer changing guest ales. Slaters Haka seems to be semi permanent as well. The quality is indifferent and this is why this Wetherspoon has been omitted from recent Good Beer Guides with little chance of a return on this form.

8 Mar 2019 16:59

The Cock Hotel, Wellington

Has just been taken over by Joules which is rather worrying as most of my real ale pals do not like their beers which are seldom seen in Wellington. We have been told that there would only be two Joules ales on and the rest would be guest ales but there were four on last week and the Hobsons Mild has disappeared. The Slumbering Monk was on too long and was dire. It is a bit of a walk out of the town centre and at the moment I'm not convinced it is worth it. A full refurbishment is promised and necessary but I have no doubt Joules will fill this pub with their unsightly tin plate tat all over the walls and destroy the ambience forever.

19 Dec 2018 17:23

The Hopbunker, Cardiff

A pleasant lunch time in a magnificent bar. A great choice of real ales and an informative chap behind the bar to tell us what the beers were like. Good cider and craft selection to suit everybody. My kind of pub.

19 Dec 2018 16:45

Urban Tap House, Cardiff

Its not the most comfortable pub. I was lucky that the first beer I chose was nice clear and very drinkable. The wife went through four beers that were much less so. This recent trend for unfiltered beers means that half the beers are cloudy because they are supposed to be. But it does seem to be an excuse to serve other beers in poor condition. It was chucking it down outside and we had a seat so we stayed longer than we would have done in finer weather. We won't be going back.

19 Dec 2018 16:38

The Bacchus, Telford

The Bacchus closed about three or four years ago and was split into two commercial units. We thought that was the end but for some reason one half has been recently refurbished and reopened under the old name. What a wasted opportunity. This could have been a good real ale micro pub to take some of the pressure off the very popular Pheasant. What we have is a smart but bland bar selling fizzy garbage with no real ale. It adds nothing extra to what is on offer in the other pubs around the market square so what is the point?

19 Dec 2018 16:26

Norton Grange, Norton

Pre-Christmas family lunch and the pub was unusually quiet. I now know why. We all chose the carvery. The beef was tough and impossible to cut, let alone actually chew. The vegetables were cooked to death and tasted of nothing The roast potatoes and parsnips were awful. This was without a doubt the worst meal I have had in any pub ever, and there has been some stiff competition over the years. Five of us had travelled over 50 miles to join my parents for this catastrophe. The staff were sympathetic and made a reduction off the bill but that is not the point. In fact the staff are all far too nice to work in this dump. Oh and the beer? Banks Amber was flat, the Hobgoblin was slightly better. Avoid.

19 Dec 2018 16:13

The Hop Vine, Burscough

Their own beers are pretty good and well presented. Great decor in separate rooms. Many tables reserved for food on a Wednesday says it all about their food reputation. A bit MCP of me but I have to say that all of the ladies who work in here are very attractive and efficient. One of the best pubs I have been in for some time.

9 Jul 2017 19:32

The Kynnersley Arms, Leighton

Poor quality beer and unremarkable food. The chef has not read the menu properly because the meals are not as stated. Seasonal vegetables means peas and greens also means peas. This pub was verging on greatness a year ago but not any more. Give it a miss.

9 Jul 2017 19:21

The Wrekin Inn, Telford

There have been some changes in the management here. This has led to a great deal of redecoration and refurbishment both inside and outside but with no loss of character. Martin keeps the six ales and ciders in decent condition and the music scene is as active as ever. The dogs are a nuisance and have upset some customers and their lack of control does spoil what is one of the best pubs around.

20 Dec 2016 16:34

The Oddfellows Arms, Wellington

This pub changes more times than Beyoncé. Just been slightly refurbished again and is now a steak house. Steaks are a reasonable price but then it is competing with Wetherspoon a few hundred yards down the road. My steak meal was enjoyable. Beers on offer are Hobsons Town Crier and Old Prickly, neither of which was better than average. They have laid every table out for food which doesn't encourage wet sales. Try it and see.

20 Dec 2016 16:21

The Wrekin Inn, Telford

The two ladies that initiated my previous review have left much to the relief of all concerned. They did not have a clue. The young chaps who took over just before Christmas have been very enthusiastic about getting in the customers choice of ales and reverting back to decent live music. They have also made a start on redecoration. Last Friday there were three ales from Hobsons and three from Three Tuns plus Cheddar Valley cider. Worth a visit.

26 Jan 2015 15:33

Rasputins, Wellington

The Raven is a clean comfortable pub geared up for watching Sky sports etc on many screens. The three real ales vary but usually come from Marstons, Woods or Salopian. I have yet to have a bad pint in here and at £2.10 it is superb value. Far better than the 1 out of 10 ratings awarded below.

12 Dec 2014 17:10

The Pheasant Inn, Wellington

This is now one of the best pubs in Wellington. Eight real ales in good condition and a real cider. The brewery is sponsored by Everards so they normally have one or two of their beers on. There may be up to three from the Ironbridge/Wrekin brewery situated outside next to the nicely refurbished courtyard. The inside of the pub is a single room, tastefully decorated with no TV or music. Lunches are available from 12 until 4. As well as the handpulls there is also an intelligent selection of keg and bottled beers and lagers. Well worth a visit. Five minutes walk from the railway station.

12 Dec 2014 17:01

The Wrekin Inn, Telford

In the last few weeks if you had just taken over the best rock music and real ale pub in the district.....
Would you tell your customers in no uncertain terms that they can longer congregate outside with their drinks whilst having a cigarette?
Would you put on an Olly Murs tribute band?
Would you show naff pop music videos?
Would you promise to introduce karaoke and bingo?
Well, guess what? Everybody has voted with their feet, taking with them their friends and familiies who used to join them in here. Other local bars are suddenly benefiting from their new found customers .
I would suspect there is a deliberate plan to close and demolish The Wrekin and build flats. A real shame.
Still serving five beers but with less turnover now the quality must suffer.

9 Dec 2014 19:38

The Oddfellows Arms, Wellington

Re-opening on August 7th and about to become one of the best real ale and music pubs in Wellington. Watch this space.

28 Jul 2014 17:19

The Borough Arms, Crewe

A marvellous drinking house. Apart from the nine real ales including one brewed on the premises there is a superb selection of European beers both on the bar and in bottles. The neat garden oasis out the back is surprisingly quiet considering that the main railway line is on the other side of the wall and that there is a busy road bridge next to the pub. They could do with some parasols up during the hot weather though. Twenty minutes walk from the railway station and situated on the next railway bridge due north. Worth a vist.

28 Jul 2014 17:00

The Queen Hotel, Aldershot

Re-opened in April as a Wetherspoon outlet. A really good conversion with lots of separate areas and not as dark and dingy as some. The choice of ales on my visit was unimpressive. Four handpulls badged as Ruddles Bitter, two as Abbot and two as London Pride with only one guest ale available on a busy Friday and Saturday night. Typical of a town centre bar in Aldershot the clientele is a mixed bag of locals and military all trying to be louder than each other. Food service is good. Bar service is rather slow. Early days yet but there is room for improvement.

28 Jul 2014 16:41

The Alexandra, Farnborough

Four gushing reviews by people who have not reviewed on BITE before. A possible conspiracy?

7 Mar 2014 18:15

The Tilly Shilling, Farnborough

Opened in July 2011. A cosier Wetherspoon compared with some with a good mix of customers. Actually too cosy when it is busy because there is very little room between tables. Food wise the kitchen staff are competent with little cause to complain. From a real ale point of view it can be very hit and miss. Apart from the usual GK ales and London Pride there are occasions when too many pumps are taken up with Andwell Brewery and their insipid collection of tasteless ales, or even worse "horrible" Hammerpot Brewery as they are known locally. Somebody must drink these beers in here, I can only assume that it is unwary visitors from the nearby Travelodge. On other occasions the choice of ales can be quite uplifting with a good choice from other local breweries and from across the country. The spring and autumn beer festivals are well supported as is the cider festival. Four ciders are permanently on offer including Old Rosie and Black Dragon. Bar service is generally good but sometimes a little patience is necessary. A pleasant Wetherspoon pub.

17 Feb 2014 17:33

The Sandrock, Boundstone

What was once THE real ale destination pub in the local area has not had a review for three years and we now know why. Eleven of us set out on a Tuesday lunchtime to see if the old magic is still there. The opening times on the website were wrong, the place was shut and not due to open until 15:45 in the afternoon. This is a hard place to get to, requiring trains and buses for most of us so an unreliable website wastes everybody's time and money. After a long session in the Bat And Ball we decided to pop in. Four beers on eight hand pulls immediately dwindled to two - Summer Lightning and London Pride. Hardly worth the journey. A quick look at our watches told us a bus was due in twenty minutes. We were on it, probably never to return. A crying shame. Slerpy's comment below was right, the end of an era.

17 Dec 2013 17:30

The Bat and Ball, Boundstone

A decent varied choice of six ales from Milk Street, Bowmans, Weltons and Triple fff kept our large group happy for three hours. The menu doesn't include light lunches such as sandwiches. A portion of chips at £3.85 is a daft price. The pensioners in our group made do with a liquid lunch.

17 Dec 2013 17:12

The Plough and Harrow, Drakes Broughton

Our family travelled from many miles around to have a pre-Christmas meal from the carvery. A choice of three well cooked tender meats and a wide choice of vegetables, the area for serving is perhaps a little bit cramped. What totally spoiled the occasion was the fact that our partially deaf elderly relatives couldn't hear most of the conversation due to the loud music playing out of a speaker right by the table. This was totally unnecessary and gave the pub the feel of a shopping mall. Three ales available: Otter Bitter, Banks' Bitter and the dreaded Doom Bar.

17 Dec 2013 16:41

The White Lion, Ufford

Seeing as you can only drink Uffa ales in this hostelry and no where else it was a must visit while travelling up the A12. It took some finding and we were concerned that we would not get some lunch when we arrived after 1:30. There was nothing to worry about as we had a very nice sandwich each. This was washed down with a tasty if somewhat hazy pint of Uffa Gold. The landlady and the locals seem like a good crowd.

30 Apr 2013 19:13

The Lord Nelson, Southwold

All over the country you can find Adnams Southwold and Broadside served poorly and giving Adnams a bad name. Then you find this place and realise that they produce a full range of marvellous beers that taste divine. A terrific, atmospheric pub.

30 Apr 2013 19:02

The Triangle Tavern, Lowestoft

Buzzing front bar early on Saturday evening and a full range of Green Jack ales on offer in good condition. Efficient bar staff, chatty locals. Quite excellent.

30 Apr 2013 18:54

The Oddfellows, Lowestoft

Same choice as the previous review plus Oakham JHB. A decent, reasonably priced menu makes me wish we had come in here to eat on Friday night. The fireplace and the archway between the two parts of the bar made it difficult to move around particularly when you are carrying drinks. Despite a polite excuse me some of the locals just will not move one inch to make room for you to pass. On our second visit we had two pints of two different beers. In both cases the first was quite warm and hazy and the second one was a clearer, cooler temperature. Not a great advertisement for a Good Beer Guide listed pub..

30 Apr 2013 18:44

The Jolly Sailors, Pakefield

Drinkable Adnams Southwold and Broadside - what an unoriginal choice around these parts. No ambience in the large bar area whatsoever though all of the staff are pleasant enough. The food is okay but generally more expensive than elsewhere locally. My wife's Spanish omelette had rather more in it than stated on the menu and didn't really hang together. We were given a voucher saying that there was 25% off our meal next time we visited so we decided to try a Sunday carvery. It was actually quite good.with a choice from four joints of meat and plenty of vegetables with all the trimmings. However, the 25% off does not apply on Sundays. Always read the small print.

30 Apr 2013 18:31

The Squirrel, North Camp

Has now undergone an expensive refurbishment. One can only ask why? They have taken down some partitions, crammed in a few more tables and smartened the place up. The menu has changed but the food is still average at best. The popular curry night on Thursday no longer exists which is a shame. One TV screen remains in the back room which is not particularly practical to access for viewing if there is a popular sporting occasion on. There were five beers available during my visit including two from Hammerpot, Hogs Back Tea, GK IPA and boring Doombar. A little more imagination would be nice as none of these beers inspire the discerning real ale drinker. The clientele are still the same mixed bunch as before so I'm not sure what the refurbishment is supposed to have achieved.

16 Mar 2013 12:43

The Three Compasses, Alfold

Well it looks like they found some matches to light the fire. Three beers Otter Bitter, Amber and the uninspiring Hobgoblin. The Bitter was nice but then at 3.60 a pint, it should be. Lunchtime sandwiches with chips come in at just under 6 and are okay. Is it me or is there a lack of seats in this place? Check out the newly opened section of The Wey and Arun Canal further down the lane.

7 Nov 2012 16:37

The Vulcan, Huddersfield

Busy after the match on Saturday but still got served a cracking pint in double quick time. Good stuff.

22 Oct 2012 12:32

The King's Head, Huddersfield

Good choice of ale and good service. The wife insisted that we moved away from the seats by the gents door due to the unpleasant aroma. It amazed us how many people tried to use the door next to the stage to access the railway station. Perhaps a big notice on it might be a good idea.

22 Oct 2012 12:27

Leadbelly's, Newquay

Closed and converted into a shop. A real loss because it offered something different to the usual tourist pubs in the town.

22 Oct 2012 12:11

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield

This was recommended in one of my pub guides so we thought we would give it a go. The raucous ladies outside were rather off putting but we made our way past them in to the right hand bar which was packed. Never mind, the left hand bar looked quieter so we tried to go in there. "There is a band on and you have to pay" we were told rather abruptly by the female rottweiler on the door. Well actually, no we don't. We left, never to return.

22 Oct 2012 11:53

Victoria Hotel, Eastbourne

How pubs used to be. Nice pint of Armada. Recommended.

27 Jul 2012 14:51

Terminus Hotel, Eastbourne

A set of mixed reviews below makes this a bit a of a Jekyll and Hyde pub. I thought the beers were fine and the staff were very good. There was a drunken young lady flaunting herself in front of everybody and yet nobody seemed interested in asking her to leave which I thought was odd.

27 Jul 2012 14:47

The Earl Of Burlington, Eastbourne

Only one guest ale of note amongst the usual dross. On the hand, the cider festival was well supported with six boxes on show in the cabinet at any one time. Clean toilets, no sticky tables. Very lively on a Saturday night with a good crowd from the younger generation in the bar. An enjoyable visit.

27 Jul 2012 14:38

Dewdrop Inn, Eastbourne

Far busier than the Eagle down the road. Two Greene King beers plus a guest ale. This is rather less than the description in the Good Beer Guide which implies that there are eight hand pulls and rather more beers available. A varied mix of clientele gives this place a nice atmosphere.

27 Jul 2012 14:26

The Eagle, Eastbourne

Good range of ales but needed topping up when served very short. 10p off a pint for CAMRA members. Nice roof top patio area. Pub was too quiet on both occasions that we visited. Use it or lose it.

27 Jul 2012 14:16

The Crown & Anchor, Eastbourne

Three beers from the Greene King portfolio. Decent band on a Friday night. Friendly, efficient bar staff. A happening pub.

27 Jul 2012 14:09

The Beacon Hotel, Dudley

It is perhaps a good job that the lunch time opening hours are limited. When the three regular beers at 4%, 5% and 6% are supported by Snowflake at 8% plus guest ales Espresso Stout and Kinver Edge it can quickly become a heady drinking experience. Very pleasant.

22 Dec 2011 11:36

The Turf Tavern, Bloxwich

We had to be patient because the evening opening time advertised as 7 o'clock slipped by 10 minutes. The landlady is wary of strangers, particularly as we were the first ones in. She relaxed when some regulars appeared soon afterwards. A good range of beers with Otter Bright and RCH Old Slug Porter standing out. Conversation is the order of the day.

22 Dec 2011 11:26

The Falcon Inn, Willenhall

Terrific range of beers from Cottage, Salopian, Thornbridge, Exmoor, Hop back and Pardoe's all served to perfection. The constant banter between the landlord, bar staff and customers made this probably the most amusing two hours I have spent in any pub.

22 Dec 2011 11:12

The Dolphin Inn, Hastings

An understated comment below concerning the mixed fish platter. Three whole fish - a mackerel, a whiting and a dab with a side salad and a bowl of proper chips for 7.95 is outstanding value. Washed down with one of my favourites - Harvey's Old Ale. A memorable visit to a fine pub.

31 Oct 2011 14:01

The Queens Head, Rye

Three changing ales in this quirky pub. The Dark Star Espresso Stout was very good. Takes first prize for some of the best Halloween decorations that I have seen, the artwork on the pumpkins was outstanding. We only wish we could have stayed for the party.

31 Oct 2011 13:48

The Green Owl, Camber

Three beers on from Fullers, Evan Evans and Skinners in good nick. Very pleasant pub situated away from the main drag through Camber.

31 Oct 2011 13:36

The Camber Castle, Camber

There is still no real ale and no major changes from when the previous reviewers visited. Not for me this one.

31 Oct 2011 13:27

The Border Hotel, Kirk Yetholm

I agree with everything Helbobby has said. Just one thing to add - after walking up and down The Cheviot Hills all day, the Radox bottle in the bathroom is a nice touch.

11 Jul 2011 16:11

The Rose and Crown, Bellingham

Walked in, no real ale, walked out.

11 Jul 2011 16:03

The Cheviot Hotel, Bellingham

Three ales including a very drinkable Scottish Borders Game Bird. Good food served by pleasant staff. The landlady sought reassurance that we were happy with what we were given. A buzzing place and we made a point of returning later in the evening when we realised that it is the best pub in the town.

11 Jul 2011 16:01

The George and Dragon Inn, Garrigill

Pleasant village local with two beers from Allendale and also Black Sheep Bitter. Reasonable pub food. Friendly locals roped us in to the quiz and the two of us were easily beaten by a team of seven. They don't exactly play fair around here.

The pub was closed last year but local support fortunately brought it back to life.

11 Jul 2011 15:42

The Stag Inn, Crosby on Eden

Having walked nearly 15 miles from Gilsland my wife was looking rather tired when we arrived here. The landlord took one look, told us to sit down and brought the beers to our table. He then brought over a second one a while later. Thats what I call service. Nice beers too.

11 Jul 2011 15:26

The Golden Lion Hotel, Horton in Ribblesdale

I think I was in a different pub to the previous reviewers. The en suite room I stayed in was comfortable and clean. The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge was taking place so the bars were manic. Nevertheless, the bar service was efficient and the beers were good (Black Sheep, Thwaites and TT Landlord). Three of us ordered steaks and they arrived in good time, cooked to perfection. No problems whatsoever and would certainly again.

11 Jul 2011 14:16

The Lister Arms, Malham

Having been fobbed off in The Buck Inn, the different attitude in here was very welcoming. First rate bar and table service, good food if a little pricey and nice beers from Thwaites. We are rather glad we arrived early on a Friday night because there was a scramble for tables fairly soon after.

8 Jul 2011 13:25

The Buck Inn, Malham

Went in early having walked nearly 20 miles to be told that they could not possibly do any extra meals tonight due a big party in the bar next door. Noted a good range of ales so returned later to find them doing food for another group. Hmm. Nice beer but something is lacking to really recommend this pub.

8 Jul 2011 13:20

The Bay Horse Inn, Cowling

A typical evening in a pleasant village local! One punter trying to sell a dodgy TV. A meeting of old Mods, complete with a line up of scooters outside - so this is where they all went after the Rockers chased them out of Brighton. Then the the local ladies rounders team turned up. The guy playing endless George Michael on the jukebox should be shot. Tetleys Mild and Bitter in good nick and for some obscure reason - GK IPA as a guest ale - why?

8 Jul 2011 13:14

The Fox and Goose, Hebden Bridge

Pleasant atmosphere with a little jazz combo playing in one room. Obviously the place in town to come for a beer with a nice ever changing range. Rather let down by my ales being slightly hazy and served in short measures.

8 Jul 2011 13:04

White Swan, Hebden Bridge

TT Landlord (perfect condition) and Black Sheep Bitter on offer. We were told it was a cheap and cheerful place for a meal and that is exactly what it is. Decent steak and chips at a very sensible price with no pretensions.

8 Jul 2011 12:53

Avalon Hotel, Whitley Bay

Known for stocking a Mordue ale but not available on my visit. They do offer the bottled version when the real stuff is not on. A bar for the older generation and whoever is operating the dj console plays mostly rock music to suit. Pleasant good value accommodation upstairs and a very filling breakfast makes this a reasonable place to stay.

10 May 2011 11:18

The Red Lion, Long Compton

Hook Norton Bitter and a very good pint of Goff's Jouster. Ridiculously priced sandwiches for what you actually receive.

10 May 2011 11:08

The Black Horse, Naunton

Hazy Donnington Bitter which tasted okay. Nice Ploughmans but the 9 price tag is a bit OTT. Very friendly staff with a good sense of humour.

10 May 2011 11:04

The Old New Inn, Bourton on the Water

Still selling Bass and also Addlestones Cider on handpull. Pleasantly old-fashioned bar.

10 May 2011 10:57

The Mousetrap Inn, Bourton on the Water

Two beers from Stroud and a mild from Old Forge, all in excellent condition. Can be a bit disconcerting to walk in and find virtually every table reserved. The two chaps behind the bar are quite friendly.

10 May 2011 10:43

The Bree Louise, Euston

A regular drinker in here could save his CAMRA subs many times over with the 50p off every pint. The Vale Ale on gravity was hazy and flat. The Windsor Knot on handpull was much better. Worn carpets, unsavoury gents toilet. The jury's out on this one at the moment.

5 May 2011 16:11

The Wagon Works, Eastleigh

Good choice of guest ales including one of my current favourites - Vale Ale. Lots of different seating areas with a better than average decor so avoiding that Wetherspoon drinking warehouse effect.

5 May 2011 16:02

The Black Boy, Winchester

Nice choice of beers, I particularly enjoyed the Cheriton Bitter, the wife was pleased to see Anastasia Stout. Not sure why people want to crticise the decor even if it is a bit eclectic. I would much rather see this than the many characterless refurbishments that dominate the pub world.

5 May 2011 15:57

The Rose and Crown, Sandhurst

We also found the beer festival by chance and very welcome it was too. Having discussed this elsewhere many local beer drinkers who might have attended did not know that it was on. It was certainly not listed on my regular sources of information. I hope it was successful but I feel that better advertising may help any future event.

5 May 2011 15:37

The Village Inn, Sandhurst

A happening pub with two ales available - Ringwood Fortyniner which was excellent and SN Spitfire. Takes the gold medal for the shortest served pints I have ever seen. One old boy was given a glass with a one third head on it and did not complain. We asked for a top up and still got them back half an inch short. This may be accepted practice up north but I expect better in Sandhurst.

5 May 2011 15:28

The White Swan, Sandhurst

Bit of a locals pub serving Greene King IPA and Abbot. A strong smell of chips seemed to predominate. I drank my pint of cider in the massive back garden which is unfortunately much shaded by trees when the sun is shining.

5 May 2011 15:17

The Wellington Arms, Sandhurst

Decent pint of Brakspears drank on the very pleasant patio area. Rather glad we didn't stay for a second because service at the bar seemed to be getting very slow.

5 May 2011 15:14

Rackstraws Farm, Sandhurst

We were greeted by a rather unpleasant aroma and no bar staff. Five of us were waiting at the bar for several minutes before someone showed up. A hazy pint of London Pride was not worth the wait. We then went and sat outside on dilapidated furniture. Not a good experience to be quite honest.

5 May 2011 15:10

The Victory Pub and Kitchen, Farnborough

The reason that there is a line on a Hoegaarden glass is so that you fill the glass to that level. At 4.50 a pint this becomes rather important. Try passing the message on to the barmaid.

28 Mar 2011 16:55

The Alexandra, Farnborough

Decent Hook Norton Gold on as a guest. Rather spoilt by the sarcastic comment when we asked for our short measured pints to be topped up. The TV still dominates and if you try to sit near the pool table the rather loud music takes over. Not really a pub for a quiet pint this one.

28 Mar 2011 16:51

The Old Courthouse, Cove

Less ales than before and the Youngs Bitter was quite disgusting. Despite several customers complaining they still kept selling it. A good way to alienate customers.

28 Mar 2011 16:40

The Hope, Wandsworth Common

I thought this place was a bit average. The real ale choice is uninspired and forced me to look at the interesting range of keg beers. I tried the Blue Moon Witbier from Colerado complete with a slice of orange. Not bad but at 4.10 a pint, it is a bit of an indulgence. Nice view of the common from the gents.

15 Mar 2011 16:08

The Clarence, Balham

I have admit to being a traditionalist at heart but things do change and life goes on. I did not know this pub before the refurb so my first impression is of a pleasant airy bar with a continental feel. The keg beer choice supports this with an intelligent selection of UK and continental beers. The two real ales were well received by my companions and I believe that the guest ale changes quite often.

15 Mar 2011 16:01

The Guest House, Southport

Atmospheric, multi-roomed pub with constantly changing guest ales. Most enjoyable of the Southport pubs that we visited.

10 Jan 2011 13:59

Willow Grove, Southport

Three guest ales of idiot strength, the only sensible session beer was Ruddles. Unlike in many Wetherspoon/Lloyd's establishments the bar staff here allowed you to choose a guest ale as your free beer with your burger. Its a bit of a surprise when you follow the signs upstairs to the toilets to find another large bar. No guest ales are available upstairs.

10 Jan 2011 13:55

The Windmill Inn, Southport

Theakstons Mild and Bitter available in good condition. Another guest ale is normally available but not on my visit. Food looked good value.

10 Jan 2011 13:43

Masons Arms, Southport

Only Unicorn available on my visit. Good condition but a rather bland ale. This should be a really atmospheric little pub but is totally ruined by the blaring TV in the corner showing soaps and other rubbish. To top it all someone then put the jukebox on as well. Not the best drinking experience I'm afraid to say.

10 Jan 2011 13:37

Baron's Bar, Southport

Wanted to enjoy a visit to this very pleasant bar having had it recommended to us. Unfortunately, four of us chose four different ales and they were really not to our taste. Just bad luck, I suppose. Maybe next time.

10 Jan 2011 13:28

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Very enjoyable couple of beers. Busy bar not helped by customers blocking access for service. Seems to be a popular choice for beer drinking football fans before travelling by Merseyrail to the game.

10 Jan 2011 13:22

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

There is a sense of irony in drinking Summer Ale in the middle of Winter but what a cracking session beer it is. Especially when compared to the two strong stouts that were also available. It is interesting to read the comments from mattbeer below because I thought the whole pub was in dire need of some refurbishment.

10 Jan 2011 13:09

Red Lion, Doncaster

If it wasn't for their usual promotional posters you could almost believe this was not a Wetherspoon. Good choice of ales, friendly staff and efficient food service. On a busy Saturday lunchtime the average age of the customers must be about 70!!!!

10 Jan 2011 13:01

The Rose and Crown, Sandhurst

Excellent choice of seven ales in good condition and Addlestones Cider. Good value roast beef Sunday lunch. Very friendly staff and customers. The TV remote is available to turn the sound down if you think it is obtrusive. Would certainly hope to visit again soon.

10 Jan 2011 12:49

The Dukes Head, Sandhurst

Four handpulls, three in use on my visit - Abbott, Morland and a hazy but drinkable Hydes Jekyll's Gold. No food due to refurbishment. A real fire. Odd coloured decor.

10 Jan 2011 12:37

The Postal Order, Blackburn

We cleared our table of plates, glasses and coffee cups and added them to the pile on the adjacent table. Two and a half hours later they were still there. In the mean time, five of us had eaten lunch and built up a collection of plates and glasses on our table, none of which were collected. One member of staff was delivering meals to tables and then walking back to the bar empty handed. What sort of training does Wetherspoon give to these idiots? Two guest ales, Old Bear "Sun Bear" was in decent condition.

7 Dec 2010 17:24

Hogshead, Wolverhampton

There is always a beer on that catches the eye among the guest ales. Efficient staff. Popular with students and can get very crowded in the evenings. Quite pleasant during the day and handy for the local transport links.

22 Nov 2010 11:54

Pyle Cock Inn, Wednesfield

Serves good beers from the Marston's portfolio. Friendly staff, chatty customers. Naff TV programs detract from what is a very welcoming pub.

22 Nov 2010 11:46

Royal Tiger, Wednesfield

Just what I would expect in a Wetherspoon. Reasonable service, some good guest ales and grubby tables. No real surprises.

22 Nov 2010 11:42

Vine Inn, Wednesfield

The public bar is designed in such a way that everyone can sit around in a big circle having a general conversation. The tv music videos are unnecessary but do provide another topic for discourse. Nine ales, a nice mix of local brews and some rather more obscure beers. A great pub that I would hope to visit again soon.

22 Nov 2010 11:38

The Garden Gate, Aldershot

First visit for three years on Saturday and what a surprise - a mini beer festival and a cracking little combo playing music. I didn't see any advertising for this event which seemed to be well attended. Good stuff.

22 Nov 2010 11:29

The Herbert Wells, Woking

This is normally a fairly consistent Wetherspoon with a decent range of guest ales. However, Saturday's selection was not so good. Three handpulls given over to Courage Best, two to Abbot, four to cider and a couple more out of use. This left us with Hogs Back Tea (which has been locally considered to be a poor beer for a number of years), fff Alton's Pride (a very average recent winner of Champion Ale), an Elgoods beer that didn't inspire and probably the pick of the bunch - Funky Monkey.

It would seem that the local CAMRA buffoons have voted this as pub of the year again. This decision is probably down to the ridiculous and easy to fiddle beer scoring system that CAMRA have introduced and clearly has nothing to do with the quality of the pub. I could be more cynical and put it down to the fact that CAMRA have been giving away drinks vouchers to members for use in Wetherspoon outlets. They don't do this for any other pub group! Why is that?

I have been coming in here for a number of years. Do the bar staff pass the time of day with you or show any hint of recognition - no. There is no darts team for example, or social events, raffles etc. This is simply a better than average Wetherspoon. I can think of many more sociable real ale pubs in this part of Surrey that are far more deserving of the accolade of pub of the year.

I'll get off my high horse now.

14 Sep 2010 11:24

Combermere Arms, Wolverhampton

Well worth the 15-20 minute walk out to the far side of town from the railway station. I get the impression that the three changing guest ales are mostly from the many tried and tested beers rather than the constant experimental brews where you don't know what you might be drinking. A sensible policy. Treebeard in the gents is not very talkative!

6 Sep 2010 10:39

The Old Ford, North Camp

Saturday night and there are three daft people sat at the bar doing annoying Donald Duck impressions. Only one other customer turned up while I was in here. The pub does give the impression that it may be struggling.

Rather surprisingly, my pint of Pedigree was pretty good. Three other standard beers were also available.

16 Aug 2010 13:06

The Squirrel, North Camp

Have increased the number of handpulls to five. Uninspiring selection though - London Pride, Courage Best, Bombardier, Old Speckled Hen, and the latest "guest ale" Timmy Taylor's Best. They have reverted to serving these ales far too cold. The glass has substantial condensation on it when the beer is served which is not a good sign. The other day when visiting they were not serving a particular guest ale because it was cloudy. When offered a taster it was found to be perfectly clear. They had obviously only pulled off what was sitting in the pipe and made a decision based on its appearance. The Squirrel should be encouraged for its efforts but also needs a few lessons in real ale cellar management before recommending.

13 Aug 2010 11:15

Bar t'at, Ilkley

A happening place on a Sunday afternoon - the beer patio was packed. The corridor room inside, away from the bar, was full of people reading their Sunday papers. It was a good job we had one too in order to be able to sit in there! Good choice of beers and each one was superb. Recommended.

5 Aug 2010 14:10

Mr Foley's Cask Ale House, Leeds

This one didn't really work for me. Odd furniture on many levels makes it less like a bar and more like reading rooms in a library. The food is very poor and should be avoided. Saved by the ales which were very good, especially the Yorkshire Terrier.

5 Aug 2010 13:57

The Brewery Tap, Leeds

A Jekyll and Hyde pub. At lunchtime, nice and quiet and you can have a chat while sampling the decent ales. At night, modern music is played at a volume that seems to grow louder as the evening progresses. Strange to see a few old boys sat around seemingly oblivious to the noise.

5 Aug 2010 13:49

The Chevin, Menston

Popped in late on several evenings because it is five minutes walk from the camp site. TT Landlord and Copper Dragon Golden Pippin on offer and in good form. Popular with diners, the menu looked rather pricey.

5 Aug 2010 13:38

The Hare and Hounds, Menston

Standard family eatery. The carvery was good value at 5 before 7pm. Beers - Tetleys and Bombardier. On a second visit for a quick snack we had a couple of sharing plates between three of us which were also very good value at 12 the pair. In its limited way this is an efficient pub for a meal but not really one that you would wish to linger in.

5 Aug 2010 13:29

The Fox, Menston

Foody pub next to the cricket ground. Only popped in for a beer. The two on offer were both cold and hazy - TT Landlord and one from Leeds brewery. Aspalls cider was available on keg. The food menu looked expensive but there are two and three course special offers on Mon, Tues and Wed.

5 Aug 2010 13:20

Coopers Bar and Brasserie, Guiseley

Eight ales and a Perry which is alternated with other other Ciders and Perrys. The Perry was expensive in comparison to the ales, presumably the price is based on strength. The bar food was pretty good. A not particularly atmospheric venue and the view of the main road from the window is uninspiring. Anyway, its the beer that counts!

5 Aug 2010 13:13

The Cow and Calf, Ilkley

We were in the middle of a pleasant walk along the ridge when we spotted this pub and decided to stop for a beer. Six ales available, I had a decent pint of Thornbridge Jaipur IPA and my son had Black Sheep Bitter which was also in good nick. Having eyed up the food we indulged ourselves with a good value Sunday lunch. Considering how busy it was, the meals were served within fifteen minutes. They were certainly not microwaved. A second pint was delivered to our table on request. I thought the service was very professional, efficient and friendly and would certainly visit again.

5 Aug 2010 13:01

The Swan, Farnborough

Unless they buck their ideas up The Swan will certainly lose out to a Wetherspoon outlet opening in town. Why bother with an expensive refurbishment when you are just going to run the place into the ground? Flood stains on the ceiling, unpolished floors, flooded toilets, light fittings falling off or missing, it does not look good. Bar service is very poor at busy times. The recent introduction of TV screens to watch the World Cup was great but it was almost impossible to get served for England games. Most importantly, for me at least, is the standard of beer and this has at times been garbage. The recent Cottage guest ale was destroyed out of all recognition. Too many ales out of condition and now an extra 20p a pint for the privilege. Come on chaps, wake up.

9 Jul 2010 13:57

The Railway Arms, Alton

fff Dazed and Confused was available on Saturday and was a perfect pint. So good I was quite dazed and confused when I left. Question to the brewery - why is this magnificent beer only an occasional brew?

29 Jun 2010 10:10

The Eight Bells, Alton

Second time in a row that I have had a poor pint of Ballards Bitter in here. Very inconsistent quality for some years now. Is it just me?

29 Jun 2010 10:03

The Horse and Groom, Alresford

Poor, slow service, the barman would rather hand out menus than deal with customers who have been waiting some time. Dreadful pint of Itchen Valley Fagins. Flat, insipid and served well short of a pint. Food service would appear to be disorganised chaos. Some improvements are required to bring this place back to what it was several years ago.

29 Jun 2010 09:58

The Bell, Alresford

Reasonable pint of Otter Bitter among three ales available. The courtyard area is quite pleasant and secluded, some of the garden furniture is old and needs some attention. Food prices are too high, 6 for a sandwich, no chance.

29 Jun 2010 09:46

The Globe on the Lake, Alresford

Quiet on a hot Saturday afternoon. A choice of beers including TT Landlord, Doombar and Hopback GFB. The latter was in decent condition if a tad hazy. They must get in to the habit of cleaning the duck crap off the seats and tables outside. Sitting in the lakeside garden is supposed to be this pub's main selling point.

29 Jun 2010 09:39

Bird In Hand, Knowl Hill

Very good weekend beer festival in the garden featuring mostly beers from the north west. Its a shame the weather was unseasonably cold because the neat garden is pleasantly hidden away from the main road. The bar inside feels like a gentlemens club with its red leather seats and is perhaps a little soulless in comparison. An enjoyable visit.

21 Jun 2010 11:42

The Waggon and Horses, Twyford

Popped in for the excellent little beer festival at the weekend. Sixteen ales, those sampled were in good condition. An impressive, neat garden. Friendly staff. TV screens inside and outside showing the World Cup. A very pleasant experience.

21 Jun 2010 11:29

The Tiger Inn, East Dean

Offering Beachy Head Low Tide, Original and Legless Rambler, also Harveys Best. Low Tide was not popular with our group, the quality was fine but the beer has an unpleasant flavour. The staff dealt very efficiently with our group's food orders and served them fairly quickly considering how busy they were. The toilets are in a portacabin near the front door which does rather spoil the picturesque nature of having a pub on the green.

18 May 2010 10:32

The Eight Bells, Jevington

Served our group of walkers our pre-ordered food fairly quickly and at the same time. Very substantial Stilton Ploughmans, the kitchen overdid it with the coleslaw. Decent Harveys Best. Other individuals were waiting a substantial time for their food orders so perhaps we were lucky.

17 May 2010 12:07

The Rose Cottage Inn, Polegate

Dealt very well with our group of walkers as we had pre-ordered our food and they served us all at the same time. The Cheddar Ploughmans was okay. Decent Harveys Best, rather hazy Dark Star Hophead on offer. Probably the narrowest door to the Gents that I have encountered.

17 May 2010 11:59

The Cricketers Arms, Berwick

Harveys Knots of May, Best, Hadlow and Armada served from the cask in glorious condition. Delightful front garden. I agree with Sussexcrawler, mid afternoon is the best time to visit if all you want is a beer.

17 May 2010 11:52

Ye Olde Smugglers Inn, Alfriston

Locals bar at the front separated from the dining areas that wind their way out the back to the large conservatory room. Quite pleasant to sink in to one of the two low sofas in front of the roaring fire. Dark Star Hophead, Harveys Best, TT Landlord and Doombar are on offer, the first two were in cracking condition. The Old Rosie cider pump was not in use. Efficient and friendly bar staff.

17 May 2010 11:42

The Star Inn, Alfriston

TARDIS like pub with substantial restaurant and accommodation buildings behind the old fashioned frontage. Our double room was large and comfortable though maybe the decor needed a little tlc. The buffet breakfast provided the basics but perhaps lacked imagination. The evening three course meal seemed to concentrate more on pretentious presentation at the expense of providing decent portions and value for money, to be fair you could not fault the actual food. Two ales in the front bar Harveys Best and Beachy Head Original served in good condition.

17 May 2010 11:31

George Inn, Alfriston

There are a number of good real ale pubs in this area so finding this is a GK pub was disappointing. IPA, Abbot and Olde Trip are on offer, no guest ale. Didn't fancy any of them so plumped for an Aspalls cider. The bar seemed to be run as a sideline with all hands helping in the kitchen and serving food. On the positive side the three course meal was good value, well presented with decent portions served by very pleasant staff.

17 May 2010 11:03

The Prince of Wales, Farnborough

GarmischP has written a similar review on 24 Apr 2010 to the one he wrote on 2 Jun 2009. On the earlier date he said he would never visit the PoW again. Did he really make the same mistake twice or is there a hidden agenda. Maybe he suffers from amnesia. On both occasions he also wrote a review praising The Rose and Thistle. Very mysterious.

10 May 2010 14:10

The Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth

Some ale choices were left over from the recent beer festival and were in cracking condition. A Wetherspoon that seldom disappoints. We had some fun early on Saturday evening, sitting by the window and watching some of the local slappers walking across the square. What do they think they look like?

10 May 2010 12:16

The Barley Mow, Southsea

Plenty of ales but the choice was mostly the usual suspects. We tried the Hop Back Stout which was warm and flat. With the Hole In The Wall not coming up with the goods either, we felt it was not worth the walk to this part of Southsea. Disappointing.

10 May 2010 12:07

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

I am afraid that my review is not going to help the ratings. A flat pint of Hole Hearted. Mild that was pretty much on its sell by date. Two lads that we were sat with had different four pint jugs and this was very hazy when poured into the glass. Standards are slipping in this old favourite.

10 May 2010 12:01

The Sir Loin Of Beef, Southsea

This was one of the best pubs to visit in Portsmouth when I was a student in the long distant past. It went into slow decline and the last time I walked in here in the early nineties, there was no ales and some rather unsavoury customers. What a contrast now - a very amiable atmosphere and an interesting choice of eight beers in good condition. Some quirky art work is worth a second glance, particularly on the back of the loo doors. Very pleasant on a match day because it is just off the radar for the football hordes and yet only twenty minutes walk to Fratton Park. A pub most definitely back on form.

10 May 2010 11:53

The Swan, Bolton

"Barristers" is a GBG entry and has eight handpulls. Six were available on Saturday lunchtime. Fullers ESB, Hooky Gold and Old Speckled Hen were three of the guest ales that had unfortunately followed me up from the South. Ossett Big Red was IMO probably the best of the remaining brews available. The bar is quite dark and atmospheric and the staff are friendly. Finding the gents is a challenge!

1 Mar 2010 12:33

Lanherne Pub and Restaurant, Newquay

Tucked away from the mad throng. You can't miss it, there are more pub signs around the outside than any pub I know. Several large rooms including a separate restaurant. Sky TV, reasonable food. Beers - Skinners Betty Stoggs, St Austell Tribute and Sharps Doombar usually served in good nick.

24 Feb 2010 17:31

Hop and Vine, Hull

I can imagine the previous reviewer having to wait a while for food. The landlady does seem to be easily sidetracked. One of those bars where you have to go with the (slow) flow but an enjoyable experience nonetheless. My first pint of Wold Top Bitter was somewhat hazy. The Wold Top Mars Magic and Rudgate Pioneer were much better. Lined glasses are in use. It is interesting to see some customers come in for food only, this really is a "cafe" style bar. A few football fans in before the game on Saturday but not busy. Note for visiting fans - it is a 25-30 minute walk to the stadium from here.

1 Feb 2010 14:36

The Three Pigeons, Guildford

Fairly standard choice of ales with the exception of the very enjoyable Thornbridge Kipling. The barman spotted some cloudy pints of another beer that customers had bought and taken to their tables and willingly changed them without being prompted. Ask for a top up, some of the beers were being sold ridiculously short of a full pint. Worth taking a break from the shopping to visit.

4 Jan 2010 11:16

The Keep, Guildford

Took the short walk away from the town centre on the strength of the entry in the Good Beer Guide which states that the pub offers Surrey Hills beers plus a guest ale from a local micro. The only beer on offer on Saturday was the ubiquitous Doombar. Disappointing.

4 Jan 2010 10:56

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Worth walking in just to admire the tiling around the front bar room. A remarkable contrast to the cafeteria like restaurant at the back. We liked all five available Marble beers but were surprised at the high prices. We were disappointed at the empties mounting up on all the tables while the barmaid preferred to go out for a cigarette rather than doing her job. Apart from these little gripes, an enjoyable visit.

21 Dec 2009 16:48

The Crown and Kettle, Ancoats

The netting just in case the ceiling starts to fall down can be slightly disconcerting. Four ales on that I had never seen before. They were all well kept, unfortunately two of them were very different from the norm and were not to our taste. Friendly staff.

21 Dec 2009 16:33

The Quays, Mytchett

Inconsistent or what? They lost our booking for a table in the restaurant area, we had to sit in the bar. The barman could not take the money for our drinks and had to ask someone else over to operate the till. The food options were carvery or carvery - nothing off the main menu. The meat portions for the carvery were miniscule. The vegetables were rubbish. We had to wait half an hour for the desserts and even then had to chase them up. Average London Pride and Old Speckled Hen. The Quays is run by complete amateurs and is desperately poor. What a difference a year makes.

14 Dec 2009 15:59

The Kingsway/Charlie Browns, Stoke On Trent

A good place for a match day pint for the more discerning drinker before catching one of the nearby shuttle buses. There are notices up saying away supporters are not welcome and there is a bouncer at the door so you are advised not to wear any colours if you wish to visit. Seven beers were on, Steerage, Anchor and Iceberg were all in good condition. There is a food bar upstairs or alternatively, sandwich rolls are available downstairs.

2 Nov 2009 15:57

The Thomas Frost, Kirkdale

Handy for a pre-match pint before visiting Goodison Park. Two guest ales from George Wright, Longboat was quite morish, and another guest ale from Roosters, a very drinkable YPA. Many customers were ordering food and service was very efficient. There seems to be a tradition for queuing at the bar which worked quite well but became rather unwieldy as more football fans arrived nearer to kick off time.

19 Oct 2009 17:10

Berkeley Arms, Spetchley

Popular Sunday lunch venue with a decent carvery ( they will skimp on the meat if you don't ask for extra). The bar next to the restaurant rather worryingly did not have any real ale. There are actually two available which the barman brought through, London Pride and a very drinkable TT Landlord. The main bar is a more relaxing place to sit (and eat).

12 Oct 2009 12:26

The Kings Arms, Mickleton

Didn't start off on the right footing when we were given off pints of Brakspeare Oxford Gold. The barmaid incorrectly told us it was a fresh barrel on. The landlord appeared a short while later, changed ithe barrel and apologised to us. By this time we had noticed a barrel of Thatchers cider which was sat on the side rather than being pulled through the available handpull. A couple of pints went down very well. GK IPA was also on but not sampled.

12 Oct 2009 12:08

Eight Bells, Chipping Campden

A surprise find just off the high street. This is predominately a foody pub and there wasn't anywhere for drinkers to sit inside on Saturday lunch time. There is a nice little covered patio area outside plus terraced seating. There are five handpulls including a cider (Old Rosie) and a Perry. I drank the magnificent Purity Pure Gold, Goff's Jouster and Hook Norton were also available.

12 Oct 2009 11:48

The Lygon Arms Hotel, Chipping Campden

Decent pint of Goff's White Knight. Hook Norton was also available. Lots of people eating and the locally sourced food looked pretty good. The pub is named after General Lygon who fought at Waterloo. The picture is incorrect and is showing The Lygon Arms in Broadway.

12 Oct 2009 11:16

The Heron on the Lake, Fleet

Popped in for a business lunch expecting not a lot and to my surprise found three beers from McMullen - Cask Ale, Country and AK, the latter was in decent condition. McMullen beers are rarely found in these parts. Service is good, unfortunately the food is remarkably average for the price.

7 Oct 2009 15:15

Royal Oak, Fritham

We arrived just after twelve o'clock on Monday and noticed small groups of walkers filtering in to the pub at a steady rate. By the time we went in, there was only one table left. How many pubs can claim to be full before 1230 on a Monday lunchtime? Speaks volumes. Some decent beers from Palmers and Bowman and locally sourced food topped off a very pleasant session.

30 Sep 2009 13:09

The Solent Inn, Ryde

Fabulous, friendly, backstreet pub. Banks's Original is the standard with three changing guests. Tasters are offered when a new barrel comes on. The band in the other bar sounded good as well. An enjoyable visit.

29 Sep 2009 15:10

The George Inn, Newport

Four ales on though none from the island. Ringwood Fortyniner was quite drinkable. Handy for the bus station.

29 Sep 2009 15:04

The Sportsmans Rest, Porchfield

First time back here for three years and disappointed to find the new owners had reduced the number of ales. The beer range is now limited to Bombardier on gravity which was quite drinkable. Good food selection at reasonable prices.

29 Sep 2009 14:56

The New Inn, Shalfleet

Four beers available including two from Goddards. Open all day during the Summer but not in the Winter. The bus service is limited to one every two hours.

29 Sep 2009 14:50

The Blenheim, Ventnor

Handy waiting room for the local buses, the main bus stop is right outside the door. Decent Ringwood Bitter.

29 Sep 2009 14:39

The Volunteer Inn, Ventnor

Unusual to see the game of rings as the main attraction. The choice of ales is interesting rather than outstanding. We found the pub intolerably warm and was glad that the reasonable weather allowed for the doors to be left open.

29 Sep 2009 14:34

The Falcon, Shanklin

Three ales, SN Spitfire, Fullers London Pride and (Gales) HSB. The quality varied quite a bit on separate visits. Interesting mixture of clientele.

29 Sep 2009 14:23

The Village Inn, Shanklin

The price of food put us off from entering. A peek through the window showed Doombar and Theakstons XB on offer.

29 Sep 2009 14:17

The Crab Inn, Shanklin

We did think of eating here but walked out when we saw only GK IPA on offer. The Goddards clip was turned round. The locals we spoke to were not impressed with the quality of beer in here and tended to avoid the place.

29 Sep 2009 14:13

King Harry's Bar (Glenbrook Hotel), Shanklin

The changing range of ales is accompanied by a real cider. Food is served in the restaurant only. The menu and prices did not impress so we didn't eat here.

29 Sep 2009 14:09

The Plough and Barleycorn, Shanklin

Comfortable, friendly pub. Doombar and Goddards Fuggle Dee Dum are sold in good nick. Decent food at sensible prices.

29 Sep 2009 14:03

Billy Bunters, Shanklin

It is a loud bar. The sports commentary is also filtered through to the gents so that you don't have to miss any action. Quite smart and clean, with hefty wooden furniture. Draught Bass is drinkable if a tad cold. Friendly bar staff. I didn't find anywhere else in Shanklin to watch Sky Sports that also had real ale.

29 Sep 2009 13:54

The Chine Inn, Shanklin

The locals told me that even they have no idea what the opening hours might be. It was open all day last Sunday. TT Landlord and London Pride on offer. Take care with the slanting top step on the way to the toilets which are full of mildew.

29 Sep 2009 13:46

The Navigation Inn, Blackburn

Basic, friendly two bar pub in a pleasant setting next to the canal tow path. One ale on - Thwaites Original in decent condition. Good place for a pre-match pint as it is just up the hill from Mill Hill Station. You can then join the fans walking along the tow path towards Ewood Park.

14 Sep 2009 16:08

Moon Under Water, Wolverhampton

Four beers from Marstons and Greene King and five Guest Ales provided a better than average Wetherspoon line up. The beers sampled were in good nick. Decent food served in good time. Efficient staff. Can't ask for more really. Even the clientele made me feel quite young.

14 Sep 2009 15:54

The Adelphi Hotel, Blackburn

Decent pub for a pre-match pint. Four ales available, Old Mill Nelly Dene was particularly good. I would recommend the sandwich rolls @ 1.50.

14 Sep 2009 14:59

The New Britannia, Preston

Impressive choice of unusual ales. Good for an early evening game of pool. Not so good when we tried to return on Saturday night but couldn't even get to the bar. The introduction of sofas has reduced the number of seats. The tables near the pool table are cramped making it difficult to access those seats as well.

14 Sep 2009 12:10

The Continental Pub, Preston

The house beer is from Marble. Three other ales available plus real cider. Food seemed expensive and what I saw did not impress me. Interesting mix of people varying from those that had dressed up to visit right through to the locals effing and blinding in the corner. The best way to get here from the town centre is to walk down Chapel Street opposite Lloyds TSB, veer right when you reach the park and keep going to where the railway crosses the river. The pub is just under the bridge.

14 Sep 2009 12:02

The Dog and Partridge, Preston

Guest ales from Smiles and Hop Back on my visit. Great place for people watching. Whether its old bikers, goths, people in fancy dress (at least, I think they were) or a couple of amiable drunks attempting to chat up two young ladies, the entertainment keeps you smiling. As for Agadoo being selected from the juke box - no comment.

14 Sep 2009 11:42

Ale Emporium, Preston

The fact that the six ales had all changed on Saturday evening to those that were on Friday speaks volumes. Gets very busy, particularly when there is live music on.

14 Sep 2009 11:26

The Black Boy Inn, Bridgnorth

Decent pint of Hobson's Best Bitter. Good band playing in the other bar. What impressed me most was the bar staff. The pub was packed to over flowing yet everyone was served in turn after a short wait and glasses were collected and washed regularly. They could teach the average Wetherspoon staff a thing or two.

1 Sep 2009 12:26

Shakespeare Inn, Bridgnorth

We were recommended to eat here by the landlord of another pub that didn't do food. The sizzling steak platters are impressive but all the food is good honest fare with no frills and at sensible prices. Four ales - Banks's Original and Bitter, and seasonal ales from Marstons and Jennings.

1 Sep 2009 12:11

Bell And Talbot, Bridgnorth

The place was heaving because a fine local band was playing. We ended up sitting on a bench in a converted fire place. Efficient bar staff mean't that there was never a wait for one of their well kept ales.

1 Sep 2009 12:03

The Antelope, Warwick

Doesn't look that inviting from the outside but this is a really friendly establishment. Three ales on - Theakston's Mild, Slaughterhouse Saddleback, and the guest ale was Woodfordes Wherry. Cheap food.

1 Sep 2009 11:57

The Blackhorse Inn, Warwick

Back in the mid-eighties I seem to recall specifically seeking this pub out as a decent beer pub. I was therefore very disappointed to find that they no longer have any real ale and left immediately.

1 Sep 2009 11:50

Brocket Arms, Wigan

Very friendly, from arriving at the hotel reception to the young lady who made sure I was enjoying my breakfast. Couldn't fault the room, certainly can't fault the price. Three guest ales from Hawkshead and Batemans topped off a fabulous stay. Recommended.

20 Aug 2009 14:42

The Boulevard, Wigan

Four real ales on though the majority of punters were drinking the Tetleys. The two guest ales that I tried were in fine condition. Old Rosie cider was available as well. The menu stretches to jacket potatoes with an accompaniment.

20 Aug 2009 14:34

Anvil, Wigan

Loved the beers. Allgates Dry Bones is a classic ale. Not entirely sure about the "lovely outdoor seating area" as it overlooks the bus station. If the bus fumes don't get you then the smokers will. Its much safer to sit inside this fabulous pub.

20 Aug 2009 14:25

Butchers Arms, Woolhope

Yes, it was closed for a while but has now reopened. It is however, closed on Sunday evening and all day Monday.

21 Jul 2009 13:56

The Old Ale House, Truro

Typical, travel all the way down to Cornwall from Hampshire only to find Fullers London Pride and (Gales) Seafarers as the two alternatives to the very drinkable Skinners Kiddlywink. Kiddlywink being the old name for a Cornish beer house or shop. Get a seat by the window and watch the world go by. A sharp turn for buses, a pedestrian crossing and some idiotic drivers provides great entertainment.

15 Jul 2009 13:58

Towan Blystra, Newquay

Understaffed but efficient bar staff need more support as service can be quite slow. Tables are left stacked up with empty food plates and glasses. One guest ale was cloudy and undrinkable, the other was rather flat and uninspiring. One of the ports of call for the many stag and hen parties. A pub best avoided during busy times.

14 Jul 2009 14:11

Steam, Newquay

They had the seasonal ale, Liquid Sunshine in last week. It was in very good condition but we did have to keep requesting our pints to be topped up. They are rather slow tidying up tables when vacated, the only table we found available was swimming in some sticky cocktail spilt from a jug. Apart from that, this is a good bar to get away from the stag parties which tend to migrate towards the centre of town.

13 Jul 2009 16:19

The Victory Pub and Kitchen, Farnborough

This is part of the Village Hotel which opened in Spring 2009. The "pub" is accessible without entering the hotel and has an outside seating area. The hotel has plenty of car parking space and also stands for chaining bicycles. The bar has two handpulls although I have seen two beers on only once during several visits. TT Landlord and SN Spitfire seem to be the standards, I have also seen Black Sheep Bitter available. The beer is currently being served too cold which can make it appear hazy. Sky Sports is available on a large screen. The food menu is extensive and reasonably priced with some special offers. Family friendly and suitable for wheelchairs. The toilets are a bit of a hike through the ground floor but are really smart as you might expect in a new hotel. There are not many pubs within a sensible walking distance of Farnborough town centre so this is a welcome addition.

25 Jun 2009 10:38

The Shoe Inn, Exton

Wadsworths IPA was nice. The Horizon was even better. A pub where people come to eat. The main menu is in front of you as you walk through the main door. Everyone also looks at the dessert menu before deciding what to choose and no wonder. After eating a superb main course the apple and sultana crumble was to die for. Following a twelve mile hike along the South Downs Way this was a fabulous way to end the day.

22 Jun 2009 11:00

Five Bells, Buriton

Hall & Woodhouse beers, no guest ale. The Hopping Hare was in good nick. The young staff have a very professional and personable approach to the way this pub is run. The sandwiches and ploughmans are nice if a tad pricey. Well worth the half mile detour from walking along the South Downs Way.

22 Jun 2009 10:49

The Prince of Wales, Farnborough

I have been a regular customer in this pub since 1984 and have not posted a comment before because I have always tended to agree with what has already been said. The last two posters have brought up some issues that do require a response.

I have raised two children in the last 20 years and they were never allowed in the pub when they were younger. This rule has not been relaxed and parents with children do normally stay outside, sitting in the marquee during the warmer months.

This is a real ale drinkers pub so the lagers are there to appease rather than to attract the non-beer drinkers. It would be nice to see a couple of interesting draught foreign beers but you can't always have everything.

Every pub has its "anal" customers, whether they drink ale or not, your comment is perfectly valid in this instance!

If a first time visitor thinks the pub is scruffy, then it probably is, and maybe the regulars such as myself are seeing it through rose-tinted spectacles. The fading tables are actually starting to make the place look jaded and perhaps it is time for a bit of a spruce up.

Having said all that, my kids are grown up, I don't drink lager and I don't come in here to admire the decor. Keep those guest ales rolling.

16 Jun 2009 17:00

The Railway Arms, Alton

Another pub in town where the beer quality varies. Having said that, the Moondance was excellent on Saturday evening. There has been a variety of different bar staff on my occasional visits but I have always found the service to be efficient. One of the "rough" types mentioned below was forced to leave before causing trouble.

8 Jun 2009 13:44

The Wey Bridge, Alton

Popped in here on Saturday afternoon to watch the England game. There are plenty of TVs so it was not difficult to find a viewing seat. Three ales on - Theakstons Bitter, Ringwood Bitter and CW Bombardier. Drinkable rather than exceptional.

8 Jun 2009 13:20

The Dover Arms, Ash

This is a crying shame. The "Dover" had the same landlord and landlady for over twenty years and was a smashing local. Decent guest ales and home cooked food was the norm. They retired, and two years later the pub is semi-derelict. There is a large catchment area for customers, especially with so many other boozers in the vicinity having closed over the years. It is also conveniently situated next to a busy road with a nearby railway station. The recession is not to blame for this closure, just gross incompetence.

2 Jun 2009 16:17

Rising Sun, Matlock

A short walk from the High Peak Trail. They had a mini beer festival at Easter that was all Thornbridge ales. The lowest one was 4.9% rising to 7.7%. I would suspect that the normal beer range is rather more ordinary. Child friendly, dog friendly and everything else friendly. We enjoyed this pub so much that two afternoons of our holiday disappeared in a haze. The food is pretty good as well.

22 May 2009 13:16

The Standing Order, Derby

A disappointing choice of ales but the large mixed grill was to die for. Excellent value for money and served in good time. The interior of this building is certainly impressive.

20 Apr 2009 15:13

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

A very busy pub on a Derby County match day. We arrived just before midday and were fortunate to find a table. Having settled down we had a couple of relaxing beers before having to join the the scrum at the bar. The staff were brilliantly efficient and we were served quickly each time. Nice filled rolls topped off a splendid pre-match session. We only drank the Brunswick ales which provided plenty of variety. I thought the list of guest ales was uninspiring but each to their own.

20 Apr 2009 14:52

The Boat Inn, Cromford

Very quiet on Friday lunchtime. Seven people and no dogs. Four beers on but no sign of food. The Bakewell Best Bitter was okay but the Amber Stout was rather flat. We did go back later only to find that it closes at three o'clock.

20 Apr 2009 14:35

Hope & Anchor, Wirksworth

The public bar is dominated by TVs and is a good place to watch sport. The lounge bar is quieter. We visited twice last week. The first time there were three beers from the Wirksworth brewery across the road. The second time was all change and St Austell Tribute was accompanied by Batemans XXXB and Amber Chilli Beer. The food is standard fare from a short but all encompassing menu. Worth a visit.

20 Apr 2009 14:28

The Royal Oak Inn, Wirksworth

A proper back street local where you can sit down and have a chat over perfectly served beer. A pool room sits off to the side of the bar. Out the back is one of the cosiest little smoking areas that I have seen. Very busy last Thursday evening which is a good sign in these troubled times. This is the best pub in Wirksworth.

20 Apr 2009 14:20

Ye Olde Gate Inne, Brassington

We arrived here on a busy Easter Sunday lunchtime and an efficient young waitress kindly found us one of the few tables that was not reserved. A decent Sunday lunch was served fairly quickly. There was a real fire blazing but I have to agree the room was quite dark. The beers were all from the Marstons portfolio - Ringwood Bold Forester, Jennings Cumberland and Pedigree. There is another pub in the village that is not currently on BITE (The Miners Arms) that has a changing range of guest ales and is also worth a visit.

20 Apr 2009 14:10

The Hurt Arms, Ambergate

This large pub is handy for taking in walks around the Cromford Canal. It also has an adjacent campsite although campers are not encouraged to use the facilities unless they are customers. The decor is of the usual wooden surroundings common to many pubs and is perhaps looking a little tired. Beers available were Deuchars, Theakstons (both okay) and Directors (not tried). Reasonable food at sensible prices and friendly staff.

20 Apr 2009 13:58

The Swan, Farnborough

A year on from the refurb and The Swan has evolved significantly. Gone are the pretentious flower vases and floral arrangements. Some nice prints of airplanes and a large aerial view have appeared on the walls. The menus are now more suited to a wider audience. There is live music on Fridays and Saturdays, this is rather let down by the viewing space so get there early. Two thirds of the pub now has available seating for drinkers although you could eat anywhere. Best of all, the beer quality has improved although still serving only two guest ales. They even had a mild ale in last weekend. If there is a downside it is the complete lack of a community feel but at least the bar staff are friendly enough.

5 Mar 2009 16:22

The White Hart, Tongham

Hard to beat really. A mini beer festival, a good band and a decent pizza. Even without the beer festival the choice of ales is always interesting. Easily accessed by catching the Aldershot/Guildford No 20 bus and then a short walk into Tongham village centre.

23 Feb 2009 16:49

Flying Standard, Coventry

Up the hill from the bus station and a handy waiting room for the match day buses to The Ricoh. The beer selection was unremarkable, only one guest ale alongside Pedigree, GK IPA and Abbot but the quality was okay. The bar staff are efficient and friendly making this a very pleasant pub to visit.

9 Feb 2009 11:24

The Rose Revived Inn, Newbridge

It will do my reputation no good at all, voluntarily visiting a Greene King pub. This one, for all its artificial ambience was actually better than expected on Sunday lunchtime. The carvery was served by a young chef who was slow but served decent portions so pick your time to avoid the queue. The beef and the turkey were very tender. The meat was accompanied by a reasonable selection of well cooked vegetables. I am not a fan of Abbot or Speckled Hen but these were also in good condition even if the bar service was a tad slow. The sighting of a water vole running across the patio completed an enjoyable visit.

9 Jan 2009 12:23

The Briar Rose, Birmingham

We went in here because the Wellington doesn't do any food. Served quickly at the bar and the food arrived within fifteen minutes. Shame about the soggy chips but at least they were cooked and edible. Would have liked to have tried a guest ale but we were restricted by the meal deal to Pedigree which was in good nick. An average Wetherspoon pub.

5 Jan 2009 14:35

The Wellington, Birmingham

Popped in here on Saturday lunchtime and was impressed with the beer choice. I had drunk only one beer previously out of the fifteen available. The quality of the beers that we tried was first rate. I was surprised at the prices but living in the south-east I am used to paying far more in some pubs. I didn't notice any strange odour in the bar, even the gents smelt nice. If only I had a pub like this near me.

5 Jan 2009 14:22

The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes

A decent pint of Old Ale in a bar with a good atmosphere. The two tables nearest the real fire are rather unusually set within the cladding from a brewing vat.

5 Jan 2009 14:03

The Gardeners Arms, Lewes

My kinda pub. A basic local with a good collection of local and guest real ales. The eclectic mix of background music adds to a fine atmosphere.

5 Jan 2009 13:52

Dorset Arms, Lewes

Had a close call last week. I very nearly booked accommodation for a Sunday night not realising that the bar closes at 6.00pm. Two very nice pints of Harvey's Old Ale were supped quickly before having to leave and go elsewhere.

5 Jan 2009 13:31

The Dolphin, St Denys

Definitely open on Saturday night. Live music and three ales available. fff Moondance was in excellent condition. Quite atmospheric even though there were only a few customers at the bar early in the evening.

17 Nov 2008 12:11

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

We walked round in a big circle looking for this pub. It is worth finding. Fine ales, fruit beers and conversation are the specialities. An absolute gem.

17 Nov 2008 11:58

The Giddy Bridge, Southampton

Went in here for a pre-match pint on Saturday. The pub was full of football fans and other customers and yet they only had three (occasionally four)bar staff on. V-e-r-y s-l-o-w service. Our patience was rewarded by some fine ales in good condition.

17 Nov 2008 11:49

The Cricketers, Southampton

My wife and I entered here with my seventeen year old son on Saturday lunchtime and were asked to leave without being served. There were two other customers in the whole pub. No credit crunch around these parts obviously.

17 Nov 2008 11:37

The Three Guineas, Reading

And in first place, the Gold Medal for the worst gents bog that I have ever visited goes to The Three Guineas last Saturday night. A deep trough full to overflowing and two cubicles full of paper, cardboard and heaven knows what! The beers were nice but unfortunately there was nowhere to go to get rid of the residue afterwards apart from the unsavoury hellhole that I have just described.

11 Nov 2008 14:20

The Moon Under Water, Watford

On a match day they are well organised with the bar staff each serving a section of the bar and watching carefully to see who is next to be served. Plastic glasses only, and no bottles are allowed to cross the bar. Unfortunately, some punters were ordering two of everything which made even this system seem quite slow. Good range of guest ales in good condition.

27 Oct 2008 11:20

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Now here is a first in my long distinguished drinking history. I was refused service. Why? Because my son did not have proof of age, they wouldn't even serve a soft drink and asked us to leave. It was the middle of the day and we only wanted a quick drink between trains. This pub makes the platforms of Clapham Junction station appear welcoming.

27 Oct 2008 10:58

The Windsor Castle, Clapham Junction

Popped in here whilst waiting for a change of trains and wish I hadn't bothered. Warm, flat Bombardier in a warm glass. Not nice at all. I was impressed by the interior though.

27 Oct 2008 10:49

Potters Wheel, Swansea

Three guest ales from micro breweries served in good condition. It is not the most comfortable Wetherspoon that I have been in but it is certainly far from being the worst.

6 Oct 2008 11:40

The Quays, Mytchett

This place has certainly improved since my last visit three years ago. There is a wide choice on the menu and the portions are large. The carvery is very good. Youngs Bitter and Special were available and both drinkable. A good venue for a works lunch.

1 Oct 2008 15:40

Hen and Chickens, Abergevenny

Choice of four ales and very good value food in this multi-room pub. Quite busy but quick service at the bar and also when the food was delivered.

22 Sep 2008 10:58

The Bridge Inn, Llanfoist

Popped in here late on Saturday for a decent pint of Reverend James. It was so quiet they were cleaning the toilets ready for the next day and had the tables all marked out as reserved. This added to the rather unwelcoming aura.

22 Sep 2008 10:40

Butchers Arms, Woolhope

This is a fine example of an English country pub. Low beamed bars, a nice patio area and garden and friendly staff. Two decent ales were available from Hook Norton and Wye Valley. Sunday lunch was also good value served with ample portions of vegetables. Worth finding.

16 Sep 2008 13:43

The Barrels, Hereford

The thing that made the August Bank Holiday Beer Festival special was the fact that all the beers were on handpull in the old brewery building. Imagine a bar with sixty handpulls. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

1 Sep 2008 14:36

New Inn, Fownhope

A small friendly pub where locals gather around the compact bar area. This pub is something of a surprise package for the real ale drinker with Hobsons Bitter, Tetleys Bitter and a changing guest ale available, Ludlow Boiling Well was on when I visited. Does not do food at weekends.

1 Sep 2008 14:21

The Green Man Inn, Fownhope

Ten to fifteen years ago this was a busy pub with good food and a fine choice of ales. You would be lucky to find a seat and the barbecued spare ribs still live in the memory as the best ever. How times have changed since then. It was very quiet when we visited even though it was a Bank Holiday weekend. Two ales are now available, Bombardier (tasted okay) and Adnams Bitter. The menu is standard fare with a good choice of meals falling into the 2 for 8 category. The food is decent enough if unremarkable and at that price its hard to quibble. Definitely a fading star.

1 Sep 2008 14:08

Leadbelly's, Newquay

Newquay is full of bars with silly names so it was with some concern that I walked into this old favourite.

The handpulls had disappeared from the end of the bar causing an initial panic. Fortunately they have only been moved around the corner. Skinner's Betty Stoggs and Cornish Knocker and Sharp's Doombar were available. The Skinner's beers were in top notch condition.

The bar is now decorated with mid twentieth century posters and has been spruced up. The toilets have not improved.

The three guys behind the bar are friendly and together with some excellent live music, this bar is back on form.

1 Sep 2008 12:35

De Havilland Arms, Elvetham Heath

Three Hall & Woodhouse beers on offer which are usually in decent condition. I think the staff were on their summer holidays. One barmaid and one waitress on a Wednesday lunchtime made service rather slow. It might have helped if the waitress was capable of carrying more than one meal at a time. One meal out and no empty plates on the return journey is not an efficient use of time. Nearly 10 for a cheese and bacon burger is too expensive in my opinion. Okay for a business lunch but there is room for improvement.

6 Aug 2008 16:01

Westgate Inn, Canterbury

Uninspiring real ale choice, guest ales from Brains and Batemans were not at their best. Don't bother with the steak and ale pie. It contains three tiny pieces of steak and one mushroom contained in pastry the size of half a house brick. The wife successfully asked for her money back. Not a pub we would want to return to in a hurry.

22 Jul 2008 11:27

The Dolphin, Canterbury

Never been in here before but we were welcomed as we walked through the door. Gadds' No 3 was the guest ale which later changed to Gadds' Seasider. Good beer, good food, and efficient, friendly bar staff.

21 Jul 2008 15:03

The Parrot, Canterbury

Predominantly a Young's pub with four beers from their portfolio. Hopdaemon were providing Incubus and also the House Beer on Saturday night.

21 Jul 2008 14:48

The Brown Jug, Shortheath

Two spacious bars, one with a conservatory. Outside there is a childrens play area and a pet corner featuring rabbits, guinea pigs and ducks. The decor is slightly dated giving the pub a 70s/80s feel. Used to sell Springfield Bitter many years ago but now sells a choice of smooth ales.

There was a time in the distant past when you could take a container into the off sales and have it filled with beer. My father once walked in from across the road with a (washed) chamber pot and they filled it for him.

Needless to say, he went back and drank the contents.

3 Jul 2008 17:00

The Swan, Farnborough

A lot of effort was made last year by the customers and bar manager to give this pub a good real ale reputation. Since the refurbishment one can only describe the management's approach to real ale as a disaster. Last year there were six ever changing real ales in good condition. Now, there are three handpulls in use, the odd appearance of a few local ales with London Pride served as standard. The real problem is inconsistency. The Doom Bar at the weekend was flat and out of condition. Prior to this the beers have been known to be served very hazy on several occasions. And all for an extra 30p on a pint at 2.90.

Who wants to go out and pay a lot of money for a meal if it is accompanied and spoiled by poor quality beer?

1 Jul 2008 18:01

The Porter House, Dublin

I had a great time in this wonderful country but something was missing in my life. I walked into this magnificent pub and there it was - in the middle of the bar - a handpull. The TSB was worth waiting for, as were the other beers that I tried, the strawberry beer was a tad strange though.

23 Jun 2008 15:01

Messrs Maguire, Dublin

Most of the pubs in Dublin sell the same old choice. It makes a change to enter one that offers a range of different beers. They are under gas dispense but are interesting nonetheless. On offer last week were their versions of an ordinary bitter, a red ale, a wheat beer, a pilsner and a stout. The bitter wasn't inspiring but I enjoyed the others. The homemade burgers in here are superb and are served with a large portion of chips. Carved wooden panels give an unspoilt feel to the place. Well worth a visit.

23 Jun 2008 14:39

The Alexandra, Farnborough

Two real ales available on Friday - Courage Best and Black Sheep Bitter (which tasted okay), Bombardier was turned round. The TV was on extremely loud and forced us to sit outside on the patio which still needs a little tlc to bring it up to the standard of the interior. A far more welcoming refurbished pub when compared to "The Swan".

9 Jun 2008 16:14

The Squirrel, North Camp

An improving and busy pub. Two observations. The Guest Ale pump is often turned round due to its popularity and is not replaced quickly enough. I end up having to drink the ubiquitious London Pride. Why not change the uninspiring Green King IPA for something more interesting?

6 Jun 2008 17:02

The Eight Bells, Alton

The beer quality varies a bit in here but what really bugs me is having to ask for our pints to be topped up every time. Some of the customers do there best to emulate Grumpy Old Men.

3 Jun 2008 17:11

The Kings Head, Alton

Two guest ales in good condition and a nicely kept little garden at the rear that catches the afternoon sun. A pleasant experience.

3 Jun 2008 17:03

The Four Horseshoes, Chobham

We stopped here in the middle of a walk on a beautiful sunny day. The pub was busy but we were served at the bar quickly. Marstons Pedigree was in good condition. Ringwood Best was the Guest Ale. We ordered two snacks for 4.95 each which arrived within 10 minutes and were reasonable for the price. An enjoyable hour in a pleasant setting.

7 May 2008 17:43

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

For the last twelve years my occasional trips to Molineux always involve a pre-match session in here. Steak cob and chips with all the trimmings for less than a fiver and a fully laden cheese or ham salad cob to take away for the long train journey home. Alas, no more!

Its all change. Tablecloths in the conservatory. A different menu at higher prices. Smaller baps instead of cobs. The new layout of the conservatory makes it seem more crowded and more difficult to get to the back bar. Thank heavens the Bathams Bitter is still as good as ever.

To be fair, its still a top notch pub and we all have to get used to change, but somehow, Saturday match days will never be quite the same again.

21 Apr 2008 16:53

The North Camp, North Camp

Still on the up. Now has two handpulls selling Bombardier and Adnams Broadside. Some lady friends were far from impressed with the Ladies loo to the right of the bar.

14 Apr 2008 16:00

Finney's Sports Bar, Preston

Large signs outside state that away fans are not welcome. Large bar with lots of football paraphernalia on show. Two ales available on my visit.

26 Mar 2008 14:19

The Swan, Farnborough

So what have they done with this facelift? Well, the wall between the public bar and lounge bar has been knocked through. The lounge bar has been extended into the old kitchen and the old toilets. It still remains as several separate areas. Outside there is a high level patio with views over the airfield and an impressive new garden area designed to catch the late afternoon sun in the summer. There is a stairlift down to new toilets making the pub suitable for the wheelchair bound.

The aviation history that has been witnessed by this old building has been totally ignored. The much admired photographs and old pictures of past and present aircraft flying over The Swan have disappeared to be replaced by bland prints. Elevator music plays in the background.

The dress code stretches to no football shirts, no tracksuits and no hats. There is no dartboard, no pool table, no Sky TV and no fruit machines.

If your face doesn't fit, you won't get past the bouncer on the door. People who have been drinking here for years, even decades, have been rather harshly turned away.

The new menus vary from the slightly expensive to the ridiculous. The food is well cooked and nicely presented with waitress service by attentive staff. But is it value for money?

There are six handpulls and depending on sales more beers will be introduced. The choice so far has been a mostly uninspired selection from the usual suspects and the quality needs to improve.

The old Swan is dead and a not so Ugly Duckling has been born with a few minor teething problems. How successful it will be, only time will tell.

3 Mar 2008 10:48

The Foresters, Church Crookham

Efficiently run pub. Good Timothy Taylors Landlord though a bit steep at 3.20 a pint. Decent portions of well presented food served in reasonable time. Didn't have a problem with the pub landlord who was courteous and thanked us for our custom. Good venue for a works lunch.

27 Feb 2008 14:15

The Downgate, Hungerford

Perfect real ale in a superb pub. An ideal base for a stroll across the Common and down the hill to the Kennet and Avon Canal towpath.

11 Feb 2008 11:25

Napiers, Ash Vale

Three real ales on offer in this buzzing pub - Bombardier, London Pride and GK IPA. Bombardier was spot on but needed to be begrudgingly topped up when served. When the same unpleasant woman took a glass before it was completely empty and then failed to apologise it was time to leave.

11 Feb 2008 11:14

The Rose and Thistle, Frimley Green

Two real ales - London Pride and Landlord (tasted OK). Surprisingly, also sells two real ciders. Don't ask for salted peanuts, they will try and sell you something costly from a jar. The bar is sparsely furnished with odds and sods, some of which look like they have been pinched from the allotment sheds. Sunday roast is 7.90 among a list of overpriced main courses. There were not many diners at one o'clock on this Sunday for some reason!!!! Odd background music completes this underwhelming experience.

29 Jan 2008 14:51

The Ham and Blackbird, Farnborough

No real ale, no ambience in the bar area. Closes at 11 o'clock on a Saturday. Nuff said!!!!

21 Jan 2008 14:47

Queens Arms, Basingstoke

A comfortable, friendly pub with an adventurous choice in guest ales alongside Courage Best and London Pride. A great place to wait for a train, or even the next one, or the one after that.

21 Jan 2008 14:40

The Village, Salisbury

I visit this pub whenever I visit Salisbury which is roughly once every two years. The pub does not change which is a good thing, in that it is friendly and the beer is excellent. It is also a bad thing, because this pub desperately needs some attention to the decor. My wife spent ten minutes telling me how awful the Ladies was. I have to say that the Gents is growing some rather unpleasant culture down the walls as well. Perhaps in another two years there might be some improvement. Or, perhaps not.

21 Jan 2008 14:31

The Chough, Salisbury

Full of visiting football supporters on Saturday lunchtime who seemed impressed with the hot bacon and egg rolls at 3. Five Hidden brewery beers on, all in good nick. Friendly efficient service. Some refurbishment is needed but doesn't detract from what is an excellent pub.

21 Jan 2008 14:17

The Kings Head, Salisbury

Some interesting guest ales on in here last Saturday. Food was served quickly and was well cooked. We were in there early evening and it felt uncomfortably cold. They don't use beermats in here which means that the tables are sticky even after they have been wiped down. Not a bad pub but there is room for improvement.

21 Jan 2008 14:05

Royal Staff, Aldershot

This once smart Fullers pub is now rather disappointing. London Pride available at 2.90 for a short measured pint. The landlord and bar staff were flaunting the law and smoking at the bar.

7 Jan 2008 10:55

The La Fontaine, Aldershot

Both handpulls were turned around on my visit last Saturday.

7 Jan 2008 10:48

The Crimea Inn, Aldershot

Traditional, slightly old fashioned feel to this pub. Wadworths 6X and Hobgoblin available on my visit. Judging by the few pumpclips around the bar the choice of ales is limited to the usual suspects. Decent AOR playing in the background.

7 Jan 2008 10:45

The Beehive, Aldershot

Quite smart inside if a little sparse and the toilets are clean too. Unfortunately, no real ale, and very few customers on a Saturday night.

7 Jan 2008 10:41

The Elephant and Castle, North Camp

The description "decent beer" means cold fizzy stuff. There is no real ale. The sparse public bar contains furniture that has seen better days. Youngsters play pool and darts to an eclectic mix of loud music.

31 Dec 2007 18:11

The North Camp, North Camp

Selling Bombardier rather than London Pride at the moment, and on fine form too. The menu prices look to be very good value.

19 Dec 2007 11:10

The Monkey Puzzle, Southwood

The London Pride tasted insipid. The food is indifferent, they serve some small black spherical objects called stuffing balls. The vegetables are counted out using the fingers of one hand - 5 french beans, 5 pieces of carrot, 3 small potatoes. Supposedly child friendly but one of the waitresses nearly fell over a small child on several occasions and would probably have happily murdered the rugrat.

17 Dec 2007 11:20

Tumbledown Dick, Farnborough

No real ale. A great deal of attention was paid to my pint of Guinness. Interesting clientele, lots of pseudo hippy types.

17 Dec 2007 11:07

The Old Shades, Whitehall

Decent ale selection. The wife was happy here until she needed to use the Ladies. I have been informed that they are shocking!!!!!

17 Dec 2007 10:56

The Lord Derby, North Warnborough

Yes, the food is good if rather pricey. Yes, the waiting staff are first class, smiling and attentive. The meals were served within 30 minutes although the pub was full of evening diners. However, if I am to pay 3.10 for a pint of Pendle Witch, I would actually like a reasonably full pint. After two attempts to top it up, it was still half an inch short with a lot of beer wasted. Otherwise, a pleasant experience.

14 Dec 2007 10:20

The Squirrel, North Camp

There used to be a problem with the real ales being served far too cold in here. This has now improved and the choice of ales is also more inventive. Everards Yuel Fuel with a garish flashing pump clip, Adnams Explorer and Fullers London Pride were all in good condition last weekend.

3 Dec 2007 12:30

The Old Ford, North Camp

Rather more adventurous on the beer front than previously. Ringwood Bitter, Sharpes Doombar and Wychwood Hobgoblin all in decent condition. Old Rosie cider was also available and dangerously drinkable.

3 Dec 2007 12:19

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Attended a mini Beer Festival here last weekend with the emphasis on dark winter beers and porters. An intelligent selection all in good condition - although those from the Ale House at the back were a tad too cold. The pub has kept many of the older fixtures and fittings and this adds to the general ambience. The staff are friendly and helpful. The journey to find this place was well worth the effort, it is less than ten minutes walk from Isleworth station.

26 Nov 2007 15:59

The Swan, Farnborough

Closed for a full refurbishment. Planning to reopen - 14th February 2008.

26 Nov 2007 15:44

The Funky End, Aldershot

Popped in here on a Saturday night while waiting for a bus. This feels more like a club than a pub. Moving lights were flashed onto a wall and modern dance music was being played at a volume that created atmosphere but still allowed for a sensible level of conversation. No real ale, but San Miguel and Hoegarden are available on tap. Plenty of young customers without being overly crowded. Far better than expected even for an aging bloke like me.

5 Nov 2007 12:21

The Wheatsheaf, Aldershot

Four handpulls unfortunately not in use. A loud TV dominates the front bar with music being played over the top of it. Not many seats. There appears to be some half finished refurbishment work around the bar. A depressing experience.

5 Nov 2007 12:08

The Garden Gate, Aldershot

Green King IPA, Abbot and H&H Olde Trip were available on my visit. Olde Trip was in good form. A far superior and friendly establishment when compared to the neighbouring pubs.

5 Nov 2007 12:04

The Railway Tavern, Aldershot

The chap behind the bar said that this pub had just been taken over. No real ales. No Guinness available either on my visit. A young man with an acoustic guitar was playing to a half empty bar.

5 Nov 2007 11:56

The Unicorn, Aldershot

Single bar spacious pub showing sport and music videos on a big screen. Handpull has a Hogsback TEA badge but this seems to be permanently turned around. Pool table. Interesting mixture of clientele.

5 Nov 2007 11:47

The Feathers, Budleigh Salterton

Offers a good choice of Real Ales, I tried the Branscombe Vale Branoc which was in good nick. Closed promptly at 1100pm on a Saturday night even though the bar had a good number of customers.

18 Oct 2007 16:22

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

Great Saturday evening. With the exception of Ringwood Best, the beers were all over 6 percent so I drank the beautifully clear Farmers Medium Cider. Good band on but where were the audience? Three of us from the Midlands, a Scot and no locals, there were actually more band members. A few more turned up for the second half but this was curtailed to about forty minutes due to the lateness of the hour. Shame.

16 Oct 2007 15:09

The Swan, Abbotsbury

Arrived here in the middle of a power cut. It still didn't stop people coming in and the landlord was willing to offer what limited food dishes he could under the circumstances. Fair play to him. Theakstons XB on handpull was okay. Had a good value Stilton Ploughmans.

16 Oct 2007 14:41

The Park, Weymouth

Have to agree, far too many sofas. Decent Shepherd Neame Spitfire on handpull. Quite busy for a Thursday night.

16 Oct 2007 13:59

The Boot, Weymouth

This is like walking into the past, a pub so old it was obviously built before the invention of the spirit level - everything seems to slope. The landlord wears a waistjacket and tie in the middle of the afternoon, unheard of these days. Great beer, chatty locals, a must visit pub.

16 Oct 2007 13:53

The Castle Inn, West Lulworth

Went in here on Saturday night and was glad to be early as all the tables filled up quickly. Good standard pub food at above average prices and the beer was in fine condition. The Landlord and his staff are efficient, courteous and remember what you drink when you next go to the bar. An enjoyable evening.

16 Oct 2007 13:43

The Clifton Hotel, Portland

Stayed here for one night B&B. Large room at the front with an interesting panoramic view. Three uninspiring ales and a cloudy cider on offer in the bar. The menu is extensive including a specials board. I had overcooked sea bass and my colleague had a bland Cock & Bull concoction. Breakfast was of the Greasy Joe standard - a full English swimming in fat and a mug of coffee on an unlaid table. This was cooked by the same "chef" from the previous evening. The TV dominates the bar. The landlady turned it up really loud in the evening and was watching it again early in the morning. She never smiles. A disappointing stay in a cheerless hostelry.

16 Oct 2007 13:33

The Three Horseshoes, Burton Bradstock

Tuesday lunchtime and the bar is full of retired people eating lunch. The end of the room is dominated by a six seater table disguised as a double bed!!!! Top quality Palmers Best Bitter.

16 Oct 2007 12:47

The George Inn, Chideock

At first glance the extensive menu seems to be extortionately priced but the food is very good. I had two huge Barnsley chops which I would recommend. The pub is definitely food orientated although the front bar is mainly for drinkers. Three Palmers ales were in excellent form. The landlady efficiently runs the bar, does the food ordering and still finds time for a chat.

16 Oct 2007 12:35

The Barrel of Beer, Beer

Local ales are available and the handpulls appear to be electric dispense - when left in the down position the beer pours automatically. The quality is okay. The menu is predominantly fish, I had steak and it was cooked to perfection. The food is more imaginative than the normal pub average but is overpriced. The place does lack character although the staff are friendly enough.

16 Oct 2007 12:20

The Dog and Donkey, Knowle

Went in on a Saturday night. Locals chatting in the bar and a number of people were using the restaurant. The World Cup rugby was being shown on the TV but was not intrusive for those that did not want to watch it. Otter Bitter on gravity was excellent. Food is overpriced but well presented and tasty. This seems to be a pub that tries to cater for all. A pleasant evening was slightly spoiled by a customer with a yappy dog and another family who did not control their young children.

16 Oct 2007 11:58

The County Hotel, Lytham

After a brief visit to Lytham Beer Festival where the beer ran out early, we had a quick pint in The Taps, which was packed, and then ended up in here looking for food. The waitress, "Miss Memory Girl", took our order, then she took eight orders from the table next door without writing anything down. Surprisingly, we received exactly what we asked for and very good it was too. Three unusual real ales were available, all in good order. Then it was time to cross the road and catch the No7 bus back to the Blackpool menagerie.

17 Sep 2007 16:06

The Pump and Truncheon, Blackpool

This pub was definitely open for business last weekend. Three real ales were on in good condition. An attractive blonde bird with a decent voice was singing to backing tracks. Friendly bar staff - they did ask for my son to show proof of age. The Gents could do with some tlc. Closed at Midnight which seemed unusual for a Saturday night.

17 Sep 2007 12:30

The Grey Friar, Preston

Went in here with the family for Sunday Lunch. The place was busy and they did warn me that there was a delay but our order came out in good time and all four meals were actually rather good. Plenty of real ales on and the two Acorn beers that I tried were in good condition. The table next door had been vacated by a family with a little girl in a high chair. They had made no effort to tidy up after themselves - what an attitude some people have. Fortunately there was a young girl doing her best to tidy up and keep the place presentable. One of the better Wetherspoons that I have visited.

17 Sep 2007 12:20

The Crown and Horns Inn, East Ilsley

Reading the previous comments I didn't think the place was dirty but it was early when I went in there. Decent pint of Timothy Taylor's Landlord and friendly service.

10 Sep 2007 12:33

The Swan Hotel, East Ilsley

Went in here for Sunday Lunch yesterday. Nice steak, dreadful undercooked chips. Morland and Tribute available on handpull. Tried the Tribute, it was not quite at its best. The staff were friendly and attentive but it was so quiet, there was no atmosphere in the place. I did not visit here before the refurbishment so I can't really comment apart from the fact that it all looks rather bland and characterless like so many other pubs these days.

10 Sep 2007 12:26

Manor House Inn, Croyde

Efficiently run pub with a good habit of cleaning the tables when vacated. St Austell Ales on handpull.

25 Aug 2007 12:13

The Dolphin Inn, Combe Martin

The Doombar was in good condition and the food arrived quickly and was enjoyable. A ladies darts social was going on which gave the place some atmosphere on a Monday evening. On a downside this pub has the worst gents toilet I have ever seen. Poor decor, cubicle out of action and vomit in the urinal - disgusting.

25 Aug 2007 11:58

The Parrot, Canterbury

We visited on a Saturday night. Drank excellent beer and listened to a great jazz band. When the band finished the clientele quickly changed to the younger generation. Suddenly felt old and left but its nice to see a pub that caters for all.

2 Aug 2007 17:02

Unicorn Inn, Canterbury

Friendly bar staff and a good choice of beers in top condition. Beware that they stop doing food at 8 o'clock on weekdays and 7 o'clock on Saturdays. We missed out on consecutive evenings with what looked like a well thought out menu.

2 Aug 2007 16:51

The Deepwell Inn, Northchapel

Friendly, homely pub. The food is overpriced and does not live up to expectations but the steaks are good and are probably your best bet. Old Speckled Hen and Bass were in top condition on my visit.

2 Aug 2007 16:44

The Swan, Farnborough

There was a change of owner at Christmas and there have been a number of improvements since then with a major refurbishment coming in the Autumn. The manager is very enthusiastic about providing a variety of real ales on the six hand pumps, he uses the SIBA list to his advantage. They operate a no under 21s age restriction and this has cut out most of the previous problems in the public bar. One "improvement" they could have done without is the introduction of sofas. They severely restrict the number of seats and have made the lounge bar area more crowded due to the lack of space.

12 Jun 2007 22:18

The Double Locks, Exeter

This has always been one of my favourite pubs. I was therefore extremely disappointed to find a queue for the bar that went all the way down the corridor, through the back room and out of the door. The two bar staff were working hard but really needed more help. It was fortunate that we did not require food. Those people that were ordering were told that there would be an hour wait (even for a bowl of chips). One poor guy had been waiting 1 hour and 20 minutes. What has gone wrong? This used to be such an efficiently run pub. On a plus side the beer and cider tasted fine.

12 Jun 2007 21:58

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