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Comments by Garylynch

Winchester Pub Hotel, Highgate

I love this pub. Such a relaxed atmosphere. Full of local characters. Bar staff are friendly and drinks are at a decent price. Never had a bad night at The Winchester, but do prefer it during the summer when you can sit in the Garden area. What a great place.

15 May 2008 04:58

The Orange Tree, Totteridge

I never went to this pub in it's former glory days and have also yet to dine there. For purely a pub experience it is lacking space. It is not a pub at all. 80% of space has been allocated to dining. The 'pub' space is very small with limited seating. If you drop in on a busy evening and are unfortunate to have no place to sit, you will find yourself blocking staff and other customers. They do a nice pint of Guinness, but due to Totteride being a wealthy area, all their drinks are overpriced. Bar staff are polite, but it is such a shame as this is a wasted opportunity of creating a lovely warm relaxed atmosphere. Could be so much better, but after reading other reviews, it sounds like a glorified Harvester.

15 May 2008 04:47

The Arkley Hotel, Barnet

Used to enjoy going to this pub, but for the past year it has gone steadily downhill. Every time I have had a pint of Guinness (yes, just one) I have ended up with a stomach ache. They obviously are not cleaning the taps. Haven't gone back in a while and recently set foot inside, but then had a change of mind and retreated.

15 May 2008 04:35

The Rose and Crown, Kew

I have been going to pubs for 23 years & have to say that this is one of the worst. Whilst the Staropramen may be perfectly chilled, the staff are not! In particular the elderly woman who served us our food could not have been more rude even if she tried. Most of the staff seem to have had no training whatsoever in how to deal with customers or even pull pints. Each question is met with a sigh or scoff. No one would take responsibilty for errors in food orders or preperation. Avoid at all costs.

15 May 2008 04:16

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