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Comments by FredCarno

The Prince Albert, Guildford

Who did that song ` Walk on by` sums it up really.

21 Feb 2016 13:14

The Robin Hood, Guildford

I think `NoDisgrace is doing this lovely pub a disservice.

This is the kind of pub people cry out for, non intimidating friendly relaxed, good ale and alright food.

21 Feb 2016 13:13

The Queen Victoria, Shalford

Lovely drinkers pub, quite small, the food looked good, choice of 3 real ales.

21 Feb 2016 13:08

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

Last time I was here,I walked in waited, waited and then left.

This time totally different walked in greeted by a nice hello and smile, spoilt for choice on beers, never a bad thing.
Had a pleasant couple of pints and left.

Well worth a visit. Gone from 2/10 to 9/10

21 Feb 2016 13:06

The Bricklayers Arms, Shamley Green

Good food, good ale,good wine, good atmosphere, what more could you ask for.

21 Feb 2016 13:01

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

Now know locally as The Ghastly Arms.

The way it`s been decorated is fine in anything other that a 400 year old building.

All the heart has been ripped out of a once proud olde world pub, tourists hunt out places with tradition, this now has none.

If I wanted a picture on a plate i`d hire an artist, I don`t need diet portions either.

Rant over Toddle pip

21 Feb 2016 12:59

The Drummond, Guildford

Best pub in this area,good range of lager,cider and wine.Looks better inside than out.

12 Sep 2013 17:14

Bar Med, Guildford

Sign outside says To-let when it was open needed one outside saying Toilet !!!!!

12 Sep 2013 17:11

The Keystone, Guildford

Just on the outskirts of the town, stopped off for a beer while the wife went shopping.
Only had a shandy as I was driving,another clean well kept pub.
I see my new found whingers been here as well.
Resident stay at home with your beer and food from Lidle and stop your goddamm whining or take a bloody happy pill.

12 Sep 2013 17:08

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

This is a lovely pub,staff always friendly, place is clean and well looked after.
We were here for a birthday party,the buffet was excellent with more than enough food for our party.
There were five ales on 2 from W J King brewery,1from langhams brewery and 2 from Pilgrim brewery.
I stayed on the Kings beers which were clear crisp and moorish, the wife was on the wine and she liked the choice.
Looking at the comment below it sounds as it`s coming from a right old whinger,if you had a problem with your soft drink price have a word in the pub don`t be a faceless git on web sites, also dissing the food (when you`ve not even had it) because you had a problem with the drinks is the act of a coward.

12 Sep 2013 11:00

The Live and Let Live, Guildford

Another c``k up from the little needle mark aka slerpy

23 Aug 2013 18:26

The Cricketers, Dorking

Cock heavy pub. Beers ok

22 Aug 2013 10:45

The Old House At Home, Dorking

This place has lost the plot is it a pub or restaurant?

22 Aug 2013 10:43

The Kings Arms, Dorking

For the last few years this has been the best drinkers pub in Dorking, shame Shepherd Neame got their hands on it as it`s lost it`s charm and beer range,best go else where now.

22 Aug 2013 10:41

The Star, Dorking

Nice little pub on the edge of Dorking good beer and service.
Thank goodness that F``k wit slerpy doesn`t drink here.
Keep him in Croydon it`s his level.

22 Aug 2013 10:38

Worplesdon Place Hotel, Worplesdon

I had a donkey burger here, not been the same since, ears getting bigger and my teeth are growing !!!!!!

16 Feb 2013 17:35

The Ship Inn, Pitch Place

Shame it was the first pub I my first pint in.
It was good up until a couple of years ago then went down hill very quickly.

16 Feb 2013 17:33

Crown Inn, Westcott

Cafe on it`s way !

16 May 2012 17:27

Ye Olde Ship Inn, Guildford

Good pub great pizza,down side guy behind the bar UHOA.

22 Nov 2011 15:04

The Parrot Inn, Shalford

Staff friendly 3 beers on which were ok, only down side not much atmosphere.

22 Nov 2011 15:02

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

Walked in money in hand waited waited waited walked out again,found a friendly pub up the road in next village.

22 Nov 2011 14:59

The Blue Posts, Soho

Nice clean pub staff very good and beer always top notch when i`ve been in.

15 Apr 2011 19:16

The Royal Oak, Guildford

It`s lost most of what I liked about this pub shame.

23 Feb 2011 18:03

The Royal Oak, Guildford

Good old Fullers up their own backsides as normal, dropped a right bollock letting this pub shut, one of the oldest in Guildford shame on you.
When Fullers were the real Fullers Smith and Turner they were a far better company and this would not have happened.

30 Jan 2011 10:57

The Keep, Guildford

Good little back street bozzer, 2 beers well kept and the pub is away from the madness of the High St.shoppers.

4 Jan 2011 19:48

Pub, Chilworth

We have tried and tried to like this place bur don`t.Beer is awful food over priced and it`s not a cozy pub.

4 Jan 2011 19:45

The BreweryShades, Crawley

But Ron to give it 10/10 perfect score are you really sure ??

23 Dec 2010 17:13

Annies Bar, Kentish Town

Was this called `Porter House` before the change ??

23 Dec 2010 17:11

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

Called in on Sunday with friends beer good as it was on our last visit,we did not dine this time.
The one thing that put us off was the quiz and the poncy bloke running it we know when not to go in now tho.

14 Dec 2010 11:36

The Queen Victoria, Shalford

Nice pub but you only need a few people in to fill it,saying that beer was fine.

21 Oct 2010 20:12

The Seahorse, Shalford

Not sure about this place, as said before it`s not a `Pub`.
Food we get the feeling is bought in from one of the Brake Bros.companies could be wrong but it that`s how it seems.

21 Oct 2010 20:11

The Anchor Bleu, Bosham

We call into this lovely olde pub every time we are in the area.As Blackthorn has said the small terrace at the back is the place to be for the views (even better if you can nab a table)you can just sit pint in hand and watch the world go by perfeck. 8/10

1 Apr 2010 11:29

The Sir Roger Titchbourne, Alfold Bars

This is a restaurant not a pub, bar area cold looking with the flag stones every where some trad.ales on and wine was ok bit pricey,but it all looks clean and tidy which you would expect from a new place.6/10

1 Apr 2010 11:05

The Jolly Farmer, Bramley

Called in here the other day along with a pub in the next village, 2 very good ones at that.Here you have a good range of real ales and lagers menu looks good .7/10

1 Apr 2010 11:01

The Grantley Arms, Wonersh

Good pub good range of real ale wide choice on the menu.

1 Apr 2010 10:57

The Donkey, Tilford

Visited this pub which we has driven past for the last 3/4 years and had a lovely meal,the wine was fine, service about average.It is in need of some TLC but on the whole a good little pub.7/10
Beware of the car park and its pot holes.

1 Apr 2010 10:55

The Green Man and French Horn, Covent Garden

I always stop off here when in the area and find it`far from the maddening crowd` beer always fine service good and food looks good but not sampled any up till now, 7/10

21 Mar 2010 09:18

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