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Comments by Fenriz

The Torch, Wembley Park

bog standard pub with a crap range of tasteless beers and a menu full of extremely greasey junk food. Bar staff and rather rude, short and curt with people, snatching the money out of your hand, etc.

On the postive side, it's cheaper than average, and in the summer sitting on the tables outside can be nice. Can't recommend it overall though, the Preston 10 minutes away offers a far better pub experience.

5 Jun 2015 16:11

The Golden Egg, Kilburn

Now re-named The Earl Derby and re-branded as a very souless American diner style pub.

It's cleaner than previously, but has lost the friendly and comfy atmosphere it previously had, replaced by an extremely cold and sterile feel. They don't show the football anymore, prices are much higher, and it's nearly always empty now, and you wonder how it stays in business. A sad way for a once fun pub to end up.

23 Mar 2015 16:05

The Cock Tavern, Kilburn

Went there for the first time recently with a few of my mates, only because we were trying out a few pubs in the area....this was the worst.

You step off the noisy and bright Kilburn High St into the seedy, dark and dingey hell-hole that is the Cock Tavern - messy and grubby interior, disinterested staff, and wierd, weird locals. It was FA Cup final day when we were in there, some African guy walked up to our group and said he'd travelled thousands of miles to see Arsenal in the Cup final....despite the fact he couldn't name a single Arsenal player and he was standing in a pub in Kilbun while the final was being played! He then proceeded to shake my hand and refused to let go of it, and fell to his knees in front of us and wouldn't get up....this appears to be typical of the regulars of The Cock Tavern. An absolute dive of a place.

27 Nov 2014 13:31

Unicorn, Bekesbourne

Well presented pub, but with a very cold and unwelcoming atmosphere, they don't seem to like new people. The old barman/landlord is a rude crabby old fart.

3 Mar 2014 17:21

The Golden Egg, Kilburn

Bit of a deceptive one this, on the surface it seems perfect – well furished with comfy coaches and a wide and spacious sitting area, always some football match on the multiple screens, friendly bar staff, okay food for less than £5 and ridiculously cheap bar prices, only £1.80 for a pint of bitter!

BUT – and it’s a big but – you can’t help but feel uncomfortable here because of the presence of “the regulars”; the few times I’ve been here the same bunch of people have been there, and you’re talking proper “fringes of society” stuff. There’s the usual Kilburn style drunk Irish OAP bunch bellowing across the pub, a handful of people sitting at tables by themselves - seemlingly lobotomised and staring vacantly into the distance, strange bald old men giving you odd looks as they walk past, and most disturbingly, one old man of around 75 who attends the pub every day in a mini-skirt, womens leggings, or other assorted female clothing!! It all adds to a “uh I hope I don’t end up like that when I’m old” kind of feeling.

A good pub to have 1 or 2 pints with a mate with, and maybe watch a football match, but not the kind of place you want to stay at for a prolonged time or regularly visit.

26 Jan 2012 09:46

The Goldengrove, Stratford

drab uninispired wetherspoons - narrow, cramped and full of OAPS and losers. If you're really desperate for a cheap pint in Stratford, this is marginally better than Yates and The Goose, but I'd advise giving all 3 places a wide berth.

24 Apr 2009 13:10

Ye Olde Black Bull, Stratford

This is the best pub in Stratford I'd say - reasonably priced, fairly normal clienetele, and it now looks a lot better than the photo would suggest due to the recent make over.

Its a good place to watch the football, far better than Yates across the road which is always full of loud thick idiots whenever a match is on.

24 Apr 2009 12:59

The Goose on the Broadway, Stratford

puff.n.dip, you're obviously taking the piss, right? I don't know what 5 star hotels you've been at, but if I ever went to one like the Goose I'd demand my money back! Not so much a 5 star hotel, the Goose is actually a crappy run down boozer in the middle of Shitsville frequented almost exclusively by losers and lonely old pensioners. I took my girlfriend there a while ago, and not only did they give us the wrong food, we had to put up with all the sad old 70 year olds gauping at my gf like they'd never seen a female before!

The food and beer is cheap....but it's hardly surprising, considering they serve you a glass of gnats piss and a turd on a plate. If you enjoy spending your Saturday afternoon sitting in a dreary cavenous hellhole with a bunch of sad old losers, come here.

24 Apr 2009 11:01

Ice Wharf, Camden

Staff and rude and uninterested, they act like they've just had a rough night out and aren't in the mood for dealing with people. Place is big, bland and totally characterless and it's full of chavs drinking Magners. Awful pub.

11 Jan 2007 13:16

The Montagu Pyke, Charing Cross Road

Perfect for meeting up with a few friends for a beer before a gig at the Astoria or the Mean Fiddler, but not the sort of place you'd want to spend hours in.

Good prices for London, very clean, good toilets, staff fine. Main problems are it lacks atmosphere because it's so cavenous, and is too full to enjoy when there's a match on on Saturdays.

11 Jan 2007 13:11

Varsity, Lincoln

Unhelpful staff, messy toilets, loads of chavs. Very bland and lifeless interior which they sometimes make feeble attempts to improve - i.e. the current half-assed "circus" theme.

Food is good if you like burgers, is overpriced though.

11 Jan 2007 13:04

The Goose on the Broadway, Stratford

Food disgusting, staff rude and it's always full of very strange old men and foreigners trying to sell you pirate DVDs.

Cheaper than most places, and lots of space to sit down, and it's still an awful pub. Don't go there.

11 Jan 2007 12:48

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