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The Woodman, Fernham

Supposedly a pub since 1652, the Woodman is a friendly village pub near Shrivenham with regular GBG entries. It is currently run as both a pub and restaurant, and while it has a good selection of ales, the food seems to take priority. It appears to have been recently renovated, which makes the decor look a bit contrived. Three gravity dispensed beers in barrels behind the bar, pleasant staff and quiet clientele made this an enjoyable visit, topped off by an excellent pint of Abbott, which, although not always my first choice, was one of the best pints I've had for a while. Well worth looking for for lunch if you're driving in the Farringdon area, and would make a good inclusion in a motorised or cycle crawl in the White Horse area.

16 Sep 2010 06:43

Fox and Hounds, Uffington

This is a really pleasant country pub, 3 rooms, set in a quiet working village near the White Horse monument yet off the beaten track with a fairly new landlord. Dogs, ramblers and various other mammals are heartily welcomed. The food is excellent, the egg and chips being great value for money. Fish is a speciality, but only when delivered that day. I had a pint of Hobgoblin which was in first class condition. Well worth including in a country crawl, on a good route for cycling or it makes a good location for a meal and a pint. Most definitely worth seeking out.

15 Sep 2010 06:35

The Prince of Wales, Shrivenham

By far the best pub in the immediate area, the Prince of Wales is a lively, thriving business which caters for locals and (mature) students from the nearby Defence Academy. The bar single is large, but due to its construction (appears to be two houses knocked together) it seems to ramble and is difficult to negotiate at busy times. No electronic distractions, good food, real ale and a popular Tuesday pub quiz (which has been going on for at least 15 years), run by enthusiastic and pleasant staff, this is a pub worth going out of your way to find. There were 6 ales on this week, all Wadworths. I had a pint of George and Dragon, well-kept and highly enjoyable. Could be included in a motorised crawl, taking in the local villages, and I would be happy to spend an evening here anytime

2 Sep 2010 09:22

Trattoria Bar, London City Airport

Trattoria is a typical airport bar, airside at LCY. No real ale, just an overpriced, limited range of megakeg lagers and cider. It's fine for sitting and watching the planes, and the clientele is a bit more civilised than many airports, but it is what it is.

23 Aug 2010 06:45

The Pride of Paddington, Paddington

A superb corner location next to Paddington Station, attractive exterior, outside seating and a spacious bar should make the Pride a great pub, but I'm afraid the beer quality and staff attitude ruin this establishment. The London Pride was past its best, and the sarcasm (verging on rudeness) I received from the barman put me off trying the Directors. I can't imagine wanting to come back in a hurry.

20 Aug 2010 06:41

Walkers of Whitehall, Whitehall

Walkers's multi-level, subterranean environment and prime location have the potential to make this a first class venue, but sadly this potential is not realised. Food was expensive and the beer was a huge disappointment - the Pedigree was completely off, while the London Pride was only just drinkable. The staff were clueless, although they were clearly hired for their looks rather than their knowledge of real ale. It was crowded, noisy and generally unsatisfying; there are better venues nearby. I would come back at lunchtime when in Whitehall, but it wouldn't be my first choice and I wouldn't include it on a crawl.

19 Aug 2010 06:41

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

Average as pubs go, but one of the better JDWs. However, given its location and premises it could do better. Ten ales on, I tried the Rev James and it was good. It suffers from the usual JDW issues though - indifferent staff, no atmosphere and cheap fittings. I didn't try the food but it looked OK. I'd be happy to drop in for a pint while passing, and its proximity to Trafalgar Square makes it a good place to meet people who don't know London that well, but there are better pubs not too far away.

18 Aug 2010 08:20

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

A GK-owned theme pub aimed at tourists and the curious, the Sherlock Holmes revamp aided by Conan Doyle's family in 1957. There is a room with Holmes memorabilia and a restaurant upstairs. The clientele was an unholy mix of tourists and bores, while the staff was largely uninterested in serving, except one gentleman who, whilst enthusiastic, was not able to supply a full measure without a fuss. Beers were from GK and Wadworths (guest beer?). The Great London was pretty average and the overall experience was disappointing. A good place to meet at lunchtime as it's easy to find, and it was convenient for the Colony Club (next door) and the Northumberland Hotel opposite, but it's not somewhere I would choose to spend an evening and I wouldn't bother to include on a crawl when there are so many better pubs nearby.

17 Aug 2010 06:50

The G W Hotel Bar and Grill, Swindon

A spacious, airy and modern renovation of the old Great Western Hotel, and as such part of Swindon's railway heritage. The atmosphere was lively and the staff was pleasant, if a little amateurish. All that aside, the beer was well kept - Donnington Brewery Founder's Day was most enjoyable. There were also two Arkells on, but I didn't have time to try them as my train was due. Well worth dropping in while waiting for a train, or a good place to start/end a town crawl.

5 Aug 2010 06:32

Groves Company Inn, Swindon

One of the less attractive JDWs, in a modern, soulless building, but it fits in nicely with the other shops in this part of Swindon's town centre. The pub (and I use the term loosely) is busy yet has no real atmosphere. It consists of a single large bar, reminiscent of an airport lounge only dirtier. There is a small garden to the rear, but I couldn't get into it because of the number of smokers hogging it. Staff were friendly and efficient. There were seven beers on, I tried the Box Steam Brewery Tunnel Vision, which was fine if a little too cool. Worth including on a crawl or a quick pint pint in passing, but not somewhere to spend an evening.

4 Aug 2010 06:41

The Queens Tap, Swindon

The Queen's Tap is a pleasant pub with a single, large u-shaped bar, bare floorboards, right opposite the railway station. The reception from the staff was very welcoming, and the locals were friendly. There were snacks on the bar which added to the welcome. While the pub wasn't too busy, there was still a feeling of activity and liveliness about it. Three ales on, I had the 6X which was in perfect condition. Recommended for a quick pint while waiting for a train, and I would be happy to drop in as part of a crawl.

3 Aug 2010 06:12

The Admiral Drake, Portsmouth

Slightly in need of refurbishment, the Admiral Drake sits on its own plot just near the ferry terminal and has a large car park. It's a slightly wild pub, biker-friendly and both staff and clientele could be viewed as scary by some people. Everyone I spoke to was friendly, open and pleasant, although although there was some robust banter from a very mixed bunch of people (Dr Who would have felt at home here), so it's not a pub for the faint-hearted. They have regular music festivals, they tell me, so it would be interesting to come back for one of those.

The beer was excellent. I tried Abbott, Hobgoblin and London Pride; all were beautifully kept and enjoyable. Great beer, great people, great experience, and I would happily come back when visiting the area or waiting for a ferry.

30 Jul 2010 06:32

The Sovereigns, Portsmouth

Built into the Travelodge complex, Sovereigns represents the very worst kind of chain pub, and is probably in breach of the Trades Desciptions Act. Its sign advertises fine wines, but only cheap plonk and middle-range fighting wine was available. It also offered fun - but for whom? Not the serious pub-goer. In fairness, it offered "Extra cold beers" - this was certainly true of the Sharps Doombar I had, although that's not a good thing and the pint was tasteless and unenjoyable. I didn't try the food, which looked like the standard Happy Hungry Horse-eater fare, and in any case there were 2 people at the bar independently complaining about the quality of their meals. Again, in fairness, the smell of stale chip-fat should have kept my expectations in check. Of the 6 staff on (all wearing their corporate polo-shirts), only one lady was prepared to serve beer. It's convenient for the ferry port, but then so are other places. Not worth including on a crawl.

29 Jul 2010 06:46

Springfield Hotel, Wareham

The Springfield is primarily a hotel, reasonably modern and family run, but its health club facilities make it a useful place to meet up. Guests receive a warm welcome from the management and the hotel facilities are good. Sadly the bar serves no real ale, but the food is just about above average. The attitude of the bar staff isn't particularly welcoming or professional, and it's a bit out of the way, so I couldn't recommend it for a crawl. OK to stay for a night or two but otherwise unremarkable.

26 Jul 2010 06:35

The Three Guineas, Reading

Thanks for putting the record straight, Cheshirecat. I only know what the staff told me, so they've been misinformed, but what you say makes sense.

21 Jul 2010 11:56

The Three Guineas, Reading

Situated right next to Reading Station (the fire exit from the bar opens onto the platform), The Three Guineas is a former hotel, now a freehouse. Although a bit artificial, it still has a bit of a railway feel with the train times shown and various bits of railway memorabilia dotted around the walls. It is lively, airy and busy, and appeals to a varied clientele from the traveler to the ale-lover. There were 8 ales on when I visited; I had a pint of Traditional Scottish Ales's Caber Tosser, a new one on me. It was well-kept, though served a little too cool for my liking. A decent pint nonetheless, and the staff were friendly enough. My biggest criticism is that it is expensive - prices were notably higher than they should have been.

Worth breaking a journey for, and definitely a good start/end point for a town centre crawl.

21 Jul 2010 08:16

Alexandra Cafe, Tours

I'm not sure why this bar (now called alexandra Cocktail bar) should be on here when there are much better bars in Rue de Commerce, and better still in the nearby Vieux Tours area. It is an unremarkable venue serving average European beer, and I didn't botehr with the cocktails. I would not go out of my way to come here.

19 Jul 2010 08:17

Queens Arms, Basingstoke

The Queen's Arms is a slightly run-down looking pub which seems a bit out of place in the modern town centre, but stepping inside is like entering a different world. The reception was a bit odd, and the staff a bit reserved. The clientele was mixed, ranging from a suited idiot who couldn't work out how to pay to a CAMRA cliche, quietly yet harmlessly knitting his own yoghurt in the corner. This is clearly a CAMRA haunt, as evinced by the various awards around the walls and the CAMRA newsletters from various parts of the country (though, curiously, none from Hampshire).

The beer was fantastic, and despite appearances, the landlord abviously cares a great deal about it. There were 4 ales on when I visited; I tried both the Springhead Ginger Pig and the Ascot Ales Alley Cat - both were outstanding, pefectly kept and served at the right temperature.

This is a great beer pub and surely a must for any town crawl. It's also very close to the station, so worth breaking a journey for and ideal if waiting for a train.

19 Jul 2010 07:43

The Great Western Hotel, Basingstoke

Pub has now re-opened, but it was closed when I tried to visit (well, it was 4pm) so was not able to review. The sign outside advertised live music.

19 Jul 2010 07:30

Great Harry, Woolwich

A typical Spoons pub, the Great Harry is a bright, open establisment next to the busy Woolwich town Centre. Yesterday it was ful of football supporters watching the World Cup on huge screens. I got intol thes spirit by having a pint of Marstons Fever Pitch, one of the 8 ales on offer. It was normal for JDW - too cold, but drinkable. I would probably go back next time I'm waiting for a train, but I can't say I'd go out of my way to come here

26 Jun 2010 09:05

Airbrau, Munich Airport

Sharp (below) has hit the nail on the head - Airbrau puts every airport bar in Britain to shame. The beer is excellent, the service efficient and the food good value for money (bearing in mind that you do pay airport prices, so it's not as cheap as in the towns). This time I had a superb dark Weizenbier and a plateful of Viennese sausages on the table in front of me within a few minutes of finding my baggage, a mid-afternoon welcome that just makes you want to come back to Bavaria and helps you forget the nonsense that BA and BAA inflict on you to get there. If you're travelling to Munich by air, ensure you build an extra hour into your programme so you can see what an airport bar should be like.

29 May 2010 15:47

The Kings Head, Bessels Green

I found this pub very quiet, but more in a funereal than a relaxing way. The building is ideally situated for a local, being at the heart of this busy village, but the business isn't what it could be. The interior is basic and tyraditional, but the reception is unfriendly and grudging. Presentation fo the food was poor; it looked very unappetising but was surprisingly tasty - basicv and wholesome. The Young's Best was off, but the Fullers was slightly better. In all, a very ordinary pub which I wouldn't go out of my way to find but which is OK for a drop-in lunch.

7 May 2010 06:34

The Rose and Crown, Hartlip

Very popular village pub, also a destination for people from Medway who want a decent pint in quiet surroundings. The bar food is good value, but I've not eaten in the restaurant - it appears more hen-night and office party style than fine cuisine, a suspicion reinforced by the menu.

I had a few decent pints of Sheps. Of the four pumps on the bar, only two were in use, and the (rather rude) barmaid said the other two were only for show.

This was my first visit to the Rose and Crown for over 10 years, but I'm pleased to say that it is still a fine establishment worth spending an evening in if all you want to do is relax and chat to friends over a few (well kept) beers.

6 May 2010 19:48

The Chapel, Salisbury

Loud nightclub with sticky floors, excessively loud music, no real ale and plastic glasses. The only thing that sets this awful establishment above tis peers is that the average age is slightly higher and the building - if you're lucky enough to see any of it - has some historical interest. If you wish to pay to get into somewhere that serves after hours this is probably the best of a bad bunch.

3 May 2010 09:46

Kings Arms, Amesbury


20 Apr 2010 11:57

The Greyhound, Amesbury

Closed and boarded up.

20 Apr 2010 11:43

The Kiwi, Salisbury

Closed. Application for change of use has been made. Whilst I hated this pub, it is still not a good thing to see it closed. Another victim of the recession, although it was on the cards and the pub itself was an anachronism. Maybe a different owner could revive it, but he'd have his work cut out bearing in mind its location.

20 Apr 2010 11:37

The Woolpack, Brookland

Another excellent, tradional Kentish country pub with superbly kept beer, ravishingly good home-cooked food and a real, heartfelt welcome. The atmosphere is made homely by the old stone floors (possibly original), roaring open fire and tolerant pub cat (who made it quite clear whose company he favoured). I tried all 3 of the Sheps beers - Late Red, Spitfire and Master Brew; all were perfect. With the Red Lion in Snargate just up the road, this is a must for any country crawl.

26 Mar 2010 12:57

The Dust Hole, Salisbury

The Dust Hole is a traditional, no-frills town pub just outside the City centre near the Southampton Road trading estate. The interior is basic and welcoming, the food is very good value for money and there is usually real ale on, although I'm sad to say that I have been in a few times over the last few months when it had just run out. That happened this week, so I'm not able to be specific, but I have had good beer here in the past. It's worth dropping in if you're passing on the off-chance, and it's not far from the Winchester Gate and Wyndham Arms to tie in with a crawl.

26 Mar 2010 12:26

The Royal Oak, Romney Marsh

The Royal Oak is an Enterprise business housed in modernised village pub, light and airy inside. Food (good but a little pricey for what it is) and real ales are served. What was lacking was atmosphere. The clientele seem to be more Johny Boden and Sloane Square than rural Kent, and the landlord, whilst a decent enough chap, was clearly more a businessman than a genial host. Four hand pumps were on the bar, but only two serving. I had a pint of Harveys which was fine but not brilliant. Being close just off the main road, it’s a good place to stop for a meal and a quick pint, but there are better places nearby for a good evening's drinking.

16 Mar 2010 06:39

The Bell Inn, Romney Marsh

The Bell is a better-than-average village pub, quite large and airy inside (feels a bit like a modern renovation), which serves reasonable food and very good beer. The music was awful, but apart from that the experience was very positive. The locals were friendly; this has the air of a welcoming community pub rather than a museum piece. There were 5 ales on. I thoroughly enjoyed my pint of Henry IPA but sadly couldn't stay for more. Worth finding for lunch or an early evening meal.

I note that the last poster has only commented on this one pub

15 Mar 2010 06:43

The Red Lion, Snargate

This traditional Kentish country pub pub is one of a rare breed, an endangered species. It is a small independent locals' pub with charm, history and personality in every corner, unspoilt by contemporary pressure. The larger room was empty when I went in which left the main bar with me and 4 others in it. I was welcomed into the conversation by the regulars and left feeling that I'd had a great experience. I stuck to the Goachers Mild, which was excellent, but there were 2 other beers on which I will try next time I'm down this way. Thoroughly recommended.

12 Mar 2010 06:36

The Star, Lydd

The Star is a horrible pub. The music from the hi-fi was so loud it hurt, while the only other sound was an obnoxious, pugilistic idiot (in his 40s or 50s I might add) at the bar trying to start a fight with anyone who would react to his loud, moronic, monosyllabic grunting. The one ale on - Doombar - was too cold and not well kept. There was nothing welcoming about this pub. I couldn't wait to leave and can't imagine wanting to go back. It rates a 2/10 only because they try to sell decent beer even though they fail.

11 Mar 2010 06:48

The Bridge Inn, Lydd

Sad to say, but this pub - both the business and the institution- is moribund. The outside is shabby and in a state of severe disrepair - I hadn't realised it was open even until I saw a hand-written piece of paper advertising the fact.

This criticism isn't intended to offend - the landlord is a 78-year-old widow who is himself disabled (he needs a zimmer frame to move around behind the bar; you feel guilty asking him to serve you). The presence of bedding and medical supplies in what was once probably a very grand bar suggests life is not normal here. The strong smell of paint suggests he is trying to keep things going, but the general air is one of decay. The only other customers I saw were a group of people who might not have been comfortable in any of the other pubs in Lydd and who could not have travelled elsewhere. All that aside, the landlord is friendly, good company and a genuinely nice person with a great tale to tell of his previous life.

It saddens me to say it, especially in the current economic climate, but it really is time for this fine gentleman to cut his losses, sell up and move on. Whether the pub could be saved by an investor is debatable, but clinging on like this is just protracting the agony.

There was no real ale on so I stuck with bottled beers. I really can't, in all honesty, recommend this pub for anything as it currently stands.

11 Mar 2010 06:47

The Ship Hotel, New Romney

A pleasant town pub with a spacious interior, bare floors and a woodburner which adds to the atmosphere. The feel of the place is traditional yet modern - a good balance and a comfortable mix. The staff were friendly and helpful. There were 3 beers on, all Sheps. The Late Red I had was on the turn but still drinkable. This a good place to spend an evening having a few drinks in calm surroundings.

11 Mar 2010 06:36

Royal Mail, Romney Marsh

Hearing that there was defiately beer on, I decided to give the Mail another try, especially as Pablos13's reviews are reasonable and fair.

The loud people were still present in the public bar, so I tried the saloon. After some robust banter I was able to relax and was made to feel welcome. I chatted to the landlord who, it transpired, is passionate about his beer and highly knowledgeable. Of the 3 Shep's beers on I tried just one, the Late Red - it was first-class.

So I revise my opinion and rating - this pub is worth a visit for its beer alone, but don't expect a quiet evening.

9 Mar 2010 06:38

Fleur de Lys, Brenzett

This pub has now closed. Council has not granted change of use and has already rejected one application for plannign permission, so there may be hope.

4 Mar 2010 06:47

The Crown and Cushion, Blackwater

A pleasant country roadside pub within 5 minutes of the M3 with ample parking, good food and reasonable beer. Food was wholesome and freshly cooked, and the staff was attentive and helpful. I asked for a chicken curry - what arrived wasn't what I'd call a curry, it was more a spicy soup, but it was good nonetheless, and I have no complaint. I had a pint of Kent's Best, but I'm afraid to say it wasn't the best pint of Shepherd and Neame I've had. There were two other Shep's ales on but as I was driving I couldn't try them. Well worth stopping here if you hit this area at lunchtime, and it provides a welcome relief from the motorway.

4 Mar 2010 06:36

The Railway, Stafford

Having heard that this pub had been re-vamped since my last visit I thought I'd give it another go. The new owners have chanegd the character a little and there are more beers on. Still many of the same faces, and it remains a reasonabel back-street boozer, worth popping in to while waiting for a train. The TV spoils it a bit for me, but each to his own. I had a decent pint of Bass and would be happy to pop in again.

2 Mar 2010 06:36

Men of Kent, Rainham

Sorry LickSpittal - word on the street is it's going to be a restaurant.

27 Feb 2010 16:38

O'Donnells, Madrid

I'd forgotten just how unpleasant small, smoke-filled rooms can be. O'Donnells is not a pleasant place, and there's nothing really Irish about it - even the Guinness ads are in Spanish. There's no real ale on, and only 2 Irish beers (Guinness, naturally, and Kilkenny Red). In fairness, there was a decent selection of whiskey. The Kilkenny was served almost freezing and at £5 a pint was not good value for money. The decor is plastic and the barman didn't speak English (or Gaelic). There was no music on when I visited so I can't comment on that, but there was certainly no party atmosphere, just a lot of very Spanish people being loud and unwelcoming.

If you really must go to an "Irish" bar in Madrid, the one on Calle Fillippe III (near Plaza de Mayor) is much better, but there are much better Spanish bars nearby.

11 Feb 2010 06:43

The Bridge Inn, Upper Woodford

Note also that 123gfl - the complainer - has only posted once, his negative review of this pub. I would suggest taking this into account when deciding how seriously to take him.

I have never had a bad experience here and would recommend it to anyone for both food and beer.

27 Jan 2010 18:49

O'Reillys, Heidelberg


The building is now a shop selling hearings aids.

27 Jan 2010 18:45

The Red Lion Hotel, Fareham

Pleasant old town inn, now a comfortable pub and restaurant with some hotel accommodation. The bar is unpretentious - comfy chairs, some slot machines which don't intrude, machines, a bit shabby in places but otherwise fine. I had a decent (but pricey) glass of Rioja and a fair pint of GK, both enjoyable.

One of the better places in Fareham overall, if what you want is a quiet but ordinary drink. If you happen to be here, or if you're meeting someone, it's fine, but I wouldn't go out of my way.

19 Jan 2010 06:34

The Railway Inn, Winchester

Lively town centre pub handy for a quick pint whilst waiting for a train. The atmosphere was friendly when I went in, no music on at the time but that's obviously the crowd they're aiming at. There were some strange people in, but everyone seemed happy. The pint of RIngwood I sampled wasn't best kept but was drinkable nonetheless.

Not my first choice of pub in Winchester, but I wouldn't mind going back.

18 Jan 2010 09:28

The Bishops Mill, Salisbury

As the name implies, it's a pub built into what was once one of the City's important mill buildings. It should be a spectacular venue and has a great deal of potential - sadly unrealised. It has become a soulless, bland drinking den for teenies and morons, a temple to mediocrity. No real ale on and generally characterless. Best avoided in its current incarnation; The King's Head and Slug and Lettuce are both better bets, both within 50 yards and both selling real ale, while there are many more pubs within 5 minutes' walk.

15 Jan 2010 06:32

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

This pub has a mixed history. It is undoubtedtly a historic Salisbury landmark, and has been a pub for hundreds of years, but its quality is, at best, inconsistent. The restaurant upstairs is, I understand, a separate business which also varies in quality. Its hayday was a few years back when Rupert Wilcox (RIP) had it, and it was called "One" (ie One Minster Street) when the food was excellent but ridiculously expensive. Its low point was just before this when it served substandard garbage masquerading as pub food. Now it's just average food, overpriced, relying on visitors and trading on its quaintness.

The pub itself is worth a visit for its historic, architectural and culural perspective, but the beer, though often drinkable, is never in top condition. I always try to drink local beers here (Downton and Hopback are the best bet) as these are usually OK.

It's a fair bet, though, that the pub will still be here in another couple of centuries, serving bad food and average beer, so try it for the experience then move on somewhere else.

14 Jan 2010 07:01

The Winterbourne Arms, Winterbourne Dauntsey

A vast improvement from my last visit - 3 ales on and the food remains excellent. Both the Summer Lightning and the Courage Best were first class. Outside has also been tidied up and the whole establishment is much more welcoming than previously. The pub has a good quorum of locals and is very welcoming to others. Well worth the effort.

13 Jan 2010 11:49

The Red Lion Hotel, Salisbury

Decent old hotel with a good, quiet bar and attractive courtyard, one of the better places to stay in Salisbury. Service was friendly and professional, although the food was overpriced. The Ringwood was reasonable and drinkable, but not spectacular. I wouldn't include this place on a crawl as there are so many other good pubs nearby, but it's good to meet here for a quiet pint before moving on.

11 Jan 2010 06:44

Windmill, Stansted Airport

Bearing in mind its location, it isn't too bad for an airport bar. It also has the advantage of serving beer at breakfast time (I know, not "Beer in the Evening", but nevertheless a feature of this establishment). It is certainly better to drink the real ales on offer here than any of the Megakeg that the other airport bars sell, though I was slightly disappointed to find that the pint of Coach House Flintlock I had this week was served much too cold - a recuring theme in JDWs, I find.

I agree with ernie1971 (below) - take the chance for that last pint, but don't expect top quality.

8 Jan 2010 06:38

The Millers Inn, Wincanton

Local town pub consisting of a saloon bar at the front and a more lively "playroom" behind. Front saloon bar is a bti shabby, but homely with its comfy chairs, scruffy dog and 4 handpumps (only two working though), though the illusion is spoilt by the TV screens. The back bar was full of loud teenagers, and the presence of karaoke, loud music and a pool table spoil the coziness.

The 2 ales on (Spitfire and Courage Directors) were not well kept. The Spitfire in particular was almost off - when I pointed this out to the barman he told me it was a new barrel and no-one else had complained. He didn't drink bitter himself, so couldn't comment.

I wouldn't rush back, but it's fine to drop in if you're passing at non-busy times.

7 Jan 2010 10:02

The Queens Arms, Corton Denham

Pleasant country pub with a welcoming atmosphere. Exceptionally helpful and friendly staff. A log fire and woodburner in the bar made for a welcome havn from the freezing weather. Food was very good indeed, although the small portions and high prices are probably aimed at the county clientele. There was no sign of The Braying Londoner; I suspect the snow frightened them away. Beer was extremely good. I had Moors "Queen's Revival", a new one for me, which hit the spot exactly.

I completely disagree with Climber205 (below) - a frindly quiet drink is exactly what we found, and next time I'm looking for a meal in Sherborne I will make the effort to come out here as it is superior to any of the local town pubs.

6 Jan 2010 07:07

Bar 44, Salisbury

There was a sign on the door last week stating that Bar 44 is closed due to "High street competition and government interference". Does anyone know any more? Has Salisbury lost another good venue?

31 Dec 2009 09:10

Dog and Gun, Netheravon

Located on the main Salisbury-Marlborough road across Salisbury Plain, this was once a fine village pub with a good social life and a fine selection of ales. Sadly, years of neglect and some unpleasantness with the landlord (who, I believe, has since changed) has caused the pub to become run-down, shabby and somewhat heartless. In addition, the beer quality has declined through neglect - once a reliable outlet for the nearby Stonehenge Brewery, all that was on offer when I visited last was Courage Best, and not well kept at that. It is also frequently closed, especially at lunchtimes.

Having said all that, the staff were friendly, and the building still has the character it needs to be a great pub once again, so I hope to see it turn a corner soon to become the pub it once was. I'll drop in occasionally out of curiosity, but for now it's best to carry on to Enford or The Plough in Durrington for a good evening's drinking in this area.

18 Dec 2009 06:35

The Amesbury Archer, Amesbury

Typical roadside Harvester serving low-grade fast food for the less discerning traveller, set on a modern industrial estate between the holiday Inn Express and Kentucky Fried Sparrow. No real ale, no real atmosphere so no real reason to go there other than the convenience of being right next to the A303. If time allows, it's worth pushing on to somewhere else for a pint, and I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to find this place.

17 Dec 2009 06:46

The Yew Tree, Odstock

Pleased to say the Yew Tree is open again and has just held a beer festival. Mrs A went in and said it looked OK but couldn't comment on the beer. I will review properly next time I pass that way.

16 Dec 2009 11:23

Cloisters, Salisbury

One of Salisbury's livelier and, I believe, older pubs set near the city centre and a few other pubs which, taken together, make for a good crawl. Cloisters has always been one of my preferred mid-week venues when I'm in town, so I'm not sure why I haven't reviewed it before. The clientele is mixed and the atmosphere welcoming and friendly, all fitting comfortably into the large, rambling interior. Food is OK but a little pricey for what it is. Beers are always good. Only 2 were on at my last visit - Doombar and Ringwood - but both were well kept and enjoyable.

Well worth a visit.

16 Dec 2009 06:28

Dundas Arms, Kintbury

This pub sits in a great location just by the canal and has every reason to be a popular destination. However, it fails to live up to its potential. I stood for abotu ten minutes waiting for the landlord to finish his rather banal conversation with his cronies before he finally decided to serve me (apart from the cotery I was the only other customer). He rather grudgingly poured me a pint which was OK but by no means excellent.

Next time I stay in the area I will walk somewhere else rather than return to this unwelcoming establishment.

15 Dec 2009 06:32

Dun Cow, Durham

A bit like the Tardis, this pub has much inside which is concealed from the front and is bigger inside than you think. A good drinkers' pub with excellent beer. I tried the Castle Eden, and a fine pint it was too - so much so I had a couple more.

Definitely for inclusion on any Durham City crawl and a pub to which I will happily return.

14 Dec 2009 09:29

The Colpitts Hotel, Durham

A classic traditional pub with a great clientele. Nothing fancy, just a good old-fashioned back-street boozer, a rare gem and a pleasant find. Good beer (I had no problems with any of it - seemed to be kept OK to me), good company and probably the lowest prices for miles around. Well worth finding and surely an essential part of any Durham city crawl.

20 Nov 2009 08:46

The Water House, Durham

Below average JDW. That said it makes good use of a fine historic building and provides a useful, if unspectacular, town centre (not the nice historic bit but the chewing-gum-and-kebab-wrapper bit) venue for a morning coffee. On returning early evening I found the place devoid of atmosphere, a bit like an airport lounge (and I've spent a lot of time in those recently). I had a pint of Courage Best (someone bought it for me so I didn't quibble - my colleague, a lager drinker, didn't quite grasp the idea of festival beers) which was just about OK. As ROBCamra says below, it was OK for one but I don't think I'll rush back as there are much better pubs nearby.

20 Nov 2009 06:39

The Half Moon, Durham

Nice old town pub with bars on on two floors. Friendly landlord, and some pleasant (though slightly naive) staff. Four beers on - I had Landlord and found it very well kept and most enjoyable. Another excellent Durham pub to which I will willingly return.

19 Nov 2009 06:32

The Victoria Hotel, Durham

Excellent atmospheric Victorian town pub close to, but not in, the old City Centre which makes you feel you are stepping back into a better time. The reception was warm and friendly, range of beers varied and interesting and all (well, the three I had) were very well kept; the Big Lamp was particularly good (first time I'd tried it). The clientele was eclectic - a mix of locals and visitors -and of above average intelligence, and overall this was a great pub experience.

This must be an essential part of any City pub crawl and I'll definitely come back here next time I'm in Durham.

18 Nov 2009 06:41

The Shoe Inn, Romsey

Lovely little roadside pub with a welcoming atmosphere and excellent beer. The barstaff was easy on the eye and pleasant to talk to. The only ale on was Bowman's Wallop; it was well kept and served at the right temperature.

A strongly recommended watering hole on the Salisbury to Southampton Road.

16 Nov 2009 06:34

Lux Bar, Lisbon

Without doubt on whose part? Someone's having a laugh - I went in during the evening and it was dead apart from a bunch of pretentious pseudo-artistic types swigging weak beer out of bottles with slices of lime in the top - so tres 1999. The decor grates, the beer is nothing worth mentioning and the ambience is soulless - in fact the Ibiza allusion below is an apprpriate one, but not in a good way. Maybe things have gone downhill in the 6 years since the last review, or maybe it's a cultural difference.

I decamped to one of the small traditional bars the other side of Santa Apolonia station and at least managed to find something worth drinking in amiable surroundings. The barman even threw in a few nibbles.

If passing through Santa Apolonia and you've got spare time, do try Lux in case I came at the wrong time, but if you want a pub-type drink, there are much better bars five minutes walk away.

13 Nov 2009 06:40

Hennesseys, Lisbon

A typical Irish bar near the main railway station in Central Lisbon. Atmospheric, friendly and lively with genuine Irish staff. They have regular events with British themes and there is a lively Irish (from NI and ROI) ex-pat community. The down side is that the beer isn't that great. The choice is between Guiness, Kilkenny and the local Superbock - which is as bland as the name suggests.

Worth dropping in if you're passing, especially if they've got a party going on.

12 Nov 2009 06:51

The Chapel, Cotford St Luke

Thanks Paris, I stand corrected - it was Tone vale.

I've been in a few times over the last couple of years and found no ale on, though I'm aware they do try. Better luck next time, maybe.

11 Nov 2009 07:34

The Eagle Inn, Abbotts Ann

A few years ago this pub was a real dive, but on my recent visit I got a very pleasant surprise indeed. The current landlord keeps four excellent beers in tip-top condition. The Betty Stoggs was particularly good. It's a real pleasure to see a village pub in the ascendent after a period of decline, and I would take great pleasure in coming back here next time I'm in the area. As SamRich says below, well worth getting off the A303 to find.

11 Nov 2009 07:19

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

Absolutely first class beer haven a little way outside Southampton City Centre. When I went in there were 6 ales on at the bar plus another 7 racked - for a festival maybe? The pint of El Dorado I had was in perfect condition and one of the most enjoyable pints I've had this year. What a pity I had to move on after that one, but I will most certainly be coming back again and again. Well worth making a special trip for.

2 Nov 2009 07:05

The Windsor Castle, Clapham Junction

Half-decent high street pub with wide-screen TVs, eclectic clientele and sticky carpets. 2 ales on; I had the Youngs Bitter which cost, bizarrely, £3.84 and was well kept. The bar staff was indifferent and surly, but otherwise nothing was out of place. I might go back if waiting for a train again.

29 Oct 2009 09:24

The Kings Head, Salisbury

The thing about the Good Beer Guide is that it is exactly that - it's concerned with the quality of the beer, not the pub. I was in the King's Head earlier this week, and they had 3 excellent beers on: Roosters Hedgehog, Hogs Back and Hidden Pleasure, all 3 kept at the right temperature (unusual for a JDW, I'll grant you).

The pub itself is OK most of the time, but in the evenings it gets a bit rowdy, especially at weekends, not surprising at it is a town centre pub close to similar places - the Bishop's Mill and Slug and Lettuce. But if you want a decent pint, this place is fine most of the time - the way to tell is whether the bouncers have appeared on the door. Overall, still not my favourite pub but it has improved in the last year or so.

17 Oct 2009 08:36

The Ram, Tidworth

Dreadful squaddie pub, and the only pub in Tidworth proper. It provides alcohol and entertainment to the local garrison, but is hardly one of Wiltshire's (or Hampshire's if you're being picky) gems. It also keep sthe local police entertained and the nearby fast-food outlets in a job, especially at weekends. No real ale, very loud, not worth stopping at. Far better to go to the Boot in Shipton Bellinger (south) or one of the pubs in the Collingbournes (north) if you're passing through, and there are plenty of good country pubs not too far away if you're visiting or don't mind going off the beaten track.

14 Oct 2009 07:35

The Chapel, Cotford St Luke

An interesting conversion of the old Musgrove Park Hospital chapel (the clue's in the name) into a fairly new community watering hole. The entrance, once I got past the barrier of chewing gum and litter, was blocked by the Somerset Village Idiots Union Annual Outing. Having managed to negotiate my way through this, I was disappointed to find no real ale. The pint of cold Megakeg I settled for was drinkable but not particularly enjoyable. I had a half-decent conversation with an aged, bearded "local" who, it transpired, actually came from London. These factors, along with the depressing location, make this an establishment to avoid, especially as there are proper pubs a couple of miles away.

13 Oct 2009 06:45

The Vine, Stafford

Old (possibly medieval) town centre inn with dated hotel accommodation and restaurant food set in the old part of Stafford Town Centre. I made the mistake of eating here - the steak I had was truly awful and I didn't finish it. However, their beers were a different story. The Jennings Honey Bole was superb, and there was also Marston's Pedigree and Banks's on tap - all 3 were good. I couldn't recommend eating here, and I wouldn't stay here when the Swan is so close, but this pub is a must for a town centre crawl, especially when tied in with a visit to the Coach and Horses.

12 Oct 2009 06:51

The White Hart, Sherborne

A traditional town pub with superb food and excellent beer set in a fantastic old building. This place will appeal to a variety of people as it has a lot to offer and space to offer it in. I had an enjoyable afternoon working my way throught he four beers on tap - by far the best (if a little pricey) was the Lemony Cricket from Badger. The reception was amusing, with a very pleasant yet bumbling barman, some strange local characters and good conversation to liven up the day.

Definitely worth going back and tying in with a visit to the Digby Tap.

9 Oct 2009 06:39

Slug and Lettuce, Salisbury

Busy town centre bar (rather than a proper pub) in a fairly large historic building which is laid out to get the most alchohol to the most people as quickly as possible. Very much aimed at the binge-drink market, and the availability of ale is sometimes unpredictable. Now a Slug and Lettuce as nigelrowe (below) says. Two ales on, I had a Wells Bombardier on my last visit which was served at the right temperature and most enjoyable. It's OK at lunchtime and when it's not too crowded, and it's a good place for large groups to meet up, but not the place to go for a quiet pint in the evening compared to other pubs nearby.

8 Oct 2009 06:47

The Ship Inn, Burcombe

Another example of what used to be a good village pub which no longer is. The Ship used to be a great place to get a cheap meal and a decent pint. Sadly, it no does neither of these things.

Occupying a riverside village site in one of the nicest bits of Wiltshire, the Ship has a beautiful garden and pleasant, unspoiled interior. However, the food is now neither cheap nor wholesome, and the staff are not welcoming or helpful. A lady on the table next to me asked whether she could have a cheese sandwich and was told she could only have what was on the (rather pretentious and very overpriced) menu - so she paid over £9 for a ploughman's.

I tried a pint of 6X and it was almost ice-cold. When I mentioned to the barmaid that it was too cold, she told me "that's because we keep it in the cellar". I didn't argue.

An unenjoyable pint and a depressing experience which I will not rush to repeat until things change.

6 Oct 2009 06:52

The Swan, Enford

Extremely pleasant village pub which was saved from closure by the locals. They bought the building about ten years ago, and it's run by a tenant. Most of the original share-holders have moved on or sold out, and the majority shre-holder now lives in London, but this hasn't affected the pub's character or service. The food is excellent value for money, but more importantly the beer is superb. Sadly no Stonehenge on while I was there but the first-class pint of Hobgoblin made up for that.

This pub is well worth going out of your way to find (it's just off the main road between Salisbury and Pewsey) if you're passing through and I would recommend making an effort even if you're not as this is one one the best pubs on Salisbury Plain.

5 Oct 2009 06:46

The Lamb Inn, Basingstoke

Spacious town centre pub near the college and adjacent to a large residential area, with a thriving local clientele, very much a family atmosphere. Nothing pretentious about this place, but nothing special either. It's the first time I've seen a cash-point actually in the bar among the gaimng machines, though. Saves time I guess, and gets rid of an excuse for some people not to buy a round.

I had a pint of Courage Best, far too cold and not particularly well kept, but this isn't really an ale pub. I'm not sure I would make the effort to come back, but neither would I discourage others from entering.

2 Oct 2009 06:50

The Billy, Harwich

High Street pub aimed at the more lively clientele, with an emphasis on music and conviviality. One ale on: Green King IPA, a good pint well served though not my usual choice. The people were rough and ready, but welcoming and I was quite happy to sit and drink while it was quiet. The music and ambience weren't really my thing though, so other than a quiet lunchtime pint, I don't think I'll be coming in here too often. Worth dropping in, though, on the way to/from the ferry port.

29 Sep 2009 06:37

The Cardinal, Stavanger

Set in the old docks area of Stavanger amidst a group of similar looking, yet much less impressive bars (see photo) this pub is very reminiscent of an traditional English Vistorian town pub - confortable, sociable, well laid-out and hospitable, with large bar areas on ground and first floor. You buy your beer at the bar, not at your table like most continental places. The biggest problem is choice - there were 327 beers to choose from, about a third of them English and most decent (there were a few of the usual Eurofizzes to keep the less discerning punters happy). The eponymous "Cardinal" was cardinal Brakspear, and the pub claims a link to the Brakspear brewery - in fact Brakspear's Organic Ale was available (at £8.00 a pint).

It wasn't cheap - the cheapest beer on was Greene King's IPA (they get everywhere) at £6.90 a bottle, while the most expensive was Orkney's Skull Splitter at £11.30. The beer I enjoyed most (after several samplings which ran up a small mortgage - don't tell Mrs A) was the local wheat beer White Dog.

This is one of the most fantastic pubs in Europe and merits a very rare 10/10 from me. An essential part of any visit to this area and easily accessible from the cruise ships during their stoppover here.

28 Sep 2009 06:54

The Three Bells, Heathrow Airport

No real ale on when I came through, a big disappointment which meant I would be ale-less for longer than intended. I agree with rpadam that it is a cut above similar bars in this rather soulless place in terms of physical comfort, but it was still made unpalatable by some very smelly and loud customers and the complete lack of anything I wanted to drink. I'll try a different bar next time.

25 Sep 2009 11:31

The Gamekeeper, Charminster

On arrival I was met by a group of yoofs and a large German Shepherd dog gathered around the entrance smoking and looking unhospitable, but I have to say that first impressions, on this occasion, were unfounded. Inside was pleasant, and the barmaid was friendly and polite. I had an excellent pint of Piddle, washed down with a similar amount of Palmers. There were teenagers being loud around the pool table, but it wasn't anything untoward and I didn't feel in any way uncomfortable despite being the oldest person in there by at least 2 decades.

It's a pity the last few posters' experiences weren't as positive as mine, but I note that they are all single posters who made their comments on the same day and wonder whether, given the implied nature of the occasion of their visit, how objective they've been. I note in particular that Mrjslater had all of 28 minutes to read the previous post before changing his mind about coming here. Looking back a year from that date, I see that James55Westhead, someone who has reviewed a reasonable number of pubs, had a much more positive experience.

For what it's worth,I'm happy to go back next time I'm passing because it's a normal village pub with no frills that sells decent beer.

24 Sep 2009 12:19

The Wilton, Salisbury

Well laid-out, spacious pub with a great deal of potential, especially given its location. It's not city centre, but it's within easy reach of the station and is close to the Village and the Malmesbury and an affluent residential area. However - we went in at 8pm on a Tuesday evening and we were the only 2 customers in there. The barmaid was charming and very pleasant to talk to, but the beer wasn't at its best. I had a pint of Courage Best which tasted fine but was unusually cloudy. Maybe the competition from the other nearby pubs, including the Village and Deacons, is just too much.

Worth trying out every now and again, though, especially if you're on a crawl or looking for a quiet pint.

23 Sep 2009 07:00

New Inn, New Romney

Old-style small-town pub with pool table, gaming machines and Sky TV. Only one real ale on, Exmoor, which wasn't well kept. The greeting was friendly enough, and I wasn't uncomfortable here. Not the best pub in New Romney, but worth a look in, and could be better if they sorted out the beer.

22 Sep 2009 06:49

The Jolly Fisherman Hotel, Greatstone

There is nothing Jolly about this place at all. There was no ale on when I visited, despite there being two handpumps on the bar. The service was indifferent and the atmosphere completely lacking. This place feels like it's firmly rooted in the post-war era, but not in a good, nostalgic way. If you're stuck here, it might just about be acceptable at a pinch, but it would be far better to walk into New Romney for a pint.

21 Sep 2009 06:44

The Rose and Crown, Old Romney

After a long walk i was very pleasant to find, quite by chance, this pleasant village pub. The reception was typical of this part of Kent - warm, friendly and welcoming. I enjoyed a superb pint of Rother Valley "Summertime Blues" and followed it up with some local cider, complemented beautifully by the chat with the bar staff.

An oasis in the cultural desert that is Lydd and one well worth stopping at.

11 Sep 2009 06:34

The Ship Inn, Sandgate

I have found "the barmaid in question" to be friendly, pleasant and a real asset to this pub. Lazylaurablue says she got good service but a lousy attitude - I'm not sure those 2 statements are consistent. I alwyas pop in here for a pint when I'm in the vicinity, and although not a regular, I'm always treated well by staff and customers alike. The beer is also excellent, and on the one occasion I mentioned the beer was turning, my comment was well received.

10 Sep 2009 09:04

The Pilot Inn, Lydd

Definitely a fish and chip restaurant with a bar. The bar staff were nto particularly welcoming - unfriendly, in fact - and the pint of Adnams I had, although drinkable (just), was very much overpriced. A shame, as it all put me off ordering thefood, which did look good.

I'm not sure I will bother coming here next time - the Brittania was much more welcoming and had better beer.

10 Sep 2009 06:47

The Britannia Inn, Dungeness

In a setting more reminiscent of an African shanty-town than the South Kent coast, this rather dull-looking 1960s sea-aide shack was actually a pleasant experience once I'd got past the cafe-style eating area. The bar was child free, and the pint of Sheps I had had been well kept. It was slightly bizarre sitting under half a ton of keyrings, and the conversation with the bar staff was hard-going (not a relaxing experience by any means), but overall I'd have no problem going back if I were ever in this area again. It's certainly better than any of the other pubs between Dungeness and Greatstone, and after a long walk along the beach it was a welcome break.

It's a pity that barman2 has reacted as he has on here - with decent beer in a location like that (I didn't try the food), with no real competition, a change in attitude could make this a really good venue.

9 Sep 2009 06:43

Ship, Romney Marsh

Very run-down seaside pub on a very run-down estate. Furnishings are desparately in need of renewal; another superanuate 60s resort pub, although this one is redeemed by a friendly reception and the presence of a half-decent chippy opposite. It is also a community watering hole, so serves a function. Two hand-pumps on the bar, but no real ale. Overall, though, not worth looking for unless you happen to be there.

7 Sep 2009 06:39

George Hotel, Romney Marsh

Uninspiring pub, in need of redecoration, lacking in any real atmosphere. Full of a mixture of squaddies and locals. I had a pint of Youngs which was slightly off (barmaid wasn't interested in my opinion) and over-priced.

There are better pubs in Lydd, so I won't be rushing back.

4 Sep 2009 10:33

The Royal Oak, Romney Marsh

A very average pub with little atmosphere, but friendly enough and the beer was reasonably well-kept. Worth dropping in if you're passing, and it certainly beats the Royal Mail as a pub.

27 Aug 2009 09:20

The Dolphin Hotel, Lydd

It was a joy to find this pub in Lydd, which is genrally pretty awful. The Dolphin was welcoming, friendly and is obviously a good locals' pub with a great community spirit. They had two ales on, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Ringwood.

I'll be happy to came back here for a beer if I'm ever in Lydd again.

26 Aug 2009 09:10

Royal Mail, Romney Marsh

I went in to find the pub had run out of beer and was full of very loud people with no real conversational skills. This was particularly disappointing as the pub was reputed to sell a good pint of Sheps and I was lookign forward to that.

A dreadful experience, and one I am really not keen to repeat.

25 Aug 2009 15:06

The Cinque Ports Arms, New Romney

Pleasant small-town pub with a good welcome and OK-ish food, probably the best place to go in New Romney for a decent pint in convivial surroundings. I had a very well-kept pint of White's "Dark" and would be delighted to come back for more.

24 Aug 2009 10:16

The Kiwi, Salisbury

Dreadful jerry-built shack on the edge of an Army estate. The outside is surrounded by children's areas and unmown lawns. Inside was packed with Army families and extremely noisy. No real ale (apparently they had a barrel of 6X on last year and no-one drank it). TV screens, screaming brats and cackling fishwives combine to make this an experience I have no desire whatsoever to repeat.

31 Jul 2009 08:08

The Bullington Cross Inn, Sutton Scotney

This pub is currently boarded up and looks set to close.

30 Jul 2009 19:31

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

Excellent pub hidden away in West Register Street, and for some reason not in GBG (unless it's got in this year). Superb selection of ales on in a relaxing, enjoyable town setting. Knowledgeable barman, good conversation with other clientele and overall a well-spent couple of hours.

I will most definitely be back and would recommend this for any crawl.

30 Jul 2009 16:39

The Blackfriars, Glasgow

Although coming in here always makes me feel old (I'm only 48!) I think it's one of the better pubs in Glasgow, based on its beer quality and the friendliness of the staff. Not too sure about the music and decor, though - but a change is as good as a rest, they say. I had an excellent pint of Kelburn's, well kept and at the right temperature. I'm keen to come back here every time I'm in the area, and it us always worth tying it in with a visit to Babbity Bowster's.

29 Jul 2009 09:04

The Talbot Inn, Berwick St John

Very nice village pub, off the beaten track and, while it does do food, it doesn't claim to be a restaurant. Clientele are mostly old, but the younger locals seemed like a decent bunch. Three beers on, 2 Ringwoods and Wadworths 6X. The Wadworths was well kept and a very enjoyable pint.

Worth making the effort to find, especially if grouped with the Crown in Alvediston on a crawl (but not on foot).

28 Jul 2009 08:31

Red Lion, Stafford

Pleasant little village pub just outside Stafford. Good down-to-Earth landlord, reasonable food and two ales on when I visited. I tried both teh Pedigree and the Bombardier, both very welcome and decently kept.

Worth making the effort and I'd happily come back.

27 Jul 2009 09:52

The Holly Bush, Stafford

Absolutely NOT to be confused with the Holly Bush in Salt, as they are totally different even though they're close to each other.

This pub, when I visited, had no beer and no food on even though there were signs outside advertising both. I was offered condolences and a can of something (can't remember what, but it wasn't ale). The excuse for the food was that the kitchen wasn't working (whatever that meant). No excuse for the beer was offered. Considering I had made an effort to come out here in appalling weather, this was annoying (although I admit the rain wasn't the pub's fault).

So, unless you want to sit in a (admittedly quite pelasant) garden and drink lemonade, it is worth checking first to see if they've got beer in. Alternatively, go to the Red Lion just around the corner.

24 Jul 2009 11:34

Casa, Stafford

Noisy town centre nightclub with no real ale, late night drinking and loads of mutton dressed as pork. Having said that it is marginally more respectable than some similar establishments in other towns (or, indeed, LoveToLove just up the road). Not my kind of place and not worth visiting if you want a quiet and/or decent pint.

23 Jul 2009 19:32

The King's Arms, Stafford

Proper locals' pub, darts, pool, no sawdust or carpets but a great atmosphere and excellent beer. No frills, just a non-nonsense boozer. I did find a flea, but whether it was indigenous or imported by a customer is impossible to say. Three ales on, I tried the Carn Brae Celtic Blonde and it was a great refreshing pint. Another hidden gem in Stafford's back streets which would form a brilliant addition to any crawl.

19 Jul 2009 10:19

The Boot, Salisbury

Well-kept country village pub with good food and excellent beer. Warm reception from locals and pleasant bar-staff. Three ales on, all Wadworths. I had a first class pint of Horizon. Well worth deviating from the A303 to find, and I would happily spend a whole evening here.

18 Jul 2009 17:00

Joiners' Arms, Stafford

I found this pub purely by chance - it's hidden away in teh back streets, isn't in GBG (why?) and wasn't on BITE. It was like finding hidden treasure, and must surely be one of the the best pubs in Stafford town.

It's a good old-fashioned boozer, with a knowledgable and decent landlord and landlady. The other bar staff were easy on the eye and great fun (though one was a bit dizzy, in a nice way). No nonsense, no frills, just excellent beer and a very hospitable atmosphere. I had a pint each of Belfry's Abbeydale and Wells's Bombardier, both among the best beers I've had in Stafford. This must be a high priority choice for any Stafford town pub-crawl.

10 Jul 2009 08:39

The Greyhound Inn, Stafford

Another superb pub in the Trent Valley to the North of Stafford. Good value food and decent beer served by welcoming friendly staff, and run by a hospitable landlord. I had a pint each of Cottage Brewing "Mod n Hound " and Three Tuns Soltice. the former was first class, but the latter was too cold for my taste.

This is a definite for a Trent valley crawl and very handy for passing canal boats. Very impressed.

9 Jul 2009 08:45

Dog and Doublet, Stafford

Better-than-average country pub/hotel, recently renovated in a traditional style with a superb kitchen. Excellent pub food, decent sized portions (ie not too large, not too small), well cooked and presented. The beer was excellent - I had a most enjoyable pint of Burton's and wish I could have stayed for more.

This is yet another superb pub to the North of Stafford which could form part of a first-class country crawl. I can't wait to come back.

8 Jul 2009 09:11

The Butt of Ale, Salisbury

A local pub on an estate just to the North of Salisbury. It's quite ordinary, and it tends to close down quite a lot. Luckily it was open this time, though it's been shut the last few times I've tried. It has previously had a good reputation for real ale, but this weekend only had Courage Best on, which was OK.

It's off the beaten track, and although close to other ubs as the crow flies, it's a bit of a trek to get to as you have to find your way through the estate. It's also at the top of a hill, so you really need a pint when you do get there.

Hard to fit in on a crawl, but give it a go if you've got time as it's got the potential to be a really good pub if someone like this new owner gets enough trade to make a go of it.

7 Jul 2009 12:25

Coach & Horses, Stafford

Very good town centre pub, easily outclassing its nearest rivals. Good food, excellent beer and a grumpy barman. No nonsense, proper pub. They had 4 ales on when I went in and were just putting on a 4th - I think it was Cumberland but wouldn't swear to it. Could do without the tv, though. I didn't try the food but it looked like good value.

I had a pint of Everards Tiger, very well kept and thoroughly enjoyable.

Definitely recommended as part of a Stafford crawl.

7 Jul 2009 08:49

The Rose and Crown, Stafford

Pub is currently closed and has a Business For Sale sign up.

7 Jul 2009 08:32

Station Hotel, Telford

Noisy, packed and clearly favoured by the under-twenties, this former hotel is now a night-club and late night drinking haunt of Wellington's hard-of-thinking once the Beacon turfs out and they've been refused access to Pussycats (or whatever it's called). Arriving late on a train I was pleased to see it open, and surprised to find a reasonable pint of Davenport's Kerfuffle on tap.

The presence of a beer has raised my rating of this place from a 2 to a 3, but I'm not sure I'd want to spend a whole evening here.

6 Jul 2009 08:41

John O'Gaunt Inn, Horsebridge

A great pub in a very pleasant setting selling good beer. I had a pint of Palmers which was well kept and was much appreciated. There were various pictures - framed photos and watercolours - for sale dotted around the walls.

What let's this place down, though, is the attitude I experienced from one of the bar staff. He gave me a short measure than glared at me when I (politely) asked him to top it up. Some of the locals I spoke to were surprised at this, though, so maybe I shouldn't let this one individual cloud my judgement. In addition, it cost £3.20 pint, about 40p more than similar beers in other nearby pubs.

Worth dropping in if you're in the area.

5 Jul 2009 17:32

The Hogs Head, Stafford

A year on from the last review - and it's still closed.

4 Jul 2009 11:35

The Beacon, Wellington

Still no ale on when we visited last night, still full of teenies, noisy, crowded and generally not somewhere to go for a relaxing evening. It's a pity because they've spent a fair bit on renovation, but it's all being ruined again by the yoofs. The one positive thing I will say is that there was a lot of eye candy on display. Oervall, though, best avoided.

3 Jul 2009 11:29

Seven Stars, Brocton

This pub is currenty closed. I'm told that it's been closed for a while.

2 Jul 2009 12:53

Tillington Hall Hotel, Stafford

Rather dull hotel with a nonedescript restaurant. No real ale, no atmosphere and in an unexciting part of town. OK to meet up or to stay overnight, and the food's not too bad, but it's much better to make the 15 minute walk into town for a pint. Not recommended even for a crawl as there are no other pubs close by to warrant it.

2 Jul 2009 12:12

Swan Hotel, Stafford

Former coaching inn which until a coupel of years ago was in a poor state. The new owner, Chris Lewis, has transformed it into a first-rate modern (yet sypathetic) business with two large bars, a restaurant and a large out-door function/barbecue area. They only have one ale on draught, Speckled Hen, and it's too chilled for my liking. They also have bottled beers - Slater's Top Totty and Freedom organic lagers. The staff are outstandingly friendly and we've had soem really good nights here.

Probably not somewhere to include on a crawl, but thoroughly recommended for a meal, a party or just somewhere to relax. I'll always try to stay here in future when I'm in Stafford.

1 Jul 2009 14:09

The Nags Head, Stafford

Definitely not a gay bar, and definitely not a nice atmosphere. A lovely old building which, apart from having no real ale, should be a really good town centtre pub, isn't. The bar is a proper pub bar with wooden floors and no frills - a spit-and-sawdust place without the sawdust.

The clientele are unpleasant - the topics of conversation among the locals were mostly delivered at just over 100 dB and consisted almost exclusively of tales about sexual and belligerant acts they'd recently inflicted on other people. The average age was around 45, so it wasn't just lads' being lads.

I'll probably next try this place out of curiosity when I run out of new pubs to visit in Stafford or when it changes hands again.

30 Jun 2009 08:51

The Blue Anchor, Portsmouth

A very busy and noisy high street pub, lots of TV screens, gaming machines and pool tables. Friendly atmosphere, but an average age of around 25. There were 2 handpumps advertising Flowers Bitter and Adnams Broadside, but both were off, so I settled for a Eurofizz to get me in the mood for French beers (I was on my way to the ferry).

They were advertising free BBQ food when you bought a pint, but I didn't try it as the garden was quite full.

Not really my kind of pub, and I think the lack of decent beer is enough to put me off coming back, especially whe there are so many goodpubs not too far away in Southsea.

29 Jun 2009 08:30

Whitehouse Hotel, Telford

I agree with RobCAMRA about the Dugout - it's nonedescript. The hotel bar is better, though, as is the restaurant (which overlooks the pitch). They do very good food food, both bar snacks and in the restaurant, and it's a good place to meet up (some of us stay here when working near Telford) before going on to the proper pubs for some real beer. Their wines are also good, if a little pricey.

I wouldn't include it on a pub-crawl, as there's no real ale, but it's a good place to go for dinner or hold a party.

26 Jun 2009 14:21

The Woolpack, Stafford

Slightly run-down but very friendly village pub. I tried the Jennings Honey Bole and Banks's Original, both decent pints but too creamy for my taste. Enormous portions of food - I thought I was going to explode, but somehow managed to clear my plate. It was well cooked too.

Another really good country pub in the Stafford area and well worth finding.

26 Jun 2009 08:39

The Castle Tavern, Stafford

This was another recommendation from a local, but it was a great disappointment. We were told the steaks were excellent, but mine was like eating a flip-flop -far too chewy and tasted awful. Only one ale on - Slaters - which was OK but not spectacular. The place was far too quiet, and the staff, while pleasant and helpful, seemed a bit uncomfortable in their jobs.

While I wouldn't delibeartely avoid the place, I don't want to eat there again and I don't really think it's worth spendign a whole evening there. May be OK for a quick pint whiel waiting for a train, but then there are a few pubs here which meet that criterion.

25 Jun 2009 09:35

The Rifleman, Stafford

This pub is currently boarded up and appears to have been closed for a while.

23 Jun 2009 08:59

Apres, Stafford

I agree that this isn't a proper pub - just a sterile bar with no proper beer. A pity as it's location is good. I had a Bulmers as this seemed to be the most pallatable thing available and left. It was worth a try, but there are so many proper pubs nearby that I don't foresee coming back unless they get some decent beer in.

23 Jun 2009 08:55

The Railway, Stafford

Good locals' pub, busy and friendly, no nonsense and a typical boozer. We had a few good pints of Banks's which made for a good relaxed evening.

It's worth seeking out and I'd be happy to come back, though it wouldn't be my first choice in Stafford.

22 Jun 2009 08:28

The Spittal Brook, Stafford

Excellent traditional pub with very good value food. Five ales on and one cider. I had Everards Tiger, not a usual choice for me but a very well kept pint and thoroughly enjoyable. Locals were friendly and the staff lively and pleasant. Garden was spacious and well appointed.

This is a must for any Stafford pub crawl and well worth spending an evening in.

19 Jun 2009 08:28

The Holly Bush Inn, Salt

I came here on the recommendation of a friend in Stafford, and I'm glad I did. The pub and gardens are very well presented, and the staff are friendly and helpful, especially the waitresses. I had a pint of Alton's Nemesis - it was a good fair pint but far too creamy for my taste. Good food but the portions were enormous - I thought I'd been brought a meal for two at first.

Well worth taking he trouble to find and I'd happily bring people here to eat or drink.

18 Jun 2009 08:36

Luck Penny, Stafford

1960s estate pub with no character. I was ignored for 15 minutes while the barmaid chatted to some children in the bar, then given a short measure in a fairly abrupt manner. My pint of Theakstones XB was far too cold and had a strange metalic taste to it. I really didn't enjoy it. I couldn't wait to leave and I see no reason for ever going back.

17 Jun 2009 09:26

Grim's Dyke Hotel, Harrow Weald

This magnificent old hotel is hidden away in marvellous grounds in a country setting, yet you can see Central London from just outside the garden. The character of the building (is it Tudor?) is very well preserved, and it's a very atmospheric place, ideal for large formal functions or just dropping in for a quiet pint.

The restaurant (Gilbert's I think it's called) part of the hotel is expensive but very high quality. The bar bit does Greene King IPA, and not brilliantly kept, but you can forgive that when you're sitting in such a wonderful garden on a hot Summer's day, and you can always switch to wine - the Rioja I had was excellent.

Downsides? Well, it is expensive, and the piped music became irritating although they did change it when I asked them to (staff were very obliging and pleasant, by the way).

I will definitely come back here.

16 Jun 2009 17:17

The Tap and Spile, Stafford

An absolutely fantastic pub where I received a very warm welcome indeed. First class home-cooked food (even the rolls are baked on the premises) and I even got to meet the chef, Vicki.

Only 3 ales on, but I tried all 3 and they were very well kept ((the Ossett's Silver King was particularly good -one of the best pints I've had this year). I also tried the Blackhole Stargazer and Wells's Bobardier, both great pints.

This is a definite for future Stafford trips and I'm looking forward to trying a few more local beers here.

15 Jun 2009 11:52

The Landford Poacher, Landford

Roadside pub with reasonable meal prices providing the usual pub fare. It was worryingly empty for a lunchtime. Only one ale on when I went in - Old Speckled Hen, which was passed its best. OK for a quick stop, but too near other, better pubs to merit a whole evening.

12 Jun 2009 09:54

The Vine Inn, Stockbridge

For a high street pub in an expensive town this was highly disappointing. Service was abysmal - it took nearly 40 minutes for our meals to arrive, and when I tried to pay I was ignored in favour of rather rude "senior citizens" who didn't understand the concept of waiting their turn.

The food wasn't worth the money - my battered fish was dripping with fat and the the chips were more lard than potato. I had a pint f 6X which was badly kept.

This pub lets down the whole town and will not be getting my custom until there is a change of attitude and/or chef.

11 Jun 2009 09:51

Tigerlilly, Edinburgh

Expensive night club with good food but no real ale, though there are a few good European bottled beers and a good selection of wine. Frequented by Edinburgh's rich and famous, a good party atmosphere and lots of high-calibre eye-candy.

A good place to start an evening of debauchery or for a special occasion (bring lots anfd lots of cash), but if you want a decent pub pint in quiet surroundings, go elsewhere.

10 Jun 2009 09:28

George Inn, Bathampton

Pleasant location just outside Bath with a large car-park by the river. Food is quite good, and the pint of Bombardier I had was ok but nothing special. Very busy at linchtime, as you might expect for the location, and that spoilt the ambience a bit. It's worth a stop if you're in that area btu I'm not sure I'd make an evening of it.

9 Jun 2009 08:36

The Cuckoo Oak, Madeley

Very ordinary estate-type eatery which serves tasteless beer. Food is mostly re-constituted lard. Generally soulless, typical Hungry Horse, not somewhere I'd make an effort to find as there are better pubs and restaurants all around. Probably OK if you live here and don't want to walk down to Coalport or Bliss Hill, I guess.

8 Jun 2009 17:01

The Bacchus, Telford

Dreadfully downtrodden, shabby interior, smelly and dog-earred. A pity, because I've previously had good experiences in here, but my last was not so. The beer was putrid and the air was rancid from stale smoke drifting in from the door to the smoking area.

I shall continue to pop in every now and again out of sheer optimism, but I wouldn't recommend this pub just at the moment, especially when there are better pubs (in every respect) within a few minutes' walk.

8 Jun 2009 16:22

The Camelot, South Cadbury

A very fortuitous find on a wet weekend afternoon. The pub looks a bit shabby and small from outside, but once inside it's cosy and comfortable. Food was excellent - freshly cooked to order and presented profesionally, yet reasonably priced. The clientele was a mixture of locals, saga-louts and passers-by, many of whom were visiting the nearby Cadbury Castle (some were maybe a bit geeky, but harmless enough).

The beer was the crowning glory of this pub, though. I had teh best pint of Yeovil Summerset ever (so good a had another one) and the Box Steam Brewery Rev Awdry also meritted a second pint - partly to make sure the first one was not an anomaly, and partly because the the St Austell's Tribute had just run out.

A definite for the future, and a strong recommendation if you're in that part of the world.

8 Jun 2009 09:53

The Poplar Farm Inn, Andover

I was fairly disappointed with my visit here this wek, the first in 10 years. The pint of Doombar I tried was not well kept (I couldn't bring myself to try the Black Sheep- maybe Old_Boots should try it next time he's down this way as he's a bit of a connoisseur of that particular brewery), service was slow and indifferent and there was no atmosphere. The muzak was irritating. I didn't try the food either but it didn't look anything special. I can't see any reason to come here unless you actually live in Abbots Ann, and then there are other pubs in walking distance.

5 Jun 2009 12:05

The Railway, Salisbury

I agree with F_B_B, that it's handy for the station and that's it's best feature. Only one ale on when I went in - Ringwood Best, served luke-warm and lifeless. Service was friendly enough though, so I wouldn't rule it out as a quick stop-off when getting off the train, but I wouldn't want to spend a whole night here.

4 Jun 2009 08:38

The Cat Tavern, Salisbury

A bit scruffy, but friendly enough reception from both locals and staff. The place feels wuite homely with its profusion of dogs, well-worn furniture and elderly people snoring in the corner. The punk rockers took the edge off that picture, though. Also the music was far too loud for my liking. The beer also lets the place down - I had a pint of Wadworths 6X which was a bit dull.

Worth dropping in for a quick pint, but better to move across the road to Deacons afterwards.

3 Jun 2009 08:43

The Cat Tavern, Salisbury

A bit scruffy, but friendly enough reception from both locals and staff. The place feels wuite homely with its profusion of dogs, well-worn furniture and elderly people snoring in the corner. The punk rockers took the edge off that picture, though. Also the music was far too loud for my liking. The beer also lets the place down - I had a pint of Wadworths 6X which was a bit dull.

Worth dropping in for a quick pint, but better to move across the road to Deacons afterwards.

3 Jun 2009 08:42

Sir John Baker, Portsmouth

Agreed that this is typical JDW but by no means the worst. The 2 Polish bouncers on the door set the tone - indifferent, slow service and no atmosphere. On the plus side, I had a decent pint of Ruddles bitter, although it was, as usual, too cold. We were, however, only charged £1.58 (yes, £1.58) for 2 pints.

I migth just be tempted to pop back in next time I'm heading for the ferry terminal which is 5 minutes away.

2 Jun 2009 08:06

The Silver Plough, Pitton

Change of landlord hasn't done this pub any favours. The food is good, but it is expensive for what it is. There were 4 ales on when I visited last (yesterday); I tried the K&B Sussex but it wasn't particularly well-kept. Atmosphere is a bit lacking too, and most of the custom now seems to be groups of Saga-louts, caravaners and famillies rather than serious pub-goers (there was only one local in) especially given its rural location.

Krazzy makes a good point too (below) - it's (paid) to be in the Good Pub Guide, but I notice it's not in GBG (which relies on quality rather than payment).

I wouldn't rule it out for lunch or for dropping in if passing, and the skittle alley makes it a potential venue for group parties, but Beer in the Evening? Maybe not.

1 Jun 2009 13:21

Augustiner Keller, Munich

Archetypal Bavarian beerhouse with excellent food and outstanding beer at a reasonable price. I tried both the Helles and Dunkles and both were of the highest quality (as you'd expect for somewhere that does the second best beer in the World). I'll always come in here when I'm in Munich, at least until I find somewhere better, which may take some time.

22 May 2009 15:37

The Wickets Inn, Wellington

No real ale any more, but still a friendly atmosphere and reasonable food if you want a meal. Best to eat here then move down the road to The Cock to get the best of both worlds. I'd certainly come back again.

22 May 2009 10:38

Boathouse Bar and Brasserie, Salisbury

3 ales on, reduced prices at some times (though I got a bit confused about when, and I don't think they like to call it "Happy Hour"). Pleasant and convenient location, great for Summer drinks by the River Avon. Good place to park too if you're driving into the City centre or the wife ants to shop in Sainsbury's.

21 May 2009 15:53

The Five Bells, Nether Wallop

Pub is still struggling despite the best efforts of a dedicated and knowledgable landlord. It's a great village pub with 3 ales on - all Wadworths. I tried the 6X and Henry's and both were very well kept and served at the right temperature.

Although food is on offer, it isn't great, probably because the pub doesn't have a proper chef, but the beer does make up for it to some extent. It's a shame he's tied to Wadworths, as this could be a great drinking haunt if there were a few more ales on. It's also a pity that teh Goerge is so close - the latter does food and is right onthe main road, so people tend to stay there rather than venture the extra mile (literally) to the Bells. I for one, thouhg, intend on using this pub in preference when passing through the Wallops as its beer really is good.

17 May 2009 13:23

The White Hart, Over Wallop

Very good village pub which is more interested in beer than food - a welcome reversion to the old way of doing things. I had a decent pint of Fullers, some good conversation and a welcome break from Mrs A while she visited a nearby friend.

It's a good place to drop into for a pint before you get into the Salisbury traffic jam or if you happen to be passing and I'm pleased to drop in on a regular basis.

15 May 2009 15:04

The Old Mill, Salisbury

Very atmospheric old pub with 2 ales on. I enjoyed the Old Speckled Hen and a chat with some of the locals. Didn't try the food but may well do in future.

Best pub in Harnham and well worth dropping into on a sunny day by the watermeadows.

14 May 2009 11:37

The Lamb, Broad Eye

The Slaughtered Lamb, more like. Clearly a locals' pub, with a few odd characters knocking around. A couple of bizarre conversations, but mostly affable. Those of you who have read Bill Bryson's "Notes from a Small Island" will recognise the place.

I had a good pint of Brains's Reverend James and a Courage Best chaser. No food on despite the sign outside saying there is. The landlord gave us a recommendation for somewhere to eat but I wouldn't trust him again on that one.

Worth a quick pint on a crawl as their beer is very well kept and they really do know what they're doing.

13 May 2009 13:53

Greyhound, Stafford

Great locals' pub, though it felt a bit cliquey at first. I had a great pint of Sheffield Tigers's Speedway and a thoroughly relaxing evening. Would definitely recommend this pub as part of a Stafford night out.

13 May 2009 13:39

The Plough Inn, Grateley

Nice village pub, very much a locals' social centre. Friendly ambience, reasonble prices but a bit off the beaten track.

Although they had 2 ales on, it clearly isn't a drinkers' pub as such - my St Austell's Tribute was off but was readily replaced. HAppy to pop in for a pint when I'm passing.

12 May 2009 17:19

The Winchester Gate, Salisbury

There is no doubt that Bill's beer is superb - my last visit saw off a Three Castles Lazy Dayz and the best pint of Apple Blossom I've had in a long time.

As a pub, it's less impressive, though. It's poorly laid out, tired decor and soem unpleasant yoofs mars it bit.

Overall, though, if you're looking for a decent pint in Salisbury, this is a great addition to the list, especially if you tie it in with a visit to the Wyndham Arms just over the road.

I'll be back.

7 May 2009 08:35

The Kings Head, Salisbury

I arrived here at lunchtime and the pub wasn't ready to start serving food. The landlord was surly and whinged a lot. Decor is shabby, food remained untried and the pint of was just about OK.

Alright for a drink if passing, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get here.

6 May 2009 14:17

Dalriada, Edinburgh

Another superb pub in the Edinburgh area. A neo-Gothic house right by the sea, this pub has it all - garden by the promenade, excellent food, great beer (3 ales on, Deuchres was excellent and I even enjoyed the Timothy Taylor).

This pub deserves the highest praise in every respect and is highly recommended if you're anywhere near.

5 May 2009 13:55

The Three Horseshoes, Letchmore Heath

A plesant surprise near Watford, this village-style pub is pleasant, quiet and has a great garden. Loads of parking and excellent food (or you could have a curry at the Hari Krishna place nearby). On the downside the beer isn't that great and they sometiems don't wash the glasses properly, so it's more of an eatery than a drinkers' pub.

Worth a lunchtime stopover.

5 May 2009 08:54

The Cawdor Tavern, Cawdor

If you're visiting Culloden battlefield or even just drivign south from Inverness, this is a pub well worth stopping at. Some of the best bar meals I've had in Scotland have been here, their beer is very well kept and the reception is always hospitable.

My last visit saw off a pint of Cairngorm at the right temperature soaked up by a truly delicious, freshly cooked pasta. I will continue to come here when I'm passing.

1 May 2009 08:18

The Bell Inn, Wylye

This traditional village pub was warm, welcoming and friendly, and had two beers on - Hidden Quest and Hidden Pleasure. Both were superb and I wish I could have stayed for more. As this pub is within spitting distance of the A303 it is well worth stopping here when heading to the West Country, although I wouldn't want to see anyone with a caravan drivign through this narrow, quiet village.

One of the best pubs in this area serving soem of the best local beer. Now definitely on my list of must-visit-agains.

30 Apr 2009 08:50

The Half Moon Inn, Sherborne

I'd say below avergare. Disinterested staff, no real ale (and what was on was tasteless), unappetizing food. What is potentially a great pub - it has all the facilities, the setting, the location and the cutomer base - is nothing more than a mediocrity catering for the disinterested tourist wanting fast food and rehydration. The place lets down the town as a whole and I agree that walking another 60 seconds to the Plume or 2 mins to the Digby Tap is a far better option.

29 Apr 2009 10:31

The Plume of Feathers, Sherborne

On a lunchtime visit I found this pub to be friendly, quiet and homely. My pint of Henry was very well kept and served politely and with no fuss, although the barmaid was clearly not that experienced. The yoof at the bar who spoke to me was clearly wondering why a stranger would want to drink in his local, but he was friendly enough (I believe that in less enlightened times most villages in this part of the world had a specific appointment reserved for people with his qualifications and personal qualities).

All in all, a pelasant lunchtime experience in a proper, traditional town pub which I would happily repeat.

If you enjoy a decent pint in unpretentious surroundings, don't be put off by previous adverse comments - try this yourself.

29 Apr 2009 09:27

The Anderson, Fortrose

Ok, I will add. 45 bottled European beers, most of them excellent. Five British ales on handpumps. Gourmet food (the landlord's wife, who trained in Boston and is a qualified chef (I think he said she's been Michelin starred. I assume that means she cooks a good meal, rather than been run over by a certain brand of tyre). An amazing jukebox with real music rather than the crap dished out by S, A and W and their unworthy successors.

The building itself is a quaint neo-Gothic delight and the landlord is superb at his job. Coming here is one of the most enjoyable things you can do in the Inverness area. This is imho the best pub in Scotland, was Highland CAMRA POTY recently and stands as a model to other pubs.

29 Apr 2009 09:08

The Bird In Hand, Stafford

A great town pub, sadly out on its own becasue of so many closures. I had a very well kept pint of Bass Premium and an even better one of Wells's Bombardier.

This pub is well worth seeking out and I shall make a point of comign back here. Good luck to the new landlord.

28 Apr 2009 08:52

The Barford Inn, Barford St Martin

I have to agree with the previous poster. Unwelcoming, no atmospher. Disinterested landlord. Add the that £3.30 for a pint of Hopping Hare (although it was a decent pint, to be fair) and you have somewhere not worth stopping at.

When I asked the landlord why it was so expensive he told me it was because Hare is very strong (it's only 4.5%abv, btw).

I can't be bothered to go back, and there are other, cheaper pubs not too far away.

27 Apr 2009 09:10

Picture House, Stafford

As you enter towards the bar, the building is quite spectacular. Although a JDW, the beer was excellent and was at the right temperature. Six ales on - I had Hanck Oermann's Flying Dutchman and Marston's Old Boss - both superb pints.

Entertainment was provided by the local Constabulary which very thoughtfully sent seven officers - two of them armed - and three paramedics to look after a lady who was having a fit (and we wonder why we pay so much tax).

Didn't try the food so can't comment, but I do agree with earlier posters that the service was poor - mostly untrained staff, though there was one barman on who knew what he was doing.

If you're in Stafford, this pub os well worth a visit.

24 Apr 2009 07:20

The Black Horse, Salisbury

What could be a lovely country pub isn't. The building is an old forge just outside Salisbury in pleasant contryside well off the main road, has a large garden and large traditional bars. It used to be, many years ago, a great local but in the last five years has become just another run-down business on the point of failure. The staff are unfriendly to the point of rudeness, they don't keep their beer that well and the food is overpriced for what it is - pub grub with an attitude. On my last visit I was presented with a Ringwood Past-its-Best.

It really isn't worth the walk/cycle from Salisbury, and if your in a car, carry on to the Winterbourne Arms or the Earl of Normanton.

21 Apr 2009 08:47

The Crown, Salisbury

A quiet village pub well off the beaten track. Old building with a friendly atmoshpere, very well-placed for walkers and cyclists using the by-way. Two hand pumps, but one had just gone off when I visited. The other had a decent pint of Ringwood on.

Does not open Sunday nights.

20 Apr 2009 09:38

Hootananny, Inverness

Lively town centre pub. Regular music venue, especially for traditional Highland music, often with a modern twist (think Red Hot Chilli Pipers and you've got the idea). Serves Black Isle beers - Red Kite and Honey Heather were both devine.

You can't come to Inverness and not have a pint here.

17 Apr 2009 09:26

Queens Arms, Salisbury

Unpretentious pub with a great atmosphere and 4 ales on handpumps. Sadly the Hobgoblin was past its best, but it was replaced without any argument. The Ringwood Best which replaced it was well kept and enjoyable. Friednly bar staff, good banter with the locals and a welcoming environment make this a decent pub to which I will return with pleasure.

16 Apr 2009 09:12

The Porton Hotel, Salisbury

New tenant has taken on a failing Enterprise pub and tried to trun it around. At present it is shabby because of years of neglect. However it has the potential to be a real gem - an impressive Victorian house which was originally the hotel serving the Porton railway station (now defunct) with a skittle alley, small garden and guest accommodation, 3 large bar rooms and ample parking. Restaurant meals are served.

There are currently 3 ales on, and the landlord intends to develop this side first. I had a pint of Summer Lightning which was beautifully kept. I will keep visiting without any qualms.

15 Apr 2009 09:40

The Wrekin Inn, Telford

New landlord is trying to make this a real ale drinker's paradise and is well on the way to achieving that. Spartan decor, but 8 good ales on and a good social and entertainment programme planned, including "Meet teh Brewer" events. I tried the Holden's Gold and Titanic Steerage, both superbly kept and thoroughly enjoyable. I will definitely make a point of coming back next time I'm in Telford.

14 Apr 2009 14:38

The Cuckoo Inn, Hamptworth

Multiple beers (I think I counted 14), good food, lovely old building, warm welcome and a calm beer-drinking atmoshpere. This pub is excellent by any standard and I agree with previous comments about it rivalling the best pubs in England. Was Salisbury CAMRA's POTY last year I believe, and deservedly so. A must if you're in the New Forrest.

14 Apr 2009 11:40

The Kings Head, Salisbury

Typical of JDW's bad points - it took 20 minutes to get served even though it wasn't busy (poorly trained and disinterested bar staff). Other people had waited longer. The beer was a good price ((£1.99 for Box steam Brewery's "Dark and Handsome"), but cheap isn't always a good thing - sadly this otherwise fine beer was served much too cold. Not my first choice of pub in Salisbury which has very many better places.

14 Apr 2009 08:47

The White Lion, Wellington

Superb traditional pub in the town centre. A genuine welcome, interesting and friendly conversation with locals and bar staff, a decent enough pint (Titanic Iceberg - went down well), though with only 2 choices on (teh other was Landlord) I tend to agree it won't make GBG.

Remains my prefered pub in this part of town.

27 Mar 2009 09:08

Wellington Arms, Wellington

Beer was poor, too cold and to frothy (to quote the Courage ads, I prefer to put cream on my strawberries). There was no welcome and no interest in our custom. Not a great place.

27 Mar 2009 09:04

The Pheasant Inn, Wellington

Pretty awful - no ale, scabby interrior, scabby clientele, unfriendly welcome, intimidating atmosphere, hint of malfeasance in the air. I would avoid like the plague.

26 Mar 2009 16:46

The Cock Hotel, Wellington

Six ales on, all reasonably priced. I had Ironbridge Gold and Wye Valley HPA, both superbly kept. An excellent real ale pub well worth making the effort to find.

26 Mar 2009 16:41

The Five Bells, Nether Wallop

The pub has now reopened. Mrs A went there this Monday and said the food was ok (but not brilliant), but she couldn't remember what beer was on. I'll visit there myself next time I'm passing and comment properly.

25 Mar 2009 14:31

The Green Dragon, Alderbury

Tottonfemale's profile and other comments put her comment in context: when she says "boring", she means no karaoke, tv screens or live music.

This pub provides excellent food at a reasonable price, is used by locals and visitors alike and serves well-kept beer. I had a very good pint of Hoppy Hare (H&W not usually my first choice, but this was great). The welcome is warm and the conversation friendly.

If you're coming into Salisbury from Southampton, it's well worth the 2 mile detour to eat or drink here.

23 Mar 2009 11:24

The Peat Spade, Longstock

An excellent up-market pub with fantastic (if pricey) food, very friendly and welcoming staff and reasonable beer. There were 3 ales on when we went. The Youngs I had was a little past its best but still drinkable. The clientele was a friendly and sociable mixture and ranged from faces seen on tv to locals, yet eveyone received the same great welcome and service.

Would happily eat and drink here anytime.

23 Mar 2009 11:14

Crystal Palace, Glasgow

I have to admit I'm beginning to change my views on JDW pubs - they're getting better. Although the venue is like an aircraft hanger, it has a good atmosphere and the staff seem to know what they're doing. My pint of Kelburn's Carte Blanche was properly poured by an enthusiastic barman who made sure I go the right amount, and it only cost £1.78. I'll happily come back here next time I'm catching a train out of Glasgow.

20 Mar 2009 11:40

Old Castle Inn, Salisbury

Even by Harvester standards this is dire. The food was barely edible, the lovely old building has been turned into a plastic haven for the soulless, the barman was indifferent and unfriendly (got very stressed about the fact that he didn't have the right change and seemed to want me to waive it), the background noise was courtesy of Stock, Aitken and Waterman with hints of Gunatanamo Bay, while the beer:

I was presented with an ice-cold glass (a short measure, I add) of putrid brown liquid claiming to be Old Speckled Hen but tasting nothing like any kind of beer I've ever had before. Too cold, too fizzy, too acidic.

This place is an insult to the historic edifice after which it is named and must be avoided by anyone with taste buds, music lovers or a sense of history.

20 Mar 2009 09:58

The Bridge Inn, Upper Woodford

Slightly odd modernisation of the restaraunt/dining area, but it seems to work. Food was well prepared and presented and tasted fantastic but was expensive. Three ales on - Wadworth's 6X was OK but not the best I've had. Definately happy to spend an evening here.

17 Mar 2009 08:34

London Hotel, Southampton

Seems like an normal town pub, and I didn't have realised it was a gay bar until I read the comment below, but it does explain the 2 transvestites sitting in the corner. No real ale on when we visited, but the rugby was on telly, the beer was cold and the crisps were good so it was enjoyable afternoon. I wouldn't deliberately avoid, but there is better beer within a few minutes' walk.

16 Mar 2009 14:18

Radnor Arms, Nunton

A very friendly village pub just off the A36. Limited beer selction (only 2 on, both Badger) but well kept and the barmaid knows what she's doing. Food looked good and was a reasonable price.Well worth finding if you're coming into Salisbury from the south.

16 Mar 2009 14:08

The Market Inn, Salisbury

Two ales on, my pint of Oakleaf Bitter was well-kept and served at the right temperature. Food was good value for money, being both cheap and well-cooked. Staff were friendly and showed great patience with the irritatingly loud tourists.

Although not brilliant, this is a good town centre pub I'd be happy to drink in.

6 Feb 2009 16:55

The Chough, Salisbury

Six ales on, all from Hidden Brewery - is this Hidden's first tied house? Food was ok, live music wasn't too obtrusive, the wonderful medieval building rambles making it seem much larger than it appears from outside, but the beer really made it great. The Hidden Pint was superb and the Hidden Potential was first class. Sadly, the Hidden Depths was a bit off, but I'm hoping that's an anomoly.

Well worth spending an evening here.

5 Feb 2009 09:58

The Kings Head, Chitterne

This pub appears to be closed at the moment. It's all locked up and there's a For Sale sign outside.

5 Feb 2009 09:54

The Yew Tree, Odstock

This pub has gone bankrupt and is currently closed.

31 Jan 2009 10:34

The Whole Hog, Malmesbury

An accidental find and a very fortuitous one. Five ales, one cider and good food. I had the Archer's Best and wished I could have stayed for more. A lovely town-centre pub well worth dropping in. You feel a bit like a goldfish in the front window, which is directly on the market square, but otherwise it's just what a pub should be.

22 Jan 2009 15:23

The Duck Inn, Laverstock

This is a village-type pub on the edge of a big town (Salisbury). It seems to be a mixture of traditional village pub (the working kind, not the chocolate-box musuem prefered by so many second-homers) and town pub, but for some reason it seems to work. Good cheap, no-nonsense food, 4 ales on (I tried Hopback Crop Circle and GFB, both excellent) and they clean the pumps properly (I saw them do it).

Well worth a visit.

22 Jan 2009 11:15

The Five Bells, Nether Wallop

This pub appears to be closed. Talking to a local, it seems it's been having trouble for a while.

20 Jan 2009 16:17

The British Grenadier, Colchester

Thank you Love_Good_Ale for recommending this to me. A decent town-centre pub with good beer and a no-nonsense approach. Just what a pub should be. Well worth coming in, and I'll certainly be back.

15 Jan 2009 11:47

The Rose and Crown Hotel, Colchester

A good pint of Adnams in a quiet, comfortable pub. Older than average clientele gave it a slightly sombre atmosphere btu I wouldn't mind comign back to eat some time. Nice porcelain.

13 Jan 2009 10:00

The Hospital Arms, Colchester

Some good beers on, well kept (I didn't think it was too cold as described below) and thoroughly enjoyed. The pub is a little bland and nondescript, but the welcome was warm and the barman was friendly. I'll definitely be back.

13 Jan 2009 09:27

The Odd One Out, Colchester

Cider was very good, but the reception was very hostile and the barmaid was extremely rude. Don't these people want drinkers to return? I won't be.

12 Jan 2009 09:37

The Fox and Fiddler, Colchester

Excellent beer (Mighty Oak, well kept and well served), and I didn't think it was more expensive than anywhere else. Too many over-loud squaddies for it to be a comfortable drink though. Maybe it's better at lunchtime.

9 Jan 2009 12:41

The Grapes, Colchester

The beer wasn't good, but it is far from being the worst I've had in Colchester. On the plus side, I got a warm welcome, good conversation and had an enjoyable evening. If they got over the real ale problem, this would be a really good pub.

8 Jan 2009 14:15

The Railway Inn, Juniper Green

An average pub with reasonable beer. Rather dull, but ok for a quiet pint on a cold afternoon. I wouldn't go out of my way to get here, so I wonder why it's in GBG when there are better pubs around?

6 Jan 2009 14:50

Planet Out, Edinburgh

Tried it out of curiosity and I can see why no-one else has posted. Dreadful beer, unfriendly staff, appalling atmosphere and over-loud crap music. One drunk kept coming up and telling us he was straight and only came in here to drink - he must be either in denial or have no idea what beer should taste like. Another place to avoid in future.

5 Jan 2009 13:06

The Lamb Inn, Hindon

A pub trying to be all things to all men and therefore not doing any of them particularly well. I was delighted to see Youngs Winter Warmer, but disappointed that it was well past its best. The food was overpriced, made worse by a "compulsory" 10% service charge. I had roast beef which was inedible, while the puds bore a remarkable resemblance to M&S's. Service was slow and impersonal. Next time I'll eat in The Angel.

22 Dec 2008 09:26

The Salisbury Arms, Salisbury

Weird. The only person in there was the bouncer (why?), the atmosphere was dead, the keg beer was well past its best. The bar staff was friendly, but that's all you can say for the place. Clearly no change since John's comment in 2003.

19 Dec 2008 17:24

Royal George Inn, Salisbury

While I had a decent enough pint of GFB, I found the pub somewhat lifeless. It's worth stopping here on a pub crawl, as it does better beer than its nearest rivals, but it's not somewhere I'd go out of my way to visit when there are better pubs not too far away.

18 Dec 2008 12:51

White Hart, Shifnal

A bit dead, but the food was OK and the pint of Ludlow was most enjoyable. Worth dropping in if you're passing, but I'm not sure I'd come out here too often.

17 Dec 2008 09:35

Station Hotel, Oakengates

A good variety of very well kept ales. The Gravitas was excellent. A great place to spend a quiet afternoon's drinking.

16 Dec 2008 12:52

The Shakespeare Inn, Coalport

I thought the food was good value, prompt and well-cooked. That, with a decent pint of Everards, made a great evening. Well worth stumbling down the suicidally steep hill from the Golf Club to find.

16 Dec 2008 12:47

The Wrens Nest, Ketley

This is an uninspiring building with a theme-type bar, no real beer and a back room full of odd people - some kind of fetish party seemed to be going on. Locals were friendly enough, but it isn't somewhere I'd make the effort to go back to - there are much better pubs within a few minutes' walk.

16 Dec 2008 08:39

The Old Inn, Allington

New tenants have taken over this pub [in October 08], the fifth tenants in 4 years. They now produce extremely good food at a reasonable price, and the pint of Otter I had was very well kept and the welcome was sincere and warm. I hope they are more successful than the last people and that their plans to expand the real ale side work out. Well worth seeking out (it's not hard to find), and I shall certainly go their again despite it being so close to 4 other excellent pubs.

15 Dec 2008 11:11

Duke of Wellington, Southampton

Another excellent pub worth finding in Sothampton. A superb pint of 6X, failry good food and interesting conversation with strange (in both senses of the word) people made for a good relaxing evening. I will definitely come back here and might even bring the wife.

12 Dec 2008 09:54

The Wellington Arms, Southampton

I found this pub by chance, and what a good find it was. Excellent beer (very well kept Ringwood OT), an interesting mix of customers and a warm welcome. Will definitely seek this place out next time I'm down this way.

12 Dec 2008 09:47

The Frog and Frigate, Southampton

This was a huge disappointment. I came here back in the 80s when David Welsh (until recently MD of Ringwood Brewery) owned it and brewed on the premises, and it was fantastic then. Now, the barman doesn't even know it used to be a brew pub, the beer is dreadful (over-cold HSB from a CO2 pump - another blasphemy) and the clientele rather uncivilised - yob culture and mediocrity have ruined one of Southampton's best pubs. This establishment should now be put out of its misery.

12 Dec 2008 09:43

The Pot Still, Glasgow

Tried to sell us short measures, but after a “quiet word” produced a full – and rather delicious – pint of Phoenix Old Oak. This would be a lovely little pub if the barman was a bit more hospitable.

10 Dec 2008 09:17

The State Bar, Glasgow

The noise from the fruit machines and Sky TV made conversation difficult, though the Jennings Cocker Hoop was very drinkable – far better than the Elgood's Pageant, which was past its best. A mixed sort of place, but worth a try.

10 Dec 2008 09:15

The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

A basic, unmemorable pub. The beer was drinkable, the company was uninspiring (talking crap about football) and the pub was generally - nice. Neither good nor bad.

9 Dec 2008 09:24

Scott's, Edinburgh

Not bad for a Rose Street pub, but the jukebox was much too loud, so I left after one pint of well-kept Deuchres.

8 Dec 2008 09:05

The Starbank Inn, Edinburgh

I found the pub a bit funereal, but the cask lager was good, as well as being uncommon. Worth dropping in for a (very) quiet pint or if you just want to meditate in solemn quietude. Maybe it's busier in the evenings?

8 Dec 2008 09:02

McCowans Brewhouse, Edinburgh

A pleasant pint of 80 Shilling, but the pub (if you can call it that) is rather soulless. Over-loud rock music, dull food, but that shouldn't put you off dropping in for a quick pint if you're heading out of Edinburgh.

5 Dec 2008 08:38

The Malt and Hops, Leith

I should, of course, have said the better of the 2 GBG pubs in Leith...

5 Dec 2008 08:33

The Old Dock Bar, Leith

I found this place very false, the beer was only average and I don't think it's worth walking past the Malt and Hops to come here. I was here at lunchtime, though, so maybe it's better in the evening.

4 Dec 2008 16:41

The Malt and Hops, Leith

Agree with the point about not using sufficiently wide range of breweries. What was on offer was good, if a little predictable, though. This is the better of the 2 pubs in Leith and I would be happy to come back in when passing.

4 Dec 2008 16:13

Leslies Bar, Edinburgh

Well worth seeking out (not that it's hard to find). Well-kept pint of Deuchres, unpretentious interior, pleasant bar-staff, friendly locals. A proper drinkers' pub.

28 Nov 2008 14:13

Cloisters Bar, Edinburgh

Friendly, quiet bar with good beer and a lovely barmaid. I'm not normally a fan of Landlord, but this was veryinkable. Beer is well kept and amnbience is fine. Probaly the better of the pubs in the Brougham St area.

28 Nov 2008 08:44

Thomson's, Edinburgh

Reasonable selection of beer, quiet clientele (though no-one under 60), lots of newspapers and several satisfied drinkers. Didn't try the food btu will do next time I'm passing.

27 Nov 2008 16:21

Clarks Bar, Edinburgh

I see what you mean about the murals. Above average pub, good beer, worth dropping in. I'd be happy to come back for an evening's libation.

27 Nov 2008 16:17

The Cask and Barrel, Edinburgh

A pretty average pub. Unmemorable beer, lack of atmosphere, but no reason not to come back, I suppose. It isn't good and it isn't bad.

27 Nov 2008 09:39

Bennet's Bar, Edinburgh

Wonderful interior ruined by an oversize tv screen. Beer was fine though, and plenty of lively conversation about the footie. Well worth dropping in on your way past. OK pint of Deuchres.

26 Nov 2008 16:16

The Barony Bar, Edinburgh

Interesting interior (especially the tiles), pleasant enough pub with decent beer. Nice to pop in for a quiet beer while in that part of town.

25 Nov 2008 16:20

The Phoenix Inn / Morgans Bar, Inverness

Only one ale on - Black Isle Bitter,but it was excellent. Food was good, and the chef was friendly. Doesn't mattetr that it's a bit shabby - it's a very good town centre pub and I'd be very happy to eat and drink there again.

20 Nov 2008 10:20

The Moray Bar, Inverness

Pretty average sort of pub. No decent beer, but a friendly atmosphere and good banter with the locals. OK to drop in and talk about the footie and have a laugh with the hens.

20 Nov 2008 10:16

Winstons, Edinburgh

The pies are OK, and the beer's good too. A succesful visit and one I would happily repeat if passing by. Better win the raffle next time, though.

18 Nov 2008 12:55

The Fluke Inn, Inverness

To explain my previous comment - badly cooked food, tasteless beer, loud unpleasant customers, unwelcoming staff, tatty decor, hostile reception - that about does it.. It really wasn;t worth making the effort.

18 Nov 2008 12:36

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

Almightylala - first, an apology. I had written down the meal timings for the Florence, which was the pub above yours in GBG07, so I was wrong to think you do food til 8.30. A mistake on my part. It was definitely the right pub, though, as we had walked half way across town to find you and I remember the address.

What that doesn't alter, though, was that we were told in a fairly offhand way that food was stopping in 10 minutes so we couldn't have any. The jostling did occur, and while I appreciate it may have been accidental, there was no apology or acknowledgement from the person involved.

In fairness, then, next time I'm in Portstmouth I will come in and try your food and hopefully be a bit more positive afterwards.

18 Nov 2008 10:18

The Last Drop, Edinburgh

Can't agree with some previous posts. The beer (Deuchres IPA) was acceptable, the staff were fine. A pleasant way to spend an evening. The chalked messages above the urinals were amusing. A great place to go when the White Hart's live " music" makes conversation impossible.

18 Nov 2008 00:43

The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

A great pub, cosy, unpretentious, superb beer. Sandwiches and pies, so great at lunchtimes. Landlord is a bit dour, bu tyou can put up with that for such good ale (a pint of Freoch Heather Ale never goes amiss).

ANther one of those I always try to visit when in Auld Reekie.

15 Nov 2008 13:13

The Standing Order, Edinburgh

I have to say - as a non-JDW fan - that this pub is very good. 8 ales on, and the 2 I had were well-kept, particularly the Red Rogue. Less than £2 a pint too. I didn't eat but the food looked well prepared and was reasonably priced. Lovely building, too. I would be happy to come back.

14 Nov 2008 09:39

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

I was highly disappointed with this pub, especially as I had made a point of travelling right across town to get here. GBG says food served until 8.30pm, we arrived at 7.50 and were told we were too late to order, even though the fat-splasher was still in the kitchen. Then I was jostled by another customer, who knocked my pint over and refused to apologise, let alone replace it.

The beer (Copperhead) was OK, but nothing special. Another pub with an undeserved reputation for excellence, and one to which I won't be returning in a hurry.

13 Nov 2008 13:35

The Old Customs House, Portsmouth

A very styilish and well-done conversion of an old naval builing (from when Gun Wharf was part of HMS Nelson) into an airy pub-restaurant.

I hate to say it, but a good pint of Fullers. Well worth dropping into if you're shopping at Gun Wharf.

13 Nov 2008 13:17

The Bridge Tavern, Portsmouth

A pleasant find in Portmouth. A superb pint of HSB; sadly there were only Fullers beers on, and given the choice I wouldn't normally drink them after their treatment of Gales, but if there's no choice. But it tasted good anyway. I had a really delicious, if slightly unusual, pork fillet with some kind of stuffing. The bar staff were very knowledgeable and friendly. Overall, good value and an enjoyable experience.

13 Nov 2008 13:14

Mitre, Edinburgh

Two real ales on, but otherwise an unremarkable pub. The beer was OK but not brilliant - I had a Deuchres IPA which wasn't a patch on the one I had recently in Milne's Bar. Take it or leave it.

13 Nov 2008 09:51

Milnes Bar, Edinburgh

I was pleasantly surprised to find this place. The food was good value, and I had the best pint of Deuchres IPA ever. The downstairs bar has a better atmosphere than the upstairs one, mainly because the Rose Street drunks don't get down that far.

The only real criticism I have is the juke box which mars an otherwise pleasant experience.

If you only go to one Rose Street pub, make it this one.

12 Nov 2008 08:51

The Bothy Bar, Fort Augustus

Don't bother coming here when the Lock Inn is so close. This place has barely drinakable beer and the food looked a bit dodgy. The locals aren't the friendliest either.

10 Nov 2008 13:35

Lock Inn, Fort Augustus

Excellent food, a warm fire, talkative friendly locals and great beer. I'd happily go back to this great pub which is a good place to stop if you're travelling down the Great Glen.

10 Nov 2008 13:33

The Benleva Hotel, Drumnadrochit

I got a really warm wlecome having made a lo of effort to get here. The beer was absolutely magic, didn't eat and I agree the decor is basic - but what theHell, I went there to drink real beer, nto admire the soft furnishings.

Most definitely worth a visit and I will certainly go back.

10 Nov 2008 13:29

The Clachnaharry Inn, Clachnaharry

I tend to agree with rwmarsh and copnorsteve in that this pub has a reputation it doesn't deserve any more. The beer I had was OK and the food was good. The TV screens were really annoying and the service was indifferent, though.

I am told that the previous landlord is now in the Castle Tavern in Inverness, which could explain why that pub is now much better than this one. I would go back for both the food and the beer, but there are better places nearby.

10 Nov 2008 13:24

The Clachnaharry Inn, Clachnaharry

I tend to agree with rwmarsh and copnorsteve in that this pub has a reputation it doesn't deserve any more. The beer I had was OK and the food was good. The TV screens were really annoying and the service was indifferent, though.

I am told that the previous landlord is now in the Castle Tavern in Inverness, which could explain why that pub is now much better than this one. I would go back for both the food and the beer, but there are better places nearby.

10 Nov 2008 13:24

The Station Hotel, Avoch

No real ale, dreadful Eurofizz from freezing taps. Decent bacon sandwich though. The interior was scruffy and unwlecoming, and the locals seemed to think that I was from another planet - one where people in pubs look older than 13, maybe. Not worth stopping off at unless you're really desparate.

10 Nov 2008 13:18

The Plough, Rosemarkie

The Trade Winds was excellent, the barman friendly and the food smelt great. Log fire was brilliant. Didn't eat as I was in a hurry to get to Anderson's, but I would happiliy go back.

10 Nov 2008 13:16

The Claremont Bar, Edinburgh

Very dull, full of strange people, beer very poor quality.

10 Nov 2008 10:16

The Burke and Hare, Edinburgh

Girls were ok to look at but weren't dancing when I went in - told me they were waiting for the next shift to come in at 7pm. The beer was predictably rubbish, and only plastic glasses were availble. I don't suppose I will go back.

10 Nov 2008 10:13

The Avon Brewery Inn, Salisbury

Good cheap food, decent portions. Beer is well kept and enjoyable. A good town centre pub.

7 Nov 2008 12:59

The Frankenstain Pub, Edinburgh

The only thing monstrous about this place is the beer, which is clrealy one of the eponymous (or would be if spelt correctly) Doctor's rejected potions.

That said the food was good value for money. It was well cooked and tasty and fairly cheap. And it's a real bonus that students can eat cheaply there. As for the decor, it is good clean fun, and although the novelty wears off, their target market (students, hens, stags etc) has a good venue.

7 Nov 2008 09:13

The Brunswick Lounge, Edinburgh

Now called The Brunswick Bar, this place has been gutted and is now soulless. The locals were rude and obnoxious amd the service was hostile. The beer was awful at best - they even managed to make Belhaven taste bad.

Really not worth makng the effort for.

7 Nov 2008 09:08

The New Inn, Salisbury

Why would anyone want to drink in here now that all the other pubs are non-smoking? Its beers are overpriced, the food is average, the service is indifferent and there's no hint of welcome as you enter - it seems non-regular customers are a bit of an inconvenience to the staff.

Unless you really are interested in looking at the Cathedral from the garden, or you just want to appreciate the lovely medieval building, it's well worth walking the extra 200 yards to the Wig and Quill or Old Ale house, depending which way you're going.

6 Nov 2008 14:14

Wig and Quill, Salisbury

OK, so it's not the most expensive pub in Salisbury - that title goes to the New Inn by a large margin.

6 Nov 2008 14:08

The Crown Inn, Salisbury

The current landlord has been in for 2 years now, and has turned an unfriendly, unwelcoming hovel into a fantastic pub with excellent restaurant food and a great range of wines. The building is warm and homely and this pub, being at the top of the Bourne Valley, is a great place to stop if you're driving down the A303. What a pity it is so close to the Malet Arms, Earl of Normanton and Winterbourne Arms - we're spoilt for choice in that area.

6 Nov 2008 13:21

Whistle Binkies, Edinburgh

Late-night opening, average beer, a band that was more white noise than music. I really don't care about toilets (Who on Earth does? I'd rather talk about the beer).

A pretty average town bar, but OK as far as it goes.

6 Nov 2008 09:52

The Rose and Crown, Bulford

Ok sort of pub, but the combination of limited beer and too many loud squaddies (are there any other kind?) didn't do it for me. Convenient if you happen to be stuck in Bulford (and the Kiwi is a complete non-starter) but I wouldn't make the effort to come here.

5 Nov 2008 11:54

The All Nations, Madeley

Brew pubs are always great value for money and this one is no exception. Excellent beer, warm reception and nto spoilt by its proximity to a tourist trap.

More please.

5 Nov 2008 11:50

The Samuel Peto, Folkestone

Yet again, weatherspoons has managed to take good beer and ruin it. If I wanted something freezing cold I'd drink cider.

Fully agree with 5thearlofWimbourne's comments about turd-polishing.

5 Nov 2008 11:41

The Guildhall, Folkestone

Another good pub in Folkestone town centre. Now I'm spoilt. Definately deserves a 6/10.

5 Nov 2008 11:38

The British Lion, Folkestone

A nice town centre bolt hole with good beer and food. I'd be happy to come back any time.

5 Nov 2008 11:35

The Ship Inn, Sandgate

Another good Kentish pub with great beer and friendly locals. I was greeted like a long-lost friend (never met any of them before) and was sorry to leave.

Who cares about the seats and bogs in a pub like this? If you're more interested in comfort than good beer, go to a Weatherspoons.

5 Nov 2008 11:34

The Chambers, Folkestone

Really loved the chilli - the level 5 was tasty without being too hot for comfort. Well-kept beer, cheery staff, great atmosphere. I agree with the earlier 9/10 comment.

5 Nov 2008 11:30

East Cliff Tavern, Folkestone

What an absolute gem! This pub is stuck in a time warp and is what a good, old-fashioned local pub should be. No frills, just good beer and amazingly good company. The locals are extremely welcoming (I think they find strangers a bit of a novelty) and the landlord was great company. An absolute must if you're in that part of Kent.

5 Nov 2008 11:28

The Steading, Hillend

Very friendly, excellent deep-fried haggis,reasonable beer. Waitress was a bit dippy. Shame about the pile of fag-ends by the door, though. But well worth going to if you're using the dry ski slope.

5 Nov 2008 10:08

The Auld Hoose, Edinburgh

Didn't see any Goths -maybe all the students trying to win the pub quiz put them off. Good beer, nice pub. Must try the food some time. The barman was a bit scary. Will def go back.

5 Nov 2008 10:05

The Regent, Edinburgh

Bears? WTF? Beer was good, WiFi worked. it had more of a private club atmosphere than a pub one though. Not my cup of tea.

4 Nov 2008 14:23

The Anderson, Fortrose

What can I add to the previous posts? This is the best pub in Scotland. What's gone wrong with the Scottish pub industry? Why do we need an American to show us how it should be done? Ach!

4 Nov 2008 14:19

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

Without doubt the best pub in Edinburgh and the second best in Scotland. What more can I say?

4 Nov 2008 14:17

The Horseshoe Bar, Glasgow

Very noisy but a good pint. Door was obstructed by smokers - when will they stop littering the streets?

I didn't get the chance to eat here, but it's on my list-of-things-to-do-next-time-I'm-in-Glasgow.

4 Nov 2008 14:13

The Bon Accord, Glasgow

Short measures, beer not well kept. Not my first choice in Gleska.

4 Nov 2008 14:10

The Babbity Bowster, Glasgow

IMHO, the best pub in Glasgow. The owner's brand of humour adds to the experience, the food is good value (one man's sensible portion is another's oversized gluttenous splodge) and the beer excellent.

I don't agree about the Blackfriars' being better - I prefer BB every time.

4 Nov 2008 14:09

The Snow Goose, Inverness

The beer was good, but the food is possibly the worst pub meal I've ever had in Scotland. I won't be going back.

4 Nov 2008 14:03

Kings Highway, Inverness

Beer was less than average, food had the consistency and taste of cardboard, staff were rude. This is typical of Weatherspoons - take good beer, let it go off and give to a cretin with bad-breath to throw at you while you choke on food rejected by next door's cat.

Never again.

4 Nov 2008 14:01

Johnny Foxes, Inverness

The one ale they had on was dire - well past its half-life. Good music though, and a friendly welcome. A bit too friendly from one young lady....

4 Nov 2008 13:57

The Fluke Inn, Inverness

To those who say this is a crap pub - I agree.

4 Nov 2008 13:54

The Castle Tavern, Inverness

I really enjoyed the food here, staff were friendly, but I couldn't drink one of the beers. The barmaid did replace it, though, and the replacement was very good. Well worth a visit.

4 Nov 2008 13:53

The Blackfriars, Inverness

good cheap food, no pretension, excellent beer. Best pub in Inverness.

4 Nov 2008 13:52

The Winterbourne Arms, Winterbourne Dauntsey

The food here is excellent and the welcome from staff and locals alike is always warm. Watch out for Old John though - sit in his spot and the dog will get you.

A change of beers wouldn't go amiss, though. Maybe some local ones?

4 Nov 2008 13:48

The Malet Arms, Newton Tony

Noel keeps a superb pub with excellent beers. There are always local beers on and usually one from Stonehenge Ales, the nearest brewery.

My only comment is that the food, while very good, is expensive for what it is.

4 Nov 2008 13:45

The Earl of Normanton, Idmiston

The beer here is always of the highest quality, and the food is excellent value for money. This is one of the best pubs in Wiltshire and is a must if you're travelling down the Bourne Valley. The only downside is that it's so close to the Winterbourne Arms, making for a difficult choice if you're looking to eat.

4 Nov 2008 13:41

The Black Horse, Great Durnford

Great place to eat, drink and be merry. Well worth seeking out. Beer and food are top quality, but beware your mobile phone - if it goes off, you're likely to find it deep-fried.

4 Nov 2008 13:38

The Wyndham Arms, Salisbury

This is my pub of choice in Salisbury.

First class beer, welcoming and quaint.

The perfect town pub.

4 Nov 2008 13:35

Wig and Quill, Salisbury

Is this the most expensive pub in Salisbury?

Beer was OK, but you can get better cheaper in many other Salisbury pubs. I am still happy to drink here, though.

4 Nov 2008 13:33

The Village, Salisbury

Why this obsession with toilets? I go to pubs to drink beer, not compare the qualities of porcelain and stainless steel fittings.

I've never had a bad pint here in many years, the landlord and his staff are always friendly and they'll always let you have a taster if you ask.

This is a proper locals' pub, and thoroughyl deserves its good repuation and previous POTY awards.

Keep it up, Joe!

4 Nov 2008 13:31

The Rai D'Or, Salisbury

Always a good pint, food is superb and reasonably priced, very friendly and welcoming.

4 Nov 2008 13:24

The Old Ale House, Salisbury

I like this pub - beer is always decent, the clientele is mixed. It's a good place to hide in when you want to escape from the wife.

4 Nov 2008 13:22

Greyfisher, Salisbury

Dreadful. Off beer, cardboard food, stroppy staff, screaming children, obnoxious locals - ugh. The only good thing about it is that it keeps lowlifes out of the good pubs in Salisbury - maybe that's why it's outside the City.

4 Nov 2008 13:19

Deacons, Salisbury

A real gem - a proper drinker's pub. Good beer, welcoming atmosphere, no nonsense, what more can you ask for?

4 Nov 2008 13:14

The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

Excellent range of beers, and I always make a point of having one there when I'm in Edinburgh.

The only irritation is the smug barman (the fat balding one) who isn't as clever as he likes to think he is.

Oh, and it's a whisky drinker's paradiise too.

4 Nov 2008 13:07

The Hole in the Wall, Colchester

The beer and cider were good, but the staff were extremely rude and I have no intention of ever going back.

4 Nov 2008 12:43

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