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BITE user comments - E.L.Wisty

Comments by E.L.Wisty

The Murderers, Norwich

I called in with my wife and step-daughter this afternoon for a bite to eat. The food arrived after twenty-five minutes: my bacon and brie baguette was lukewarm, with the brie barely grilled; my wife's stew was hot but tasteless and the mashed potato was cold. In fairness, my stepdaughter's toastie was okay, the beer was fine and the barman offered me a drink on the house, but by then we'd had enough. Wouldn't go back.

14 Dec 2013 17:35

The Hare and Hounds Hotel, Aspull

Closed and delicensed.

17 Feb 2013 22:14

The Queen's Head, Aspull

Closed and boarded up.

17 Feb 2013 22:13

Colliers Arms, Wigan

A cosy little pub which never seems very busy these days, which is a pity. Sadly, the only real ale available is the doggedly unexciting Courage Best. Would visit the pub more often but for this, and still preferable to the soulless Crown Hotel down the road.

17 Feb 2013 22:11

Commercial Inn, Aspull

Closed and boarded up. Awaiting demolition as far as I know.

17 Feb 2013 22:08

The Rams Head, Disley

We called in for something to eat, but had a quick half to wash our meal down with. Thwaites Nutty Black (just 3.4% ABV) weighed in at an eye-watering £3.40 a pint. Perhaps this is what one can expect to pay in this part of Cheshire. The cheese duo starter, however, was lovely.

17 Feb 2013 22:03

The Wheatsheaf, Wigan

I ought to use this pub more often than I do: the bus stops at the bottom of my street and drops me off outside the pub. The beer is always well-kept, the interior is clean and the bar staff friendly. Nice clientele, too. Well worth a visit.

5 Feb 2013 20:14

Ye Olde Fleece Inn, Kendal

Quite a nice place mid-week in the early evening. A good pint of Landlord and although there was piped music in the background, it didn't offend. would happily go back.

5 Feb 2013 20:05

Black Swan Hotel, Kendal

Quite a nice pub with a friendly barmaid serving a very good pint of Ringwood Fortyniner (not normally one of my favourite ales). The clientele at around six on a Wednesday evening was reassuringly middle-aged and polite. It was a pity that the TV was blaring in the background - nobody was watching it - but no complaints, otherwise. Would cheerfully have stayed for another.

5 Feb 2013 20:02

The Miles Thompson, Kendal

Quite a nice place; not as faceless as your average Wetherspoons inn. On the two mid-week evenings when my wife and I called in, the beer was on very good form and the atmosphere was pleasant. One of the better pubs in Kendal.

5 Feb 2013 19:56

Burgundys Wine Bar, Kendal

Called in on a Tuesday evening. There were few customers and the decor and upholstery had seen better days. My pint was served with a very large head, but the beer was fresh and well-kept. My wife's half of ale was warm and sour, and the waft of disinfectant from the back of the pub made her nose tingle. Not sure what this pub is doing in the Good Beer Guide, really.

5 Feb 2013 19:49

The Blue Anchor, Brixham

It's a shame that a beautiful town like Brixham should have such miserable pubs. The Blue Anchor is the best, with good beer and locals who don't stare at you when you walk in. The place smells of fish and chips and the carpet is shiny with age, but it's still leagues ahead of anywhere else in town.

28 Mar 2012 09:44

The Eight Bells, Canterbury

My wife and I visit Canterbury every year and recently called in at the Eight Bells for the first time in ages. The Youngs bitter was rather warm and tired, but Wells Bombardier was the only other cask ale available. At 4.45 for a pint and a half, it was the chapest round of our three-night vacation, but considering the number of years the pub has been in the Good Beer Guide, it was a disappointment.

19 Mar 2012 20:39

The Opera House, Tunbridge Wells

One of the poorest Wetherspoon's houses we've been to: a poor selection of beers, indifferently kept; bar staff that couldn't get their heads around an order of a panini and a wrap with chips to share (we didn't get the chips). We also had breakfast here which was served lukewarm - though that isn't unusual for Wetherspoon's. There are far better pubs in town.

2 Feb 2012 09:56

Sankey's, Tunbridge Wells

My wife and I visited the town recently and thought this was the best pub in RTW. Friendly bar staff, pleasant clientele and an agreeable atmosphere. The beer can be on the cold side, though, so make sure you get near that fire.

2 Feb 2012 09:45

The Duke of York, Tunbridge Wells

A good pub, selling good beer. I don't know why my wife and I didn't go back, really.

2 Feb 2012 09:42

The Grove Tavern, Tunbridge Wells

A really good pub, packed with character and characters, with the cutest little Jack Russell Terrier we've seen in a long time. Our main crib was that the beer was a little tired - surprisingly, considering the number of people in the pub. Would definitely go back again, though.

2 Feb 2012 09:40

The Ragged Trousers, Tunbridge Wells

Loved the pub, the atmosphere and the beer. Better-than-average piped music as well. One of my favourite pubs in RTW.

2 Feb 2012 09:36

The Bull, Tunbridge Wells

My wife and I called in one late Tuesday afternoon in January; probably not the best time of the week as the pub was very quiet and the beer (Spitfire) rather tired. The decor was lurid as well. Not our favourite pub in town by a long chalk.

2 Feb 2012 09:34

The Kings Head, Llandudno

Nice pub, our favourite in Llandudno. Can get busy at weekends. Caters for a more mature clientele. Beer good rather than great.

23 Oct 2011 18:38

The Bowling Green, Wigan

Closed and up for sale for a few years now.

23 Oct 2011 18:31

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

My main gripe with the C & H concerns the opening hours. The pub is open until 23.30 on Sundays, according to the 2012 Good Beer Guide. However, when my wife and I went in at 22.45 we were told that we had to be in before 22.30 to be served. Given that the pub was empty when we popped by the following night, I'm surprised the management can be so choosy. That aside, it's a nice pub selling good beer.

18 Oct 2011 22:43

The Admiral Benbow, Shrewsbury

My wife and I spent three nights in Shrewsbury recently and visited the Benbow every night. Love the pub, love the beer, and the bar staff were pleasant and polite. Best pub in town, in our view.

18 Oct 2011 22:33

The Albert Hotel, Shrewsbury

Called in here for old times' sake because I think I had my first-ever pint of Banks's bitter in here, donkey's years ago. Banks's bitter still available, but beer good rather than great and the pub itself was a bit rough and ready with depressingly loud music for a Saturday afternoon. Wouldn't go back.

18 Oct 2011 22:26

The Artichoke, Canterbury

My wife and I spend a week in Canterbury every August and the walk to this pub is one of the highlights of the holiday. Roll on next month...

19 Jul 2009 13:28

Bird I'th' Hand, Wigan

This used to be a really good pub, but has suffered in recent years from crass refurbishment, and no longer serves the real ales for which it was once famous. A great shame.

19 Jul 2009 13:22

Brickmakers Arms, Wigan

I've been using this pub for thirty years and it never looks any different, thank God. I'm not a big fan of Thwaites Original, but the beer is served in the Brickies as good as it comes. Well worth a visit, and handy for the excellent Raj curry shop.

19 Jul 2009 13:19

Swan and Railway, Wigan

I find this pub a bit rough-and-ready these days, and don't visit as often as I did. The beer can be hit-and-miss as well, though quite competitively priced for the town centre.

19 Jul 2009 13:14

The Boulevard, Wigan

I really like this pub with its wierd and wonderful clientele, live music and groovy beer. One of the best watering holes in town for real ale. My wife tells me that the toilets pong a bit, though.

19 Jul 2009 13:11

John Bull Chophouse, Wigan

Carlurmston said it all, really. It's a pity that real ale isn't served during the week, though; otherwise I'd be in there more often.

19 Jul 2009 13:07

Moon Under Water, Wigan

The main drinking area is a bit soulless, though it's nice to sit upstairs by the Wiend entrance. Dependable beer and of course, there's always something to eat. Bar service can be slow, but only because the place is usually so busy.

19 Jul 2009 13:03

Anvil, Wigan

Wigan CAMRA Pub of the Year umpteen times, and deservedly so. Top-notch beer, competitively priced. Can get very busy, but there's always somewhere to sit, and the bar staff are prompt and polite. On the rare occasions when the beer hasn't been up to snuff, it has been changed without hesitation, unlike some pubs I could mention. If you had to visit just one pub in Wigan, then this should be it.

19 Jul 2009 12:57

Tudor House Hotel, Wigan

Groovy pub with good beer. At fifty-one, I'm probably one of the oldest punters to visit the Tudor House, but never feel out of place. Occasional live music and handy for the last bus home. One of the best pubs in Wigan.

19 Jul 2009 12:44

The Dog and Partridge, Preston

We really liked this pub. Laid-back clientele, a cracking jukebox and great beer, including a cask mild, and something for cider lovers as well. Hope to be back soon.

19 Jul 2009 12:39

The Old Vic, Preston

I went in here with my wife the other week and was served a pint of Moorhouses Blonde Witch that both looked and tasted like it came from the bottom of the barrel. When I tried to change it the chap behind the bar told me it was like that because of the cask cooler. We won't be back.

19 Jul 2009 12:34

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