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Fox & Coney Inn, South Cave

Fox closed down today, the operator company has also closed 3 other pubs. Owners looking for a new operator.

That leaves South Cave with just one pub (the Bear, opposite) and the Triton in nearby Brantingham.

9 Jun 2008 19:11

The Wheatsheaf, Hull

Andy and Di are no longer at the Wheatsheaf, more's the pity. they moved to the Altisidora at Bishop Burton. The Wheatsheaf has had a few managers but none whose name us regulars even discovered. Lounge is now pretty devoid of any atmosphere at all. Still some Jenning guest ales. Food is pretty awful the last 2 times we tried it.

23 Jan 2008 18:48

Parkers, Hull

PROMINENTLY LOCATED ON THE CORNER OF WALTON STREET, next to the new KC stadium. This has been an important drinking house for many years - it was called the Newington (aft6er the area its in) until the 70s but alwasys jknown colloquially as Parkers after an old manager from many years back.
Originally a Moors & Robsons house, then a Bass house, it was run by legendary Hull pub host Percy Johnson at that time too.
In recent years its had a reputation as a hard drinking 2 bar operation, with the usual karaoke and frequent fighting. Now closed for renovation and due to open after easter 2007. Owned by Enterprise Inns, it as a few car parking places at the back.

14 Mar 2007 11:14

The Dram Shop, Hull

Years ago this place was a pub - known usually as Wilsons Corner, some old manager I think. It was tarted up in the 1980s and went well when george Street was the place to be. Since George Street died, so has the Dram shop - was emptgy the two times I visited recently. No atmosphere, and an intimidating doorman.

10 Jan 2007 23:43

The Triton Inn, Brantingham

Been closed on and off this year a few times, but now due to reopen on 1st December, and major refurbishment planned.

19 Nov 2006 18:13

The WheelHouse, Hull

Opened as the Wheelhouse in the late 60s and was for many years a veryu classy restauarant pub. Changed identity tro 'The Parkstone' some years ago (its at the corner of Parkstone Road) and has been on the market for about a year. Now renamed the Wheelhouse, offering basic food and real ales too - Boddingtons and John Smiths on offer, but these change regularly. Good car park - children allowed up to 8pm if under control. A sleeping giant of a pub in a good area.

11 Nov 2006 00:03

The Railway Hotel, Gilberdyke

Its next door to Gilberdyke railway station, but is now boarded ujp while Punch taverns seek a new operator. (April 2006)

9 Apr 2006 23:14

The Rose and Crown Inn, Slipper Bridge

Great pint of Everards Tiger on sale in April 2006.

9 Apr 2006 23:09

The Board Inn, Howden

Looking very shabby and closed when I tried to get in today (Friday lunchtime) but I saw a new outdoor seating area at the back. Still got a pool table.

8 Apr 2006 00:43

The Haven Arms, Hedon

Out on the edge of town in peaceful setting. Almost 200 years old, at junction of several footpaths. Loads of parking space. Tables outside too. No traffic - delightful. Bar has lots of nooks and crannies - Pool, darts throw, models of Formula 1 cars (a club meets there each month). Great beer well kept.
Restaurant does cabaret at weekends, teatime food during the week, great Sunday lunches. Carvery at main meal times - always good fresh food. This is not a kids pub, its a real British pub for grown ups, been in the same family for over 10 years - and a real jewel.

22 Mar 2006 21:56

The Little John Inn, York

Tried this place on Saturday night. 10pm
Stinks of tghe gents toilet as you walk in (the door was wide open, and the toilet shyould be condemned - filthy, smelly and apparently uncleaned for years). Carpet shabby, half empty. A loud hen party in dominated the tables area.
At the bar they had run out of three key drinks, including Boddingtons and Orange Juice.
Staff were bored (but barman was keen). tatty downstairs too. Needs a lot of money spending on it.
What a waste of a great location.

19 Mar 2006 17:34

The White Horse Inn, Beverley

Much publicity recently that , due to its owner's (Sam Smiths Brewery) policy of not paying copryight for music, it cannot do weddings etc as no music performances allowed. Jazz club has gone too. Be very careful as you leave as you step straight into traffic on a busy ring road.
Its got a good go ahead licensee now (Linda) who might shake it up a bit.
(Why are gas lamps so appealling? A bit like children with rickets and beubonic plague - old doesnt always equate to good)

13 Mar 2006 20:18

The Sun Inn, Beverley

This is the centre of Beverley's folk music crowd, so look out for tank tops and foaming tankards. good well kept real ales.

13 Mar 2006 20:11

The Queens Head, Beverley

Nice comfy friendly pub. They do food both lunchtime and evenings, and its good well cooked, freshly prepared. Chef brought ours out personally - nice character. Barmaids OK too. Must be about the cheapest weve eaten out for ages too. Recommend this place highly, but wear a big coat as they never seem to have the heating on.

13 Mar 2006 20:08

Hodgsons, Beverley

Tried to eat in here twice. No luck. Last time was 6pm, but the barmaid says "We dont bother of an evening" - she suggested we try the Foresters up the road (who also were not bothering). Huge cavernous main room, probably great tmosphere when full. Good range of drinks.

13 Mar 2006 20:05

The Bay Horse, Cherry Burton

Old village local with a central bar serving a pool room, lounge (with wood buring stove) and restaurant. The latter was once one of the area's best but urgently needs redecorating. Good staff, good beers too (Banks bitter, two real ales which change often, and Kronenberg Blanc.) Has an outdoor patio wih tables and umbrellas that are sadly unusued.

13 Mar 2006 19:42

The Farm Barn, Thorngumbald

Large modern bright and shiny pub on the main Hull to Withernsea raod. All but closed most sessions.Even Friday we found the lounge shut. No food available. Big childrens room (closed). Locals told us its changing hands - maybe it shines better in the summer?

13 Mar 2006 19:35

Ye Olde Corn Exchange, Hull

Very old pub, was a popular food house a while back. used to have former Hull Kingston Rovers star Percy Johnson at the helm. Its now a msuic oriented bar on the increasingly popular Old Town ciruit.

Tabl;es and chairs disappear at night and it becomes a Live music venue three nights a week, Robbie Williams tribute artiste Rik Owen seem sto be resident there now. A Good night, great atmosphere if a buit cheap and tacky.

Clean and tidy, good service.
Notices say that they are starting Sunday lunches up shortly
Marchy 2006

13 Mar 2006 19:24

The Old English Gentleman, Hull

Old small pub sat behind the Hull New Theatre - the rooming quarters for many thespoians, whose autographed pix adorn the walls. Refurbished very tastefully, beutifully clean toilets. Cash machine in the bar. Good range of changing real ales. Lots of jazz musicians use it apparently, and firemen too (its opposite Hulls main fire station).
Real old gem of a pub

13 Mar 2006 19:19

The Kingston Hotel, Hull

Used to be an old fashioned working mens boozer, but now its part oif tghe old town circuit they have axed many opening sessions and sell lots of fizz at weekends. We thoought it has closed down as we didnt catch it open until this Saturday just gone. Packed to the rafters, so they are doing something right

13 Mar 2006 19:15

Courts Bar, Hull

Poor slow service. Dirty bar area, glasses littered with tables. Two staff idly chatting. Not at all welcoming.

13 Mar 2006 19:12

P.S.Lincoln Castle, Grimsby

We love this old boat and have been four or five times in the last 2 years - each time there has been no food available at all, and we find the vessel in a very sad condition. Needs a good clean and some charm training for the staff.

26 Feb 2006 19:41

The Tattershall Castle, Embankment

The Tatty was once one of the three ferries that plied between Hull and new holland (across the River Humber). They were the last coal burning side -paddlers in the UK, b ut they became redundant when the Humber Bridge opened.

the other 2 boats were the Wingield Castle, and the Lincoln Castle, which spent some time in Hull but is now in Grimsby Docks and open as a pub. Very m uch down at heel and run as a grubby bar - no food, hostile atmosphere, etc.

What a waste - these were magnificent boats.

26 Feb 2006 19:37

The White Horse Hotel, Hull

Typical city centre circuit pub now. i.e. a noisy teenagers bar with slow service. Staff dont care and would rather chat to pals.

Modern DJ booth and lights playing good sounds when we tried it last night. No food available.
Nice outdoor drinking area though in the old yard, probably great in Summer.

25 Feb 2006 20:56

Ketch, Willerby

The address is Great Gutter Lane, but its easier to find from the main A164 Hessle to Beverley road. Built in the late 80s, its a restaurant pub, with a nautical theme (complete with lightning and other storm effects every 20 minutes) . It was part of a big WHitbread chain. Managers were great fun and the bar part was great fun, with quizzes and etc. Also had a very popular local singer -songwriter whos has recently made the top 10 of the BBC Radio 2 Songwriters Contest, but the last couple of times we visited it has been soul-less, dead and a bit like Gods Waiting Room. Maybe it needs a manager?
Nice big car park - it has some odd neighbours (an Aldi, a synogogue and a MacDonalds!)

25 Feb 2006 20:51

The Coach and Horses, Dunswell

Was for many years the centre of the village and focus of village life. A grand old Hull Bewery pub with stables, letting rooms and dining room.
Now sold off its a chinese retauarnt - popular at the weekends , but a bit devoid of atmosphere and its not possible to simply have a drink. A lost pub.

25 Feb 2006 20:44

The Ship Inn, Dunswell

Old locals village pub that has been much modernised and extended. Now has excellent car park.
friendly staff, well kept beers (real ales, too many to remember) and good bar type food.

25 Feb 2006 20:42

The Barnes Wallis Inn, Howden

Excellent food and even better beer. They had a great barrel of Youngs on when we visited, and the ffod portions were over generous. Steaks and Mixed grills were terrific and hyge. Staff very helpful and friendly. Busy pub (it was Friday night though). Cant wait to go back.

25 Feb 2006 19:57

The Earl De Grey, Hull

The owners seem to be trying to find a buyer for this pub, which I understand is intact and almost ready to trade again.

23 Feb 2006 15:53

The Triton Inn, Brantingham

This ia a long established pub (maybe 300 years old). Its only one in Brantingham village. It sits just 100 yards from the A63, and has a huge car park, a large bar, Dining room in Scandinavian pine, plus a 100 seater restaurant (only open at weekends, but usually with great service).

Always an extensive menu and often very busy at weekends. You can take meals in the bar (a bit gloomy though) or in the lounge or the dining room.

The backlground music is usually pretty good, I wish it was a bit louder.

Worthington and John Smiths Bitters are nothing special but passable. Coffee is good here, but wine range a bit limited.

Service is invariably excellent here - the manager is called Peter and he always goes the extra yard to help and is cheerful.

The pub also has an extensive garden drinking area, very peaceful (away from the car park - its quite well hidden) plus a kids adventure playground over at the far end of the car park. There is also an extensive patio outside the restaurant - they usede to do barbeques on it (Im going back 10 years now) - wonderful place. One of East Yorkshire's gems and much recommended.

23 Feb 2006 15:50

Fox & Coney Inn, South Cave

A favourite for about 30 years, this pub was radically altered in the 1990s when they added accomodation. The current owners dont seem to train staff who are not really motivated - pretty poor management (if there actually IS any!) the chef even locks the fridges up at 9pm, so you cannot have a desert with your meal.

The rooms are clean and tidy, as is the pub. Standard range of beers, Deuchars is excellent and well kept. Cold Fosters is excellent. White wine kept at room temperature though.

Food is OK but a bit bland - very cheap however.

Staff are friendly and not to blame for slide in standards over the last few years here.

23 Feb 2006 14:08

The Buccaneer, Brough

An old station-side pub with a front lounge bar and excellent restaurant at the back serving great Sunday carvery / roasts and wide range of specials mid week., including excellent steaks and REAL chips - ie made of potato!
Always a good range of beers - tetley and Black Sheep seem to be the best sellers. Sensibly priced wine - good range too.
Service can be hit and miss in the reataurant at times, but some of the girls do try. Our American friends love the quaint little seats ion the windows, etc. Smallish car park (which is gret as the locals will let your tires down if you park on the street, they get hell from commuters parking there all day.
I think this was once the Station Inn or something but its now named after the Buccaneer planes, which have been made at the nearby British Aerospace factory for about 40 years now, and still in production I think?

14 Feb 2006 17:59

The Heritage, Hull

Deperately in need of a clean up when we visited on Friday. Wide range of live music, which is needed in Hull City centre (though this is the Old town I suppose). Good range of beers here. No red wine! Food did not look good so we moved to the Old Custom House - which has no entry for some reason.

14 Feb 2006 17:48

The King William Hotel, Hull

Bit shabby but has a great range of drinks. Good service but some oddball customers at times. Put us off our food one lunchtime, stafff didnt care. Often has excellent live bands.

14 Feb 2006 17:37

The Roos Arms, Roos

Great old village local , very freidnly landlord and staff. Hard working staff too. Food is first class, friendly locals give you a chance to get a game on the pool table. good music here too, not too loud, not too quiet. Wish they had rooms and we would stop the night.

14 Feb 2006 17:35

The Wellington Inn, Hull

Fabulous old watering hole they also do live music and a few weeks ago had one of the areas best singer songwriters - Steve Larkman. A great friendly crowd.

14 Feb 2006 17:33

The Sailmakers Arms, Hull

Difficult to find, I think the Sailmakers became a pub about 10 years ago when the nonsensical licence embargo / cartel that the local counil used to operate (to pretect bass and Hull Brewey I think) was lifted, or rather blown off the books by some smart lawyers. Its hidden behind buildings on Hull's oldest street, High Street, in the old town. You enter through a courtyard that is wonderful in the sun -- its like walking through a jungle. Not just the flora, but running all around the walls are cages inhabited by parrots, chihuahuas and other exotica. The courtyard has tables too, so its great to sit out there and watch their antics.

Inside is a bar thats a bit gloomy, but is very comfortable and has great bar service too. the food is excellent, very wholesome and attractive - not expensive either. This is a real oasis - if only it had a car park!

14 Feb 2006 17:30

The Rugby Tavern, Hull

A legendary old pub, once on the Queens Dock where whalers would tie up outside - I think the poub had an associated name. Anyway, many decades ago it became The Rugby when it was taken ovcer by a well known Rugby player (Hull has had hundreds of them - and it was once Bass and Hull Brewery's policy to give them pubs to manage when their playing career is over!) .

I used this pub a lot in the early 70s, in the days when it was run by Val and Trevor Eland, who alkso had a folk club upstairs - I remember Billy Connolly showing up one night. I digress.

The Rugby has been much expanded since and is now a well run food oriented pub, lots of office types using it, especially the BBC staff from the new BBC TV and radio studio opposite. Its priuces reflect that. Food is good and wholesome, health conscious too. Not a lot of atmnosphere in the evenings, but a ssafe well run pub.

14 Feb 2006 17:27

The Punch Hotel, Hull

Sitting awkwardly between the Princes Quay and Ferens Art gallery, this lovely old pub has been well preserved, especially externally. Inside its a bit of a cold and clinical look nowadays but has some great music, played as it should be. No food in the evenings. Staff seem good fun - its a great place to watch the crowds pour out of the City hall opposite, and if you've forgotten to order your drinks at the bar in the City hall (and you've no chance of getting served, the staff there are hopless) thats a great excuse to sample this pub - which is probably one of Hull City Centre's best


14 Feb 2006 17:23

The Chapel House, Hull

Typical noisy city centre kids bar - wide range of the usual drinks. no food. Friendly door staff and plasma screens in every direction. Service is good. One of the best of its type, but also possibly most expensive drinks in the city centre.

14 Feb 2006 17:19

The Lord Aberconway, Liverpool Street

Have used this pub a few times recently at lunchtimes and afternoons. Its furbished rather well and American aquaintances always seem to like, it, and its handy for the cab rank and Liverpool Street connections. Most of the bar staff are helpful when you buy a drink, and there is a wide range of beers , real ales (varies - Youngs is always good) are well kept, but they are usually served up to an inch short of the top of the glass.

The food is well overpriced and not very good value or tasy. Typical tosh heated up by a cook I would say. The only real problem with this pub is, if you ever find a table spare, it will be full of dirty plates from the last customers. When the waitress brings YOUR food to the table they will leave the dirty plates on the table (has happened every time to me - 5 or 6 different days). If you then have the audacity to go and put them on the bar, the bar staff will scowl and suggest that the bar is not the place for old plates!

This place obviously hasn't got a manager or any staff training. Totally the wrong attitude too. But given the location thyen it will still take money i suppose.

9 Feb 2006 23:26

The Black Lion, Hammersmith

My wife and I ran the Black Lion in the 1970s and went back recently to have a look. They say you should NEVER go back, but we had such great times at the Black Lion we just had to. Our fears were ungrounded - its still a nice local pub, cosy and warm, with friendly staff and even friendlier locals. If anything it has improved (it was a St Georges Taverns pub when we were there, all Watneys Red Barrel and Ben Truman bitter!).

The atmosphere was a bit 'different,' but it was as homely as ever . Two of our regulars were still there as well, after a quarter of a century! But our famous customers such as Vanessa Redgrave, Pete Townsend and Sir Magnus Pike havent been seen for a while!
Paul Rusling

15 Dec 2005 12:08

The Green Dragon, Welton

Recently reopened. Internal decor is very bare, like a village hall. slow service. Good beer range. Food served cold.

11 Dec 2005 00:05

The Star Inn, Willerby

Great 2 bar local with excellent food, hard working landlord Roy, (but young staff dont bother serving unless he is around). Food is good and very cheap. Used to have a restaurant at the back with great food, been closed alst few times weve tried. Big car park with CCTV.Excellent banks bitter, nice and cold

5 Aug 2005 14:28

The Wheatsheaf, Hull

Just reopened after major refurbishments

2 Aug 2005 16:47

The Earl De Grey, Hull

The Ear de Grey was fully refurbished and reopened again in 2004. Traffic noise is horrendous, the clientelle are completely changed but the beer is good. Seems to be a managed hoiuse now (?) - the staff a bit disinterested.

21 Apr 2005 12:07

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