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The Bottle of Sack, Sutton Coldfield

Fairly decent pint but takes ages to get served, especially on weekends

5 Oct 2008 16:36

Reeds Arms, Burnham On Sea

Decentish pint of Strongbow but not the cleanest or friendlist Wetherspoons you'll ever venture in to.

5 Oct 2008 16:21

Somerset & Dorset, Burnham on Sea

Warm Pub and a cold day, and a very friendly local with a passion for Girls Aloud on the TV. Try the Pear Cider, worth a shot.

5 Oct 2008 16:12

The Cabot Hotel, Weston Super Mare

Decent enough pint in here, bit clicky but big enough to get out of the way.

5 Oct 2008 15:29

The Alexandra, Weston Super Mare

Good little find on a quiet afternoon, happy crowd and a very entertaining and friendly manager, top Strongbow too!! And look out for the DOG!!!

5 Oct 2008 15:26

The Fish Inn, Ringwood

Been going here since my teens, re-visited with my better half and family. Food excellent. Beer excellent and the atmosphere was rather enyoyable too. Recommended.

22 Jun 2007 15:39

The Hunters Lodge, Ringwood

Interesting....the less said the better. Always been dingy, used to be a good laugh but re-visited recently- where has all the humour gone? (and why is the beer still completely un-drinkable? guts beware)

22 Jun 2007 15:37

The Samuel Pepys, Mansion House

Having looked at this place on the internet, we decided to make it the venue for a joint birthday party. All I can say is don't bother. Apart from dratic overstaffing, the wonderful view didn't make up for the disgraceful conduct and slow service behind the bar. Ontop of that, the price of the same round changed throughout the evening, depending on who served you. (we are not talking pence here. The same drinks started off costing 18 quid, then rose to 32, only to then drop to 25) This suggested someone was not being honest. We weren't suits with company money to spend. This was a saturday evening where we, normal people, had put good faith in the staff,wanting to enjoy the evening and have a few pints, only to be ripped off. And not very subtley. We were then hauled into the office at 9 pm to be told we needed to spend more money or we would have to make the difference up ourelves at the end and close earlier than agreed. We understood where they were coming from....after having a copy of the signed contract waved in our faces, but being told how much had been spent (taking into account we were being over charged regularly) I knew what two fathers and two boyfriends, just between them, had spent more than they were telling us the total was.For a fact. A lot more than they were claiming had been put over the bar.
Some kind of negotiation was made, not in our favour, but kept us from being kicked out. I have worked in the pub industry for eight years and I have never seen such blatant fiddling and we felt very let down. If anyone decides to organise a function here, make sure you read what you sign, keep a copy, get till reciepts and monitor how much things cost otherwise risk parting with a lot of hard earned cash, which is going straight into someones pocket. And not being counted in the til.So when it comes to the contract and the amount you have to reach by a certain time, you're out on your ear.You have been warned.

22 Jun 2007 15:23

The Blue Posts, Piccadilly

Might be a little biased, but a lot has changed here over the last few years, and mostly for the better. Prices are reasonable and the band of egular customers are very friendly. The food is lovely and surprisingly underpriced.Cider's a bit warm though.

12 Feb 2007 17:44

The New Moon, Bank

A big place with pleasant staff and the pints ok too.
(the spoons across the road is cheaper though!)

12 Feb 2007 17:29

The Spice of Life, Cambridge Circus

clean and friendly place, handy disabled toilet on the ground floor to save going down to the ladies!

12 Feb 2007 17:21

The White Lion, Covent Garden

Typical spirit pub. Enjoyed the pint and it was nice to escape the bustle of outside. Intended to do the pub walk but we got side tracked shortly after leaving here to a nearer hostelry!

12 Feb 2007 17:11

The Edinboro Castle, Camden

Good sunday dinner, lovely decor and outside area. No decent cider or lager, all that fancy stuff, but other than that, a really nice pub. The photo above isnt recent and doesnt do it justice.

10 Feb 2007 22:11

The Shakespeare's Head, Holborn

ok place, far from exciting as wetherspoons usually are. We first walked in after they had had their fruit machines vandalised, it was a right state. We have been back and its an enjoyable pint.

10 Feb 2007 22:06

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Lots of old men sitting on what you just know is 'their' table. A charming place with a very drinkable pint.

10 Feb 2007 22:03

The Wheatsheaf, Fitzrovia

Small but pleasant.Decent pint. Good place for the sunday papers.

10 Feb 2007 21:59

Ben Crouch's Tavern, Fitzrovia

Hilarious. Music doesn't go with the decor and the toilets are a bit spooky but its tucked away off of oxford street so is convenient. The plates have spiders on them which is novel! The chips used to come in coffin shaped bowls!oh, and the pint was ok too.

10 Feb 2007 21:56

The Green Man, Soho

Good pint, game was on, friendly staff. we liked it.

10 Feb 2007 21:51

The Toucan, Soho

Small, dirty and expensive. But we liked it. Not sure about the draught magners, especially in plastic glasses.nice to stand outside in the summer though. Too squashed inside to be comfortable.

10 Feb 2007 21:48

Walkers of Whitehall, Whitehall

I like it here. Kind of modern and very friendly.

10 Feb 2007 21:46

The Marquis of Granby, Cambridge Circus

Just been refurbished and is rather nice. Good to people watch from. The landlord used to be at the Lyric (Windmill St) untill it closed last year. Its friendly, and shows all sporting events. Good pint.

10 Feb 2007 21:44

The Blue Posts, Soho

Indeed,photo one is of the Blue Posts on Kingly Street. This is a green king pub and pretty dull. The Berwick Street Blue Posts is an oldy worldy place with ok beer and tatty yet charming interior.

10 Feb 2007 21:39

The Kings Head and Dive Bar, Chinatown

Having worked at the Kings Head for 2 years before it closed (it has NOT been demolished, it is now a chinese reatraunt)and living in the area, I can say it is a shame that such a piece of history could have been destroyed. HOWEVER, a majority of the regulars and most of the staff are now at the Blue Posts on Rupert Street. We've been there for almost 3 years now and, even though it will never be the Dive Bar,it does retain a certain spirit of quirkyness and community.
Regarding the interior, if you are asking about the panelling in the upstairs bar, i believe it got thrown away when shafesbury estates (the ones who refused to renew the lease, hence its closure after 55 years in the same hands)charged in there and gutted the place.
A real shame, especially haveing worked there. But come to the Blus Posts and see what you think.

10 Feb 2007 21:36

The Imperial, Soho

Slightly tucked away, this place is a bit of a haven. Nice and quiet at lunch time, the food being cheap and edible. The beer is cold and the welcome warm. Good combination we think!

10 Feb 2007 21:27

The White Horse, Soho

A very mixed place with a charm and a warm friendly atmosphere. As usual, the beer is cack but at least its cold, it counts for something.

10 Feb 2007 21:25

The Captains Cabin, Piccadilly

Upon entering this establishment We noticed it was nice and empty. A good place to sit and read the 'Sundays'. Was We wrong, We stood at the empty bar, with a blank looking 'Barman' standing behind it. Nothing wrong so far, I'm not quite sure what He thought We was doing standing the other side of this wooden thing in front of him but it appears he doesn't know He was supposed to ask Us what We wanted. After breaking his vacant stare He then 'promptly' turned away from Us and went and waited to serve the two girls who walked in behind Us. This was about enough for Us and We upped and left, NEVER TO RETURN. Ignorant bar staff appear to be getting more common, but THICK and IGNORANT is even worse. STAY AWAY

10 Feb 2007 21:22

The Sussex, Covent Garden

Good pint but thats about all to say.

10 Feb 2007 21:13

The Tom Cribb, Piccadilly

Always friendly but the beer isn't consistantly good. The mens toilet is the smallest ever, and when in the ladies the hand drier goes on while your sat on the toilet.Apart form that...

10 Feb 2007 21:10

The Brewmaster, Leicester Square

A really useful place to meet people unfamilliar with the area. Friendly efficient service, always bustling. beers not bad either.

10 Feb 2007 21:04

The Garrick Arms, Trafalgar Square

A nice building inside and out. They serve good food and the table service is ideal for the lazy amongst us.A good pint and pleasurable experience.

10 Feb 2007 20:59

The Hand and Racquet, Covent Garden

This is our pub. The staff are always friendly especially the crazy Korean girl.Usually get a seat and its nicely tucked away from the hoardes of theatre people and tourists. For extra entertainment, watch the car park over the road. Its amazing how many idiots can't manouvre themselves in or out of there without making a right balls up.

10 Feb 2007 20:31

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

Busy decor, very pretty. Quick service and has a tendency to get really busy before the theatre so avoid at these times.

10 Feb 2007 20:27

The Old Shades, Whitehall

not particularly memorable.Didn't stay long.

10 Feb 2007 20:25

The Silver Cross, Whitehall

An uninspiring and cold pub, beer wasn't too bad but nothing to rave about. That's about it really.

10 Feb 2007 20:23

The Coal Hole, Strand

First pub I ever drank in in the capital over twenty years ago and wasn't let down on our return. Good beer and a great place to sit out side and 'people watch'. Ventured back a couple of times and will continue to. Nice one Coal Hole!!!

10 Feb 2007 20:20

The Maple Leaf, Covent Garden

Busy and full of idiots. We weren't impressed at all and won't be going back.Warm wine and cack beer. Avoid it.

10 Feb 2007 20:17

The White Swan, Covent Garden

A nice little place,a decent pint and slightly out of the way of the main road.ok for a quiet drink.

10 Feb 2007 20:14

The Harp, Covent Garden

nice and friendly place,bar maid with the bluest eyes was very accommodating A good pint, a little squashed at the best of times but surely thats a good sign?toilets up dodgey stairs but cant do much about that.

10 Feb 2007 20:11

The Walkabout, Embankment

Popped in here on a Sunday lunch time expecting Your usual Walkabout crowd, very suprised!!!!! Beer was good, music wasn't blasting out as in your 'normal' Walkies and the clientele were 'normal' too! Will venture in again, but maybe not during the nighttime hours so as to not spoil My opinions of this pub.

9 Feb 2007 07:05

The Jugged Hare, Pimlico

A great looking building , inside and out. A little too packed on our visit but staff were friendly and curtious and beer was palatable, so what more could You ask? Will use again, but maybe 'in office hours' to avoid the crush.

9 Feb 2007 07:01

The Travellers Tavern, Victoria

The Travellers, a sight for sore eyes. After some well delayed National Express journeys this is our first port of call to 'relieve' the streeses of the journey. Beer good and staff reliable and friendly. Get You seat BEFORE You go to the bar as it's a struggle with bags and beers to squeeze thru at busy times and You wouldn't wanna spill any would Ya?

9 Feb 2007 06:57

Molly O'Grady's, Victoria Place

Give this place a very wide berth. Beer was dismal and atmosphere non-existant. Run away and do it quickly. Wetherspoons in the staion isn't much better but go there for a quick one instead of here, if You are waiting for that delayed train.

9 Feb 2007 06:54

The Stage Door, Victoria

Found this pub just after the theatre crowd had departed, was a little too busy early on but towards the end of the night, well worth it. Staff and Manager friendly and beer not to bad either. Just avoid at theatre in and out times and you'll enjoy.

9 Feb 2007 06:51

The Shakespeare, Victoria

Nice pub for a quick beer but not much else, music can get a bit annoying but the down stairs seating area has novel arched hideaway areas. Have one then head towards the Bag 'o' Nails is our recommned ation

9 Feb 2007 06:49

The Bag O' Nails, Victoria

Been to this boozer a few times now and haven't been let down yet. Prompt and friendly bar staff who genuinely seem to like their jobs and decent beer to boot! Can get a little crowded when all the 'Desk Jockeys' get outta work, but well worth a visit

9 Feb 2007 06:47

The Jack Horner, Tottenham Court Road

After sampling a fair few brews on our day out,
our last stop was The Jack Horner, unintenional last stop but at last We have found a decent pub in the Tottenham Court Road Area. Good Beer, Friendly staff and good surroundings, stayed a little longer than We anticipated but this could be due to the hostelry itself, or could be we couldn't risk another dire pub or beer in this vicinity.

9 Feb 2007 06:42

The Fitzrovia, Goodge Street

The worlds most emotionless barman works her! No words spoken during order or payment, not even a facila movenment at all. Beer was just as expressive, one and gone.

9 Feb 2007 06:38

The Bar at tcr, Tottenham Court Road

Nice pint in a decent pub, but very strange hours. Shows a 11 'til 11 board inside the pub, but chuck out turned out to be just after nine, no reasons given, but with no shortage of pubs in the area, no harm done.

9 Feb 2007 06:34

The Tower Tavern, Fitzrovia

A strange looking boozer locked away in the side streets of London. This is possibly the cleanest gaff I have ever been in, service is really briska nd freindly but the beer falls slightly short of what could be a wonderful little find. Maybe just a duff pint??

9 Feb 2007 06:33

The Porter and Sorter, Croydon

Not a bad meeting place for the dismal Croyden station area, beer is palatable but the qatmosphere is a little too smokey for our liking. Role on the No-smoking summer months

9 Feb 2007 06:30

The Crown, Covent Garden

we tucked ourselves away in a corner, unfortunately by the toilet. found it ok. nothing special.

8 Feb 2007 22:54

The Jack Horner, Tottenham Court Road

Usual fullers pub type thing. Unfortunately Scrumpy Jack does bad things to me so I dont remember much about it, so must have been ok!

8 Feb 2007 22:52

The Rising Sun, Tottenham Court Road

pint was a bit nasty but it was sunday morning. found it very snug round the corner. Nice atmosphere and not expensive.

8 Feb 2007 22:51

The Bar at tcr, Tottenham Court Road

we sat here for quite a few hours so it must have been a good pint! we were a bit confused when they closed at 1030 even though they took pride in boasting a late lisence friday and saturday.

8 Feb 2007 22:49

The Hope, Tottenham Court Road

funny little ok pint but the landlord looked as if he'd rather be anywhere else but in his own pub. Quite oldy worldy with a good chippy across the road.

8 Feb 2007 22:48

The Ship, Soho

good pint, good music, not enough room!

8 Feb 2007 22:46

The Duke of Argyll, Soho

Normal Sam Smiths produce, but NO CIDER ON DRAUGHT! tradgedy! Welcome staff buta little cold. Food looked good value but we didnt brave it.

8 Feb 2007 22:45

The Porcupine, Leicester Square

My boyfriend walked past for about two months before realising this was here! a miracle seeing as he is usually spot on with his pint detection. Nice and cosy. Good pint and friendly staff. Will go back if we remember it exists!

8 Feb 2007 22:43

The Round Table, Leicester Square

Not a bad little place with a handy upstairs no one seems to know about. Ok pint, not expensive,and as their condiment holders make desireable braceletts, we can give them more marks. However I feel they may be short of a leg or too?

8 Feb 2007 22:41

The Green Man and French Horn, Covent Garden

nice little place, look small from the outside but goes back a long way. Not a bad pint but will get busy on a friday. May go back.

8 Feb 2007 22:39

The Rainbow, Birmingham

Decent little boozer just on the edge of town. Worth a visit in a month or two as it's just reopening and is still building on its theme. When it decides what it it I'm sure it'll be a welcoming haunt to a fair few.

8 Feb 2007 19:40

The Victoria, Victoria

An always busy pub, good meeting place for the staions though. Beer OK but just too packed out.

8 Feb 2007 19:31

The Crown and Cushion, Waterloo

What a pub, roaringly warm, nice cold beer and friendly 'Man U' fans to join Us watching the game. Well worth a visit when this way. But the Villa will win next time.

8 Feb 2007 19:27

The White Swan, Solihull

Not your typical city Wetherspoons, A major mis-match of clientelle, from Glammed up MILF's to your Giro holding pikeys. Decent beer though, but a little 'clicky'.

8 Feb 2007 19:24

The Plume of Feathers, Shirley

Venturing into this pub for the first time in twenty years I was shocked to see how it had changed. Now mostly devoted to food and dire beer, I might be another twenty years before i venture back into there too.

8 Feb 2007 19:22

The Spotted Dog, Digbeth

On a cold January night, and having been ignored by the ignorant staff in the Old Crown We hit the Spotted Dog. A warm pub with polite staff and a decent pint, what more could You ask after a hard days work?

8 Feb 2007 19:18

The Old Crown, Deritend

Upon entering this establishment was taken aback by the work carried out to 'hide' the oldest building in Birmingham. After this shock, I met the rudest bar staff ever. My girlfriend stood at the bar,clearly visible to the immature barman then proceeded to serve four punters who entered AFTER We did. When I made a point of letting Him know, did He care, did He arse. My advice, this pubs only redeemiong feature is the outside, carry on past and hit the Rainbow, better beer and friendly staff.

8 Feb 2007 19:12

The Cockpit, Blackfriars

This bizarre old place, which obviously has a lot of history, has a lovley mixture of custom. This makes a change from the usual suits in the city. The in-house dog was very friendly and the beer was good.

10 Dec 2006 18:22

The Paternoster, City Of London

spent a while here due to convenience more than anything else. Being a city pub, was full of suits, but that didn't make much of a difference. as a youngs pub it is pretty standard. pint was drinkable, if a little expensive.

10 Dec 2006 18:19

The Crown, Birmingham

providing shelter from a cold bus stop and a late(ish) license, the bar staff are friendly and even on a busy friday night served quickly. The beer is good enough, quite cheap, and the bar seems to have its usual crowd of fraggles. The toilets stink though.

10 Dec 2006 18:16

The Lamplighters, Stratford Upon Avon

this quirky place had a bit of a run down, yet kind of homely feel to it. the toilets leave a lot to be desired but it was fairly priced and the pint was rather drinkable. the customers seemed to be mainly regulars but we didnt feel unwelcome.

10 Dec 2006 18:13

The Pen and Parchment, Stratford Upon Avon

we found this to be a bustling and very friendly place where the sunday carvery was enjoyable and the pint wasnt too bad as well. It is only small but i imagine it would be lovely in the summer when you can sit outside by the river.

10 Dec 2006 18:11

The Bull, Birmingham

Having ventured from a loud and decidedly unusual pub, (Gunmakers) We opted to stay out of the City Centre and hit some more back stret hostelries. This pub had very friendly staff and a good pint. I did have an unusual 'old ladies living room' area, which is novel in many pubs now and makes this pub well worth a return visit, if just for comedy value.

10 Dec 2006 16:35

The Gunmakers Arms, Birmingham

upon entering this place for the first time we were met by three scary looking, large bald men. I was not up for staying untill I realised they were all sipping half pints of Baileys and began singing along to a medley of Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday records. The wedding rings were the only give away that we had not, infact, wandered into a gay bar.So we stayed.not a bad pint either.

10 Dec 2006 16:27

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Not coming from Birmingham i wasn't sure what to expect but the high ceilings and grand interior didnt make up for the nasty toilets and not particularly wonderful pint.

10 Dec 2006 16:23

The Lost and Found, Birmingham

This pub us one of Birminghams better looking pubs, not saying much there.Its interior has been tastefully decorated with murals and comfy furnishings but the beer is not it's strong point. For a decent brew. my advice is nip over the road to the Briar Rose and quaff their many ales instead

10 Dec 2006 16:20

The Queens Head, Birmingham

Having used this pub for many a year in my drunken haze of youth, I ventured into this hostelry to find that nothing had changed in it's folk 'n' fittings but as for the music, stay clear, a whole cd montage of the dire UB40 belted out by a bespectacled youth club DJ. Beer wasn't all I remembered but then again, the surrounding music would of soured even the heartiest brews.

10 Dec 2006 16:15

The St Brides Tavern, Blackfriars

really good pint, friendy staff and very clean(everywhere)seems like a local place for those working in the vicinity but we didnt feel out of place not in a suit, and were made to feel very welcome.will go back.

18 Nov 2006 12:36

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

beautiful building outside and in, beer ok and not too pricey.much of a muchness really.

18 Nov 2006 12:34

The Angel and Crown, Leicester Square

packed on a friday night, which is copeable but not when it is a shit pint. The only redeeming feature is the land lady's procariously balanced puppies.

18 Nov 2006 12:24

, Digbeth

Decent beer but bar staff lack personality and enthusiasm.A good place to pop into if your heading to or from the coach station.

17 Nov 2006 16:19

The Inn on the Furlong, Ringwood

a nice cosy pub handy if you are passing through Ringwood, which most sensible people do. watch out for the low ceilings and door ways. beer ok but cider is not drinkable.

17 Nov 2006 15:34

The Pig 'N Whistle, Hollywood

Having trecked quite a away around Hollywood, only finding one other place which acoomodated cider drinkers (thank you cat and fiddle)It was quite a relief to find a place which was equipped. We discovered Pear cider. mmmmmmmm. There was, however, a distinct lack of black swords. Shame that. Hanna,Ffffffffffrrrrraaaaaaaannnnncccccessssss apple catcher and Mac.

17 Nov 2006 15:11

The Cat N' Fiddle, Los Angeles

This pub is an Oasis for Strongbow drinkers in LA, after spending many a night supping weak and weedy Yanks brews it's a Godsend. Good on You Cat 'n Fiddle and thanks for the Black Swords, See Ya soon Hanna, Frrraaannnccceeessss 'n' Mac

17 Nov 2006 15:04

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