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The Highland Laddie, Darlington

Good boozer is the Laddie. Had a few memorable evenings in in this establishment over the years. A Camerons pub.

8 Sep 2008 19:13

Ice Wharf, Camden

Decent bar but the staff are extremely unfriendly. Especially to people who do not have London accents !

23 Jun 2008 15:16

The Spread Eagle, Camden

Nice, relaxed pub, which is one of my local drinking stops in North London.

23 Jun 2008 15:10

The Dublin Castle, Camden

I was in the Dublin Castle a few weeks ago and spoke to the lovely Czech barmaid for a while. Decent prices between 11am - 6pm, and one of my fave London boozers.

23 Jun 2008 15:08

The Den, Islington

Have not been in for years. Is is still open ?

Can anybody remember what is was called before The Den ? Made my first visit there back in 1989, but I cannot recall the name ?

23 Jun 2008 14:59

The Coronet, Holloway

I was back in The Coronet recently, and as usual, I had a good time.

23 Jun 2008 14:55

The Coronet, Holloway

I always pay a visit to Thw Coronet when I am down in London from Darlington. My favourite boozer in the capital, thanks to the cheap prices and friendly atmosphere.

I must get back down soon.

23 Jun 2008 14:52

The Nags Head, Darlington

The Dingy Dong Roadshow performs every Friday & Saturday evenings, playing a wide range of 70', 80's & 90's music. 8pm - 11pm.

Not to be missed.

Lagers : 2
Beers : 1.90p.

18 Jan 2007 11:55

The Ship Aground, Clapton

Another old local of Buster Bloodvessel and his band, Bad Manners. The group downed many beers in this establishment in the late 80's.

18 Jan 2007 11:33

The Anchor and Hope, Clapton

The Anchor & Hope was quite a famous boozer in the late 80's. Pop star Buster Bloodvessel used to live nearby on Spring Hill, and it was a local watering hole for him and his band, Bad Manners.

Those way the days when he had a 50 ft barge in his back garden !, which he used as an office and as a recording studio.

Buster is a local legend, & the days of his visits to the Anchor & Hope have gone down in local folklore.

18 Jan 2007 11:29

The Torrington, North Finchley

I enjoyed an afternoon drinking session in The Torrington one Saturday , four years ago . I am sad to hear that it's now closed .

4 Mar 2006 10:17

The Alexandra Bar and Dining Room, Finsbury Park

Whatever happened to the Sir George Robey ?

4 Mar 2006 10:00

The Coronet, Holloway

My favourite drinking hole in London . Cheap and friendly , and worth the travel from Darlington via Kings Cross .

4 Mar 2006 09:58

The Dalesman, Darlington

Where you will be greeted with a frown and told that only ' locals ' are served .

Stay in the Dalesman , and grab yourself a mature housewife for the night !

4 Mar 2006 09:41

The Britannia Inn, Darlington

The only time that I have ever visited The Britannia , was years ago with my girlfriend . I was told that they only served ' locals ' , so I asked the landlord on how I become a local and he looked mesmerised and asked us both to leave or he would call the Police ! ( True ) .

If you ever decide to visit this scruffy , small and unpleasant watering hole , then please wear a t - shirt that reads , ' LOCAL ' .

4 Mar 2006 09:38

The Boot And Shoe, Darlington

Speak for yourself , Mr Anonymous . I am 33 years old and run my own business , but I like to drink in the Boot & Shoe . ( :

4 Mar 2006 09:32

Number 22 Alehouse and Canteen, Darlington

In the Boot & Shoe , you are made to feel welcome , unlike No.22 , where you are only served with a smile on the merit of how much your watch cost .

4 Mar 2006 09:29

The Boot And Shoe, Darlington

The hip place to be , if you enjoy a laugh and not a frown from the barstaff .

4 Mar 2006 09:25

The Location, Darlington

... and with an extremely miserable landlord .

3 Mar 2006 14:48

Number 22 Alehouse and Canteen, Darlington

A pub that is very popular with middle aged poseurs and old couples , who seem to have nothing else better to do than drink in No.22 and talk about their holidays in Egypt , whilst staring at their reflections in the mirrors .

3 Mar 2006 14:46

The Boot And Shoe, Darlington

A quaint town centre pub situated near to Darlington Market Square , which also offers accommodation to visitors .

A relaxed atmosphere awaits you , as you sample the delights of the wide range of the cheap alcoholic refreshments on sale .

Happy Hours are provided between 5 - 7pm , Monday to Thursday .

3 Mar 2006 14:39

The Nags Head, Darlington

The Nags Head is an old Darlington drinker's favourite , offering fine beers with a smile . Managed by experienced landlord Frank Bowman , this watering hole is the ideal place for an afternoon refreshment or a night out with your partner of friends .

The Nags Head is situated near to St Cuthbert's Church in the town centre , and it is very popular with a wide range of drinkers .

3 Mar 2006 14:35

The Quaker Coffee House, Darlington

A pub popular with real ale drinkers , rock enthusiasts and goths . An extremely small pub , which can be quite uncomfortable for the visitor .

3 Mar 2006 14:29

The Greyhound, Darlington

Please note that this is very much a regulars pub and not one of the most inviting places , especially if you are a young male with a group of friends enjoying a night out .

This pub is popular with off duty police officers ( from the main Police Station nearby ) and visitors to the Civic Theatre , which is situated just over the road .

For a more relaxed atmosphere and welcome , walk straight passed this pub in to the town centre , and visit the Nags Head on Tubwell Row ( before you reach the Town Clock ) .

3 Mar 2006 14:18

Tanners Hall, Darlington

The Tanners Hall is a very popular pub , and it serves cheap beer and lager , along with a number of guest ales .

It is a spaceous dwelling , with its drinkers ranging from families to old couples and youngsters to avid drinkers . The pub is very popular at weekends , and also during the week with day time regulars and workers .

An ideal pub to enjoy a quiet pint , or indeed a night out with friends .

3 Mar 2006 14:05

Hogans, Darlington

Hogans is a large pleasant pub , situated near to the main train station in Darlington , offering a wide range of cheap alcohic drinks including Carling and Fosters Extra Cold , John Smiths Smooth , Magnet and Guinness .

Every Thursday night there is a live band playing , with music ranging from blues to ska , and soul to punk . A number of tribute outfits are often booked to play , too .

Hogans is an ideal place for a cheap day or night out , and the friendly bar staff will make you feel welcome , along with its variety of regulars .

3 Mar 2006 13:57

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