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The Bridge Hotel, Greenford

The photo really doesn't do this hotel/pub justice as it is of the fairly recent extension. Of much greater interest is the original building that houses the bar.
Thankfully Youngs have left the bar pretty much untouched and so it has retained it's original character. Yes, it can be quiet but sometimes I quite like that in a pub. On the other hand it can get very busy when there is a private function, like a wedding, being held in the hotel. As stated previously the Young's Special is very good and fairly priced at about 3. However, it is a shame that the smallest glass of coke they serve is a full pint at over 2! Still overall, I like the Bridge very much.

18 Feb 2010 14:15

Edwards Bar, Hammersmith

I visited today and was very impressed. Nicholson's have done a great job refurbishing the pub (mostly by adding partitions) yet still retaining the marvellous original interior. My pint of London Pride was good and the Steak and Kidney pie I had was both delicious and good value.

18 Feb 2010 14:03

The Windsor Castle, Clapham Junction

Had a pint of London Pride in the front bar which I thought was a bit pricey at 3-13. Still, at least the strange carpet smell has gone now. The front bar is now dominated by enormous round tables which are perfect if there are 5 or 6 of you in a group but not so great if there are just two of you as there are now much fewer tables at which to sit. Still, the food remains very good value.

12 Feb 2010 10:52

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

I was in there (again!) last night and had a great night. The pub was very busy , partly due to a beer festival in the back bar, but I still didn't have to wait too long to get served. With excellent beers and fast, friendly service this is a really great, traditional pub.

12 Feb 2010 10:46

The Jugged Hare, Pimlico

Visited again the other night and it's still as good as ever. Really friendly service, great beer and a nice atmosphere. A winning combination! I hope to return again soon.

16 Jan 2010 14:39

Edwards Bar, Hammersmith

"Bring back the Swan, though how likely is that?"
Edwards is now closed for refurbishment and will be re-opening as......The Swan! I really hope they don't ruin the traditional pub interior in the process.

26 Nov 2009 15:24

The Waterside Inn, Fulham

Fantastic location, only slightly marred by the noisy helicopters landing at the London Heliport across the river. Service in the pub is efficient, and it's great to have waiting staff to order drinks from when sitting outside by the river. Sadly this is another Young's pub that amazingly doesn't serve Young's Special. As stated previously the drinks are expensive (although given the location that isn't terribly surprising) and, unfortunately, often served in short measures. Still, overall it's a good pub in an excellent location, so well worth a visit.

7 Aug 2009 16:29

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Have visited quite a few times in the last few months and it's always been good. The bar staff are exceptionally friendly and efficient. I've never had to wait too long to get served, even when it gets very busy. They do need to get the gents toilets sorted out though.

18 Apr 2009 14:08

St Stephens Tavern, Westminster

This pub has a very interesting, comfortable interior and is in a great location. Prices are fairly reasonable, considering the location.

7 Aug 2008 11:23

The Brook Green Hotel, Hammersmith

I've always really liked the Brook Green Hotel, mainly because it looks so much like a traditional English pub. However, each time I visit it seems to be getting less like a pub and more like a restaurant. I was staggered when I asked for a pint of Youngs Special to be told they don't sell it. I couldn't believe it, what's going on? Oddly though there were two enormous Peroni pumps.

22 Jun 2008 14:00

Ye White Hart, Barnes

Visited on a sunny Saturday evening and really liked it. Friendly, efficient service and as the photo's show, a really great location. Can't comment about the food but I felt that the cost of drinks was reasonable, considering the location. I would recommend.

2 Jun 2008 18:48

The Duke of York, Victoria

Busy, traditional pub with friendly, fast service and comfortable seating. Well worth a visit.

2 Jun 2008 09:08

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

I've been to the Falcon a couple of times and really like it. Service is always friendly and fast, and the pub has a really comfortable, interesting interior. I hope it doesn't get refurbished, and stays as it is; a good, traditional pub. Well worth a visit.

1 Jun 2008 13:59

The Orange Tree, Totteridge

I visited the Orange Tree for the first time last night and liked it very much. The interior is bright and modern and the staff very polite and efficient. As for prices, I paid 6-50 for a pint of Peroni and a Bacardi and Coke which I thought was fair enough. The pub area was quite busy so we sat at one of the tables outside, which was very pleasnt. Overall, it's a very nice pub/restaurant well worth a visit.

1 Jun 2008 13:53

The Cavalier, Whetstone

Visited last night and really liked it. The owners have created a really interesting, imaginative interior with lots of comfortable seating and really nice subdued lighting. The restaurant at the back was very busy and the service was excellent. My wife particularly enjoyed her Pimm's and lemonade, which was served mixed with strawberry, cucumber, orange, lemon and ice. Overall, a really good pub, well worth a visit.

1 Jun 2008 13:48

The Old Bank of England, Fleet Street

Visited last Friday on the strength of the mostly positive reviews here and wasn't disappointed. Whilst it was very busy we got served virtually straight away and the London Pride was great. The pub has a really spectacular interior and is well worth a visit.

17 Mar 2008 12:37

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

I totally agree with all the positive comments about this pub. I visited on Friday night and it was great. It was very busy but with a a good atmosphere and fast, efficient service. The bar staff and landlord were very friendly and one barmaid even delivered our Guinnesses to our table.

17 Mar 2008 12:34

Latymers, Hammersmith

Visited today and enjoyed a couple of excellent pints of London Pride and a delicious Thai lunch. Sorry to hear that Ken the landlord is moving on at the end of March though. All the best Ken!

28 Feb 2008 15:18

The Cromwell Tavern, Kensington

I agree with Natasha_P. I visited the Cromwell tavern a few times on the strength of garyc's comments and really liked it. However, I went there last week and was shocked when charged over 7-00 for two pints. At those prices it's unlikely that I'll be back but perhaps that doesn't matter. Talking to the lady behind the bar they were really busy the night before until 11 o'clock, when they stopped serving non-residents. It is a nice bar though if you don't mind the expensive prices.

28 Feb 2008 15:15

The Hereford Arms, South Kensington

Visited last night for the first time so had no idea about the recent refurbishhment. On first impression it seemed like a good pub to me, with efficient staff and a friendly atmosphere.

22 Feb 2008 15:01

The Minnow, Weybridge

Visited on a sunny Sunday afternoon and was very impressed. Had an excellent pint of Guinness that was expertly poured right to the top of the glass. Didn't think it was too outrageous at 3 a pint. Sat in the large garden at the front which was quite busy and enjoyed the sunshine. Well worth a visit.

18 Feb 2008 09:36

The Stanhope Arms, Kensington

Very nice traditional pub with friendly and efficient bar staff. Very busy when I visited and deservedly so. Excellent Fish and Chips too, that were served piping hot.

3 Jan 2008 11:18

The Jugged Hare, Pimlico

Went there last night and what a great pub it is. Really good beer served by friendly, efficient bar staff. Very nice surroundings in building that was formerly a bank. Had a very nice meal there too.
All in all a really great traditional pub!

3 Jan 2008 11:15

The Trout, Hammersmith

I really like the Trout. Very friendly bar staff and nice atmosphere. They play some interesting music in there, ranging from JB's 'Get on the Good Foot' to Bowie's 'Life on Mars'. Can get very busy, particularly when there's a concert on at the Hammersmith Apollo across the road. There used to be a really comfortable sofa in the corner but sadly that's been moved. Nice to sit or stand outside in the summer. Overall, much better than some reviews might suggest!

12 May 2007 16:05

The Stanhope Arms, Kensington

Had a very pleasant Sunday lunchtime drink in the Stanhope. The beer was good and the bar-staff were polite and friendly. They played a very nice selection of music and it was a real pleasure drinking in a traditional pub that hadn't been ruined by being turned into a bar or gastro-pub. Let's hope it stays that way.

8 Jan 2007 09:22

Latymers, Hammersmith

Further to JPP's comments about 'The Sweeney' production crew being based across the road at Colet Court, the opening credits to 'The Sweeney' were actually filmed in Colet Gardens which is next door to Latymers.
I was very surprised to read anonymous's comments about her experience at Latymers. My colleagues and I have visited on many an occasion (!) and always enjoyed great food, beer and service.
PS All the best Ken - mine's a Stella !

16 Dec 2005 14:56

Latymers, Hammersmith

Thanks JPP. Would this be the same'Red Cow' that was a live music venue ? For example Squeeze played a 'Red Cow' in Hammersmith
in MARCH 1977 ;

29 Oct 2003 16:22

Latymers, Hammersmith

Friendly Service.
Tasty Thai Food (Chicken Number 5 is excellent).
Nice pint of Stella.
Only two minutes from work.

12 Sep 2003 16:06

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