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BITE user comments - Creg

Comments by Creg

The Dolphin, Canterbury

Been in here plenty of times and have never been dissappointed by the beer. Fairly sized with a great beer garden. Have yet to eat there but definitely will do in the next couple of months. Nice staff. Best thing is the games! This is where my friends and I go when we aren't out purely for drinking but want to discuss our recent lectures over a game of jenga. Plus it is immaculate.

18 Sep 2008 13:01

Casey's, Canterbury

Caught somewhere between 'genuine Irish pub' and 'O'Neill's with a different typically Irish name'. Feels both plasticky and homely in equal measure. I could be wrong (I am a real pessimist when it comes to 'Irish' pubs) and judging this place harshly. Whatever it is, it is quite nice. Beer selection is okay but could do with more real ales (where couldn't?) and it does have a good atmosphere with low lighting and old, creaky, wooden decoration and booth-style seats. Live music is usually good too.

I go in time to time to read a paper on my own and relax with a pint of Murphy's.

18 Sep 2008 12:57

The Canterbury Tales, Canterbury

I only go in here because it's the only place to go when everywhere else has closed. Can't say I would go in for any other reason. Normal Canterbury prices (expensive), average quality, staff are really a good bunch though.

18 Sep 2008 12:34

The Bishops Finger, Canterbury

I've only been in once with a friend who knew the new landlord and wanted to see what he had done to the palce (I say new, I'm not sure if he is, but he was the person responsible for the make-over). We ended up drinking a Dutch lager...all I remember is we decided to call it 'Oranj-ee-boom'. And it did the trick. Clean place that I'd say is trying to keep the students (such as myself) out, which I think they will succeed at because at 3 a pint I can find plenty of other places I'd rather go.

18 Sep 2008 12:29

Bar 11, Canterbury

Best thing about this place I think is the staff. Down to earth yet obviously profesional guys (at least the last time I was there). Basically a sports bar good for watching football or a quite pint in a clean, open bar styled pub.

18 Sep 2008 12:23

The Cherry Tree, Canterbury

Have to echo what people have previously said - this is a pub with no pretensions. Always good beer and usually only one friendly barperson, fairly priced and clean. It's small and simple and as such you can't really fault it. The tables outside offer a ridiculously good area for drinking and talking with friends, I can't explain it, it's just works better than you can imagine.

Star of the show, however - Biddendens! I had a couple of pints after giving blood, a fantasically cheap night!

18 Sep 2008 12:20

The Ramble Inn, Tooting

What to say...I have been in this pub a few times now with my friend from Tooting I have to agree with the person below; it is a little gem.

Really good beer and friendly staff, great bunch of locals that natter away.

The real highlight is when the guitar comes out and the old songs begin...

18 Sep 2008 12:04

Unicorn Inn, Canterbury

Like stepping back in time to something very special. Immaculate with a few different ales. Haven't eaten there yet but will do soon. Super place with a landlord from the golden age of public houses.

14 Sep 2008 18:44

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