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The Old Ship, Tatsfield

It''s not closed.

13 Sep 2017 20:57

The Bodmin Jail, Bodmin

We had lunch prior to our visit to the prison in 'The Governors Hall'
Lunch was freshly prepared by a proper chef from a multi choice menu

The beer I chose was Governors Ale a fresh citrusy yellow beer.
The restaurant and entrance to the prison has been completly redisigned since hampshirehog visited and no evidence of rugby or anything Welsh either. It felt like the converted prison chapel that it once was. The bar and some of the wooden fittings didn't seem to fit the general ambience or architecture of the original building.
Quirky but the beer and meals were good.

17 Oct 2016 21:37

Weavers, Bodmin

Dropped in out of the rain at lunch time. It was almost empty which was a surprise. The beer ( St Austell Cornish) was excellently kept and served.

17 Oct 2016 21:20

The St Kew Inn, St Kew

We went to this pub on the strength of reading reviews from holiday makers staying in cottage we rented. All were complimentary and I agree.
It has a very deserved Cask Marque for its St Austell beers; Cornish, Tribute, Proper Job and HSD. We also ate: moule et frite and beer battered haddock followed by homemade Bakewell tart with clotted cream.
The staff were friendly and attentive without being 'in your face'.
It has a large car park and is dog friendly. A 5* pub in short.

17 Oct 2016 21:10

The Four Elms Inn, Four Elms

At last a couple of owners who know how to run a pub have taken over some months ago. The beers are kept well and are from reasonably local brewers.
Food is not spectacular but is well priced and well presented.
Well worth a visit if your not local, worth considering as your 'local' if you are.

2 Sep 2016 14:11

The George and Dragon, Beaumaris

All the previous reviews are very old so here's an update.
I dropped in at lunchtime with my wife after a visit to the Beaumaris Castle.
With ref to the last comment there was a couple in the bar with a dog in the bar happily gnawing on a bone so obviously that attitude has changed.
I had a piny of Dizzy Blonde which was excellent. We both had a toasted sandwich and it came with a salad drizzled with balsamic,and a potion of coleslaw.
The decor is traditional dark wood, carpets on the floor giving a cosy comfortable feel. Overall it is the kind of pub I like.

16 Jul 2016 21:59

The Cowdray Arms, Balcombe

Clean, tidy and well kept pub. Downside is the range of ales which as others have mentioned is limited and uninspiring.

19 Jun 2016 20:16

The Little Brown Jug, Chiddingstone Causeway

A reduction in menu choice coupled with an increase in prices recently prompts a drop in rating.

19 Jun 2016 20:06

The Waggon and Horses, Newmarket

The Euros was on when we went in here and was pleased to see that they had four TVs, two of which showed the football while the others screened racing and and very strange Irish football type game ;)
Good friendly atmosphere, plenty of ales and bottled beers.

19 Jun 2016 19:33

Rutland Arms Hotel, Newmarket

I stayed here recently as part of a stag group so this review is as much of the hotel as it is the bar.
The rooms are very dated in decor and refinement but still comfortable, especially the bed. The hotel consists of three buildings connected by corridors over a courtyard and then a road. Finding your way around is an adventure! Breakfast had a wide choice from croissant through all the trad English fried to kippers. None of us ate there in the evening as we were across the road watching the Euros.The bar seems to be little used as it has no atmosphere and the High Street is full of pubs. A real ale is now served in the form of Greene King IPA which was adequately kept but has little else going for it.
The staff were very attentive and friendly however and couldn't be faulted.

19 Jun 2016 18:11

The Auctioneer, Blackpool

A very standard 'Spoonie' but that's is no bad thing. Lots of changing beers on tap and the one I had was in excellent condition.

15 Feb 2016 19:33

The Little Brown Jug, Chiddingstone Causeway

Lovely pub with loads of seating and parking. Mainly a food pub, it sits directly opposite Penshurst station and is favourite stop for those visiting the nearby NT. The ales are Green King and Larkins which are all kept very well (Cask Masque accredited). The food is also good and varied. I ordered Moules today which was not the French style but still very good, and there was about 35-40 of them. All meals are very generous in fact.

15 Feb 2016 19:25

The Plough, Dormansland

Don't know why I haven't reviewed before now having been here several times in the last few years.
Lovely pub with low beams and plenty of character. I went for a meal which is very acceptable Thai at a reasonable price. The ales are well kept and pulled Sussex Ales.
It's becoming a regular watering hole for me now.

28 Oct 2015 17:23

The William IV, Bletchingley

Went to have lunch with some friends one weekday. Two pints of bitter and two J2O cost £13 apparently. We were then charged, sorry overcharged, for three meals and for a round of drinks twice!
This could have been a rendezvous for the four of us but I only get turned over once.
We'll find somewhere more honest next time.

9 Nov 2014 20:56

The Whitstable Brewery Bar, Whitstable

The brewery is in Grafty Green.

29 Aug 2014 16:17

The Wheatsheaf, Bough Beech

First time back since the re-furb and I have mixed feelings. The quirkiness of all the artifacts has gone which leaves it feeling a bit souless. It is now very much the stock country pub with a large wine list.
It does stock Westerham and Harveys ales both of which are properly looked after. Had a meal with my wife which was excellently cooked and presented; no change out of £50 there.
Overall impression is that it is 'very naice' with pricey gastro-pub food.

28 Jun 2014 12:44

The Swan, Edenbridge

I have been coming to this pub for 9yrs and have given it a rating of 9 in t.he past, but oh dear! what a dreadful experience I had last time. 24 walkers on a day trip, who will never be seen again took precedence over a family group which resulted in a wait for food of about an hour and a half. 2yr old children do not deal well with that kind of a delay. Nor do their parents who find the only loo capable of being a baby changing room full of "band equipment". No alternative was offered and the nappy change was done in the car!
The food when it did arrive was the sadest meal I've had to pay for in a very long time: under-cooked chips, raw peas and flabby, soggy batter falling off a pathetically small cod.
When we were asked 'is everything ok?' I explained my extreme displeasure with the service, food and treatment and free round of drinks was strategically offered immediately after some of the group had just bought!! And this was the first enquiry about our well being in two hours. The free round was declined and no discount was offered on the bill.
It will be some time before I return.

22 Apr 2014 23:46

Queens Arms, Edenbridge

What a little gem! All previous comments still hold true. Here's to nostalgia :-)

22 Apr 2014 23:09

The Ypres Castle Inn, Rye

Lovely pub with good food. Recently had new ownership so the Casque Mark I was looking to bag is under review. I will be happy to drive the 50 miles again to another Adnams Broadside when they are re-instated.

22 Apr 2014 22:36

Royal Oak Inn, Staffhurst Wood

I've been coming to this pub on and off for over ten years now and surprisingly not commented until now. The beer choice is more comprehensive than previous comments would have you believe. This may be because it is changed at regular intervals.
The food is always of the same high quality and presented well. The welcome is good if you have the right attitude going in.

11 Jan 2014 14:45

Bricklayers Arms, Chipstead

Had a very good meal with Harveys Armada; three in fact, and would recommend both whatever you eat.

8 Aug 2011 21:03

The White Horse Inn, Edenbridge

Bought by BLOODY COSTA!!!!!!

2 Aug 2011 21:08

The White Hart, Chipstead

Quality of the meals doesn't justify the prices when inexperienced staff serve badly. Just another poncy Surrey gastro-pub

10 Jul 2011 17:15

The Feathers, Merstham

The staff in here are too young and inexperienced to know one beer from another; not their fault as the management has not trained them to do anything but push the buttons.

2 Jul 2011 17:10

The Limes, South Merstham

Went in at lunch-time to find no food served! Uncle Festus and Cleetus propping up the bar found it amusing tho. Walked out without ordering when I heard the banjo and fiddle start.

2 Jul 2011 17:07

The Rock, Chiddingstone Hoath

First visit was all that I expected from reading previous reviews. We watched the crazy game being played by two 'expert locals'. Great pub which is certainly on my frequent list now.

4 Jun 2011 15:38

The Swan, Edenbridge

My Local is now beginning to be the pub I always hoped it would be. I shall be going more often.

19 Apr 2011 22:32

Fountain, Cowden

Visited on Saturday lunch and was pleasantly surprised by menu; varied and not too dear considering the size of the portions. Good Harveys beers well kept.

22 Jul 2010 22:20

The Kentish Horse, Mark Beech

I've used this pub for eating on occasions and have been satisfied in the past, but what a change! I ordered a curry which was nothing more than badly defrosted vegetables in pathetic excuse of a sauce which had not a single curry spice in it. My companion ordered scampi which again had recently seen the inside of catering freeze bag. Just these two meals 16! I rated this pub as an eight last time this time it gets one for the garden.

5 Jul 2010 23:35

The Fox and Hounds, Toys Hill

I visited here for the first time recently and had a positive experience much to my surprise having read the highly entertaining comments. As I know that the guvnor reads this site I can't relate my encounter without revealing myself other than to say that he was very chatty and very pleasant. Very telling tho was the fact that it was a warm evening and the pub was very nearly empty. Perhaps he has realised that behaving like Basil Fawlty loses custom? I for one will be happy to go back.

5 Jul 2010 23:27

The Heathfield Inn, Honiton

If you're a beer lover then avoid at all costs. Very rarely have I not finished a pint before walking out; this was one time. When my companion complained about the condition of the Abbott Ale he was offered another round by the clueless barmaid who apparently thought it would be ok to serve another another pint of the same rubbish. The Portugese landlord hasn't a clue how to keep cask beer and takes umbrage when told so instead of improving the cleanliness of his pipes. How difficult is it to listen to your customers? This is not the first time I've been disappointed here,but it will be the last.

5 Jul 2010 23:14

The White Hart, Brasted

Ok, you can ignore any comments made prior to 2010. This pub is very much changed and for the better.The menu is more extensive and far better than the rubbish previously served here. The menu is a bit pricey, and perhaps not suited to the Saturday lunch I had there: for celebrations it would would good. Beer is kept well enough and as PBS says, it too is better than before. If you knew the old White Hart, give it a go and be surprised.

5 Jul 2010 23:05

Royal British Legion Limpsfield, Oxted

Best about this is the Tongham Brewery ales; all good.

19 Jun 2010 15:34

The Four Elms Inn, Four Elms

Four years since I made last comments on this pub. Went back after long gap and found improvement to the menu, albeit a little pricey. Beer still good, at least the Westerham BB was. More people in now so the guvnor must be doing somesthing right.

15 Mar 2010 19:03

The White Horse Inn, Edenbridge

Latest rumours are that this will be an asian fusion restaurant soon.

24 Dec 2009 19:41

The Rifle Volunteers, Maidstone

Made a trip here while my wife had business in town. Alehead1 says it's strange and that's true but in a way that I like. There was one other customer, whom I engaged in conversation, along with Alan. I had Goachers Fine Ale for the first time. it was a good pint and so was the conversation. I learnt more about Maidstone in 40min than I could have anywhere else. Fantastic!

15 Nov 2009 18:10

The Old Eden, Edenbridge

Architecturally interesting and historically worthy, but VERY expensive. I mean, 3.35 for a pint! that eclipses all the other pubs in town. Food ditto.

3 Sep 2009 22:31

The Royal Oak, Tunbridge Wells

Nice friendly pub with good atmosphere. Relaxing seating areas with an interesting supply of reading material. Several real ales on hand pump including Dark Star and Harveys Armada.

18 Aug 2009 19:42

The Otter Inn, Weston

Dropped in here with friends who recommended it. Someone ought to teach the couldn't care less blonde behind the bar how to pull a pint of real ale. The two pints of Otter Amber she pulled for me you could have have put a flake in and it wouldn't have looked out of place. Great garden next to River Otter.

4 Aug 2009 22:46

The Royal Oak, Crockham Hill

Wayne and Mark left the pub 2nd July dismayed at the prospect of the pub's interior about to be ripped out to satisfy the whim of the the Westerham Brewery owner ( Robert Wicks) who thinks he can modernise a 15thC building. Can only hope they will take notice of the opinion of the locals (who am I kidding?)

10 Jul 2009 19:43

The Royal Oak, Crockham Hill

Bobinman you must have said something out of line. Wayne doesn't suffer fools gladly and has sorted out a lot bad custom to make this a very good pub. Get to know him and he's a gem.

1 Apr 2009 13:49

White Horse Inn, Rogate

Dropped in for lunch after researching for a pub the A272 route in the CAMRA good beer guide. All the Harveys' beers were on and we had a good meal at the height of the lunch period. Lovely pub with good staff who know what they're doing. If I'm down that way again this is the watering hole for me.

27 Oct 2008 00:22

The White Horse, Sundridge

I'm surprised this wasn't listed before now as it is a very reasonable pub serving excellent food in the restaurant area,has a v. comprehensive wine list and better than average Old Speckled Hen on draught. The staff are attentive without being in your face and v. helpful. Chef was curious why one of our party asked for a salad without dressing. When told about possible allergy reactions he made a 'special' one-off dressing to suit. Can you imagine that in a chain pub!

11 Mar 2008 11:33

The Royal Oak, Crockham Hill

This is my second review of this pub because of the change of landlord. It is now one of the best pubs in the Westerham/Edenbridge area due to a change in the way the beer is kept and the menu, which is more comprehensive now. Further changes are due March'08 to the interior to provide more seating, better toilets etc. Booking for Sunday lunch is essential as it is so popular now. Well done Wayne and Mark!

3 Mar 2008 18:11

The Swan, Edenbridge

The Swan has been taken over yet again by new people at the end of 2007 and has undergone a slight revival. Food, not previously served at lunch, is now available. A small but experimental menu I think. Beer prices have reduced, yes that is reduced. The large tv screen has been removed and the new people are going to give it a a couple of years to turn round. It has great potential, on the main road with a garden and the only pub for some walking distance, it certainly should flourish. Bomardier, Larkins and Spitfire are the ales.

22 Jan 2008 23:06

The Kentish Horse, Mark Beech

Several visits to this pub have proved it to be consistently good for food, the menu has changed for the better this year, and for the beers. High on my list for regular visits.

25 Nov 2007 22:29

Polgooth Inn, St Austell

Lovey country pub with lots of beers, lots of food, superb atmosphere. Eat here when you're hungry to do it justice.

18 Jul 2007 23:35

The Anchor, Wisley

Visiting this pub for the first time recently I can give opinion without bias from previous experience and I like it! I live about 30 miles away and never knew it existed. It's bright, clean and very inviting.
We ordered three meals and all were excelent, so was the beer. I had the Stinger, a Hall and W. organic beer made with nettles!
The view from our table was of the lock and the long-boats negotiating it. I'll be coming back f'sure!

18 Jul 2007 23:10

Ben Crouch's Tavern, Fitzrovia

One of my favourite pubs when I was at the uni round the corner as a mature student and still revist from time to time. It feeds my dark side. Long may it continue, long live everthing goth!

8 Jul 2007 23:47

The Devils Dyke Hotel, Brighton

Apparently this pub has had a refurb when changing hands recently, well all I can say is why bother spending that amount of money and then making a complete hash of it to ensure that I won't come back? I can only echo previous reviewers who must be gutted to see no improvement in what could be a great pub.
The setting is great and while we were there plenty of tourists came and went and that's what I'll do; just once.

8 Jul 2007 23:02

The Harrow Inn, Cheam

Revisited after 2yr gap, read the reviews. Agree with
not enough seats after 4:30, more thought to the floor lay out could provide more seats. Service generally is half hearted and needs some smiles both behind the bar and from the kitchen. I ordered fish and chips and paid 6.15!! for a very ordinary portion. Most of the meals seemed to be a quid or two over the top. Used to like this pub and so I'm disappointed with what I saw on Friday. Ok selection of bottled beers and I stuck to Leffe for a change from my normal real ales. Also has Real Budva, not that US crap.

24 Jun 2007 17:18

The Queen Victoria, North Cheam

Used to live a mile away but moved then drove past recently, very pleased to see this disgrace is to be destroyed. does anyone know if a new pub is to be built?

26 Apr 2007 12:59

The Carpenters Arms, Limpsfield Chart

Visited one evening and sorry to say my experience not as good as previous reviewers. Solitary young female barstaff stood and stared rather than saying "can I help" or "what are you having" and was further unhelpful when asked about food. The meal was ok but at 6.95 for Cauliflower Cheese and chips a tad expensive. I decided to leave having listened to an hour long CD of a certain pervert who escaped justice recently. The pub itself is in a great setting and has unrealised potential. Better customer management is needed.

26 Apr 2007 12:17

The Revolution Bar, Sutton

This is not a pub but must be considered more as a spirits bar. It will interesting to see how long the novelty of flavoured vodka keeps Revolution in business before yet another re-birth and change of name. Nothing wrong with vodka (I always keep Stolichnaya with added chilli in the freezer) but will it last the course?
Serious beer drinkers don't bother to come here.

20 Dec 2006 00:05

The Railway Hotel, Cheam

Whilst this is a 'strange pub' in contrast to a lot of others, it's not unfriendly despite this being a locals pub. It's very small and quirky; it always makes me smile but my sons feel uncomfortable here..... I can't remember it changing in more than 20yrs,so I'd be interested to know what 'hotrods' remembers of it.

26 Aug 2006 21:55

The Albion, Epsom

I have to agree with Barnie Gumble here. It's not a pleasant enough pub to spend too long in when there are other much better pubs close by. The beer isn't good enough to make up for the over abundance of TV and the regulars who block the bar even when they see you wanting to get to it.

26 Aug 2006 21:22

The Star Inn, Edenbridge

Sunday lunch-time and my party was the only one present for most of a one hour stay.Not sure if the refurb has taken place and judging by the layer of dust on the fireguard it hasn't been used since Lout from the lane was here. Not even the Greene King is served now as apparently most it is thrown away! Only lagers and Guinness left. Was told by barman that it would fill when Chelsea came on Sky TV. No further comment.

24 Aug 2006 12:17

The Station, Horsham

Would have started the pub crawl at The Bedford but it didn't open until 11.30 so came here. Typical chain pub, all drinks are categorised so that Spitfire apparently is not a bitter!!! but the foamy soap drink known as Tetleys is a bitter!!!! Food not served until 13:00 so left early .

17 Aug 2006 22:55

Whyte Harte Hotel, Bletchingley

My experience of this pub was better than the previous three people as enjoyed my pint of Bombadier and the food, tho I would agree that it is a tad expensive.
It has a great feel to it in the winter especially with the fire blazing in a huge fireplace.
As for the garlic thing Gazelle you were unlucky I think; I've eaten here a few times without experiencing that.

12 Aug 2006 23:11

The Prince Albert, Bletchingley

Visited on a 'curry night', promise of a free pint with curry turned out to be 4X, like it or lump it, even when I offered to pay any difference to get a real beer.
A subsequent real ale was ok, the curry was average. The service at the bar was poor and performed without a smile.
This pub does not go on my to return to list. The Whyte Hart is still better for service, food and welcome.

12 Aug 2006 22:29

The Royal Oak, Crockham Hill

Small pub, smaller car park, good food, large portions well cooked. Worth a visit. Average beer.

27 Apr 2006 23:53

The Four Elms Inn, Four Elms

Quiet pub with car park. Good beers, including local-Westerham,Larkins. 1664 and Stella for the lagers. Reasonable, varied menu at good prices. Deserves greater patronage.

25 Mar 2006 16:37

The Greyhound, Hever

Food is good but pricey. Had to change my pint of TT Landlord as it was acidic; changed without fuss. Will give another chance in summer.

25 Mar 2006 16:22

The Robin Hood, Sutton

To all the Stella drinkers I would say, try something different. The real drinks in this pub are well looked after and appeal to the more discerning drinker. They also have a good range of wines.
This is definitly the best pub in Sutton, run by Ken who knows his business. Would reccommend to anyone who prefers real ale and a pub not crowded with alco-pop guzzling children. Used to run a good quiz on Monday eve.

9 Feb 2006 09:45

The Wheatsheaf, Bough Beech

A wonderful country pub. Some parts of the building date to mid 16thC. Large selection of real ales and great food. Lots of interesting artifacts all around the pub.

6 Feb 2006 22:14

Midas Touch, Worcester Park

Best avoided by the random tourist as this is a "local" pub with a vengence! Nothing will be missed, however, as the beer, or what passes for, caters only for hard of tasting.

6 Feb 2006 21:55

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