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Comments by BrianE

The Bell Inn, Cheam

Crying out for quality management.. should be a great pub.. but isn't.

15 Apr 2011 17:29

The North End Tavern, Worcester Park

Popped in for a quick beer a couple of Saturdays ago. Busy place, but useless disinterested staff. Took almost fifteen minutes to get served. Dreary clientele in a spangly pub. Yuk.

18 Oct 2009 02:08

The Worcester Park, Worcester Park

The benches outside around surrounded by a sea of empty crisp packets and cigarette ends.

Is it not beyond the management to supply ashtrays outside and train the staff in the use of a broom and dustpan & brush type equipment.

The pub is fast becoming a dump.

10 Sep 2007 16:16

Hogsmill Tavern, Worcester Park

Certainly far better (and cheaper) than it was. Ought to be a gold mine.

10 Sep 2007 15:57

The Marquis of Granby, Epsom

Good refurb, excellent staff always. Nice mix of clientele. Well done.

18 Sep 2006 21:25

All Bar One, Sutton

All Bar One in itself has a very good ambience and is probably the best place in Sutton to meet friends.

However, the last time I was there, I found the beer tasteless and expensive (3.20 for one of the imported lagers).

8 Dec 2005 20:57

The Spring Tavern, Ewell

I went in there once and the food looked great. I tried it on my next visit and it was p*ss poor. Dodgy service but fair decor and beer.

29 Nov 2005 20:56

The Effra Hall Tavern, Brixton

Great to see the Effra so highly rated. It used to be my regular before I moved away, Joe Smith was running it then at a very high standard.


29 Nov 2005 20:49

The Nightingale, Sutton

Very good. Professionally run pub, spotless.

18 Jul 2005 20:06

CAZBAR, Worcester Park

9 out of 10, Carey finally bought a drink..

18 Jul 2005 19:58

The Lord Nelson, Cheam

I went to this pub for the first after living in the area
for over 25 years.

Very nice too. Good atmosphere, beer and friendly staff.

18 Jul 2005 19:55

Rumours Wine Bar, Worcester Park

Beer's OK. Nothing else.

18 Jul 2005 19:51

The Worcester Park, Worcester Park

Fair pub, fair beer, microwaved computerised food..

Anonymous, pleasant enough and safe.

That's it in a nutshell. I go there when the Cazbar has a private function.

18 Jul 2005 19:50

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