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Comments by Bree

The Pilgrim, Caterham

Great place to go for a drink and a meal with friends. Only noisey when football or rugby is on. Great place to go for talks and etc

25 Mar 2008 23:20

The Caterham Arms, Caterham

A place for loud lads and chavs. Not the best place to go.

6 May 2007 16:33

The Black Sheep Bar, Croydon

For me, it's THE place to go on a Friday night. If you like your rock and Indie, it's the place to go.

Good-humoured people mostly, bar staff are always on form. The beer isn't the best, as mentioned below, but still good times to be had. Thursdays are for the brave, as it's metal night, and only get involved if you're used to it! It's almost like being at a gig, some nights. Other nights vary. Saturday is a bit of a mixture, with music ranging from rock to indie, to R n B to such stuff. Not all bad.

6 May 2007 16:27

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