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The Stickle Barn Tavern, Great Langdale

Good beer. Live singer enterainment. The cooked breakfasts are awesome, had trouble climbing gimmer crag with my belly full of the breakfast mind.

7 Oct 2006 00:17

The Hotspur, Newcastle

This is a great pub. Used to spend at least 2 nights a week here supping a fine pint of workie ticket. Jimmy the manager is a great guy. Not been in the bar for a couple of years now, but have fond memories. Hotspur I miss you!

7 Oct 2006 00:14

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

I used to live 5 mins walk away from this pub and it was absolute heaven. The beer is well kept and the range is awesome. Friendly bar staff that know their beer. Try the great range of beers brewed on site. If you ever get stuck at derby station it will make the wait a pleasure / keep missing trains and lie to your partner!

7 Oct 2006 00:03

Jolly Potters, Stoke on Trent

Visit the potters a few times a year as the girlfriends folks live nearby. Always been a friendly local full of characters. Keeps changing hands, I think it has since the last time I was there. Always some real ale about, worth a vist!

6 Oct 2006 23:57

The Victoria Hotel, Beeston

Good beer, friedly staff. No mobiles, great! Put the thing on vibrate and wander outside when you need to talk. Some reviews describe this place as strict, POW camp like.... get real. Could do with a few more rooms and sometimes feels a little too set up for food. As for hype, its a friendly pub that sells good well kept beer. Its hardly rocked science!

6 Oct 2006 23:46

The Test Match, West Bridgford

Lovely decor and friendly place very good in the West Bridgford virtual desert

6 Oct 2006 23:40

The Stratford Haven, West Bridgford

great pub, with great beer and friendly drinkers. Gets a bit crowded, but worth it!

6 Oct 2006 23:36

Apple Tree, West Bridgford

Plastic in a plastic housing estate full of plastic accoutants. This may sound harsh, but I used to live over the road from the pub in lovely compton acres, the land of snooty people.

6 Oct 2006 23:30

The Vat and Fiddle, Nottingham

The quality of the beers sums this pub up, and it has always been excellent, both in quality and range. Never been refused surface unlike some previous reviwers. Have met the cat, and might be the homeless man / bear that stole you tobacco!

6 Oct 2006 23:26

The Salutation Inn, Nottingham

Hate to be sour, but the beer recently has been terrible. Although the rock karaoke was the best entertainment I have seen in years. Used to like it, but now tend to avoid it after a few too many dodgy pints!

6 Oct 2006 23:21

The Royal Children, Nottingham

Thera, that is a great pub review. Never saw the noisy american at the bar, always found enough noisy brits in there to be honest.

6 Oct 2006 23:19

The Ropewalk, Nottingham

Gone from being a student bar to a post re-fit first date bar. it alright!

6 Oct 2006 23:17

Pitcher & Piano, Nottingham

Too poncey by far. Full of stuck up tw#ts!

6 Oct 2006 23:15

The Orange Tree, Nottingham

cool pub, a bit pricey but woth it

6 Oct 2006 23:12

The Malt Cross, Nottingham

A hidden gem, no real ale, but hey I can do strong continental lager! Seems to be avoided and un-discovered by many a nottingham resident. Love the view from the roof light, nice to be able to see trees in a city centre pub. Great place for reading the papers on a sunday afternoon!

6 Oct 2006 23:11

The Keans Head, Nottingham

Great beer, what you would expect from tyne mill. Well worth a visit

6 Oct 2006 23:08

The Johnson Arms, Nottingham

This place is an absolute Gem. I work at Notts Uni and get there whenever I can. Gillys food is great, I love the fact he refuses to do chips. His barbeques are amazing. The staff are amazingly friendly, and always welcoming, you can really tell they take pride in the place. The beers good too, and the beers festivals are well worth looking out for. Its a shame not so many pubs have the welcoming friendly charm of the Johno's. Before you ask I was not paid to write this!

6 Oct 2006 23:06

The Horn in Hand, Nottingham

You cannot beat the Horny Hand for a student night out and cheep beer, especially if you have a yellow card. Used to be my lucky pub for England and Newcastle games, obviously not that lucky!

6 Oct 2006 22:59

The Hand and Heart, Nottingham

Not sure if her name is Val, but there is a really friedly owner there. Love the trogliditic architecture, although itcan get a bit nippy. Strangely overlooked for a Canning Circus bar.

6 Oct 2006 22:56

The Grove, Nottingham

The beer is not great. Staff are friendly enough, and so are the locals. Grove is an experience to be missed, unless you like to be tortured. Do not try to climb on the hanging baskets outside, they will fall off, trust me ......

6 Oct 2006 22:50

Fellows Morton & Clayton Ltd, Nottingham

Good beer, resonable food, friendly staff. A decent pub to visit when witing for a train.

6 Oct 2006 22:47

The Fat Cat Cafe Bar, Nottingham

Plastic bar, with plastic food. Nice friendly staff though

6 Oct 2006 22:46

The Cock and Hoop, Nottingham

Found this bar to be ful of pompous stuck up twits, over priced beer in prissy surroundings. Just a personal feeling, just found it stuffy and unwelcoming, yet my friends love it.

6 Oct 2006 22:44

Bunkers Hill Inn, Nottingham

Good beer, friendly boozer. Some good quality live music. Well worth a visit.

6 Oct 2006 22:42

The Bentinck Hotel, Nottingham

Whenever I go in there someone alway tries to sell me a watch or jewelry. Friendly enough, just has that feeling of a pub close to a station.

6 Oct 2006 22:39

The Bell Inn, Nottingham

The classic Nottingham pub. Good beer and a wide range of. Always manage to smack my head on the way to the bog, will I ever learn. Was the first pub I ever went into in Nottingham, fond memories of it!

6 Oct 2006 22:36

The Newcastle Arms, Nottingham

Feels like a studenty chain pub, still good atmosphere and good for watching football.

6 Oct 2006 22:33

The Lincolnshire Poacher, Nottingham

Always found this bar friendly with good beer, both in terms of selection and quality. Seems to suffer a little from its own popularity and can get rammed. But thats probably a testement to its quality. Admitedly the bogs could do with a bit of sprucing up, but if you got to a pub for its toilets there is something wrong with you!

6 Oct 2006 22:30

Victoria Tavern, Ruddington

Good bar, nice beer, good friendly staff. Public bar if friendly and lively, lounge bar more relaxed. Well worth a visit on a Rudd booze crawl.

6 Oct 2006 22:25

The White Horse Inn, Ruddington

Friendly pub, great beer, nice local Rudd people. Possibly my favorite bar in Rudd. The two separate bars allow you to change room depending on your mood. Worth the bus trip out of Nottingham

6 Oct 2006 22:22

The Red Heart, Ruddington

Better now they have moved the pool table, feels more like a real pub. Decent friendly pub.

6 Oct 2006 22:20

The Three Crowns, Ruddington

Great friendly pub, great beer and now a wide selection of bottled beers. Not tried the Thai restaurant as too busy drinking!

6 Oct 2006 22:18

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