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The Isis Tavern, Iffley Lock

TH, you're not even worth the keystrok......

14 Oct 2009 15:40

The Montagu Pyke, Charing Cross Road

Saw Monty Pythons Life of Brian in there when it was a cinema, and a few Heavy Metal bands when it was the Marquee club back in the early 80's.

I can only say that the atmosphere back then was far better than it is in there now! There was empty glasses and finished meal dishes on a lot of empty tables, and I ended up taking the empties from my table and getting a cloth from the bar staff to clean it after ordering my pint.

22 Sep 2009 21:36

The Isis Tavern, Iffley Lock

Thomas Henry, how dare you dall me a Troll, you ignoramous.

I've been visiting The Isis since childhood, and drinking in The Isis since the tender age of 18 years, I'm now 52. I've seen The Isis going from a little gem of a pub to what it is now! It's an absolute travesty at what has happened to it! It used to be filled with memorabilia of all sorts from all the Universities, some dating back to the early 1900's, and as a local it used to be a real pleasure to sit by the bar listening to the laughter, watching bar billiards, hearing the sound of wood against wood as people played Aunt Sally out the back, yes it used to be lovely sitting there supping a pint in those lovely surroundings.

Not any more! It's now a pitiful broken down empty shell and completely lacking in feeling, and I only wish that someday someone will take it over, see it for the gem of a pub it really is, and change it back to it's former glory.

7 Apr 2009 11:06

The Black Dog, Weymouth

Always a stop off for the RFA mob, and always a good time had in there.

1 Apr 2009 16:00

The Masons and Mariners, Portland

Not the same as it used to be, but it's right next to the bus stop! :o))

1 Apr 2009 15:58

The Green Shutters, Portland

Nice pub, always a great time had in there.

1 Apr 2009 15:57

The Royal Breakwater Hotel, Portland

Can be busy when there's a couple of RFA's or RN ships alongside. Good lively fun in the summer.

1 Apr 2009 15:56

The Cove House Inn, Portland

Nice cosy wee pub, with a lovely atmosphere and the sound of the waves crashing onto Chesil Beach.

1 Apr 2009 15:54

The Railway, Streatham

C'mon, when are you going to re-furbish the toilets?! They're a bloody disgrace. :o((

13 Mar 2009 16:23

The Railway, Streatham

C'mon, when are you going to re-furbish the toilets?! They're a bloody disgrace. :o((

13 Mar 2009 16:23

George, Littlemore

Full of Oxford CHAVS shouting at the telelvision screens when the football is on.


17 Jan 2009 15:17

King Of Prussia, Oxford

Thank christ for that!

What a shithole. glad to see the back of the dump.

23 Apr 2008 12:28

The Rose and Crown, Tooting Bec

This pub was the dogs bollocks back in the 80's. Have'nt been in there in years, so will have to give it a visit to see if any of the 80's locals are still around.

19 Apr 2008 12:18

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