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The Hope, Carshalton

This is the Beer pub to visit in South London. If your looking for somewhere to impress your friends or your a beer monster yourself, Congratulations you have found it!

Simple food options, but who wants a slap up meal with the range and quality of the beer here?

Suprise suprise, it does get busy!

9 Apr 2016 10:43

The Prince Of Wales, Cheam

Now serving decent LocAle and doing a good job at it :)

1 Nov 2013 20:55

The Castle, Outwood

Good Pub, this is a find and that's no joke! I'd never heard of Outwood and then I found myself here.
They have a nice selection of real ales and all are served as they should be. I'll be coming back soon to sample the food and would recommend you give this place a go soon.

31 Aug 2013 16:00

The Railway Hotel, Cheam

No longer a beer connaisseurs ale house, turning into an average larger drinking binge house. Sad to see it go this way

Can anyone help them out?

31 Aug 2013 15:54

The Claret Wine Bar, Cheam Village

Good to see this place improving steadily for sometime now, actually back on my list of places to go! Getting better beer to the customer :) Keep it going and I'll be in there all the time.


31 Aug 2013 15:46

The Prince Of Wales, Cheam

Most of the actual beer on offer seems to be coming from main listings, maybe its tied on all the beer they can serve?
Hope to be able to get something better soon...................

31 Aug 2013 15:42

Whitehart & Redroom Restaurant, Chipstead

Went here last week for dinner and to check out their beer, had an interesting pint of Twickenham ale and then ordered food. Followed up with a Pilgrim Surrey and finished the meal with a Dark Star Espresso, all good beer. Food however did let the side down so I'll wait a few months before trying again.

16 May 2013 18:58

The Hope, Carshalton

If only this was my local! Thankfully it is only a short train ride away. Every time I need a real beer fix, it is where I head.

Amazing work being done by the co-op of camra members who run the pub :)

11 Nov 2012 18:33

The Railway Hotel, Cheam

Freshly tarted up by the new management team, they are learning the business the hard way! Some basic principles on beer conditioning yet to be established in their cellar policy.

In time I trust things will improve.

11 Nov 2012 18:25

The Railway Hotel, Cheam

Although not perfect, like a fine wine this pub has been improving for sometime now and will endeavour to make steps forward whilst under a good management team. Quirky at times with some special people drinking here its worth checking out while in the village!

3 Sep 2010 00:32

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