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Comments by Batman1

The Belvedere Hotel, Belvedere

Not quite sure what Belvedere "lovethepubs" went into but it can't be the same one. Decor is above average for the area and the bber is kept very well, nice atmosphere and always greeted with a smile. Years ago this was a place to avoid now i take my kids and sit in the garden. Well run and if your feeling peckish I'd recommend a burger......

1 Sep 2011 13:38

The Royal Standard, North Woolwich

Does anyone know if the exotic entertainment is still on in the afternoons ?

30 Mar 2010 08:57

The Prince Albert, Bexleyheath

Always been a decent boozer, pots and pans and an insitution in the area everyone knows them.
Beer good but it is pricey, great place to go for a pint before the cinema....

8 Dec 2009 13:18

Volunteer Public House, Bexleyheath

Nice little boozer this one, friendly bar staff decent range of beers.
Guvnor is a good laugh and looks after his punters, the take a pick game on a sunday is great.
Well worth a visit....

8 Dec 2009 13:14

The Nags Head, Welling

Not to bad a boozer, its okay for a couple of pints during the week, food seems popular and pretty well priced.
Probably the best pub that end of Welling...

8 Dec 2009 13:07

The Guy Earl of Warwick, Welling

This used to be a good pub, 10 years ago.........

Only real trade is from Welling Utd games, place is shocking.....i too recommend you avoid.........

28 Oct 2008 10:23

The Green Man, Welling

Steve the Guvnor has this place well sorted, beer is excellent but could use a real or two. Front bar for builders etc back bar much nicer but quiet.

Food is also very good and their chef is excellent. Great friendly bar staff.

A nice place to drink, best in the area by miles.....

28 Oct 2008 10:19

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