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Britannia, Euston Station

My complaint to the owner of this pun:

I went to the Euston Britannia Bar last night (20/12/09) for a couple of drinks while waiting for a delayed train to arrive.

The bar looked nice enough but clearly the staff just wanted to get home as quickly as possible.

They called time at 10pm.

Because time was being called early I went to the bar to order a second pint leaving my coat on my chair, half a pint on my table and an open magazine also on the table. Before my pint was poured one of the staff working had 'cleared' my table of my drink and magazine.

When another customer complained about the early closing he was shouted at by the staff. When he shouted back an off duty member of staff assaulted him and other members of the seemed keen to participate. It was only the fact that the customer ran out of the bar that the situation did not escalate.

When I expressed my annoyance at their attitude I was told to 'f*ck off' and the member of staff who assaulted the other customer came over to me in a threatening manner. At this point I walked out of the bar.

This was quite simply the worst public house I have been to and the only reason I did not call the police to deal with the assault was that I was meeting a sick friend from a train and could not be delayed.

You claim to be 'Real Pubs on stations' but there was nothing 'real' about the service on this evening. In fact it was rude, violent and appalling.

I expect to hear from you regarding this matter.

21 Dec 2009 11:41

The Beehive, Walworth

Really winner of a pub this one.

My second (possibly third) visit last night for a birthday celebration with a group of about 10 in total and just a pleasing evening in every respect. A special salute to the staff for the friendly and excellent service throughout. Most of us ate and not a single complaint there.

Highly recommend for most occasions

6 Mar 2009 08:52

The Hop Pole, Wandsworth

Not bad at all..

Have done this place on half a dozen occasions. Eaten a few times and the noodles are good at around £5 a time. The beer has been fine and the staff are pretty nice.

Not a pub I have been in after working hours really but definitely worth a stop if you are passing.

8 Sep 2008 15:59

The Earl of Chatham, Woolwich

I am not a regular in the pubs of Woolwich and sadly had not had the foresight to check BITE before popping into this place one to kill a few hours.

It was not that busy at the time I arrived, just a few people drinking on their own. The decor was pretty awful but not being a pub-snob or wine bar fan this did not bother me.

What did bother me was the service. It was almost as if I was intruding by going to this pub and offering my money in exchange for beer. The odd thing is that this chap was either a shift supervisor or manager as he was barking at some of the other people working there.

Why work in the service industry mate?


5 Sep 2008 17:30

The Hanover Arms, Kennington

I like this place.

It is more for a quick pint before or after train journeys but always seems well run, good mix of punters and ALWAYS has the footy on :)

28 Aug 2008 12:55

The Grosvenor, Stockwell

First time in this boozer and although it was pretty quiet (Wednesday night) the place had a good vibe, nice staff, good beer, great decor.

Will be back soon

28 Aug 2008 12:53

The Prince Albert, Brixton

Really like this place, currently my favourite pub in Brixton.

Staff have always been lovely, beer has always been fine, prices are actually pretty competitive and the music policy is top.

5 Jun 2008 09:50

The Dogstar, Brixton

I second the comment that this is not a 'proper' pub. However it was a lot better than a chain pub in my opinion.

I had a great meal in there last night with some friends. Service was chilled but in a good way, price for the food was excellent vs quality and quantity + beer prices were fair for London.

The only thing that let the night down a fraction was the Guinness

5 Jun 2008 09:47

The Royal Oak, Borough

Total winner of a pub!!
Great beers (Harveys) and happy staff.

Met some top people and had a great laugh

14 Feb 2008 05:42

The Ring, Southwark

Not been in here for a while but popped in for a few beers on a Saturday afternoon. Still really like this pub and the Guinness was excellent.

Far from busy but then pubs in SE1 are generally quieter at weekends. Good service, good decor and nothing to complain about.

28 Jan 2008 13:25

The Windmill Tavern, Waterloo

First time back here for about 6 months and was a very pleasant evening. Beer and service were good but the decor and layout are what I really like about this place.

One of the best pubs in this area.

25 Jan 2008 14:10

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Wondered in here to unwind after a shopping session and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

The staff were happy and 'served with a smile'
The food was excellent and the beers were also good.

Really great building and a good mix of punters.

7 Jan 2008 09:39

The Spanish Galleon, Greenwich

First visit here for a spot of lunch on a Monday.

Had a few pints of Guinness and the burger. Both of which were of high quality, fairly priced for London and accompanied by very friendly service.

Well worth a visit.

12 Dec 2007 09:39

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

Visited this pub on a Saturday afternoon 08/12/07.
It was a Christmas meet up for a group of about 30/35 friends.

They reserved an area for us which was very accommodating and contacted me close to the day to confirm all of this.

Beer was fine and (as usual for a JDW) very well priced. If I had one small moan it was that the staff seemed to be quite slow in serving everyone.

12 Dec 2007 09:29

The Fox @ Excel, ExCeL London

All been said already!!

By comparison to The Fox the bar in the Novotel hotel felt like an oasis.

28 Nov 2007 13:24

The Perseverance, Lisson Grove

Not been in this pub for close to two years.

Found the staff to be excellent and the Guinness was fine. Had a pretty mixed clientèle with no sign of any 'chavs' unless I missed them.

28 Nov 2007 13:22

The Royal Oak, Borough

Despite living in SE1 for the last 18 months I had never made it in here.

Popped in for a mates birthday drinks last night and really liked the place.

Decor, service and beer quality all get 10/10 from me.

I never ate but it looked good.

Highly recommend this place if you are in the manor.

1 Nov 2007 11:56

The Dogstar, Brixton

Great building
Good location
Pretty good food
Not bad beer

Totally ignorant and incompetent staff

26 Oct 2007 15:35

The Dog House, Kennington

Went for a bit of Sunday Lunch 14/10/07.

Arrived a little later than the rest of our party who had just ordered food.

Went in to order our meals only to be told the kitchen was closed for half an hour. Mentioned that the rest of our party had just ordered but 'nothing could be done' so got a pint and relaxed.

Went in to use the bathroom about 5 minutes later only to see somebody else placing a food order?!?! Spoke to one of the bar staff who told me that the kitchen was closed for one hour!?!?!? When I asked what was going on he said that the kitchen was too busy (about 20/25 people in the whole place) so orders were taking one hour. They had closed the kitchen to allow the chefs to catch up. I blinked in disbelief and he begrudgingly took my order warning me that the food would probably be 45-60 minutes.

15 minutes later our food was served.

The staff do seem more interested in posturing rather than serving. This is a shame as the building, location, beer and food are all pretty good.

16 Oct 2007 12:42

The Cat's Back, Wandsworth

Only been in here a couple of times and not eaten yet. Pub is really good with very friendly staff, good decor and standard London prices.

Best Wandsworth pub I have been in so far :)

3 Sep 2007 17:01

Imbibe, Southwark

Average wannabe trendy London bar...

Nothing massively wrong with it.
Just a bit bland

23 Jul 2007 17:00

The Roebuck, Borough

Decided to try a new (fairly) local pub so read a few SE1 pub reviews and this place caught my eye.

I agree with the people who posted positive comments for this place. The place had a good atmosphere, good decor, friendly staff and customers alike. We did not eat but the beer was good and the food coming past us all looked nice so will be back again.

11 Jun 2007 13:04

The Kings Arms, Wandsworth

I only posted about this pub on the 17 Apr 2007 but since this date the pub has new owners/managers and things have gone downhill a bit.

The service was really poor and although the burger I had was pretty good one of our party had a steak sandwich which was too tough to eat. The food took about 40 minutes to come and they had run out of some spirits.

Will walk a bit further for a pub lunch next time!!!

4 Jun 2007 13:57

The Horns Lodge, South Chailey

Since my last post stating this was 'a proper pub' it has changed somewhat. I still like the staff, the beer and the food here but it has basically become a country gastropub and seems to be couple and families so loses a lot of atmosphere as a result.

Totally non-smoking inside which I guess is the way things will be all over England shortly. Not blaming the landlord for the decision to ban smoking early but it does feel wrong......

Sign of things to come my boozy chums

24 Apr 2007 12:59

The Anchor, Barcombe

Tricky for me to rate this as it is historic pub in a lovely location so could be great on a summers day. We arrived early evening and it was just too cold to sit outside so sat inside. The interior of the pub is not as comfortable as it could be so would not rush back for a quick pint in the winter. However I could easily lose a whole sunny day sitting outside watching the sheep and people punting down the waterways :)

Did not eat but the menu looked good and the diners seemed content.

24 Apr 2007 12:35

The Kings Arms, Wandsworth

This seems like the best pub I have been to in Wandsworth so far. Nothing outstanding in the service, food or beer but spacious and a great garden which will get a lot of use in the summer by me no doubt :)

17 Apr 2007 21:03

The Gun, Coldharbour

Visited this pub on a Friday night for a works dinner and a few beers. The pub is nice in appearence but has taken gastropub too far in my opinion. The dining section was trying to appear as a five star resturaunt but in a pub setting?!?!? The food was fine but I was not raving about it and the price worked out to be about £35 a head for 2 courses. Was only drinking lager (plus a little wine with dinner) and it was fine in quality.

I doubt I will visit again but do not speak for everyone as some people may find this dining experience to their taste.

5 Mar 2007 11:23

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

Updated review following first impressions as this pub is really a good one. The landlord and staff are friendly, happy and make people feel very welcome. Also this pub is the only pub in the immediate vicinity that has retained it's character

The beers have been good on every occasion and I recommend the pub highly.

13 Feb 2007 10:03

The Water Poet, Shoreditch

I had an interview near this pub today and popped to ask (politely) if I could use their bathroom beforehand. Met the landlord who was a great bloke and found the whole pub very welcoming.

10/10 in my book.

19 Jan 2007 22:43

The Malt Shovel Inn, Eynsford

Dropped in today for a couple of pints after a long walk and found this pub to be quite nice. The Harvey's was on good form and £2.70 a pint so not bad.

Annoying most the tables in the pub were reserved and it was full of very young kids. Aside from that the staff were friendly, decor was nice and I would go back in if passing.

14 Jan 2007 20:34

The Lord Nelson, Southwark

The refurb has improved the pub although it has lost a bit of character. Beers were on good form last night and the staff were friendly as ever.

13 Jan 2007 15:28

The Slug and Lettuce, Borough

Usual bland and awful S&L pub/bar/whatever with lots of twittering wine drinkers eating bowls of lettuce at £8 a time.

We opted for 2 chicken wraps, 2 pints and two coffees which cost us £27. What a bargain when compared to Weatherspoons :(

If this is your sort of pub usually then it is going to be fine for you. If you like a bit of atmosphere or more of a pub feel then avoid it like the plague, in fact avoid the whole chain.

29 Nov 2006 10:00

The Horseshoe Inn, London Bridge

Have been in for a second visit since I last posted a review back in May 2006. The pub had very much the same feel as last time and the main bar was showing the football so fairly packed. The bar at the back was totally empty and we headed in there as we were eating.

The pub was pleasant and the staff were friendly. We were all on the lager which was cold and fairly priced for London.

The food we had was nice but slightly annoyingly three out of four meals were served and the last one arrived about 10 minutes afterward. Shame really as everything else was fine and it just so happened the late one was for a friend who had to leave quickly to catch a train.

Did not ruin the pub or the food and I would recommend going here for a meal or just a drink in the main bar.

No DVD sellers this time either :)

27 Nov 2006 17:18

The Leather Exchange, Borough

Went in for an early evening dinner last night a and liked this pub. It was empty when we walked in at about 5pm but quickly filled up.

The place is well decorated, clean and the staff were friendly. Food was outstanding (we have the mushroom, goats cheese and pesto burger) but the lager was slightly flat and a tiny bit warm,

Would go back a second time as this place is convenient but not one I would travel far for.

22 Nov 2006 13:29

The Foundry, Shoreditch

Only been a handful of times but always loved it! The place could be seen as pretentious I guess but I found the punters to be friendly as well as the staff. You never get bored there either.

Unique place to stop for a few beers

20 Jul 2006 19:19

Lazy, Tower Bridge

First time in this pub since I moved to the area a couple of months ago. Was recommended Lazy as a good venue to watch the England vs Portugal game. Despite the result I really liked the place with friendly staff and customers alike.

Only been the once but so far the best pub I have been in close to where I live.

3 Jul 2006 15:43

The Rose, London Bridge

Bit of a mixed crowd in hear. Groups of girlies drinking wine, some rough looking boys loitering at the bar, some couples (us included) and a few older regulars.

Really like the interior which is quirky. Not an impressive choice of drinks but ok for a couple.

Staff and landlord were friendly and quickly replace a slightly flat pint with no fuss.

29 Jun 2006 15:26

The British Volunteer, Weybridge

It is a nice pub and was our regular for a couple of years while working nearby. The landlord (sports writer) and landlady (Equestrian of some sort) did at times treat the place more like their living room than a public house but never so much it really bothered me.

Not cheap but a nice location and good for drinking outside on a summers day.

13 Jun 2006 13:39

The George, Bermondsey

This is one of three pubs located really close to my new flat and the first one we went for a beer in. It is the only 'real' pub close by and is good if a little rough and ready.

Had a few pints and the staff + regulars were friendly. Not been back to eat but I will report again once I have.

13 Jun 2006 13:36

The Lord Nelson, Southwark

This pub is a bit grotty and the regulars are a little bit 'of the people' at times but it is always friendly and has a good patio area for drinking in the sun.

The food is really good and I quite like it. Never gonna be a trendy or gastro pub but good in my book.

13 Jun 2006 13:28

Bar 242, Southwark

Went to this pub for the first time recently. It was a bit hard to judge how the pub would be on a normal night as it was for our office party. Not the sort of place I would normally go to, but the service was nice and the place was nice.

Most of the pub is underground and has quite a unique layout. A patio area outside and plenty of seating despite the place 'seeming' small.

12 Jun 2006 10:16

The Five Bells, Chailey

Quite a foody pub this one but seems to be okay. Surroundings are nice and they have a good beer garden.

The only teeny issue seems to have been the frequently changing management.

30 May 2006 16:25

The Ring, Southwark

Not a bad little boozer this. Mixed crowd from young and trendy to old London gangsters (at least that is how they sounded).

Only ever stopped for a quick one or two before getting on the tube but liked it.

30 May 2006 16:10

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

Close to my office so have been in here for a couple of quick ones after work. We also had a company night out here after some training.

Staff are friendly and tolerant when some of our lot got a bit loud and excitable. The food was accpetable but I would not rush back for it. Beer was really good though.

Nice pub and the quiz is pretty good.

25 May 2006 14:35

The Hartley, Bermondsey

Have not eaten in here although the food looks good going out. All round a nice pub and I would describe it as harmless if a little boring. Beer was pretty good and the place is clean and bright.

25 May 2006 14:22

The Apollo, Marylebone

I really like this place, for quality and value for money the food has been excellent on three occasions. The staff are very friendly and efficient in all areas and the beer was great.

Not usually the sort of pub I like but this would be my first choice if I wanted a couple of pints and a bite to eat.

25 May 2006 13:47

The Worlds End, Camden

Lots of my thoughts have already been said. This is an alright pub if you want loud music, less than average beer and the worst (does anyone else agree?) toilets of any pub in London.

I guess it fits in to Camden fairly well and as a result will never be quiet.

I have been several times and am sure I will go again. Never going to be a favourite though

25 May 2006 13:24

The Perseverance, Lisson Grove

Great little pub.... Slow paced but friendly enough staff and locals. Is shut on Sundays (not really persevering are they?)

25 May 2006 13:15

The Union Jack, Southwark

The local to my office so I am one of the much maligned 'city types' who drink in here.

Nothing wrong with this place at all, it serves fair beer at normal London prices. Plenty of room inside and a few nice tables outside too. Staff are friendly and service is generally pretty quick even when rammed.

25 May 2006 13:12

The Horseshoe Inn, London Bridge

Tough one this....

I have recently moved to this area and live about 5 minutes walk from this pub. Went in on a Saturday afternoon about a week ago as we had not yet tried it out.

Pint was fairly acceptable and the food was nice. They claim to get all their food fresh from Borough Market and it tasted fresh to us. Overall the staff were friendly and service was pretty quick, I can't really have much to moan about.

However we did leave feeling decidely 'odd' about the place..........

There was a very wasted (not alcohol) woman sitting in the pub reading the dictionary and laughing to herself. At one point there were 3 (yes 3!!!!) pirate DVD sellers in the pub bothering us.

Also there was a big group of uber-nerds that came into the pub and all sat down watching Dr Who on the TV.....Each to their own but it was like a convention of people that don't understand pub etiquette, all watching Sci-fi far too loud in a pub!?!?!

25 May 2006 13:03

The Garrison, London Bridge

Nice place but a bit too foody for me. Felt out of place just having a pint.

That said I have not eaten here yet.....

23 May 2006 13:43

The Woolpack, London Bridge

I have jsut moved to the area and have been checking out all the pubs close to my new flat. So far this one is the clear winner. £3 for a pint of most premium lagers and friendly staff. Food looks pretty good and they seem to serve a lot without turning the place into a gastro pub.

Nice seating areas inside, conservatory and outside.

Recommended :)

23 May 2006 13:42

The Horns Lodge, South Chailey

Really nice little pub with friendly staff, billiards table and pretty good food.

A proper pub

23 Feb 2006 12:47

The Badgers Rest, Walton on Thames

Have not been there for a year or so but have never thought much of the place. It is food focused but expensive, poor quality food has always been the order of the day. This is the only time I have walked out of a place without paying as I waited for an hour for a bill one Sunday.

If you want to go and sit outside in the summer then it is fine.

23 Feb 2006 12:42

The George, London Bridge

A well located pub with loads of history. Always worth a visit but go there expecting it to be a bit hectic. The bar is too small to cope with the amount of people that drink outside so you will often queue, especially in the summer.

I have never had a bad time in the pub.

23 Feb 2006 12:20

The Elusive Camel, Victoria

I found this pub to have ghastly decor, be full of ghastly people, serve mediocre beer at West End Prices and offer a poor level of service.

The 'drinking on the pavement' issue is annoying. They have room for about 20 people outside yet no control or indication of how many can be out there. They then get stroppy if you are outside and blocking any passing pesestrians. If you are a passing pedestrian it is equally annoying.

19 Oct 2005 14:09

Prince Arthur, Euston

An odd pub this one.......I spent the day in here after the 07th of July terrorist attacks and have got a soft spot for the pub now.

It is an odd clientle, sometimes just a few old men and other times rammed with suits. They seem to lack a bit of atmosphere as they count on office trade Mon-Fri and then close Saturday for private parties. Not eaten yet but mates have enjoyed it.

Odd music policy?!?!?

5 Aug 2005 18:12

The Jugged Hare, Pimlico

I could be biased here as this is the closest pub to my office but I actually have really grown to like this pub. The interior is really spacious and has a fair balance between traditional pub and London Bar.

Lager is pretty good and although expensive for quantity is is good quality. Really nice staff who have a relaxed attitude but look after you well. Mixture of tourists, suits and locals.

5 Aug 2005 17:48

The Hawley Arms, Camden

I am a fairly new patron to the Hawley Arms having only been drinking in there since Spring 2005 so not sure about the history. It is however the best pub I have found in Camden so far and a bold statement, but possibly my favourite London pub at the moment.

Good staff, good beer, excellent jukebox, great food and just off the beaten path in Camden so that it does not get full of idiots.

5 Aug 2005 17:37

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