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The Grasshopper on the Green, Westerham

This pub could be brilliant. It is in a quaint old building and in the winter the back bar has a log fire in a big brick fireplace. They sell some decent beers including from Westerham's own brewery. But the staff can be a bit offhand or careless, the beer isn't always that well kept, and the place looks like it could be cleaned better.

8 Jul 2009 18:30

Ye Olde Whyte Lion, Locksbottom

After closure for a short time quite recently I thought the refurb might ruin Ye Olde Whyte Lyon, but it has been done quite sensitively and the pub retains its charm. Staff are friendly and efficient, the beers are good, and there is a terrific (paved) garden at the back. No lawn but plenty of flowers, shrubs and trees in pots or in the ground, and a lot of seating.

The only problem is that when they are showing sports the several screens can be a bit intrusive if it's not something you want to see. But they have been showing the rugby at least - not many pubs locally will do that.

8 Jul 2009 18:04

The George & Dragon, Westerham

A very pleasant pub, friendly, relaxed atmosphere, with a good mix of people. It is true as another reviewer has said that the beers are a bit predictable (Fuller's London Pride and Courage Best, maybe Director's too) but they are well kept, and a good pint of Pride is very enjoyable. I've never tasted better Pride anywhere else.

I haven't eaten here but a lot of people do and judging by the comments I've overheard they are generally very happy with the food.

The staff are friendly, attentive and efficient too.

8 Jul 2009 17:56

The Fox, Keston

This is a pleasant, friendly pub. It looks a little "tired", nothing a lick of paint couldn't fix, and hopefully it will get that quite soon. Meanwhile it's not a bad place at all, and far preferable to The Greyhound over the road (which has all the atmosphere of a village hall and frequently a virtual dress code - hostile looks if you're not wearing a Crystal Palace shirt).

31 Jan 2009 11:15

The Two Doves, Bromley

Yes, it is a superb pub. It also has a very attractive beer garden at the back, an actual (and well tended) garden, not just a bit of space with some tables and chairs.

31 Jan 2009 11:01

The Kings Arms, Leaves Green

This pub has been taken over by new tenants in recent months. New tenants of new owners at that. And things have changed. The old reviews below were all correct but a lot of effort has been made to improve matters, and it's working. I live nearby and I've seen the ups and downs (mainly downs) of recent years, but it's a place I like visiting again. Spitfire and London Pride on tap, plus lager if you must, and decent food too. It's getting cold now but come spring you might like the pleasant beer garden at the back. Meanwhile you can sit in the bar and read newspapers or books about Biggin Hill airfield, including one on how to maintain your Hurricane fighter. It's not horribly themed, I hasten to add, but it has posters and photos of the local RAF history. If you were put off before, try The King's Arms again.

2 Nov 2008 19:20

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