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The Royal Oak, Isleworth

Been meaning to go back in here as used to come here with my family a long time ago.
Not normally one to moan about price but 3.20 for a Stella! Ouch! Place still gets busy at times but not sure why as doesn't have that much going on for it.

7 Dec 2005 18:53

The Railway, Ryde

Spent a very long afternoon here on the dartboard. Great little pub with well cared for ales. Bloke behind the jump was the landlord i believe? Friendly guy.Going back again for the second time next week.

7 Dec 2005 18:41

Joe Daflo's, Ryde

Great selections of drinks, clean and good staff.

7 Dec 2005 18:35

Fowlers, Ryde

Breakfast and a beer at 10am!

7 Dec 2005 18:33

Crown Hotel, Ryde

First visit to the pub in the beginning of the summer was a good laugh. Friendly people and cheap drinks.
However, the next evening was a different story, moody yocal boozer with everyone wanting a fight. Must have been blind drunk on the first visit! ;o)

7 Dec 2005 18:31

Bud Island Bar, Ryde

Pub for the Council meet...

Seedy little joint with eyes looking at you from all angles. Didn't much enjoy this place.

7 Dec 2005 18:28

The Bargemans Rest, Newport

A few years back i had problems finding this place as was new to the island. Glad i didn't give up as a great little pub with good food.

7 Dec 2005 18:24

The Vectis Tavern, Cowes

Can't agree with any of these comments.

Dark little boozers i love but when you can smell the toilets whilst playing pool it does get a bit much. The people behind the jump seem nice enough and the beer is pretty good. Just ashame about them toilets.

7 Dec 2005 18:21

County Arms, Isleworth

Been a fair few years since i was last in this pub as always resembled the war torn far east! Was in there the other day and have to say is actually a nice place. Cheap when compared to other local pubs aand also has wifi connection (even though priced at 4.50!) Apparently it is now under new management so i guess only time will tell.
Will keep you all posted as things progress ;o)

26 Oct 2005 17:50

The Anglers, Walton on Thames

Erm...the ONLY place where you have to wait ages to be served then once you are served it takes another length of time to actually get the drink in your hand. The funny bit is, it is actually getting worse ever year! As for using a spoon to pour a Guinness says it all.
However, i still seem to find my way back there again!!

7 Apr 2005 16:02

The Misty Moon, Twickenham

You feel your soul get sucked from your body as you walk through the doors. Cheap drinks couldn't even keep me from walking back out.

7 Apr 2005 15:58

The Bloomsbury, Twickenham

Hell hole! Gave it more benefit that it deserved but still had to knock it on the head. Run by the pikey brickies that use it.

7 Apr 2005 15:39

The Admiral Nelson, Whitton

Changed over the years but not really for the best. Ok for a few midweek quiet ones but avoid eye contact with the locals and don't expect a smile from the staff.
Everynight the same kids running around getting under your feet until 'late' which is pretty damn annoying. This pub is actually run by the troublesome locals rather than this 'great new landlord' thats been mentioned on previous comments.

7 Apr 2005 15:35

The Queens Head, Weybridge

You missed DAMN expensive! Had to grace the place with a visit as many people use here as their drinking ledge. Service was not exactly quick, bar bird nothing to look at and Guinness was over 3! May not return...

7 Apr 2005 15:27

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