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The Land of Liberty, Peace and Plenty, Heronsgate

This is a real gem; great beer that is well kept and served, interesting and friendly folks and nice bar staff. A sensible policy about mobile phones mean that it is a peaceful spot for a pint.

30 Jul 2009 15:11

The Fox and Hounds, Chalfont St Giles

This is a really excellent quiet local with very well kept beer and proper home cooked food and I mean actually cooked on the premises and not cooked elsewhere and then bussed in so that it can be microwaved and described as 'home-cooked'. It has a sensible policy on mobile phones after all nobody really want to hear about your hernia do they ? Good old fashioned service rather than insincere servility and all the better for it. A proper village local.

30 Jul 2009 14:56

White Hart, Chalfont St Giles

I've had mixed experiences here. Once upon a long time ago it was a cosy local great for a quiet pint which was the incarnation that I liked best. Then it turned into an expensive food pub that I found relatively unfriendly by which I mean that a couple of times when I stopped for a pint after work ( a couple of years ago now) the bar was full of golf club types acting like it was their club house. I was almost tempted to stay and play a few rounds of 'bait terry scott' but sadly had to dash. I did eat there on a later date and thought the food was competent but overpriced given the quality of the service. I haven't been since the new ownership (2009) and wish them well but a relative who has thought the comments above still apply. I was interested to see the comments about the very expensive lease which generally is the kiss of death for a pub and while I'm on my soapbox why aren't we guarding local pubs as the national treasures that they are.

30 Jul 2009 14:48

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