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BITE user comments - Aig_Wilson

Comments by Aig_Wilson

Roseburn Bar, Edinburgh

Even though Davy Wilson's no longer in charge, still one of the best pubs in town.

26 Mar 2006 22:18

The Golf Tavern, Edinburgh

Ruined. Absolutely ruined. Avoid at all costs.

26 Mar 2006 22:15

Bennet's Bar, Edinburgh

It's lost a little of it's charm, but Bennet's is still one of the very best in the town. Just what an Edinburgh boozer should be.

26 Mar 2006 22:15

The Northern Bar, Edinburgh

Good pub - and ideal for a swift pint if you're waiting for a carry-out from the brilliant Loon Fung almost next door!

26 Mar 2006 22:10

Teuchters, Edinburgh

Very decent boozer with good beers. Try the food downstairs.

26 Mar 2006 22:09

The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

Great pub, good beer, decent whisky and wine - eclectic crowd.

26 Mar 2006 22:08

Harry's Bar, Edinburgh

If you want a big slice of mulleted, shoulder-padded 80's on a Saturday night - and you're mad enough to take it on - Harry's is you place.

26 Mar 2006 22:06

Mathers, Edinburgh

The 80/- is now shockingly undrinkably horrinbly bad. Avoid at all costs.

26 Mar 2006 22:05

Bannermans, Edinburgh

A faded shadow of its former self. Can they cram in any more Guinness promotional tat? Very disappointing.

26 Mar 2006 22:03

Bailie Bar, Stockbridge

Decent 80/-. Say no more

26 Mar 2006 22:02

The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

The Bow Bar shows that with a bit of time and money and love and care you can create a "proper" Edinburgh boozer from scratch. Mr Fraser's earlier works at the Blue Blazer and the Cumberland were just the warm-up for thi brilliant little pub. It ticks all the boxes.

26 Mar 2006 22:00

The Out House, Edinburgh

Excellent contemporary bar serving the creative and overworked community. Great beer garden - probably the most central in the city now.

26 Mar 2006 21:56

The Barony Bar, Edinburgh

A very good boozer in a relaxed gay-friendly part of town

26 Mar 2006 21:54

The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

Another honest Edinburgh boozer which hasn't really changed in 100 years. Get in there - keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut (apart from sampling the fine ales) and you'll begin to understand what Edinburgh is about.

26 Mar 2006 21:53

The Cambridge Bar, Edinburgh

The Cambridge has improved 1000% since it re-opened.

26 Mar 2006 21:46

Kay's Bar, Edinburgh

Along with Clarks, the Canny Man and the Diggers, Kay's is your perfect Edinburgh howff. Great beer, managed with, eh, personality warm surroundings and a good crowd. Pile in on a dark dreich rainy/snowy night and you'll not want to leave.

26 Mar 2006 21:44

The Waterloo Buffet, Edinburgh

Now closed

26 Mar 2006 21:40

Tiles Cafe Bar, Edinburgh

TheGP - you're an idiot. The building was an insurance office until 5 years ago. That said, it's an excellent makeover and a decent boozer.

26 Mar 2006 21:38

Grape, Edinburgh

The food's up and down, but I object to a bar called "Garpe" having one of the worst wine lists in town. When it first opened the wine list was exceelent. Now your local petrol station has a better cheaper range.

26 Mar 2006 21:36

The Windsor Buffet, Edinburgh

So long as you know your postcodes, the Sunday evening pub quiz is a belter.

26 Mar 2006 21:34

The Diggers (Athletic Arms), Edinburgh

So long as you're drinking heavy, this is THE Edinburgh pub.

26 Mar 2006 21:33

Clarks Bar, Edinburgh

A proper Edinburgh boozer: Gantry bar - check. Maroon Veitchi flooring - check. Maroon vinyl seating - check. 80 bob - check. Licensee who's been looking after proper beer for 30 years - check. Regular crowd of >300 - check. Clark's is the real deal.

26 Mar 2006 21:27

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