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BITE user comments - AdamE

Comments by AdamE

The Royal Oak, Stockport

Great pub and freindly staff. Definetly try Joey's bitter.

16 Nov 2006 16:53

The Black Horse, Wellington

Great pub. Snooker table, darts board and freindly staff. A bit smokey though.

16 Nov 2006 16:43

The Lord Eldon, Knutsford

Great pub.A vareity of differnt ales and a few exoctic bottled beer! Wondefully freindly staff and I would highly recommend this pub.

16 Nov 2006 16:23

The Angel Hotel, Knutsford

Great pub and wonderful food. Bar staff are always very freindly. I suggest the House bitter Joey holts.

16 Nov 2006 16:19

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