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Comments by Aceman

The Chineham Arms, Chineham

Been in here quite a few times over the years although hadn't been recently till last Friday when I went to watch the football,..

I see the last comment was over a year ago and commented on the rudeness,... well what can I say, nothing has changed,.. just felt like I was putting all the staff out by being there,.....

the bar was also covered from one end to the other with dirty glasses,... and I had the privilege to pay 3.40 for my pint,....

Won't be going back in a hurry.....!

7 Sep 2010 17:12

Spruce Goose (Beefeater), Basingstoke is ok,.. nothing special at all,.. certainly not worth the prices,......

15 Apr 2010 11:50

The Millstone, Old Basing

....just to emphasise on the cost of drinks,.....

My usual Lager was 3.20 before Christmas, then quicky went to 3.25 in the new year,... followed quickly by 3.25 2 weeks before the budget and was shocked to be asked for 3.40 after the budget,.....

Apparently one of the beers is around 3.60,... (this is compared to 2.50 in Lloyds in town)

Obviously they are trying to cash in on the summer and world cup etc,.. but at this rate I'll be paying 4 by Christmas,.... I have a feeling they will soon start losing their regulars, including me,....

15 Apr 2010 11:45

The Beach Arms Hotel, Church Oakley

The beer is very very cheap,.. and the food is 'ok',.. very good for the money,.. I certainly wouldn't say it was as good as a 4 star restaurant.

Also when it's busy you have a line of poeple all the way through the restaurant,... so pick where you sit carefully, unless you want a load of poeple standing right next to your table when your trying to eat,..

4 Mar 2010 14:34

The Millstone, Old Basing

They have new landlords now and even have a tv,.....

The place seems to be pretty busy on a Friday night with a good atmosphere,... and it can only get better with the summer fast approaching,......

Drinks are too expensive tho...... only down side really.

4 Mar 2010 14:28

The Chicago Rock Cafe, Basingstoke

get there after 11pm and you'll need a second mortgage to buy a drink,......

Have been in there before and waitied 20mins for a drink,.. although last few times it's not been too bad to get served.

Drinking out of a plastic pint glass always sums up how classy a place is though!

4 Mar 2010 14:23

The Bolton Arms, Old Basing

It's been completely re-done and the food is good, although quite expensive,...

It's the sort of place you go for dinner,... not for a few drinks on a weekend...!

4 Mar 2010 14:20

Wellington Arms Hotel, Stratfield Turgis

see no one has added a review since me a year ago,..

It's still (in my view) the best place to eat in Basingstoke,... very professional staff and great food,....!

4 Mar 2010 14:17

The Swan, Sherborne St John

Been there a few times..... and the food can vary...

At best it's good,.. but have had a steak baguette that was just fat and gristle,...

nice enough place, probably more a place to eat than a place to drink,..

4 Mar 2010 14:15

The Crown, Old Basing

..... always seems to be packed on a Friday night,.. although it's so small it may just appear to be that busy...

If you go there for a couple of beers before walking to the Millstone it's great,... but wouldn't spend all night in there,.....

The decor is a little bit of a let down aswell,... for a pub right next to Basing House, and with doors you have to duck to get through. they could have made it look a little more atmospheric!

4 Sep 2009 15:05

The Bolton Arms, Old Basing

..... was amazed by the refurbishment,... it's done really well,...

although, It's more of a resturant now,... certainly wouldn't go there for a few drinks ?... (at 3.25 a pint)

4 Sep 2009 14:56

The Millstone, Old Basing

...been going here on and off for about 15 years,.. and now a regular since the Cromwell has closed,....

Doesn't have music, is a little small, and when your having a few beers on a Friday it is a little odd having so many poeple around you eating,..?.. also 3.25 a pint is a little expensive,

...although, it does have a good atmosphere on a Friday night,... and I always look forward to going!

4 Sep 2009 14:50

The Cromwell Inn, Lychpit

..such a shame.... this was my regular for the last 15 or so years,.. and it's finally closed....

The place had been going down hill for the last 2-3 years,.. no beer, high prices, and not a great atmosphere,..

Hope it re-opens soon, could be great again,..! (as long as they put the pool tables back)

4 Sep 2009 14:45

Wellington Arms Hotel, Stratfield Turgis

I noticed that the last reveiw was 2007?,...

I only started going here in 2008,... but this is by far the nicest place to eat in Basingstoke,...

It's a very relaxing place to sit and enjoy a meal,.. the Staff are extremely professional and the food is fantastic,... was actually there on Monday, and again the food was exceptional.......

We go there atleast once a month now, and will never get tired of it,........

It's probably a little more expensive than going to somewhere like zizzis etc,.. but certainly not by much,.. probably cost me the same as it did when I went to the Spruse Goose over Christmas, and that was crap compared to this!!!!

18 Feb 2009 10:13

Dexters Bar and Grill, Basingstoke

Last time I went in there for a quick bite to each at lunch, the food was not anything special, the waitress brought us out 2 plates, 2 drinks and the ketchup,

when we received the bill it had 12.5% tip on it,.....

S*D OFF sprung to mind, and we asked her to take this off

I regularly tip especially at nearby restaurants such as Zizzi's near by which have exceptional service, but i'm not being forced to pay a 12.5% tip at a tacky burger bar

.......... won't be going there again!

18 Jul 2007 10:24

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