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Comments by Aaron95

The Sandstone, Broxton

Nice pub, decent sized beer garden. Had 4 local ales on when we visited. Pub does above average pub food, but is pricey. I suppose to be fair most places in this part of Cheshire are expensive, but expect to pay about £3.30+ a pint.

15 Jul 2013 14:49

The Ring O' Bells, Overton

Dropped into this place after walking up the Sandstone trail. It's on the way down the hill as you walk into town. Lovely little place, looks like a real old pub and was a very welcome sight for two thirsty walkers.

Think it is a Lees pub, which isn't my favourite brewery, but the pint of Streaker I had was certainly well kept. Landlady was friendly but as it was about 6pm, the place was busy with diners so there wasn't much opportunity for her to chat. Didn't try the food, but the menu looked decent enough and it looked like decent pub fare. Would drop in again if passing and probably try the food next time. The portions looked like just the thing for hungry walkers.

15 Jul 2013 14:22

The Helter Skelter, Frodsham

We went in about 7pm on a Saturday night after walking up the Sandstone trail. The place was busy, but there is plenty of room, not least in the courtyard out the back door. Real ale selection was superb. I think they had 8 cask ales on, from various breweries around the local region, plus cidre and a selection of the usual lagers etc. Each beer had a description on a blackboard behind the bar, which was a nice touch. Have to say the 4 pints I had were all in superb condition.

Seemed a friendly place - we had a good chat with some of the other punters. Didn't try the food, so can't comment on that, but can highly recommend the place for a drink. Only downside was we had to go catch the last train home. Will definitely visit again if we are in Frodsham.

15 Jul 2013 14:15

The Alehouse, Reading

Looks like it has closed. Was boarded up when we passed on Saturday night.

6 Apr 2010 17:20

Lowlander, Covent Garden

Visited a couple of weeks ago and had a bite of food and several beers. Beer menu was extensive with about 12 ales on draft and loads more in bottles. All the beer was continental, mostly Belgian, with some Dutch as well.

Beer was well kept. Decent enough food, and service was OK considering it was busy.

Very pricey though, between 4 - 6 per pint for the stuff on draft. It is central London though so I suppose that is probably the norm. Us country folks just aren't used to paying that sort of money for a pint.

5 Mar 2008 14:11

The Swan at Marbury, Marbury

Nice little pub, friendly staff and decent enough food. Beer selection is a little disappointing compared to other pubs in the area, but they had a couple of real ales on tab.

19 Feb 2008 22:41

The Globe Inn, Nantwich

A relatively new pub, I don't know if it was a pub before, but it has evidently been given a makeover in the recent past. It has only been open for a few months in its current form.

This pub is owned by the Woodland's Brewery. The beer they serve is mostly therefore Woodlands own brew, but that is no bad thing as they make their beer using only spring water and that gives it a good clear flavour. When we visited, they had a selection of about 6 or 7 real ales on draft as well as the usual fizzy lager and stuff.

Didn't try the food, but it looked perfectly nice from where we were sitting at the bar.

Only downside is the wooden floor makes the place a bit noisy when it is busy, but it's worth a visit if only for the beer.

19 Feb 2008 22:28

The Black Bull Inn, Darvel

The regulars are friendly enough, but this is a real old mans pub. Dominoes are the game of choice and it's a serious business. Drink is cheap, although limited in choice to Tennants and Guinness.

24 Jan 2008 16:11

The Turf Hotel, Darvel

It never was a great place, but after changing hands numerous times, it seems to be closed for good now. Been boarded up for about 12 months.

24 Jan 2008 16:09

The Borough Arms, Crewe

From the outside you may think twice about going into this pub. It looks like it wouldn't be out of place in a war zone, a tiny sign the only indication that this isn't a run down house. But once inside, what a surprise. A friendly little place with a large selection of real ales. I think there were 9 cask ales on tap and also a large selection of bottled beer. The prices are a little higher than other pubs in Crewe, but it's definitely worth it.

24 Jan 2008 15:44

Rising Sun, Wistaston

This was my local until I moved away from the area 4 years ago. We visited this pub last weekend when passing, and were very disappointed. It used to serve excellent food and beer, but seems to have gone downmarket somewhat. Gone are the pints of prawns, the range of ales and the quality food. If you want a quick meal and pint of lager, you will be perfectly happy in this place, but it's not up to the standard it once was.

24 Jan 2008 15:38

The Cotton Arms, Wrenbury

Friendly local pub which has 2-3 ales on handpump, although usually limited to Marstons. The food isn't amazing, but it is cheap and you won't leave hungry. Can get busy in the summer because of the attached caravan park, but the huge beer garden ensures that's not a problem in good weather.

24 Jan 2008 15:28

The Bhurtpore Inn, Aston

This could well be the perfect pub. A free house, owned by a friendly landlord with an evident passion for beer, it offers a range of drinks which is frankly astonishing. On any given night, they have on 10-12 British ales from a variety of breweries around the UK. All are well kept, and the selection changes regularly. Amongst the other beer on tap are 2 German beers, Czech lagers, Belgian fruit beer and a draft cider. Not sure what you want, the bar staff will give you a free taste.

Then there are the bottled drinks. The menu contains over 150 bottled beers, mostly (but not all) Continental, 30-40 bottled ciders as well as all the usual spirits. Oh and for the whisky drinkers, there are also a selection of over 100 malts behind the bar.

The food isn't bad either, especially the curries, which are freshly made and very tasty. One room contains a pool table, and a TV (on which soaps are banned), but the layout prevents either from obtruding into the rest of the pub. And finally, The Bhurtpore is within walking distance of Wrenbury station, making it easy to get home after a night out.

24 Jan 2008 15:24

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