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Name: Farmers Inn
Address: La Grande Route de St. Ouen, St Ouen, Jersey, JE3 2HY
  • Nothing particularly special - average kind of pub. The Liberation Ale was drinkable...
Name: Le Moulin de Lecq
Address: Grève de Lecq, St. Ouen, Jersey
  • Moulin Wheel Ale was the only one on handpull and it was drinkable enough. There bar...
  • The house beer is Liberation "Moulin Wheel Ale" (play on words!!) It's OK...
  • A genuinely lovely pub, without the upmarket gastro pretentions you'd see at an...
  • I don't know if their "house beer" ever materialised but when we went this...
  • After trying the Star at St Peter with its loud music and Chinese takeaways and the...
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