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Orange Tree, Richmond

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Typical upmarket Youngs pub. Beers good , but food far too expensive for any non-local to cosider trying. (Ate in McD about 1/4mile away!!)
Aztecgoat - 24 Sep 2016 20:33
I'm surprised I've never reviewed this pub before, despite numerous visits. Although I hadn't been here for a few years. Situated very close to the station, it can get very busy. The area on the street at the front can also get crowded, especially in summer. This Saturday evening visit was fairy quiet. As it's a Youngs pub, they only had the Ordinary, Special & London Gold. Toilets appear to have moved downstairs, where there is a caged area with reserve supplies of spirits. Upstairs there now appears to be accommodation. The main room is much bigger than it initially looks with plenty of seating at the rear. A handy place for meeting friends.
blue_scrumpy - 4 Apr 2016 20:40
Beer: Youngs range in good condition
Service: competently corporate.
Atmosphere: bring your own.

Decent roadhouse boozer ***
blooms - 23 Jul 2014 23:54
Staff not overly friendly, bordering on rude on the last few times i've attended. pub and staff seem to have a sense on entitlement. numerous bette roptions if you venture further down the high st
gumbo10 - 14 Nov 2012 10:59
I feel the need to stick up for this pub as I think some of its reviewers are being pretty unfair. I've been a patron of the Orange Tree on a fairly regular basis for the past couple of months now, and the reason why I've consistently returned to it is because I've always been recognised, made to feel welcome and given excellent service. Sure, the bar staff probably mainly aren't 'professionals', but they're universally friendly, smiley, good-looking and very efficient, so what more could you want? They know their stuff, too, and really do seem to go out of their way to be helpful.

I'm mainly posting this because I am a little baffled by the comment below about the price of the food - regardless of how much the food might cost for the pub to purchase or how much it be sold for in a local Morrison's, obviously there has to be some mark-up or the business wouldn't make any money, and yes, of course you could eat in a fast-food joint or at home for cheaper, but surely that's not the point of going out for a meal?! You're paying for the experience of dining out, not simply for the food itself. That's how I've always seen it, anyway. Plus slightly higher prices keep the 'riff-raff' away - if you want cheap food, nip down to Wetherspoons for a reheated microwave meal and enjoy hanging out with their salubrious clientele. Personally I don't think the Orange Tree is expensive, especially not for south-west London, and whenever I've eaten there I've always been really happy with the food - it's a menu of simple but really tasty pub classics which doesn't overreach itself by trying to conform to the current gourmet fad. And they have the option of large or small portions for all their main courses, which I think is a really nice idea (my nan would probably approve as she can never manage normal restaurant portions). All in all, a lot of thought has clearly gone into it, surely also demonstrated by the fact that the menus are printed from a hand-written copy.

Anyway, I went on for a bit longer than I meant to there! Just thought it was worth putting in a good word for the pub because I've always really loved going there. Would definitely recommend it to anyone as the best pub in Richmond.
beerdrinkingtart - 1 Jan 2012 19:14
Went last sat before help for heroes rugby. As expected v busy and crowded. Real ale choice good and well kept. Food however overpriced and miniscule portions (chunky chips? bits out of the bottom of a mc'cains bag more like) 20Ps worth of food charging £2.50 -£3.00 is taking the mick. Want feeding? try the subway opposite.
boforbill - 5 Dec 2011 10:53
little pricey but a good pint near a station....handy if nothing esle...preferred the old colour scheme though
fullbelly - 8 Nov 2011 17:06
Ghastly refurb inside. Drab colours, mismatched furnishings that clash. Food is expensive and not justifiably so. Decent range of beers and lagers in good nick usually. Pricey.
I_Love_Rugby - 26 Oct 2011 12:17
Final pub of the Richmond journey and opposite the station so dead handy. Strange place - biggest TV in the world and very good quality picture make it a great place for the sport. Strangeness came when I went looking for the gents and almost got enrolled in an amateur dramatics production. Just what is going on in the basement? Came back upstairs and a helpful staff member pointed me in the right direction. Norwich won and Leon Barnett, who couldnt hit a cows arse with a banjo when he played for the baggies, scored.

If I lived here, I would come here.
Mappiman - 27 Sep 2011 18:52
Good pub before the rugby, had sky sports on aswell. Had to drink my pint out of a plastic container which give the time is understandable but, couldn't rate my pint because of it. Good feel to the place.
andyaston - 13 Feb 2011 13:49
went in there last summer, seemed like a nice pub at first impression.
It wasnt that busy, but still it took ages to get served. Having ordered a beer, i asked for a glass of tap water, and was charged for it!!
mrbee - 10 Feb 2011 17:19
Sad to say the last couple of visits have been poor, to say the least! The usual suspects of poor beer and service coupled with low quality, ridiculously over-priced food were sensationally 'topped' on the last visit by continual over-charging!!

The girls (3, aged 29-41 in case it matters) were collectively mortified and horrified and couldn't believe I tried to defend the place..........initially, until I noticed I was ripped off as well.! Grrr

The 'normal' cons that we experienced were:-

1) Charging for drinks not ordered or served
2) Over-charging for mixers i.e. full measures for a mixer - think +£8 for a white wine spritzer
3) Random charges that couldn't be supported when a receipt was asked for

These repeated and unpleasant practices, coupled with the fact that a diet coke costs MORE than a Stella, make this a place to be avoided at all costs (as if 'senior management' i.e. my wife, is going to let us go in there again!)

To be fair, when challenged the over-charges were refunded (not the £2.10 half of coke, with lots of ice, though as that was the genuine price-which was a surprise in it's own right) But, to my mind, it's not good enough. I go to a pub to relax and have a good time and not to be on my guard and watching out to see if I'm being ripped-off. It's simply draining, not relaxing or remotely entertaining and I could go to .........(put your own rip-off place in as applicable) if that's what I wanted

My advice, try The Brittania in Brewers Lane - decent food (the oysters are great) and beer or anywhere else!
english_bitter - 27 Jan 2011 19:13
this place was not bad at all, its a bit of a shame theres no sky sports, more of a rugby pub now, went there for some gigilos birthday, turned out to be a less than ideal place for boat,doves or brasses. drinks were typical youngs prices,lots of space outside to mingle in summer. downstairs function room is ideal for 60-80 people or 8 raging boat deranged drunks and 1 sober gigilo. overall 7.4/10
mr_boon - 23 Dec 2010 18:57
Praise where praise is due. Normally give this place a miss, but popped in yesterday to meet a mate and pleasantly surprised - very cosy and a decent pint - will be back....
millreef - 20 Dec 2010 11:07
Nice enough pub but please avoid the food. We visited yesterday evening and ordered burger and chips. Big mistake, it was the worst burger we had ever had. It reminded me of spam fritters that we served at school in the 80's. Disgusting congealed fatty....god knows what it was made of. I'm not a big Macdonalds fan but their burgers are ten times betterr, and half the price! Theres no excuse these days, and not for £10. Even some cheap frozen packet of burgers from the supermarket would have been better. It was so awful the taste stayed with me all night. Unbelieveably the girl who came to take our hardly eaten food away, didn't ask if there was a problem with the food, but asked if we wanted dessert......
The sad thing is my husband said that the Orange Tree was one of the first pubs to do good pub food back in the 70's and won awards. It's a shame they let things slip.
michaelandrebecca - 11 Sep 2010 11:42
This is an interesting place. It's rep in Richmond is that of a serious rugby pub, end of. This is fairly true to an extent, you'd have to be deaf and blind not to know what goes on here during internationals at Twickenham.

However, on my last few visits, I've realised that rugby isn't the only thing this pub is about. Looking at the menu the other night, I was surprised to not only see your standard burger, fish and chips etc, but also a few more items you wouldn't expect to find in a boozer, like a pork belly or taglitelle. On top of that, it turns out they have a jazz band every week downstairs. Not my cup of tea, but not something you find in every pub and as the girl behind the bar tells me, attracts a regular following.

I came in (along with half of Richmond it seemed) on Wednesday to watch the England world cup game. They had a tv going outside as well as their two huge projectors inside. Unfortunately the area had a blackout, which cut power to the pub and everywhere nearby, but the staff continued serving, even with the added hassle of 300 outraged England fans.

Might swing by for the England game this Sunday and pray ITV and EDP don't screw up again
mermsy - 25 Jun 2010 23:12
I've spent a few early weekday afternoons in here recently to watch the world cup (don't tell my boss!) This place has a rugby feel (like the sun around the corner) but they've been consistent with the world cup as well, showing every game on their obscenely sized screens. They've clearly invested a lot in their sport viewing as the hi-def projectors they have are something else. But the rugby blood still runs thickly through the veins of this pub, as they've faithfully shown all the early morning rugby matches over the last couple of weeks as the barman informs me.

The drinks variety is what you'd expect from a Young's place. The real ales are sound; the Gold especially is my beer of choice as it starts to get warmer. Since I've been in around lunchtime on most of my recent visits, I've worked my way through their lunch menu. For a fiver, you get a pretty solid small meal/big snack, the scampi and chips especially as I received a whole plate covered in both.

The bar staff are friendly and always greet me, especially the lads who are always keen to share their thoughts on the games.

mcski - 20 Jun 2010 17:24
Massiely disappointed with this place tonight. However tonight I was sered two pints of heineken that tasted as if they had disinfectant in them. Now the staff were happy to replace these with new pints but to be honest I was told by my frined that went up they insisted on the first replacement being with another heineken. This was bad enough as I was only drinking it thans to the bar staff making a mix up with the drinks order but again the second pint was as bad as the first.

Ignoring this and switching to bottled beer I order a goats cheese and roast vegetable sandwich. This was supposed to come with a side sald and chips. Now the salad was good enough and I appreciate chips literallly just means plural but it came with just 8 chips. I dont expect a trough full of them but 8? Someone is taking the micky. Added to this was that the sandwich was the size that I'd describe as half a sandwich and overall the food was terrible value for money.

This is by far the worst experince I've had in a pub for a long time and only stayed as I was there on business. In it's defence the staff were frinedly and served quickly plus this is the only bad experience I'e ever had in the pub. Admitedly I haven't been in there in months so maybe it was just a one off bad time and I could put the terrible tasting beer, the face they wouldn't replace the pint with a different beer (een though I asked for one that cost the same as the off brand) until after the second bad pint and mixing up of the drinks order (though only two drinks do not massiely complicated) down to that. However the size of the portions of the food is the norm. Added to the fact that this seemed to be pricier than normal in RIchmond and I will not be coming back in a hurry. Obviously I'm not a regular but I can only recomend to those that may be to try somewhere else.

I don't normally give so damningly negatie reviews and you can feel free to check my comments history to show it but my experience tonight was really quite dreadful and I feel compelled to share it.
theoneandonlyjoe - 9 Jun 2010 00:52
Although I often pop into this pub for a drink or dinner or lunch, and have organised an office party here, I'm not sure if I'll be going back again after rudeness from inefficient, sloppy barman. He was reading the paper at the bar for a good couple of minutes, before serving someone who came to the bar after me, and when I told him this he took an aggressive, defensive approach, with a very insincere 'sorry'. If you don't like working with the public - do not work in a pub - plenty of other people would take your job! I was so annoyed at the service that I have written to the pub's managers and if they don't offer full apology I'll be writing to Young's directly. All these places say they want feedback - good or bad - so that's what I'm happy to give them.
pub_watcher3 - 12 May 2010 23:34
From the outlook this pub dodesn't look anything special, however once inside there are so many places you can plonk your botts, it's hard to choose an area. We were surprised by the amount of drinks choice and took a while to decide upon a tipple. The bar staff were, however, patient and even talked us through what was on offer and what they would go for. Made the visit pleasureable and we will definitely be going back.
ale_ist - 8 Apr 2010 11:03
I love this pub. Albeit itís well-sized dimension it still has that snuggy, old tavern feel, especially in the downstairs bar. Fittingly, it stocks greatly conditioned ale and has British classics on the menu.

Although I donít live particularly locally, the genuine staff seem to be the enticing factor. Their welcoming charm compels me to recommend this pub to any punter who wants to experience a Public Home rather than a Public House.

TheoCC - 3 Apr 2010 19:07
Got to agree with LeBooze here. While the old landlord was committed and a true pro, he was obviously fed up with the place and wanted out. The new management team and all of the staff are professional and friendly (a lot better than the staff in most pubs around Richomnd), and my visits to the Orange Tree have increased as a result. Now all they need to do is knock their prices down a bit!
dizzy_rascal - 1 Apr 2010 19:12
Had been keeping an eye on the reviews here but hadn't got around to posting until the previous reviewer's assessment of the Orange Tree needled me into responding.

Up until the end of 2009, this place used to have bouncers on the door. The implication, of course, is that entry to the Orange Tree was contingent on being allowed to by the guy with the radio and the bomber jacket and that, once inside, your continued presence was by their grace alone. This was enough to generally (but not always) exclude the Orange Tree from the pubs in which I seem to spend such an inordinately large amout of my hard-earned.

The bouncers disappeared as the management changed, and aside from still being heaving on a Saturday night, a midweek stop-by shows a definite improvement in the quaility of food and service, enought to warrant my going here on an increasingly regular basis recently.

The previous poster might well have seen a large head on a couple of pints or had to wait for a daydreaming staff member; I do, however, have to say that before last Saturday's England rugby international I managed to in and out to the bar in about thirty seconds flat when I couldn't even get near to the bar in other pubs. The setup was as efficient as I've ever seen in a packed pub.

What I do find it extraordinary the this experience was enough to slate the running of the pub, or indeed to refer to the barmaid as a 'young blonde tart'. I've been getting to know the staff here and all of them have been pleasant and polite and as concerned with good service as anyone in any customer-facing role should be. I've been enjoying watching the resurgence of this place and it's definitely on my list of regular haunts.
LeBooze - 3 Mar 2010 15:54
First and last visit to this place; the worst run Youngs pub that I've ever been in.
Stood awaiting service for ages, even though hardly anyone else waiting to be served. Blonde young muscle 'Mary' farting about behind the bar.
Had the great misfortune of waiting for some young blonde tart to engage her brain into service; she thought nothing of handing over two pints with a good three inches of froth to fella in front of me. Strange place.
WOTCHACOCK - 20 Feb 2010 18:55
Not a bad pub but nothing special. Very expensive too.
Stoned_Moses - 6 Feb 2010 16:36
Well known large Youngs pub close by Richmond Station on the main Kew Road.

The pub still proudly displays outside the front door the circular plaque recording it as Evening Standard Pub of the Year 1976 and it seems like only yesterday that this establishment was one of Youngs flagship pubs.

Nowadays, perhaps predictably, its distinctive 19th Century brick and terracotta exterior leads to a comparatively disappointing interior throughout its various areas.I've often thought that Young's don't really seem to know what they what this place to be and it seems to have a different feel to it every time I visit ( which admittedly isn't often ). It's currently sporting what its admirers would probably describe as a rather stylish upmarket feel designed to attract professional 30-somethings. Cocktails are now promoted actively.

Although it's still a popular meeting up place for rugby crowds en route to Twickenham, there's no rugby memorabilia, unlike at The Sun Inn round the corner. There's a downstairs basement bar where I think televised sport is shown, but it wasn't open on my visit. The famous Orange Tree Theatre has of course been housed in a sparate building across the road now for a number of years. There's a heated outside seating area at the front where you can watch the local traffic crawl past.

Food - pleasingly not gastro-style food - is ambitiously priced ( eg - Steak and Ale Pie, Mash and Veg - £ 10.25p ) , but, surprisingly beer prices seem less inflated. My recent visit found the Youngs Ordinary - £ 2.95p - in good form, with a strong hint of the hoppy bitterness that it had when it was brewed in nearby Wandsworth. I noted that Youngs London Gold was on - a rare sighting this.

I'll probably pop in here from time to time - after all I only live 5 minutes walk away - but I don't envisage this pub ever becoming a regular haunt of mine.
JohnBonser - 31 Dec 2009 09:08
Yes, I agree. Good food in good quantities but would say both beer and food rather overpriced .
mostly - 30 Nov 2009 23:40
Nice Youngs pub with the usual range of ale. Price of food is scary - tenner for a burger and chips. Good job there's a Golden Arches down the road. Best pub near the station but visit the cash point if you're eating
twineyboy - 21 Oct 2009 23:58
The Orange Tree seems to close when they like rather than the stated hours. Twice I have been told that they close at 10.30 on a Monday and 10.00 on a Sunday if it is quiet so it is not suitable for anyone visiting the theatre.

They seem to prefer chasing potential customers away rather than serving them.
Toller_Rant - 16 Jun 2009 14:51
Nice quality feel to the pub and looking at the prices for both food and drink they are going for the better heeled pub goers in Richmond. Decent for one or two on a Saturday lunchtime and I can't comment on the evenings as I have never been there.
nrj746 - 17 Mar 2009 09:56
I agree with I_Love_Rugby. You have to understand that a rugby day (especially the busy November and March internationals) is going to be busy - mainly due to the Twickenham Stadium being so close and the free bus service leaving from right outside the station.

The issue of plastic glasses is an easy one. Most pubs in Richmond will always serve plastics on rugby days - in particular those more busy such as The Sun Inn and The Orange Tree where rugby fans like to mill about before and after the matches. It makes sense as you get less broken glass (leading to cuts, and is a waste of money for the pubs) it can also be the case that the staff can't physically collect the glasses (due to the mass of people or understaffing) which leads to tables full of glasses and accidents.

The drinks served are pricey, but it keeps out the riff-raff and there are no longer groups of chavs hanging around causing trouble.

Did have a bit of an issue last time I was in here on a busy Saturday when I was told to not lean on a table (which wasn't actually a table but more of a stand with pot-pourri on it by the door) but hey it was busy and looked as though there were new staff working.

A nice place to go for a quick drink before moving on, or an expensive but good lunch.
aaycrec - 18 Dec 2008 09:08
If you go into any of the big pubs in Richmond on an international rugby day, you expect loud crowds and plastic glasses. Get a grip.

Although I do agree with you on the Tree's prices. Far too pricey.
I_Love_Rugby - 14 Nov 2008 12:46
As a pub this institution died. We walked in today and the whole place had been given over to large screen sattelite TV rugby, nothing but a rowdy loud rude vulgar crowd shouting their heads off. This once was a real pub. Bah I will never ever go here again. Never. Youngs ordinary bitter in plastic mugs at £3 bah! Never again!
mycetes - 9 Nov 2008 01:25
This is a pub that has a great atmosphere, and provides a location where drinking is easy. Plenty of seating be it at table with high stools, comfy sofas, table/chairs or alcoves. It also provides a patio area out the front with patio heathers, this are is not just frequented by the smokers, but by those wanting a session alfresco.
Wide range of clientele and age groups.
If i had to find fault, the inside of the pub, towards the rear gets very hot/stuffy when busy - but this is nit picking.
great place
mpw246pl - 8 Nov 2008 21:02
I had fish+chips here for lunch the other day, during the week, and it was very good. Washed down with a pint of London Pride. Mmmmh.. can you taste it..?!
The pub was busy, they're obviously doing good business here, we just managed to get a table in the 'restaurant' part, right at the back. Good service. I will increase my rating from 7 to 8/10. TJ
TeeJay - 18 May 2008 22:06
Went here on a Friday evening after work and really enjoyed it.

Nice crowd and great beer.
stifler007 - 18 Apr 2008 11:50
Good pub, always lively despite as everyone else says the prices which are ridiculous. Saying that worth a trip to get the party started
areeves - 10 Apr 2008 12:34
Nice pub, nice people, nice food, nothing special... APART FROM the extortionate prices!!!
kindatheartuk - 7 Jan 2008 12:13
Still a great place to meet and to stay a while and even to have a bite to eat before the theatre. Too much open space around the bar and too little seating anywhere for this to be a comfortable regulars' pub but it does what it does very well and is a worth stopping point on a crawl.
Matthew_of_Ham - 24 Jul 2007 17:08
Nice enough pub but I wouldn't eat there ever again. Apart from the food everything was fine. The hot cheese was alright but my main course, simple sausage and mash was disgusting! I literally took two mouthfuls and had to stop. My friend had the fish and said the potatoes tasted of soap, which was weird and worrying! Would go back for a few pints yeah but to eat? No chance!
anonymous - 10 Jul 2007 15:19
Have always liked this pub, but ate here today for the first time since the refit and it was very ordinary. Had a steak sandwich which was nice, but the fries were meagre and the salad was gritty. £8.95!!! Definitely will not be eating here again. The outside area is now out the front and completely covered, no doubt in preparation for the smoking ban, but who wants to have a beer in a tent when the weather's nice?
Oolybel - 4 May 2007 15:27
£3.30 for Fosters £3.35 for Guinness. I know the toilets are nice but I don't want to single handedly pay for them. The refit is not too bad but I just can't bring myself to pay that much for a round for essentially a really nice All bar one refit with too many suits. Sorry.
CharlesS - 18 Apr 2007 14:36
As Richmond pubs go it's pretty high on my list.
As other bloggers have commented don't expect much change from £10 for a meal, but the food, service and range of beers is good.
I haven't been back for a couple of months, but ditto the blog about the non-smoking section being a bit on the small side.

All in all a top class pub.
antonioearl - 15 Mar 2007 11:46
possibly the best bar in Richmond? I mirror previous posts about the suit crowd after work but that aside a fantastic pub. I reccomend a sunday session, spot of lunch and the papers
martybeer - 29 Jan 2007 10:43
i think it's surprising that richmond does not have that many good pubs - so to say this is one of the better pubs is a fair comment.

they have a better than average beer selection and the pint i had was in good condition.

beware though, this pub is close to richmond station and therefore gets very full - lots of the suited and booted crew.
julesbaby - 11 Jan 2007 09:22
"Pub of The Year Award, 1976"... so there!
Even nicer now though. Called in at 4pm today, there was only about 10 folk in the whole pub, but 'cos half of those were smoking, i was surprised to find the whole pub stank of stale cigarette ash...not very appealing!! (STAFF TO NOTE PLEASE) Get the air-con working, or give the place an airing occasionally..!! For this reason i shall have to amend my rating from 8/10 to 7/10.
TeeJay - 10 Jan 2007 21:07
Had a nice steak-burger in the Orange Tree last night, it certainly filled the hole. Lots of 'suits' clogging up the bar, I felt quite out of place in my multi-coloured kaftan! A busy little pub after 5pm, but service is efficient. The restaurant/no-smokey area was full, bar one table, by 6pm. Toilets are upstairs (for some reason - perhaps as a sobriety test..!)
The London geezer, older than anyone else behind the bar is jolly Roger, he's the new manager. (No pirate jokes please..) but he does like his rum..! TJ
TeeJay - 14 Dec 2006 20:48
Come on 'GP', the OT isn't that bad..!
The food is better than average, but you won't get change from a £10 note for your lunch. The leather comfy chairs are comfy, but the 'no smoke' area (ie: the dining area at the back) is too small, with no place to 'lounge' (all tables). But that will have to change in 6 months time..!
I like the Orange Tree 'cos its different. I always find the barstaff helpful, and if you come early enough (ie: before 5pm..) you'll get a seat, maybe a comfy one! TJ
TeeJay - 11 Dec 2006 22:05
Totally disagree with Mr GP. This pub is one of the best in Richmond town centre, apart from the occasional moody barman.
GeorgeW - 8 Dec 2006 22:30
Used to be one of the best pubs in Richmond, now a Youngs version of All Bar One. Sad
TheGP - 7 Dec 2006 13:36
Agree this is a funny pub, service is quick; a minor gripe that a barman rather than let me of 5p off the price of a round (totalling £15.05) insisted in giving me 95p worth of change. No atmosphere to speak of, but a good place to meet close to the station.
snowdog2112 - 30 Nov 2006 14:49
This is a tricky one. Freindly welcome, beeer's good - Youngs - and the food is fine. What more could you want? Dunno really. Would I go back? That's the problem as I wouldn't. The only thing I can think of is that it isn't really a pub but it's loads better than most new wave bars. Phew, I'm confused.
AndySk - 26 Oct 2006 01:32
Really big improvements since the refurb a couple of years back. Lively, friendly, and good service. An unusual mix in Richmond !
nollag - 17 Oct 2006 14:08
Place for eating. Does not really have the feel of a pub. The drinks are too expensive. Bit it is Richmond after all
aleman - 5 Oct 2006 14:03
Bit more of a place for a romantic dinner than a good old booze-up. Also significantly overpriced. At least the Guinness is quality though and you could do worse for atmosphere

Will2 - 4 Oct 2006 18:28
Great pub and Roger the landlord and his wife Tracey know how to run the place well. Lets hope the Young's suits let them get on with it and dont try to spiritise it too much. Great food as well.........
oxforddon - 16 Sep 2006 09:14
Walked in here the other evening, the place was busy, people all over the place. Folk obviously like it here! Even so, I went straight to the bar and before I'd even made my mind up the barmaid asked me what drink I'd like! That's good bar service. (Better than the 'Slug & Lettuce' by the river earlier today, which took 5mins to be asked, and it was only half as busy as the 'OT')!! TJ
TeeJay - 4 Sep 2006 00:44
Quite a pretty little place, not too cheap though and nothing of note to keep you there beyond a pint.

Didn't see the place pre-refurb, but I quite liked it in here, well the corner cubby-hole by the door anyway.
Quinno - 6 Aug 2006 19:08
Whatever happened to the rudest barmaid in history? I went to the Orange Tree once for a funeral wake, asked for my pint of ordinary to be changed as it was cloudy, and was subjected to a tirade from this woman. When the Landlord came down she reported me and the son of the deceased to him for our impertinence. Sometimes you just have to stand back and wonder. Her name was Sharon, or perhaps Tracy.
bulky - 24 Jul 2006 11:24
Excellent pub! Nice leather arm chairs & sofas for reclining after a busy day! Restaurant & no-smoking area at the back to the left. Relaxed & roomy atmosphere. Quite a few 'Southern-hemisphere' staff are attracted to this pub, which tends to break-down any 'stuffy' British starchiness...! Very busy & noisey on RUGBY days, so unless an ardent rugby fan.. best to avoid those evenings!! Apart from that, i can't find many faults..! Oh, a pint of weiss beer (white beer) will cost you £4+ ..! (TeeJay)
TeeJay - 18 Jul 2006 12:16
Nicely air conditioned and a splendid pint of Ordinary yesterday evening, but I don't go much for these high tables and bench type seats that Youngs seem quite keen on nowadays. Probably the only pub in Richmond with upstairs toilets.
JohnBonser - 18 Jul 2006 09:41
Nicely air conditioned, especially on a baking hot Sunday afternoon - an excellent Ram & Special too.
hotrods - 26 Jun 2006 07:01
Went in very early on Saturday to watch the rugby and ended up staying for most of the day . Great atmosphere , excellent banter and above all fantastic service - top marks all round !!!!
squatter - 19 Jun 2006 07:32
Was in there this week after not visiting it for well over a year, I think the refit has done it wonders compared to what it used to be (Even the Dodgy bog got an awesome overhaul). Will be Back!!!
ThirstyMan - 17 May 2006 11:11
Yes, the windows are clean, but since they're leaded windows, I'm not sure how you can think there's no glass in them !
JohnBonser - 12 May 2006 13:36
just had a nice pint of youngs in the orange tree,the windows were so clean i thought there was no glass in the windows
georgebush - 3 May 2006 20:49
Saturday afternoon .Sunday afternoon they are recovering from Saturdays binge.......
anonymous - 10 Jan 2006 08:29
I was in yesterday late afternoon - didn't see any chavs or hoodies, just fairly respectable looking 30 and 40 somethings of both sexes. When did you visit - Mr Anonymous ( previous poster ) ?
JohnBonser - 9 Jan 2006 13:37
Unfortunately now attracting the chav/hoody brigade . Such a shame ,another legendary Richmond pub falls foul of refurb madness .To be avoided.........
anonymous - 9 Jan 2006 09:38
Definitely a good place to meet, e.g. before going to the theatre across the road, but this is a place for passing through rather than staying in. That said, the passing through is good.
Matthew_of_Ham - 15 Dec 2005 20:02
went in at the weekend and was full of women on the pull - this is clearly a pub now aimed at the ladies, which is not a bad thing in itself, just means i will avoid like all other similar all bar pants places!

incidentally though, all these birds on the pull are not going to have much success now - pop over to the Racing Page, it's packed full of men!

it's by no means the worst pub in the world, and of course I exagerrate, and moving with the times is good, if the change is good - it's just a shame that one more good pub has fallen prey to the Changing Rooms brigade - it's not as if there are no pubs like that in Richmond is it?

MrsGP was a big fan of the refit though - so at least thats 50% of this household happy!
TheGP - 13 Dec 2005 18:49
I think the re-furb has made a vast improvement, and must disagree that it's like a Slug and Lettuce - there's far more character in here! It's quite pricey and it's difficult to get a seat because most tables are now reserved for 'food only' - which is annoying. However, good atmosphere and definately worth a try if only for the good beer - they do a great Kriek and a nice Winter Warmer.
pinot - 5 Dec 2005 15:22
Well I think the refurb is a massive improvement. Granted, it may seem a little generic to many in a 'Bear in Twickenham' way, but that's the style these days and if you accept that and are prepared to move with the times then it works very well. The pot plants, cubby holes and many comfy sofas make it a cosy and welcoming place. Efficient and friendly service and they had Winter Warmer which was delicious. Also has a good wine list and plenty of drinks choice in general. Appeared to be the only busy pub in Richmond on a Wednesday evening. And it wasn't showing the football (woohoo!). Far more atmosphere than before - no longer feels like it's chucking out time all night thanks to vastly improved lighting. Excellent ventilation too - the person I was with had a cigarette and I barely noticed. Definitely recommended.
Cleversaz - 30 Nov 2005 23:53
Oh my God ! They have made it even worse than the last refurb ! May as well merge the place with Edwards.......
squatter - 14 Nov 2005 10:13
Dear oh dear, have the pub refitters consulted changing rooms perhaps?

A pub that did not need refitting - Before it was too light, now it is too dark. Before it was open plan, now it has pot plants and cubby holes.

What is it with pubs and pot plants these days, garden centres must be making a fortune.

I found the service very friendly, and there are far worse pubs in the area, but the ambience and charm of the old place has been ruined. If anyone likes The Bear in Twickenham (which tellingly used to be an All Bar One) then the Orange Tree is now virtually identical. Has turned a good pub into an average one.
TheGP - 4 Oct 2005 21:29
I virtually used to live in this pub during the 1980's.

I remember the first refurbishment in 1975 when it won the Pub of the Year award I think in the following year.

Then it had another makeover about five or six years back and yuck what is this ????

If I can get today's opening (15/09/05)they may have taken it back to how it was in the 1980's?
But I doubt it?
Trendy Style over substance rules OK !

For the poster who commented that the beer is crap I suggest they stick to the American Budweiser(Budscheizer) and other related pisswaters.

To illustrate the point there used to be a Watneys brewery next door to a Youngs pub in Mortlake. A customer ventured in one day and asked for a pint of Watneys,"sorry sir we don't sell it.". The barman gave him a pint of water as the customer then asked for the nearest thing to a pint of Watneys as they didn't sell the stuff.
The furious customer threatened him with ,"I'll write to John Young and get you the sack !"

The letter from Youngs said in effect - 'The barman gave you the correct drink, the specific gravity of Watneys is **% and the specific gravity of Youngs is **% - There for the nearest thing to a pint of Watneys is a glass of water'.
Hermano_Lobo - 15 Sep 2005 15:14
Now re-opening on September 15th - cant wait !
JohnBonser - 26 Aug 2005 13:21
Currently closed for refurbishment. Lets hope that sunglasses are no longer an essential accessory when it re-opens
JohnBonser - 18 Jul 2005 13:40
Awful management. Need a serious re-think here. Used to be well kept and fun. I wont be here again.
anonymous - 10 May 2005 14:16
Agree about the lighting, wear your sunglasses if you're planning a night in here. not a bad place really but not much atmosphere. Wouldn't want to spend the entire evening here but OK for a pint before moving onto somewhere more fun. takes bloody ages to get served though...
Cleversaz - 25 Jan 2005 13:25
Good pub and ambiance welcoming - beer is OK. However the lighting is verging on a little on the bright side. Still i have many a good time here.
mike2004 - 20 Dec 2004 09:24
Its now one of Richmond's typical Star Trek pubs -" it's a pub, but not as we know it".
In response to The GP ( previous contributor ) I would agree that the old pub wasn't really exceptionally good, but it did have character in abundance, which it certainly doesn't have now.
For character and a traditional pub atmosphere, try The Sun round the corner in Parkshot, but beware as reviews on this website are quite rightly mixed.
Alternatively, try The Shaftesbury Arms which is the other side of the roundabout in the middle of the small parade of shops on the way to Kew Gardens
John - 17 Nov 2004 15:55
Was the old pub really that good? Usually I completely agree with the dodgy pub refit, but this place seems to have been done with taste.

TheGP - 6 Sep 2004 13:48
yet an example of the interiors of a once great pub destroyed to make it look wine bar chic. youngs should be ashamed of themselves.
PB - 25 Aug 2004 14:33
Lovely. Good beers and food, nice decor, an example of a pub refit that actually works.
TheGP - 10 Aug 2004 14:00
this place used to be the best-what happened-its shocking. I worked away for six months and now the foods bad the rugby boys dont want to go back and the landlord is dreadful.
anonymous - 2 Mar 2004 14:00
Nice friendly NZ and Ozzie staff. Pity about the beer. Layout and ambience doesn't encourage you to spend an entire evening. Avoid when rugby on at Twickenham because it is completely packed.
Jay - 14 Feb 2004 14:33
Nice enough - bit airport lounge style. If your not from the area then its a decent meet up point. Wouldn't spend the evening there though.
Richard - 17 Nov 2003 13:03
It's a Young's pub. Crap beer. OK atmosphere. Need I say more?
Dush - 9 Nov 2003 04:38
Absolutely great aussie staff...
melanie sullivan - 12 Oct 2003 11:58
great night out, bud on tap, loads of big rugby type guys-loads of fun.thought staff were great too.
anonymous - 12 Sep 2003 22:21
The rudest barmaid I have ever met. You must be good at something or you would not have a job that involved meeting the public.
anonymous - 28 May 2003 16:31
Great Atmosphere, and two very yummy barmen! ;)
- - 27 Dec 2002 13:40

got anything to say about this pub?

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