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Sir Paul Pindar, Bishopsgate

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user reviews of the Sir Paul Pindar, Bishopsgate

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I got barred for life from this place in 1992 - the only time it has happened and was deserved. I returned recently... I wish they'd recognised me and turned me round at the door. Worst pub in The City? Probably.
NLBS - 16 May 2012 12:56
All the reviews about this place are quite probably a fair assessment but then again I think its more a case of you get what you pay for. Its cheap for the location! If your looking for swanky pretense best to keep walking!
bluefire100 - 30 Aug 2011 20:26
In reply to the last user, your a liar if you think staff and security did nothing to help you retrieve your hand bag, and might i had you clearly show the intellect of a lot of these city workers in their 30s and supposed to be the smart ones by leaving your bag unattended with your mates, nice one while you get overly drunk and silly maybe you should just admit your an idiot and leave it at that.
dan_fury - 19 Jul 2010 07:15
I would highly advise people not to bother with this pub. I was in there on Friday night 28/05/10 and had my bag stolen and not one member of staff or door team thought it was their responsibilty to help me. My friends card also got cloned in there on the same evening therefore having £480 stolen. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if going in there keep your bag and belongings on you at all times, I would hate anyone to have to go through the ordeal that I am having at the moment.
nic1643 - 1 Jun 2010 14:32
Can't understand all the negative reviews of this pub. Taking 20 minutes to get served an under-filled, watered-down half-pint of Carling by a surly Eastern European harridan is what makes Britain British.
DonnyOddlegs - 27 Jan 2010 09:26
This place is the absolute pits. Thought we'd watch the cricket, so walked in and asked what ales they had on tap. The girl looked at us with no comprehension of what we said. The Pride was out so we had the Greene King IPA. TV had ads on so we waited and the football came on instead of cricket! Then we took a sip and the IPA had obviously been watered down.

We returend the full pints to the bar, told the staff it was crap, and walked out and down to the Shooting Star for a real pint.

What self-respecting publican would water down their ale and serve it up to their patrons? For SHAME!
orolain - 16 Jun 2009 09:32
Very very very very very very ESSEX
Whitechapel90210 - 4 May 2009 13:38
Have since found out that this pub is part of the same "district" as the green man in Berwick st , Soho. that pub has all the same problems and when speaking to staff at both sites , they say its all cost cutting and also an annoying area manager who is straight out of school and to quote a manager that works at another of the groups pubs "he's an absolute useless little dickhead". I know the manageress here and do wonder why she even tries.
The_Pub_Inspector - 24 Feb 2009 20:56
This is supposed to be an M&B flagship , and its is , It just about sums up M&B's total lack of respect for their customers. Service was 6 mins to get 2 beers , both poured very short and the face pulling by the idiot bar maid when we asked for them to be topped up was incredible. Pride was ok to drink but not fantastic , went to the toilets to find a disgusting smell and no soap or tissue. will avoid like the plague now ...
The_Pub_Inspector - 20 Nov 2008 12:38
A complete tip !! Beer undrinkable.
peterwarlock - 1 Oct 2008 15:28
have to agree this pub is like the very worst suburbian pub in the worst area. Nasty horrible dump and the lack of a bar of soap in the mens tells you a lot .... its cheap ..but then so is everything about this place.
bigbadjon - 5 Aug 2008 17:30
A hidden gem, plenty of screens to watch sport on & it even has two pool tables, which is a massive bonus for a pub in London. The beer is very reasonable too, not often you can find a pint nearer £2 than £3 in town. Good all round selection of drinks, though not too many "real ales" which is good as it keeps all the stuffy idiots away!
Boo_Boo - 18 Apr 2008 22:53
I think sir pauls is the best friday night i've had in a long time, i go every weekend if i can. Its cheap, has a brilliant atmosphere and a brilliant dj.

I haven't tried the food so i can't say what i think about it but if you want a good time with mates i recommend sir pauls
T.Diddy - 19 Mar 2008 08:27

This pub is by far the worst managed pub I have been to in a long time. The service is appalling, DO NOT expect to be served during a lunch hour in the upstairs bar/restaurant because you'll be waiting a long time, if you receive it at all.

The bar maid I have been served by on a few occasions (It's a last resort pub) has a face like a smacked arse and an attitude to match - why bother employing eastern Europeans if they do not have basic manners, or even basic English skills!?!?!?

The saving grace of this establishment is simply that it is cheap, and bearing in mind it's local competition that's hard to come by in this area of London. However if you find you have a few extra quid in your pocket, trust me, go somewhere else.

Drab and dreary decor, limited ale on tap, poor selection of alternative drinks, rude bar staff and down right shit hole.

Pay the extra cash and go elsewhere!

SIMPLY TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stickos - 16 Jan 2008 14:54
I saw the chef in the toilet to do a number 2 and he didn't wash his hands.

The barmaids think that they are supermodels & have an attitude but in reality they're mingers.

The toilets have been without lightbulbs for the past 12 months and there is never any soap. I wouldn't recommend this pub to anyone who values their health.
catmandu - 17 Sep 2007 16:08
A pub in the city that serves bottles of wine for under a fiver can't be sniffed at but that brings it's own problems in the shape of secretaries and post-room boys who can't handle their beer and end up leaving bodily fluids on the floor (or inside each other).

Decent enough to watch football and get mullered for under a score so I've no shame coming in here the week before payday, buying a bucket of rosť and crying softly to myself as I ask why? why? I don't get paid more so I wouldn't have to drink here and listen to some ropy old boiler murder yet another Robbie Williams song on the karaoke. Astoundingly they have a bouncer on the door from 10pm to enforce...I'm not quite sure. Quality control? Dress code?

If your life insurance is paid up and covers you for death by instant artery-clogging, order a PindarBurger. And then an ambulance.
random_ranger - 21 Jun 2007 17:22
I love the Pindar ... it's cheap, close to work and close to Liverpool Street Station. Don't be dissing "da Pindar"
Pot - 27 Apr 2007 12:47
Called in for couple of quick pints, thurs 4.30pm , was ok , a few peps in , beers was fine and cold, cricket was on ( racing had just finished), didnt try food or ale, liked it, will return when in the area

kiwiphil - 20 Mar 2007 14:03
Not good - has about 10 different lagers on tap which should tell you exactly the sort of clientele it is hoping to attract.

Have been here to watch the football a few times and it just doesn't work. Most of the ground floor has a very low ceiling but the TV's are in the corner where it is open to the first floor and so high on the wall you can't see them if below the aforementioned low ceiling

Bar staff have been a bit iffy here as well - last year at the England - Trinidad World Cup game one Eastern European girl was pulling pints so badly they were ending up with three inch heads on them and she didn't know what a lager top was ( and no it wasn't me ordering it)

Couold be much better than it is
murgatroyd - 11 Feb 2007 09:49
Great Pub again, bleary eyed night, nice

DrTerryP - 12 Jan 2007 10:17
No, I can't believe some of the comments...clearly the whiskey is antagonising the reviewers... I love the Pinder and couldn't ask for more in the staff or manager, Debbie, who runs it professionally AND with a smile. The dissenters here should choke on their crisps. Bite me...I love it!!

DrTerryP - 21 Dec 2006 09:51
No real ales or atmosphere.Bar girl unable to remember a two drink order. I will only be back if I have a memory lapse!
leggless - 23 Nov 2006 17:58
I can't believe some of the comments being posted - Debbie (the new manager) is great very welcoming and contrary to comments does smile. The atmosphere is good at all times of the day and I should know as I am in there at all times of the day. They have numerous TV screens to watch sport without others in your way. A great pub which I will continue to spend my money in!
anonymous - 14 Aug 2006 07:27
I am so sorry to read some of the comments about the current Sir Paul Pindar pub. The original was a really great pub but was demolished in 1990. From 1979 to 1990 we served quality I.P.A. and Bass as we were Charrington Tenants. We also served doorstep sandwiches and the most popular filling was Salt Beef. Does any remember the original pub from that period? If you do please let me know.
pubowner1979to1989 - 12 May 2006 21:55
Having been abroad for 18 months i was gutted after visiting the Pinder which WAS my fave haunt after a day in the office. Dont know whats happened but the place has gone downhill since the change of management. The previous manager (Jay) knew how to please everyone which is far from the case with the new manager.....she should begin with learning how to smile. Such a shame. I wont be going in there again as i dont like been given the impression i should be honoured to be able to spend my money there, plus ill be taking my mates with me. Sort out your attitude, thats my advice.
pubfanatic - 20 Apr 2006 19:53
I hate this place. It stinks, the people who go are the WORST type of City bod and it has absolutely no charm or character. The only reason to go to this dump would be the cheap drinks.
TechnoBimbo - 20 Apr 2006 12:15
Looks like I'm in the minority. I really like this pub; the staff are really nice and the karaoke nights are buzzin' - true, some of the clientele are absolute as.... well I don't think I can use that sort of language here, but you get the gist.

But they're city types, what do you expect?
teetotalnot - 13 Mar 2006 10:32
I only go there as its near work and other people like it.... Occasionally they hire an attractive barmaid which momentarily makes you forget about the bad drinks, bad clientele and bad friday night disco...
drunkmarv - 8 Sep 2005 16:52
Very cheap but it still cannot pull in the crowds as the drinks are so grim
anonymous - 20 Jul 2005 07:47
It has table football and toilets.
Nothing else of note sadly.
Dr_Cirrohsis - 14 Jun 2005 11:23
Nondescript. I agree with the poster below that it's a mystery as to how they got the cask marque - the beer, when it is available, is just not that good. The place seems to be pitching itself at the lager/alcopop crowd (see the posters advertising cheap drinks - clearly they are cheap because they are crap). Though it gets pretty crowded it's quite big so there's generally space to breathe. It's probably a good bet as a mid-point between the nearby good (Dirty Dicks/Shooting Star), the bad (Corney & Barrow in Exchange Square) and the bloody ugly (Pitcher & Piano..)
MrLash - 29 Dec 2004 11:25
There are far too many sh*t pubs in the City and this is one of them. Characterless with disappointing beer...

I am being a touch harsh. Relatively it is alright.
Spel_Unca - 22 Dec 2004 16:05
Not sure how they got their CaskMarque accreditation. They have only two handpumps and both were turned around on a Friday lunchtime. Otherwise it's a pretty good city pub, plenty of room and they'll reserve an area if there is a group of you.
Millay - 11 Dec 2004 16:39
Bargain 2 for 1's on Monday and decent pool tables - upstairs bar good for private parties. Avoid chav disco Thu/ Fri, otherwise a decent place for a pint.
wpjh - 13 Oct 2004 17:01
top little pub 2 mins away from the station 2 pool tables , bar football good music and reasonably priced considering the area definatly worth a visit
steve - 27 Jun 2004 13:06

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