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Now closed and boarded up.
SOFTFUSION - 21 Aug 2012 18:29
Someone who thinks the upholstery in this pub has been used by 'incontinent' clients, clearly has a destructive agenda and should be ignored as having an incontinent mind. I've been at the pub recently, and the landlord was most helpful in getting drinks and Wifi. I'm not sure kids should be running around, but there we go.

I also deplore the sale of this pub, but would like to report facts as I see them.
arkaye - 11 Jul 2012 14:46
This pub has now become a tip .I have been drinking here for over 15 years .Spirit Inns spent a lot of money some years ago on a total re-furbishment .Since then it has steadily gone downhill .The carpets and upholstery are filthy .Most of the chairs look like somebody with bad incontinence has been sitting on them .The toilets (male) and (female) are disgusting .Some months ago the male toilets suffered from vandalism .Of the thee mirrors over the sinks only one remains .One of the urinals is broken but still in use .The tiles that were ripped off the walls were replaced by different coloured tiles .This pub is not suprisingly up for sale and should be avoided until a new buyer has taken over .
mercedes67 - 8 Jun 2012 12:47
What a dump. This used to be a lovely pub, but fear it is heading the way many other pubs do. Since the new manager took over this place has taken a nose dive and shows no signs of picking up. Ive never been made to feel so unwelcome. Never again..
cokedrinker - 31 May 2012 17:31
Absolutely appalling to see what has become of a once treasured pub. The Manager, Pierre, is a total thug, with his bar staff in terror of him and most of his customers. Not to mention that a very much loved regular and member of the community was assaulted there this week and the manager stood by and did nothing. Before anyone says anything about getting the police involved they already are. To make matters worse the person assaulted was then barred from the pub for calling the police ! Clearly it is apparent that the manager couldn't organise a p*** up in a brewery let alone run a pub properly. In all my years in the trade (10 to be exact) i have never seen such abhorrent behaviour from a man who claims to be in charge of the place and claims to be a licensee. I just hope that the company that own this pub get rid of the manager before anyone else is hurt, frightened or the pub declines even more. Only thing it has going for it is the great Bar Staff who through it all try so very hard to keep going.
tinkerbell - 31 May 2012 16:47
The worcester is a fairly decent pub. good beer not bad looking, and a couple of decent birds serving, so worth a visit.
Timeisthetime - 13 Oct 2010 12:59
Beeen a while.....
Back in the area for a few days, chance to catch up, still some of the old faces.
Lookes a little tired these days.
Rumour has it, another new manager, didn't meet them, quiet night, do they still run the quiz? back next week.
cask_king - 24 Aug 2010 22:28
Thankfully not a gastro pub, but excellent beer. Superb pint of London Pride, beautifully kept. . Friendly, welcoming staff, and comfortable seating.Well done!
fellwalker - 8 May 2010 16:57
Give the Worcester a try and you won't be disappointed. Lyn the landlady has done so much to improve things. The beer is great, always a nice choice, and good price compared to other locals.
Lots of things going on- quiz nights, live music, disco, karaoke and theme nights.Pool table.
The girls behind the bar are great fun.
See you there!
mrsrockychick - 16 Apr 2010 09:59
I used to be so disappointed in this pub and I slagged it off royally. I have to say I'm changing my opinion, at least as an occasional ticked-off drinker and quizzer. You get served properly, and the staff do try their best for you. Worcester Park, my local, I think I am starting to love you. 9/10 on my last visit.
arkaye - 31 Oct 2009 22:39
Beers were GK IPA, Abbot, Pride and Broadside last night. Large pub, separate areas around the central bar. OK
GuideDogSaint - 13 Aug 2009 22:11
I only went here once and once was enough. I arrived with a friend and found an empty pub, except for 3 middle-aged regulars sat at the bar, but nobody was behind it. The trio looked over, turned their backs and continued their conversation. I patiently waited, money in hand, whilst my less patient friend played on a fruit machine. Eventually, one of the regulars got up, went the other side of the bar, refilled his glass and his friends’ and sat back down with them again. Whilst this was happening, a middle-aged woman walked through from behind the bar, spoke briefly to the three wise monkeys (a.k.a. see no customers, hear no customers, & serve no customers), briefly looked at me and walked off again.

At this point, I realised that one of the trio was the landlord/manager, who clearly just couldn’t be bothered to serve us. I therefore turned to walk out, at which point, my friend had a stroke of luck and won £15-£20 on the fruit machine. As money started chugging out the machine, suddenly, as if by magic, we were now the centre of attention and as the barman shot to his feet, the barwoman reappeared and marched towards us, now sporting a welcoming smile… But it was now all too late in the day. My friend collected his winnings and called out “Thanks for the beer money!” to which I added, “we’re off to spend it in a pub that’s open!” From the reviews here, it seems our experience was less than unique.

2 out of 10 – both marks for the generous fruit machine.

Alex_Bradford - 5 Jul 2009 02:04
Very Good,4 Ales (L Pride,GK IPA,Adnams Bside,Adnams Explorer),comfy interior and lots of outside seating. Smack bang opp the station and only £4.76 for a strongbow and a adnams. 8/10
fat_beer_badger - 17 Jun 2009 13:57
Seemed very clean, very scrubbed and light and airy. There are lots of sofas, and the usual Muzak type of pop music being played. It has the Spirit Group/Punch look about it. But they did have three ales on: GKIPA, Abbot Ale and Adnam’s Broadside. I think this is an ordinary pub that is trying to look sophisticated. However, this is undoubtedly the best pub in Worcester Park, though it is totally lacking in atmosphere. There are a lot of worse pubs around than this one, but I wouldn’t bother unless you’re stuck in Worcester Park waiting for a train, as I was.
RexRattus - 1 Apr 2009 22:34
If you dont like the pub then why do you keep going there,are you barred from all the other pubs or just stupid.
Thephonix11 - 23 Nov 2008 23:59
All I have read is negitive aspects about this pub. Everytime I have been there have had a great time. Yes sometimes I have to wait but that's because I am not the only person in the pub and have always got please and thank you which when a pub is busy you can't expect a full conversion. I have had to wait for food but have always been told and yes they sometimes don't have what I want to eat but if I really fancy it can always go somewhere else. I have witnessed the staff getting abuse and normally for only doing their job. Have always found the staff friendly and polite and always doing the best they can. After all just as someone said in another comment is they are only human and the most important thing THEY ARE SOBER...... Everyone has done something stupid when drinking and they probably have seen it.
lsf - 17 Nov 2008 21:48
why did I go, why? not my fault, went to meet up with mates. There was a good efort to raise money for the yellow bear society, for a laugh, we asked the girl collecting, the name of the bear, rupertski, I kid you not!!
The primary requirement is vertically challenged, large or ugly. Although I preder females, I hate competing for their attentions, against the female staff!!
hopsnmalt - 15 Nov 2008 01:35
Wow you lot are moaners, i think you all need to get a life and stop moaning about beer and rude staff.
Have none of you every been rude to anybody, these people are only human they are not robots.
Thephonix11 - 11 Nov 2008 23:06
This is getting worse!! Time to move on, cloudy bitter, scruffy staff. Not been in for a while, not rushing back I'm not sorry to say, ciao
hopsnmalt - 31 Oct 2008 19:10
Resistant - 30 Oct 2008 13:28
could never agree more, Staff are very rude, used pub for many years but this crowd of jokers make me spend my money with my friends & family elsewhere as never seem to be made welcome here.
coldplay - 28 Oct 2008 22:18
I'm afraid I have to agree about the rudeness of some of the staff, it's shocking.
tinabee - 28 Oct 2008 20:24
My family went to this pub last week-end and could not believe how rude the staff were. they were told that the children were not welcome after 7pm, inside or outside, that food would be served to them outside so my family spent money on a round of drinks,to be told by another member of staff that they were lied to and food would not be served to them. This pub has just lost a lot of revenue as i live very near and work locally and will tell everybody i know to keep well clear of this place, unless you like very poor service.
epsomone - 3 Sep 2008 15:03
spirit pub, did you see rogue restaurants last week?? say no more.
the RUDEST staff I have ever been ignored by, good for a laugh, eay to wind up. bring back the good old days, live music
hopsnmalt - 2 Sep 2008 00:14
hi the worcester park has got a new manageress she is doing a great job there is alway real ales on soon after they have run out. the staff are great all women,that makes a change.the food is very good and good value for money.its a great place to go on a friday night . dont understand the comment that timeisthetime said about the female barstaff ,she is a very nice person and is not rude you must have missed understood her i suggest next time you go in the worcester again be polite to her and you will find out that she and all the other female staff are really nice people well done to the new mangeress the pub is getting back up to scratch.
monkey7727 - 5 Aug 2008 23:40
This pub is probably the best in Worcetser Park and North Cheam. But sadly there is always something or someone that spoils this. The barmaid, she or it is a plain looking thing, and very moody with glasses, the guy behind the bar seemed a top bloke, but she was awful. The place is still good to visit, just try and avoid this thing with glasses.
Timeisthetime - 29 Jul 2008 09:37
Poorly run pub with no slim line tonic and rude staff
lorraineT - 14 May 2008 17:16
Have you heard the news?? the manager has gone.. apparently, he 'broke a few company rules' and resigned. Shame, nice hap all in. No Broadside tonight, so only stayed for one, lets see what the new guv does...
cask_king - 10 May 2008 22:30
Someone who appears to act like the gaffer gives good service and the Czech lady gives good service and the beers are mostly there. Our quiz team reckon things have improved. 9 out of 10 for my last visit. Don't get too excited, it wasn't that good the time before, ha ha. But much improved, and well enjoyed.

Come on, WP, you can do it! We actually want you to!

arkaye - 23 Apr 2008 22:13
hi, went here last night, thursday is the new friday, and had a good time, shame to see the pool table back, but we had a game, good to get some broadside down us, I hadn't noticed before, but quite a few single women go here, nice and relaxing, has anyone tried their poker night yet?
cask_king - 21 Mar 2008 14:54
OH NO ! just when we thought it was getting better ( the ginger had gone ) and Raymond was back to his usual great but sometimes slightly eccentric host ,
the 4 foot mouth returned.
Was unfortunate to choose to take my wife down the worcester sat night for a quiet drink knowing the extra loud "radio jackie" were not there this week , to find an even louder little man giving orders to staff not unlike an army officer. But the final straw was when i over heard him telling someone that" all southerners are stupid and thick" . I began to wonder if i was in the far north or somewhere and wondering if he should not take his very shallow comments back up there with him as he obviously does not like it down here . Dont go in this place if you want to feel welcome, we certainly will not be back and is a shame as on a whole it is a great pub but Raymond needs to choose his undermanagers a bit more carefully
southernpride - 4 Feb 2008 22:41
i was in the worcester on tuesday evening there was a few people waiting to be served one old man with apony tail got the hump because the ale he asked for ran out while the bar staff was serving him he was very rude to her . she explained that it would be 10mins and then it will be back on ,but he still stood there moaning .what is the matter with people there is more to life than beer customers should be more polite to the bar staff on tuesdays,they do a good job if it wasn,t for them you would,nt be served. well done to all the staff at the worcester park.
monkey7727 - 27 Jan 2008 22:52
I am a member of a quiz team attending this pub each Tuesday. We would love this pub to be as good as it was a few years ago - regrettably it is not.
Yesterday someone of our group said we should complain about the cask marque approval since the beer recently has often been served on the turn and undrinkable - we have even had to return beer that was past it's best that was not real ale in recent months. There was one occasion where we returned all three of our choices!

It is our local despite the comment of one of the bar staff last night to one of our group 'you lot are always complaining but are not regulars'. Once a week does not warranty being a regular apparently so our requests for simple improvements are not so important to them - does that sound a bit crazy?

We would love to see improvements in the following:
1. Beer availability and quality
2. Toilets - if they have a lock they do not have a light or sometimes are flooded for a week or more.
3. Selection at the bar. One night they had no coffee, no sparkling water and no orange juice.
4. Regularity of supply - beers and wines change and not always because of offering more choice but for reasons of price to the landlord [he said this once]. Most regulars can and do pay premium prices yet keeping what we want in stock is not a priority.

Time for the pub owners to spend some money and sort out the laxity at this pub - it was the only decent one for miles, shames really.
annn - 23 Jan 2008 12:19
WOW, not the experience I've had, although no Broadside this weekend, they had some excellent Old Spec Hen, not the same as it used to be, but still a good beer. Didn't stay all night on Sat, too busy for us, understand they raised over £1000 for children in need, well done! Glad the 'ginger' has gone, new assistant manager is a lot better. Always found Raymond to be polite, although he can be a little 'dizzy' at times, must be the hair dye! Still a firm fave, see you at the bar...
cask_king - 19 Nov 2007 18:23
This is one of my local pubs and even although it is not brilliant I've never been inclined to write a comment until tonight. Food is below average for pub grub, which you can usually forgive if the price / service is OK but I'm afraid not in the WPT (I've had food twice and had to wait more than 40 mins each time for mediocre food). The service is always poor but because its not that busy I have generally waited. Tonight though I waited 20 mins (ok cause it was for charity..) and then mentioned to the manager (Raymond) that he might want to get better/extra staff he told me to leave. OK and I won't be back, never was that impressed but will def not be giving raymundo (bleached blonde mid life crisis type)any more of my hard earned cash!! Will be going to North End when I feel like a drink locally, it might not be as nice on the eye but the staff are 100% more friendly and better trained. Try the north end if you are local and avoid the WPT is my advice!!
JKK - 18 Nov 2007 01:16
very nice pub staff are very polite the food is very good . it is a good place to go in the evenings with your friends.they do have music .the quiz on a tuesday night is rubbish and the people are rude .I feel sorry for the bar staff that have to put up with them . I think this pub is a good place to go on a friday is near the bus and train stations,
anonymous - 8 Nov 2007 17:46
The starter was the best item off the menu, even though most of it was over cooked, dry and tasteless.
The mains were mostly terrible, apart from the curry - though it did seem to come from a microwave set meal.

They only had one steak left. I heard the table behind us had also ordered steaks but we had the last one, and they were also complaining they didn't have bacon steak either.

To top off the terrible food, Radio Jackie Disco turned up and played crap songs ridiculosly loud and drove everyone outside into the cold.

Despite all the bad points, the decoration was over all quite nice - inside and out. There were however bad points, the tables weren't clean just sticky and covered in gunk and the lighting was terrible. It was dark.

Oh, the toilets also overflowed and stank the place out.

It was a seriously dire night out.
eltoastio - 23 Sep 2007 01:47
The benches outside around surrounded by a sea of empty crisp packets and cigarette ends.

Is it not beyond the management to supply ashtrays outside and train the staff in the use of a broom and dustpan & brush type equipment.

The pub is fast becoming a dump.
BrianE - 10 Sep 2007 16:16
Following Rob's message below, our (local, beer-depleting, some of us) quiz team tried the pub food and made an evening of it. I'm sorry - I haven't changed my opinion. The quiz setter's got 8/10 from me, which keeps me turning up - but the pub is just slightly disappointing in every regard. 5/10 - gone up a notch. The food's just slightly expensive for what you get. It turns up an hour late. The staff are hassled, so they are just slightly oblivious to serving order, yet recognise their mates in a flash. Sigh. I've been a barman, and this was what I was told - try and remember the order of customer arrival and just admit it if you can't remember - try and be polite. It's not entirely their fault - Training? Staffing? Cellaring? The general idea of 'a Pub you'd like to go into'? On the bright side, if the WP improved only a bit in every regard, it'd be a pleasure to visit. C'mon, you can do it, WP!

arkaye - 29 Jun 2007 12:24
I've lived in Worcester Park all my life & was delighted when, nearly 5 years ago, 'The Worcester' was refurbished, supplying the town with a much needed pub with good food, real ales, nice decor & watmosphere that anyone would be comfortable in. Unfortunately this is NO LONGER the case. It has gradually deteriorated to a disaster. The kitchen often closes early or doesn't open. When it does, the food is missing half the ingredients described on the menue & the quality is poor. It's always hit and miss with the real ales & recently they even run out of vodka. The staff are friendly & do their best but must be as frustrated as the customers. The Manager, who had been mostly running the kitchen until about 6 months ago, can be agreesive and rude especially when dealing with complaints. It is so disappointing to have a potentially great pub close by that I now feel unable to use, at least until it is under new management & I'm not alone.
anonymous - 5 Jun 2007 22:07
Hmmm. Well, I hadn't appreciated that side of things.

Yes, I do hope they all work it out etc. because, as I say, it could be a good pub. However I still consider that there's a lot that could be improved besides the lack of beer (and, if you insist, the quiz setters). Doubtless, yes, if quiz players like me weren't there drinking all the beer, there'd be more for the locals. Oddly, I live in WP, close by, and you're not bothering me a bit by being at the WP Tavern drinking all the beer, but I just... wish it was a slightly better pub, is all. Good luck to us all, then, in trying to make it the local we all deserve.
arkaye - 30 Apr 2007 15:31
Re: post below.

I was there as a regular (non quiz) punter the night the sound system failed and I have to say the quiz setters deserved it and the W.P.Tavern should not be damned for this episode.

That very night, the wife and I stepped inside and ordered a couple of pints and were right in the thick of the uproar concerning the defunct PA system. While the male half of the quiz setting duo (I do not know if they are a couple hence this description) did the leg work in going around the pub to repeat the questions so all entrants could hear, the female quiz-setter stood at the bar doing sod all - aside from loudly slagging the pub off to whoever would listen.

Drinks obtained, the truly gorgeous April evening led the wife and I to sit outside the pub for a couple of pints. We all but forgot about the quiz until closing time came around, and the teams left and eventually the quiz setters started packing up. On their frequent pub>car trips with their gear the quiz lady continued to slag the pub off (while once again, the chap did all the clearing up like he'd done all the running around reading questions)in front of the departing punters and staff clearing outside tables, threatening to "never come back" and muttering "I don't know why we bother with this one".

As we drained our glasses and girded ourselves for the saunter home, our empties were collected by a regular who helps out here and there (but is NOT staff). We chatted to him about the evening drama and arrived at the same conclusion: why aren't the quiz team bringing their own sound system like any quiz/DJ/live act that takes a paid booking? It's no wonder that the house PA was broken: that quiz-setting duo abuse it. They almost swing on a ceiling light fitting to hang a microphone lead over it and ham-fistedly tug at the mic socket that they can't quite reach instead of standing on a chair or asking for some steps.

The Worcester Park Tavern also features a Sunday DJ and semi-regular weekday live music from an acoustic group. Both parties bring their own PA system without complaint. I noticed that the quiz setters car has a window sticker promoting their disco service (wittily entitled "June's Tunes") so they must have a sound system but are clearly too lazy to bring it.

True, the Worcester Park Tavern does run out of beer, like many a popular pub. Maybe if those that only go there for the quiz (and indeed the ignorant lazy, stroppy quiz setters that think the pub owes them a living) went somewhere else, we residents of Worcester Park would have a first class establishment with enough beer for the locals.

Soap box put away now, I promise.
Rob_OldMalden_Surrey - 28 Apr 2007 14:37
This pub regularly runs out of beer. No, really. I often go to the tuesday quiz, the only thing that keeps me there, and even then the sound system failed the other night, among many bitter complaints from the quiz-setter that the management had neglected it for months... It could be excellent, because the service is OK-to-fair, the decor is OK-to-smart, the food is OK, and the beer's OK with an interesting selection which changes every now and then, but regularly disappears. If it improved a little in every category it'd be great. If it slips only a little in every category it'll be bad. This cellaring policy and the only-do-barely-enough attitude is a dangerous one and it does show through - a friend wanted a cup of tea, to be told that they'd run out of milk. No problem, she takes it black. She got a cup of tea, but the staff were clearly hard pressed and a bit grudging. Pity.

arkaye - 13 Apr 2007 05:36
I too was a regular for the music club in the old nightclub building behind the remaining pub. A regular both as a punter and also played Hammond organ in various bands there, for my sins.

That said - the music WAS in a different building with it's own (woefully inefficient) bar. But the pub itself was a disgrace and the "builder chavs" mentioned elsewhere here were very much the cause of it. Take a 500 yard walk up to the Hunstman if you want to relive those old times

With reference to Frank Brown's point, I concur that I've experienced stock control problems there - but not lately. That wasn't cask beer either, but in the middle of summer when we fancied a Leffe to cool us down (Might be worth a visit again Frank!)

We took a quick last orders pint there yesterday - Winter Warmer was superb and the wife's Broadside was very palletable too (Benny Hill-like entendre already spotted, before anybody adds it..)
Rob_OldMalden_Surrey - 9 Jan 2007 17:50
Actually, this place still has live music. Not quite as grand as it's previous incarnation but every few weeks we play there.
We're still waiting to have a great gig here though.
brightboy - 27 Jul 2006 15:08
Can any pub survive stopping being a music pub? The King's Head in Fulham (later Zulus) didn't seem to. I wonder about the future of the Worcester Park which stripped of music seems yet to find a new function. It's central, opposite the railway station, which is usually a recipe for disaster, let's face it (unless you're the Surbiton Flyer). It didn't seem too bad in fact (but it didn't seem too good, either).
beeronaut - 26 Jun 2006 11:17
went over the weekend, so much better now the 'builder - chavs' have gone. fancy new lagers, yuk, but still stocking broadside, and old speckled hen. FANTASTIC
cask_king - 15 May 2006 00:51
Have been here when it was a music pub, and more recently as more of a bar. Liked it on both occasions, have always found the real ale to be ok!
hotrods - 26 Apr 2006 06:53
It used to be very good but now has dreadful stock control and is forever running out of real ale. The bar tends have long waits. The furnishings are wearing out. It is in need a good overhaul and management that cares about meeting customer needs - beer and service. We have stopped using it because of the above, which is a shame because it is our local.
frankbrown1 - 15 Mar 2006 19:19
Nice pub, been drinking here for a couple of years. The satff are a great bunch of friendly individuals who really care. Always a choice of excellent real ales, my favourite has to be Broadside, well kept. Can't comment about the food, as drinking and eating are two seperate events. I'll keep going, see you at the bar sometime soon. Cheers
cask_king - 9 Mar 2006 10:36
Avoid, avoid, avoid. Have been going to the pub quiz for the past couple of months with friends who live locally, and at least one of the group has had food poisoning on the following day EVERY week - the manageress believes this is down to alcohol consumption, but since they are so slow to serve anyone, it's hardly likely. I think the problem is probably one of staff hygiene, because the food is all microwaved - but, of course, they won't even hear that there's a problem.

The food is utterly utterly dreadful - and although they supposedly have guest beers every week, these are generally off, or just being laid down before serving, so they tend not to be available. They even ran out of draft cider two weeks ago.

And avoid the quiz like the plague as well - run by a guy who really is stuck in the 80s (and has some very bigoted views as well). The managers are desparate for business, so the whole thing is drawn out over 3-4 hours (yes really) - if we hadn't been winning every week (it's not hard!) we wouldn't have been going - but in order to be there at a table for an 8.30 start, someone has to get to the pub by 6.30- it's crazy.

Yes, it's much improved from the "rockers" pub that it used to be - but not by much.

FluffyRona - 1 Mar 2006 16:48
Fair pub, fair beer, microwaved computerised food..

Anonymous, pleasant enough and safe.

That's it in a nutshell. I go there when the Cazbar has a private function.
BrianE - 18 Jul 2005 19:50
Nice pub, went to this pub for the first time a couple of days ago on the way to a restaurant.
Staff were friendly - may need to have a ponytail to work there?!
Would definetly go back regularly if not for the distance.
nai - 7 May 2005 00:28
Great Pub, good beer, very nice decor, went in last saturday and the barman ( an aussie bloke with a pony tail ) was very friendly, made sure my pint was a full pint as well !

will definately pop in again next time im passing.
Venom - 13 Jan 2005 23:54
I visited this pub last week for the first time in 15 years. What a transformation. I cannot over-emphasise what a nasty, grotty, frightening place this was in 1989. After witnessing a particularly vicious pub-fight I vowed never to go back, and so it was with a certain amount of trepidation that I made my return.

Now this busy, friendly pub has a range of ages (except the 18-year old brigade, another plus), it is clean, tidy, the staff are friendly, the service prompt, even on a busy pre-Christmas Thursday. Well done to everybody concerned in The Worcester's re-birth.

Must return to try the food, despite TJ's warning below!
parkhillian - 28 Dec 2004 11:11
Food is dire - expensive, lukewarm, small portions etc. Good selection of wine, ales etc. Avoid the food at ALL costs and stick with crisps, peanuts etc.
TJ - 23 Sep 2004 16:49
absolutly brilliant.... all the staff are friendly and pretty hot in fairness!!!!!!!!!
Amy - 10 Sep 2004 19:46
Pleasant surroundings, good food, friendly service. Very enjoyable!
Steve - 22 Jul 2004 21:45
Nice pub, Good beer, Food very disapointing and expensive for what you get.
neil - 22 Jul 2004 11:41
Friendly service, relaxed atmosphere. Good range of real ale (almost the only place to find it in Worcester Park).
T-shirts and sports tops not allowed-You'll find them in the Huntsman
Eddy - 12 Feb 2004 12:39
Appalling service and xmas dinner.
Shame, we were looking fwd to the new chef.
Al - 8 Jan 2004 13:18
christmas lunch there was fantastic, heard about new chef, obvously had a huge impact, could do with a bit more entertainment to goside with the quiz on tuesday, abb
abb - 12 Dec 2003 15:53
Great pub staff excellent Jamie/chris nat and ray
Bob - 7 Sep 2003 22:16
i do enjoy going to the worcester and regualy go on tuesday nights which is quiz nights, the lace is full, it's such a good atmosphere.
it was a nice change to have different meals on the menu, many of which i have tryed, and liked.
as it's so busy on the tuesdays, why not bring in other forms of entertainment. i'd centainly go along. great place.
CHARLOTTE - 2 Sep 2003 14:41
a fantastic place to eat drink and to chill out. love going there wiith friends. a really good improvement. much better place then before
lotty - 17 Jul 2003 18:18
What a great pity the old pub has gone where one could listen to live music. This new pub has zero atmosphere.
Victor - 15 Jun 2003 12:10
Great pub where none of the furnitue and fittings match with anything else, a bit like Ikea I suppose. Wide selection of draft ales although often most of them are not available !
bill - 5 Jun 2003 19:59
Huge pub revamped into what looks like a series of Ideal Home Show room settings. Good selection of real beer!! Meals look good though the menu is limited. Staff can be stretched when the place is moderately full.

Unfortunately the music venue in the basement has now closed (where will Ruthless Blues play now?). Overall a benefit to the area.
Rod - 30 Apr 2003 15:17
Worcester Park has long been known to be a town of two halves: Sutton Borough (shit) and Kingston Borough (less shit). This pub, on the Kingston side, feels like a 4-star hotel foyer. It's really relaxing, well decorated and pretty, but don't expect much else other than a chilled out night on comfy sofas among quiet professionals. There's a good food menu and (I think) a venue beneath. I will most certainly be visiting the Worcester Park Tavern again, perhaps not with the lads but with a mistress.
Loz - - 30 Oct 2002 00:29
Cant believe this boozer. They wouldn't even let me in with a Barcelona Shirt on.
heskey - 29 Oct 2002 17:26

got anything to say about this pub?

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