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Star and Garter, Bromley

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user reviews of the Star and Garter, Bromley

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The CAMRA website and the latest Good Beer Guide have this pub opening at 12:30. But, I thought I was in luck when their website said they opened at 12:00. Alas, there was no sign of life at midday and still no life at 12:30 when I returned. I returned just before 8:30pm and it was finally open. After eventually deciding that I wasn't going to rob the place, the barmaid turned out to be quite friendly and revealed that the pub does not open until 1pm these days. Without these problems, I would probably have rated this as the best pub in Bromley. It has a fine range of cask ales and craft beers. The craft taps have the prime position at the front, with most handpulls on the left-hand side and a couple more on the right-hand side. One of those is usually used for a cider. But, on this visit, there was none available. Cask ales were Oakham Citra, Dark Star Hophead, Thornbridge Desert Sessions, Five Points Best & Railway Porter, Arbor Zero-Zero & Redemption Fellowship. The most interesting craft beer was an 11% "chocolate peanut butter toast spread imperial toast" from Omnipollo. But, I'd already had enough to be sampling that. A really nice drinking environment in a wonderful building with a fine drinks selection that is worthy of an 8/10, despite being yet another pub displaying incorrect opening times on the internet.
blue_scrumpy - 14 May 2019 20:52
This pub is now open but it feels like it's been opened before the refurb was finished. I'll try this one again in a few months and hopefully it'll be fully finished. The history of this pub worth continuing, I drank here in the 80's and have always loved it.
pikeyfish - 27 Jan 2017 16:58
Currently under scaffold and work being done. Fingers crossed for this pub as it is a lovely building - built for same brewery as The Railway (Nalder & Collyer of Croydon)
marky_mark1970 - 20 Jan 2016 11:33

***Currently closed, awaiting news on if and when it will re-open***
lezford - 23 Dec 2014 15:42
Lovely night in here.
Nice service and drink.
Loads of hotties.
Music was good indeed.

rainbowian - 25 Aug 2013 13:12
Newly refurbished and works in progress. If you have not been for a while come aling and see for yourself. GSpot Friday DJs on rotation. Saturday Nite Fever DJs on rotation. Both nites are party nites open till 1am (sometimes 3am) Sunday Karaoke always a very busy popular night. Mondays and Tuesdays open till 12 am. Wednesdays Karaoke night again very busy and popular. Thursday nights Reggae Nite's with Caribbean Menu. Come along and see for yourself.
magicat - 14 Aug 2013 13:37
This pub is well worth a visit. Since it has a late license it doesn't get busy until about 8-9 onwards. But if it gets even more popular it will be busy all the time I am sure. I have had some really good times here. On returning from New York where I visited the many gay bars I am looking forward to returning to the Star and Garter for a drink. This pub is more than just a pub it is somewhere for Bromley's gay community to meet and socialise in a safe welcome environment. Unlike Bromley Council this pub is responding to the needs of one of it's communities.
TheDaleks - 25 Feb 2011 23:22
I suppose i'd better kick off by saying i'm not gay. I've got more kids than a village school. Unlike some of my mates I don't have a panic attack at the thought of going in a gay pub. Apart from the odd angry overweight lesbian with the obligatory shaved head and army vest, I find the gay community easy going and funny. I didn't like this pub when it used to have all the 'blacked out window' shit going on. It was tacky and everybody in there seemed to have the hump. Since its reopening it's a completely different story. The staff were really friendly and quick to serve you. The crowd were all happy and friendly. The music was good as well. It was quite telling that after about half an hour I noticed a lot of straight people that I had seen in another pub had started to drift in as well. It also has a late licence. Sometimes I feel like having another few beers after 11pm but can't be arsed to go into a club, so this is perfect.
pikeyfish - 24 Feb 2011 13:04
The Star and Garter Bromley (opposite cinema) has recently re-opened after a massive re-furbishment.
This venue is up and coming with live DJs on Friday and Saturday nights, kareoke night. quiz night. open mike night, and lots more......come along and see for yourself a great night out on any night !

The Management and Staff are very polite and friendly, it is a comfortable welcoming enviroment and open to all.

They have some exciting plans for the future to....coming soon a Resturant a VIP Lounge and Bar.

I would recommend this venue to everyone....go along and try it for yourself.

Find 'The Star & Garter ' on for all the news.
magicat - 6 Jan 2011 18:52
Bromley's onlly gay pub is set to reopen in December apparently. I had a glimpse through the windows and the places looks fantastic. The new management say it will be a gay bar.

Lets hope we will see an ad in the local or gay press or on a new webiste of theirs announcing their grand opening party before Christmas. If they manage this place well it could be huge and a good alternative when not in mood to get on up into Soho.
TheDaleks - 4 Dec 2010 21:06
All windows blacked-out and no signs of life - seems to have closed-up.

Not really a surprise, but it does make this end of the town look really desolate with Bromleys having closed as well.

A sign of the times - pubs like this can't survive the latest recesssion - non chain pubs will have to start charging 3.40 per pint if they want to survive, and few have the custom/trade to do this.

lobster56 - 11 Jan 2010 19:02
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. the key to a great night here is to go late on a Friday. i would say as late as 9-9:30. it got really, really busy after then. it stays open until 1pm over the weekend and 12pm in the week. it was definitely one of the most busiest pubs in town.

what amazed me most was the amount of people who were having fun. so many people laughing and enjoying themselves. even the bouncers were joining in the fun and dancing. it was busy and it brought a smile to my face.

i will definitely be going back again but later this time. it was heaving. it is a gay bar by the way.
TheDaleks - 30 Oct 2009 09:17
Won't be visiting here again - the few customers there on my last visit were mainly unpleasant straights or heavy lesbians.
Steve31 - 16 Apr 2009 16:04
I went to the Star only last Friday and it was great. We only went there for 2/3 pints of Becks but enjoyed every moment. A lot of people who give it a bad review don't realise that the pub stays open until 12 in the week and 1 at the weekends. It fills out later on in the evening from about 8:30-9.

it was quiet on our first pint but persevering fro another it suddenly go a lot more busy. Every seat was taken and there were lots of people around the bar. Quite a few men this time too. The dance music the DJ was playing was fantastic. It was a mixture of all the good dance music from today and a few years ago. It brought a smile to my face. I don't know a pub on a Friday night that plays good dance music like this any more.

With the recent murder of the gay guy in Bickley it was great to see that so many people were not scared to go to the pub that weekend. The place was much busier than of previous weeks which can only be a good thing.

Since the new manager the place has gone from strength to strength. The website, new screen graphics, DJ and good music you don't have to pay for and the late license.

Apart from the club in Lewisham it is the only gay pub for miles around.
TheDaleks - 27 Mar 2009 16:54
Oh dear - no-one behind the bar when I walked-in. Several chavs in tracksuits/sports gear looked at me like I'd just stabbed their children. One of them dragged himself over with his cup of coffee in hand to the bar. That's just when I pretended my mobile had rung, and walked out.
Either you want to run a pub or you don't. If not, close the doors for all our sakes.
lobster56 - 16 Feb 2009 22:17
Ah, The Star and Garter. I walk in and then I walk out. This is not a pub to linger in. The atmosphere was cold and stale, the patrons were leering at me, the music was distressing and there were no real ales. To add to this: there was no one behind the bar. Pubs suffer for an assortment of reasons. Although surely, not employing staff is like shooting yourself in the foot somewhat. Did I call at a bad time?
HTM69 - 24 Dec 2008 10:16
i decided to give it another go on Friday 19th April. Being the only gay pub for miles around there isn't many gay pubs to choose from.

we got to the front door and were amazed that we had to pay 2 to get in. it was only about 8pm. a couple in front of us were amazed at this and swiftly decided to go to Walkabout. apparently a DJ called Nick was on. All well and good but shouldn't the entertainment the means of brining the customers in?! i don't see Walkabout ever charging people to get in. The entertainment they provide brings int he trade.

it amazes me that a pub that has the entire market of London's largest borough manages to 'put off' the very customers it is aiming at. The pub must start having respect for its customers and stop taking them for granted. it the management get it right then they will do very well. What will it take to make them realize.

We both went to Walkabout instead too.
TheDaleks - 16 May 2008 21:24
As one of the paternership that helped turn this pub into a gay bar a year and a half ago i am devistated to here what has happened to the pub my partner and i had worked so hard to create. We really had to fight Bromley to prove that a gay pub in Bromley would work and it will if it is run correctly. So whoever is doing it now, please buck your ideas up and start giving good service to the people who pay your wages!
lvindis1 - 15 Apr 2008 09:34
My partner and i decided to go there for a pint on Good Friday evening after not having gone there for a while. On previous visits we have found the pub to very lively and well done out. however on this visit we were very surprised how it had changed.

From the outside the pub appeared to be shut, however after making some effort we realized there were staff at the bar and so made our way in. The first thing that surprised us was the once open spacious bar had been horridly boxed in by a large dark oppressive glass holder above the bar.

We ordered two drinks and sat at the bar. We felt very uncomfortable as the atmosphere was very strange. we had to talk quietly when the music annoyingly kept on stopping. as my Guinness was being poured i overheard that the pipe had not been cleaned for 7 months (nice) and i heard a complaint about pouring it.

Basically we felt like were intruding on someone else's space. we regulary heard the staff complaining about the pub, one calling it a 'sh*thole' so we hurried our drinks and fled to Walkabout and had a fantastic time.

Bromley being London's largest borough it's a shame this pub isn't making more effort as it is the only gay pub in the area and could be heaving, as it has the entire market. with management who believe in the place and publicity reaching out to the gay community the pub would be a hit.
TheDaleks - 24 Mar 2008 19:44

Mickey_Margate - 24 Mar 2008 17:15
New manageress since last comment posted. Very friendly pub whether you are straight or gay - it doesn't matter. Lots of smiles and fun. Never any real trouble here and even the doormen are the tops. They have just started doing food which I have yet to sample. New disco lighting installed which is pretty impressive. Sheltered smoking area at the back with somewhere to sit! Simply the best atmosphere to be had and better then any "straight" pub around. Now my number-one choice.
spexx - 12 Mar 2008 16:39
I found out about the pub in the internet,and as i live quite close,i decided to give it a go and come around to check it out.
I really enjoy the place,i found people very friend,definetly it will be my local place to hang around
mihael - 30 Jul 2007 09:58
I cant believe it has taken the owner so long to find a decent manager. from what i have experienced he is friendly, aproachable, and generaly all round nice. As for the rest of the staff well what can i say there is a young girl and boy that are absolutly spot on! The weekend entertainment is superb and the doorman on the ball. Fantastic DJ with pumping sound system.. give it ago.. guarentee you go back.
mysterydrinker07 - 24 Jun 2007 21:11
what an excellent night i had on friday...lovely friendly bunch of people and great music to dance about to! definitely be back soon! :)
looly - 3 Jun 2007 20:05
Had a very enjoyable evening in this venue, the manager and bar staff were very friendly towards my wife and i and the door staff even smile. Good to see friendly but capable and on the ball doormen. Leave your attitude at the door and come in for a good night out. Plenty of different beers to choose from. Hope this pub lasts and does well.
anonymous - 3 Mar 2007 03:15
I didn't know before I went in but despite being a gay bar its really good. I wasn't expecting so many fit young girls or the respect from the barmen - give it a go, its top notch.
dannyboi69 - 9 Jan 2007 15:36
The Star and Garter since re-launching as a "gay friendly venue" has definately become a competitor for one of the best atmospheres for a good night out! With the new management and staff its now friendly, clean and vibrant and seems to have completely lost its old feel of what was best described as a "pervy hole". Good luck to this new venue and lets just hope the good work continues in the new year!!
anonymous - 4 Jan 2007 19:44
Fantastic place - getting busier every day. Since relabelling itself as a 'gay' venue it's a great night out. Definately the pub to watch in Bromley! None of the trouble that previous owners have had but it's really dead during the day and doesn't do food anymore.
simonbromley - 4 Dec 2006 19:05
The pub is now much improved with the refurbishment restoring the previous redecoration to its initial high standard.

The new management seem to understand service considerably better than the "Mad Australians" and I understand that this is to now be a gay pub with ladies' pole dancing upstairs in the pink lounge!!!!

Prices are a little steep, but presumably that's keeping the worst of Bromley away.
juliatheakston - 29 Nov 2006 22:35
The Star and Garter is now under new management and will be a gay pub.

Initial signs are very promising, there's a full refurbishment of the upstairs being carried out, the pub is now sparkling clean, and the new manager Richard is very friendly and welcoming.

Drop by for a safe, no-attitude pint in the centre of Bromley! - 18 Nov 2006 17:52
Had the misfortune to carry out some repairs in this pub's domestic quarters,.... what a complete pig sty, filth everywhere, Not much difference to the bar areas either.
moncrief - 6 Jan 2006 10:27
This pub is a complete hole - I went in with 2 friends and was asked for ID, which doesn't bother me at all, but the bouncer told me the reason he was asking for ID was that I 'didn't have big enough boobs to look over 18'. I can only presume this is because I am one of a dying breed of people who aren't clinically obese living in Bromley. Once I'd got inside it was even worse - the floor was covered in sticky drinks and empty bottles and I have never seen so many foul sleazy old men in one place!! It was loud and dirty and just another reason why I refuse to go out in Bromley. Seriously - don't ever go there.
anonymous - 21 Oct 2005 09:32
ruup4it - 10 Aug 2005 12:52
NOW NOW NOW>./..... this opub needs to be revisted!"!!!!!! it has been taken over by AUSIES,.. and had had a major REVAMP!!! id say go here for a laugh with ur mates it is getting a back its good reputation and is gettin rid of the old BAD repution. having a laugh in this place come naturlly. a MUST VIST!!!!
Lem - 23 May 2005 19:46
A pub with a personality disorder - in trying so hard to get away from the scummy reputation it had, it has tried to reinvent itself as a jazz bar/restaurant and it just doesn't work. Had a Frank Sinatra DVD playing one of the wide screen tvs on muted loop for 3 hours, had a host of barstaff who were ruthlessly efficient at emptying ashtrays and badgering people sitting at tables as to whether they would order food, but useless at serving drinks. The layout is poor, the acoustics are appalling, it's not a pub that people stay in for the evening. On the night we went it was advertised as a Jazz evening with a live singer from 8 til 11, but the singer (who was excellent) finished her set at 9 and we were then treated to the sounds of some anodyne pap being blasted through the sound system. I give the place six months before it goes bust - whether you love or hate the surrounding pubs - Greyhound, Swan, Bell etc - at least you know what you are letting yourself in for, whereas this place doesn't know what the hell it's trying to be yet.
CWSCISCO - 28 Nov 2004 09:09
no longer a creche for all those who had been kicked out of all the other pubs in Bromley! However it still attracts the younger crowd in Bromley. since it has been redecorated and is under new management it has become a lively and fun place to be. It's not a big pub and so is the ideal place to go for a quiet afternoon drink or to fill it out with your friends and enjoy the evening. The bar staff are excellent although perhaps a but slow when it is busy, this is forgiven though becasue they don't seem to have forgotten the time old motto of service with a smile! I alsways enjoy my evening when it is spent in here! i highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice quite place to enjoy their drink!
jenna - 8 Jun 2004 13:42

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