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Swan With Two Nicks, Worcester

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user reviews of the Swan With Two Nicks, Worcester

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On pub number 3 of the evening, this was our real find. Loved it.

Three Tuns Rantipole was on - which I have not had before. It was fantastic and only £2.85. Bargain.

Great Jukebox.

Large back room where there was an act on talking into a microphone. I gingerly put my head around the door and thought it was a comedian. There was a long monologue but no obvious punchline. I asked the barman in the main pub what was going on. Wednesday is Poetry Evening.

Clunked my head on the beam when going for Rantipole number 2.

Highly recommended.
Mappiman - 26 Feb 2015 15:11
Large pub split into different area with the main pub at the front presumably being the original building and this has a nice feel to it with the 4 ales on tap being only £1.85 a pint,apparently since January.
The 2 we tried were both well kept and the barman friendly and knowledable.
Definitely a pub we will include on future visits to Worcester and compared well to the King Charles next door at £3.10 a pint for not particularly well kept Sadlers.
bromsgrovebeerboy - 13 Aug 2013 11:06
Reasonable enough place but very loud background music and a smell of chips rather detracts from it. Large pub that goes back a long way from the entrance. Beware the low ceiling in places!

4 beers on yesterday - Doombar, something from each of RCH and Georges plus Wye Valley Bitter and an amazing 1.95 a pint! Quality was fine.
cheshirecat - 3 Jul 2011 12:31
When we first moved to Worcester 10 years ago I fell in love with this pub, it's great atmosphere and brilliant jukebox - oh how things change. We went in on Saturday for the first time in six months and ordered a Hoegaarden and a vodka and coke. I was then stunned when the barman informed me that would be over 8! Incredulous I asked why and he shrugged and said, well the Hoegaarden is over 4 as it's "specialist". Not wanting to cause a scene we went and sat down and after a couple of minutes realised of course that that meant a bog standard vodka and coke must also be ridiculously expensive. I went back and checked with the barman and yes, it was a mental 3.80. I said pleasantly to him that it seemed a very high price and he shrugged again....We sat stunned and drank slowly, it just felt like we had been ripped off in what was a well loved pub. My partner finished her drink so I said, come on, let's give them another chance and she went for a Smirnoff ice and you guessed it 3.80 :(

Having drunk similar rounds with a specialist beer (Schneider Weise or Erdinger) plus a vodka and coke in two other pubs in the same street and being charged around the 6 mark on that night I just don't know what's going on at the Swan, but this experience doesn't make me want to go back.

Witness - 27 Jul 2010 22:24
DudleyC - I banged my head going down the step by the bar! Ouch! (ha ha)

Went here last week and was impressed. Had a pint each of the St George themed ales (brewed locally but I can't remember which brewery). 2.50 a pint and not as cheap as other people have reported. Didn't see the "70's theme bar" or "trendy bar" that other people have commented about. Or even the "bizarre lounge upstairs". All I found upstairs were the toilets!
mattbeer - 13 Apr 2010 02:05
Great pub, good choice of Ales, Friendly staff, just mind your head on that step.
DudleyC - 6 Apr 2010 10:31
This pub is three for the price of one. The main bar area is the Swan, the back bar is a venue called Drummonds and upstairs is a 70s bar called the Lunar Lounge. The pub is a low ceiling and flag floors sort of place with lots of Whitbread and Flowers memorabilia around. There are 4 handpumps on the bar serving Boddingtons Cask plus 3 changing guests all at an amazing 1.59 a pint and no its not a JDW. Called in for a couple on both of our nights in Worcester and the beer was always spot on. The real ale is served in the main pub part only though. Mind you a 70s theme bar should be selling keg Red Barrel and Gauntlet etc anyway. Its a good pub.

ROBCamra - 13 Nov 2009 13:45
Called in for food and to see what ales were on offer, and had Blue Bear Autumn Breeze and Quercus Prospect. The beers were cheap at about 1.75 a pint, and the service was friendly. Found the food a bit expensive though. The soup was disappointing, but the ciabatta sandwich was great if a little small for the price.
gillhalfpint - 21 Oct 2009 18:18
Loved it, 4 decent real ales, all well served, friendly staff, and the food looked good.. We had a takeaway from the Hog Roast shop a few doors down, delicious. A strange pub, Olde Worlde at the front, a trendy bar serving rubbish at the back and a bizarre lounge upstairs. Best of all, real ale was 1.55 a pint, bargain. Highly recommended.
Dylanwing - 5 Sep 2009 17:55
Good beers, HUGE whisky selection (there's a printed list available on request). The sixties inspired bar upstairs gets busy, but downstairs is usually fine and it stays open later than any other Real Ale pub in Worcester (not counting wetherspoons).
Klaude_Martner - 27 Feb 2009 16:06
Yup it is a warren of a place but interesting all the same. Good selection of beers all well kept.

We didn't notice Mr Friendly though!
LickeyEndBooze - 18 May 2008 11:57
Myself and 10 friends have just had a night out in the Swan with two Nicks. it is a lovely pub with nice surroundings however we experienced the most unpleasant staff there. we were sitting in an section on the 1st floor which was slightly sectioned off from the rest of the pub. the music was extremely loud where we were sitting and couldn't here each other speak. my friend attempted to unplug the speaker and immediately a member of staff came over to speak to him. he was extremely aggressive in the way that he spoke to my friend and threatened to throw him out. my friend apologised and explained the reason why he did it. anyway we thought that was the end of it and a few minutes later the same person came back (his name was Dean) with another bouncer and continued to threaten my friend and again be extremely aggressive. at this point we decided to leave as we just wanted a quiet night. we left the pub and dean followed my friend out onto the street to continue with the same abuse. my friend said that it was the work customer service that he had ever experienced and Dean reply by saying that I am not here to give customer service??????? anyway there just happened to be 2 police men standing outside of the pub and when the bouncers realised that they were standing there they backed off. I feel that they were overly aggressive and were looking for a fight. my friends and sensible people and don't go out looking for trouble so luckily it didn't get out of hand. i have lived in Worcester for 2 years and have never experienced behaviour like that before and for this reason shall never be going to that pub again. Later on in the night when we were heading home we passed the same pub and again witnessed Dean being aggressive with some other customers and had to be held back. my understanding is that bouncers/staff are supposed to diffuse situations rather than create them. anway i doubt this review will be published but i hope that the owners see this. I also spoke to another bouncer later in the evening (i didn't get his name but he was of black ethnic origin) and he was very pleasant and felt concerned that we wouldn't return to the pub. So this clearly isn't a regular occurance and the majority of the staff are nice however this evening could have turned out a lot worse but thanks to my friends not rising to the situation we managed to avoid a lot more trouble.
jutster187 - 23 Sep 2007 03:04
Ancient warren of a pub near the city centre. Four ales on handpump, mostly from smaller local breweries.
Rich66 - 26 Jun 2007 22:35
Friendly pub with excellent quality beer. Doesn't look like an eating place but don't be fooled - lovely food served in big portions at a good price!
mooglecat - 20 Nov 2006 13:03
Lovely pub to have a wander round when its quiet to see the different styles in the rooms. Tried the two Sharps beers available and enjoyed both. Friendly staff.
gillhalfpint - 14 Nov 2006 23:06
Fascinating building with a warren of rooms of different styles. Bar area great with low ceilings and beams. Tried Sharps Own and Sharps Cornish Jack, both beers good quality. Staff very friendly.
Caraman - 12 Nov 2006 17:58
Youll no doubt be drawn into this place because of the interesting name and youll also find an interesting pub. Difficult to describe the atmosphere, there seems to be a bit of a student/Manc/gay/couples/Irish/whatever thing going on, eclectic is probably the word Im grasping for. I wasnt totally sure I was going into the right place as there is also a restaurant and a nightclub in the same building with connecting doors and staircase.

It seems a bit of a regulars pub but its friendly enough and the sort of place I imagine gets busy on a Fri/Sat evening as it is close to the area where most of the nightlife is. I was a bit disappointed with the real ale, they have a large number of pump clips on the ceiling but London Pride and Old Speckled Hen didnt really inspire me and the quality was below par.

Go for the name, and to say youve been there.

Millay - 30 Oct 2006 20:29
My childhood boozer. This is a lively pub with a dark, woody interior. It hosts a good mix of students, the alternative crowd, work groups, ageing rockers and frankly anyone who wants a good night out without having to drink in the company of Worcester's somewhat chavish masses.
The ale isn't always well kept but the tunes on the juke box can normally distract from it.
Drummonds, the club out back, is a favourable alternative to some (?all) of Worcester's other smalltown nightclubs. Even the doorman seems more reasonable than the usual bouncing classes.
hwicce - 18 Apr 2006 19:55
Had a fine time here when visiting Worcester. Friendly pub, good drinks.
anonymous - 30 Jan 2006 16:10
Visited twice and beer quality was not up to scratch.

Very disappointed with the guest Belgian Beer (Leffe).
nebel - 3 Jan 2006 11:04
Spent 20 years of my life in here. A superb pub, something for everyone.
gumpy - 30 Oct 2005 17:55
Set in Worcester's historic bit, this multi roomed pub offers live music and well kept, varied beers. Favoured by an eclectic alternative crowd, lively intelligent conversation has been the norm on my visits.
The upstairs bar is worth a look, its like a wierd representation of a seventies bedsit. Not sure about that one, but the rest of the pubis fine.
Jimbo Smith - 11 May 2004 12:59

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