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Slug and Lettuce, Farnham

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user reviews of the Slug and Lettuce, Farnham

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I often go in the Slug and pretty much every time they manage to annoy me in some way or another. This last Saturday night was no exception. I came in with a work Xmas party and to be fair there were a fair few people that had had a drink. However, when I went to the bar they refused to serve me as I was "too intoxicated". This was absolutely ridiculous and I was certainly not that bad. Three others of my party received the same treatment seemingly picked at random (funny how none of the girls got kicked out eh?). We were not rowdy, we were not rude we were just enjoying our time and it was completely unnecessary. I was simply sitting down enjoying a pint chatting to my friends. The only good point I can say about this pub is that the quality of real ale was very good. I just wish a little intelligence would be used to find those that genuinely would cause problems. I will not go back and neither will any of my party. Terrible terrible service.
jraclarke - 9 Dec 2012 16:22
really like this place - excellent choice for a good night out in Farnham. Friendly staff and a good atmosphere always.
boyz - 12 Jan 2011 19:17
Using the 50% off food vouchers which have been going around recently is the only way you can justify the food ie paying 8/9/10 quid for a microwaved burger is a no no.

The staff are great though and the new assistant manageress is a little minx :)
chapchap27 - 1 Oct 2009 17:26
We were there for a Sunday lunch and although we were all a tad hungover and drinking fizzypop, it was a lovely bar.

The food and service were exceptionally good and there were quite a few groups in there that looked liked they were enjoying both the beer AND food.

I'd highly recommend this Slug and Lettuce, I normally don't for chain bars but this one I'd go to again and more than likely enjoy a beer or two too!

Give it a go...
FuzzyKipper - 12 Mar 2009 01:47
This place is OK and as some of the previous reviews can prove, it's pretty harmless. The food and service is good and there's a good selection of lager and ales. Don't expect much else though. Unless this place is busy and has a buzzing atmosphere I would avoid as it's pretty characterless being a chain pub.
getmeonein - 27 Feb 2009 15:27
As a general rule I dont like these places but farnham's slug is not a bad one. Well looked after, quite smart, safe, spotless toilets etc. If your into this type of 'pub' your going to like it. One word of advice though... never drink the ale, I have never had an acceptable pint in the place.
animalbicyclevehicle - 2 Dec 2008 15:44
I spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon enjoying T.E.A. and good food with my family. The staff here pamper to your every need! My glass was never empty. We asked for extra bread with the starter and extra roast potatoes with the mains. They even gave my son extra gravy. The dining experience here is truly exceptional. To top it all, the desserts are heavenly and you can't beat buy one get one free! Well done to the management for the staff and the cleanliness of the place throughout. We love bringing family and friends to be spoilt by your hospitality.
dcdevil69 - 16 Jun 2008 11:01
I really liked the Slug, but watch out for how it changes! At 7.30 on a Friday it was mostly people eating and quite quiet. Went back at 10pm and it was rocking - full of 20 somethings. The staff are excellent, even offered us table service just for drinks when it was quiet. (maybe I just look old and decrepit?) Good, polite door staff as well. Apparently a good pint of real ale I'm told - which surprised me. I stuck to Becks Vier to avoid the risk.
BobBoiston - 12 Mar 2008 18:20
I took my wife and son here for lunch last saturday. The service and food were excellent.
This place has changed so much for the better since the smoking and sport shirt ban. You now get a higher grade customer. I was totally amazed at the childrens food. Not a value sausage in site!! The toilets were immaculate. Well done to the management.
dcdevil69 - 13 Oct 2007 08:20
Went to go in this place on Saturday night and was informed that clothes depicting sports teams were not allowed on the premises. How the hell is an England cricket shirt going to cause trouble - what country are we in? Ridiculous. The place wasn't even busy.
King_Viv - 12 Jun 2007 11:37
This used to a pub that was full of character, and hada certain charm about it. Ok, so there were a few undesirables who used to frequent the place. Like that strange Rob guy. But nonetheless, it was a great place to kick back, have a few pints and watch the world go by.

Unfortunately, since being converted to a Slug & Lettuce, it's lost all of that. No longer can you sit by the window and enjoy a proper pint of Stella with your mates. You have to sup from some sort of mutated wine glass whilest trying to work out what exactally the purpose of the 'Mosaic wall with a hole in it' serves. Is it perhaps to provoke some artistic debate while you sip cautiously from your Stella goblet? Or is it simply somewhere to stick your head through when you get a bit bored. Which, believe me, won't be long with the lack of plasma screens, fruit machines, local nutters or any other form of entertainment within the soulless, bland walls of 'The Slug'.

Myself, i've tried to adapt to the change from 'The Hogs' to 'The Slug'. But, like the price of food from the new menu, I just can't stomach it. What was always a busy, thriving town centre boozer, has been un-sympathetically changed into a soulless bar which desperately wishes it was a restuarant.

I wonder how much custom and profit they've lost since the refurb......
CaptainJez - 10 Apr 2007 22:52
I liked the hogshead but I reckon in time this will be better when more people go - you can't smoke in here which is a good thing. Smoking will be banned everywhere soon anyway, apart from in the garden.

Quite nice girls spotted in here though. Met a lovely girl called Gemma who is in here quite a bit. Hope to see her in here again! I wish! :)

Quite a smart place which is quite good for 23 + crowd who don't want a pub full of students, which I don't! Don't wear scruffy trainers at the weekend otherwise you won't get in. My suggestion is they could play better music. Apart from that give the Slug a go it's bit more upmarket but not pretentious.
dave21 - 20 Mar 2007 11:14
Formally The Hogshead. Good selection of lagers and bottled drinks. Food is very expensive for what it is. Have recently reintroduced irritating table service, which hopefully will be un-introduced in the near future. No screens anywhere, no fruit or quiz machines. Still a nice place to spend an afternoon drinking but has lost a lot of it's appeal since the refurb. Would be nice to see the screens brought back and the price of the food dropped a bit.
anonymous - 11 Mar 2007 11:33
whether you liked this place or hated it, it has now closed down! re-opening as a Slug and Lettuce in March. RIP Hogshead
seanyoo - 12 Feb 2007 20:03
What a truly spineless comment below . The Hog's Head has a strict policy on under age (anyone who looks under 21 must have passport or driving license.)I guess also the older you get,the younger people seem.
The red card penalty adverts are part of our support for the police and the local pub watch,alongside all other decent Farnham establishments. The pub,especially since the re-furb has become a safe place to drink. Thankyou everyone else for your comments. Sorry to post this,but I'm unable to contact the anonymous member below.
scatch - 3 Nov 2006 13:26
Farnhams youth club - at least it keeps the kids off the streets and they can all fight under one roof!! Toilets [yuk] advertise surrey police 'red card' penalty above all the urinals - get the picture!
anonymous - 29 Oct 2006 19:10
rear beer garden is good now the sun is shinning.
waitress service is good, you can have a conversation without an interlude having to get your round in, couple of times ive been in music has been a bit loud. otherwise ok.
sputnick - 4 Aug 2006 15:47
I've been here a couple of times at night. It gets too packed for enjoyment. The best time is late afternoon. Empty with table service. Sit, drink & watch the world drive by. Food is your normal processed & deep fried. But always tastes better after a few pints. Service can be rather slow. 35 minute wait after starters finished.
dcdevil69 - 11 Jul 2006 10:21
Full of football kevs and 15 year olds. Good pub if you like a drunken fight.
jollop - 18 May 2006 10:37
Maybe go there in the daytime if you can get a comfy seat. DO NOT GO THERE in the evening unless you want to stand in a corner straining to hear what the person next to you is saying over the god-awful music. Basically, if you like hanging round with geezers in puffer body-warmers and buckles, or if you are one, or if you like fighting with them, then this is the place for you. Otherwise, go somewhere else...
hmmm - 10 Mar 2006 12:04
Horrible foul smelling place. The service is worse than Tim Henmans.
yorts - 16 Feb 2006 15:18
Looks nice on the outside. It's okish. Seems to be the most popular pub to go to in Farnham. I try to avoid it however, although sometimes its the only place that your amateur mates wanta go. At night, you just cant move in the pub. Seriously, not a space to move into. It takes 10 minutes to get a drink, you literally have to force your way to the front of the que. They do serve some ales though. Very noisy too. Youve got no chance of talking to anyone, even if your shouting into their ear.
Beater - 15 Feb 2006 12:12
Currently selling Young's bitter, so if you're into your ales, lap it up. The music videos will have you in fits.

Will2 - 13 Feb 2006 17:12
Quite a big hogs head. Decent range of drinks. Can get two meals for 7.95 on any day. Though apparently according to fallendragon its crap food anyway
aleman - 13 Feb 2006 00:31
Too busy at night....can't move or hear your mates speak, too quiet in the day. crap food. decent beer. Avoid unless you like the above.
fallendragon - 3 Nov 2005 15:41
this is the pub i go to a lot. the nachos and cheese/bacon chips are lovely! gets busy on a friday but you still get served quickly which is nice.
seanyoo - 26 Sep 2005 12:42
If you have serious food allergies please don't visit this pub, because they don't take it seriously and you may end up in hospital. Even though i made a formal complaint on 18/07/2005 i haven't even recieved an apology.
FelicityG - 18 Aug 2005 12:36
look at the roof on that! soulless.
tanderson7 - 7 Apr 2005 16:06
Nothing bad, nothing special.
petergoesrock - 18 Feb 2005 10:59

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