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Goose, Wood Green

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They had a trial night Friday, 7pm - 9pm .It opened on Saturday.
i was in there Friday.Looks a cleaner nicer version of what it was.The Courage best was superb,and at £2.85 a decent price(The Nelson take note).
The food looked good as well.Going to give their Fish & Chips a go.
tottenhamsean - 12 Mar 2018 12:52
Confirmed, fella was putting the signs up yesterday.It will be known as the Nag's Head
tottenhamsean - 5 Mar 2018 11:18
Closed for refurb. And judging by the posters in the window,will revert back to the original name of the Nags Head.
Which is good news :)
tottenhamsean - 1 Mar 2018 11:15
Bit of a mixed bag this one. Some good elements, ie showing two types of sport (Man U/Everton and England/Ireland in the 6 Nations), decent selection of drinks, seating in pretty good nick and hardworking friendly bar staff. However, I’d always previously avoided going here after a friend told me that he found a pair of befouled pants in the gents. This time two of the urinals were blocked up with vomit, and there is a bit of a hostile air to the place.
Foghorn1 - 15 Feb 2013 18:00
Rather a fine pub, where I perused the Star and the Sun in a blissful proletarian ecstasy.
EconomicUnit - 2 Nov 2012 14:21
Yep, it certainly brought a twinkle to an ole man's eye to see the place rammed with so many staggeringly beautiful & chatty young Dutch men & women during the Olympics! But even before that, the last refurb & 3-4 decent ales keenly priced so you can have a 5 pint session for under 15 were all well appreciated and sampled when I was outta work back in the Spring. Nathan Barley(s) will get sniffy over the clientele, but who cares!
Wiccaman777 - 19 Aug 2012 16:23
Vastly improved :)
Watched some of the Olympics in here,The Dutch created a really good atmosphere and mixed in well with the locals.A real shame they have gone home.
Guinness superb and at a reasonable price
tottenhamsean - 18 Aug 2012 16:41
Vastly improved :)
Watched some of the Olympics in here,The Dutch created a really good atmosphere and mixed in well with the locals.A real shame they have gone home.
Guinness superb and at a reasonable price
tottenhamsean - 18 Aug 2012 16:41
Agree with donia123. As far as I'm concerned, it's the ONLY pub in the world. There are other places to have a drink, but the Goose is home. Having said that, I have to agree with the old reviews about how it stank a bit in the past. The epic disaster of the men's toilets circa 2006-09 was pretty daunting, even for us "low-life desperadoes". But that's been remedied, as has the depressing shortage (even the absence of a while) of real ale - which is now generally available in two or three decent varieties... It never occurred to me to sample the food until I was there with a hungry friend a couple of months ago, and it was a very pleasant surprise, quite edible, even a bit tasty in spots. But of course, the main atraction isn't the food or even the refreshingly cheap good ale, the decor, or the toilets - it's us, the clientele, the low-life desperadoes. You'll meet dwarf-tossers, art thieves, murderers, and even one or two other crackpot philosophers. We have the best sories to tell in London, all strange but true, and we'll be glad to listen to yours as well. To paraphrase Samuel Johnson, if you're turned off by the Goose, you're turned off by life.

chelydra - 11 Jul 2012 04:35
donia123 - 17 Jun 2012 16:01
Indeed the regulars seemed to be glued to "their chairs" etc, giving out a certain ambiance as previously described in another review. However the beer was drinkable and not stupid central London prices. Food was available but didn't check it out. Convenient for Alex Palace, not much other reason to visit.
Bernie5 - 7 Jun 2012 18:25
Currently undergoing yet another refit, but I doubt it will improve the, er, 'ambience' imparted by the regular clientele
Wiccaman777 - 22 Apr 2012 13:32
One of the worst pubs in the area.
Drink: draught beer , was a mixed, average.
Toilets , smelly and unclean
Clientele Alcoholics mostly and assorted mixture of lowlifes and chavs

Tired pub, and a meeting point for desparadoes.
Do not visit waste of time
kellysown - 20 Mar 2012 10:59
An odd collection of riff raff. A huggy bear look alike, various pimps, a russian mafia don, some greek bloke eating a fag butt and a tramp swooping around taking drinks half finished from tables when no one looks. Food cheap. beer cheap. Just full of trashy people. I tend to avoid places that have door staff on a Saturday afternoon.
brianbrain - 26 Feb 2012 08:33
Went there couple of times and wasn't impressed but since the new manager started place improved a lot. Pub looks clean, service is pretty good, you can actually find the menus on the tables and they do have Sky! Well done!
publover2 - 4 Nov 2011 00:24
Well yet another make over later and the pub is still looking drab, but now with the new DJ there its perked up alittle more. The place has never been a top pub but with it being a low cost type pub you respect that. The DJ being is a good thing but having said that its far to loud the volume they let him play at ! when you can't have a convo then you know its alittle high.. over all due to low prices the place is actually not to bad. Food is above average as well not to bad..
outsidein - 1 Apr 2011 18:59
Good place to meet up with friends as it is difficult to miss but not really the place to stay for a session. Having said that there are not really any better pubs within spitting distance of Wood Green tube anymore. It's one of the best of a bad bunch.
PlumbAl - 24 Jul 2010 16:55
Not so much of a makeover as a bit of a refurb, and not much of it. Still they are making an effort. The problem is still, mostly, the type of people that are let in.
TheSnifter2 - 29 Jun 2010 22:32
The pub's had a makeover so I went for a beer there the other day. Was decent enough though how long that lasts is anyone's guess.
ZymurgyX - 29 Apr 2010 16:36
This is how every pub should be.Cheap beer and punters which are real characters.If you want to go so a sanitised souless pub go to the Wetherspoons across the road.10/10
donjaun - 18 Mar 2010 16:17
First impression was that this is a cozy little place. Not awesome, but the drinks are so cheap taht you easly can afford alcohol glasses who makes the place look stunning. They really need someone experienced in cocktails among the staff thou, whats the use of having a mojito on the drinks menu when the barman gives you a glass of baileys and rum? He was very gracious about it thou, he gave us the messed up drinks for free and the next ones were good enough. The toilets are a disaster, but if ur drunk and very in need of a wee then you wont care. All in all: a great place for a pre-dinner and after-dinner drink and if you wanna be tipsy for the rest of the evning: Go to the goose and granite.
bartendergirl - 28 Sep 2009 23:05
absolute toilet
walthamstowgooner - 8 Sep 2009 12:48
totally agree with tottenhamsean! if there was a pub in dantes divine comedy 9th level of hell, im sure it would be called the goose and granite!
southgateyid - 10 Jul 2009 13:14
This pub is as bad as some make out, granted, but its still a hole.
Was in here a couple of Sundays ago,and a bloke popped out front for a smoke and left his Drink on a Table by the Door.It was then Stolen by 3 scummers that were being thrown out, only in Wood Green.

The poor bloke didnt even get a replacement.Whilst i acknowledge that the Govnor isnt responsible for all his Customers,a free drink for the bloke that lost his would have been a nice touch
tottenhamsean - 7 Jul 2009 19:11
since the beginning of last year this pub has improved , better beer , cleaner n nice smelling toilets , u can see out the windows, food is better , and the staff are great , i would recommend this pub to anyone going for a drink in woodgreen 10/10
exodus09 - 7 Jul 2009 12:51
Hells waiting room for those who are about to die! AVOID!
Wiccaman777 - 5 Apr 2009 02:18
A rather rank sort of place (i.e. par for the course for a Goose), but cheap - Abbot at just 1.85 and Greene King IPA at less than that. Somewhat to my surprise, the Abbot wasn't too bad either.
rpadam - 22 Jan 2009 21:57
The Goose chain is not known for its exacting standards, but I though this was poor even for a Goose. It was probably the smelliest pub I've been in since a visit to the Murray at Camden Town - like there, the smell here could easily have been soiled nappies but was more likely, I suspect, to have been the stale beer farts of a thousand regulars. The service was very poor: the barmaid blatantly ignored me twice in favour of serving regulars whom she knew so well she didn't even have to ask what drink they wanted. Very poor. I think it had Pride if memory serves. Avoid this place, it's one of the worst pubs I've been to in London.
grecian - 12 Jan 2009 10:34
What a horrible place! Cheap Lager but that was awful, no real ale on either. Adnams was 'Coming Soon'
sideshowbob - 3 Jan 2009 14:00
This is a pub of last resort - maybe if it started to pour with rain just as you walked past the entrance.
ZymurgyX - 1 Dec 2008 16:24
For such a large pub I was surprised that I couldnt find one table that didnt have spilt beer on it or dirty plates and glasses. I ended up perching myself on the end of a sticky table towards the rear of the pub next to the coin push machine (Ive only ever seen these in amusement arcades). All of the fun seemed to be happening out the back where hoards of people had gathered for a smoke whilst they slated the two guys playing pool.

All of the lager seemed to be super chilled and the three real ales pumps were off.

The only thing going for this place is that its cheap, and to be honest that doesnt really work in its favour.
Strongers - 5 Nov 2008 15:08
I like this pub just because its entertaining !! with a mix off dodgy old drunks and mountveiw students ! I liked the old land lady new bar staff are quite rude but suppose any one would be if they had to put up with dodgy old drunks starting fights and the mountview lot moving furniture and singing crap show songs !!! food is pretty ok once it arrives.
natsw1979 - 28 Oct 2008 19:40
Dont usually go there in the evening but we needed another pint or two. Beer (all real ale varities) good, staff fine, toilets OK, patrons old and slightly dodgy. And all slightly pissed. This pub is definitly better than the one across the road and also the one up the hill.
PeteRains - 8 Oct 2008 23:00
Agree it was an average boozer, but easily the best in Wood Green. Pints start at 1.55 to a maximum of 2.20 for lagers, and a decent selection of wines for an old fashioned boozer.

No kids allowed unlike wetherspoons, but the rowdy regulars have been muted by the new management. The staff are politer and better trained than those in the past. Food is average but cheap (under 4 quid for a burger, chips and a pint) means a decent lunch or tea.

The beer lines are a problem, but from what i heard of the bar staff, the pub will be closed for most of the first week of August for installation of new beer lines (Magners on tap YAY) and "fumigation" of the male toilets, so maybe i'll dare venture there for more than once a week.
woodkit - 27 Jul 2008 06:51
evil old nanna was drinking large brandy's and lemonade she was horrrrrrible, hope that she doesnt really have grandkids!!cheap,wetherspoon eske but awful clientel...... pay the extra and go to palmers green!

fussywhore - 20 May 2008 15:12
It used to be alright, and cheap I went there a month or so ago after about 2 years, full of winos and it stank. By all accounts it's getting better again.
London28 - 21 Mar 2008 20:12
Went in there last Saturday after reading the 2008 comments here about new managers and cleaning - it still had an acrid stench of ammonia which is enough to make you move on fairly quickly. I didn't see anyone eating there so that's probably why....
elllie - 5 Mar 2008 21:52
Amazing what a new landlord and new bar staff can do in such a short time. Pub is cleaner, brighter and much more friendly. The new management and staff have greatly improved this old boozer into a cool pub with a great atmosphere.Needs sky tv to really make it, so hey mister manager GET SKY MAN!!! WE WANT FOOTBALL!! but greatly improved, and yeah i'm now a regular. Beer is good and cheap so lets hope this management team and staff stay, long may it continue its well worth a visit best this gaff has been for years and years.
chelseachelsea - 22 Feb 2008 14:44
great place since the new managers have got there and cleaned it up and cleaned the beer lines you can even see out of the windows
scaleo - 18 Feb 2008 23:47
Not a too bad Pub when quiet. Cheap Prices but it dose get full of loud lager louts sometimes. OK for a quick Pint better than Yates or that horrible Wetherspoons opposite well it couldn't be worse could it.
Alesonly - 3 Feb 2008 21:39
Went in here this evening for a pint or 3 but we were driven out by the permeating smell of the men's loos wafting over the back part of the pub.
elllie - 29 Dec 2007 23:57
Oh dear. Can only echo the comment "a poor mans Wetherspoons.
hotrods - 27 Aug 2007 08:51
It may smell like a bag ladies period but the beer is cheap and the old irishmen are entertaining if you fill them full of beer. If you don't like roughing it, don't bother.
Cockney_Hammer - 28 Jul 2007 17:33
A poor mans wetherspoons if there is such a thing
juzza - 18 Nov 2006 20:23
Had an enjoyable night in here, found the atmosphere quite buzzing for a tuesday!
Can't really fault the beer, seemed quite cheap compared to the usual three-plus quid you'll pay in pubs nearby. The bar girls were friendly, as well as being pretty fit!!

Give this pub a try, it ain't that bad, believe me.

P.S Whoever the reviewer Ellie is, please please, can you just stop the whinging about your bleeding garlic bread and try (yes, try luv) to enjoy the pub. Don't kid yourself you're eating in the Ritz. :-)
anonymous - 14 Nov 2006 15:22
Not bad, cheap and cheerful.Service can be a bit slow, but beer is good.Not as bad these days as people make out
tottenhamsean - 7 Sep 2006 17:27
I've never had a bad tipple in this place - it's so cheap i don't understand why there are so many complaints.

2 for double G&T, 1.20 for a pint of Tetleys!!!

anonymous - 19 Jul 2006 13:11
Follow up to my previous posting:
10/10 for perseverance from the area manager, Rory (shan't post his full name) - very courteous, very keen to put things right - spent quite a time with me on the phone gathering comments but despite this, the standards of this pub have gone downhill +++! He sent me an invitation/vouchers to try the food again. We were on holiday when he initially tried to contact me but he didn't give up so well done for that. We called in again today and found sticky tables, vinegar flies hovering around our table, no toilet tissue in 5 of the ladies loos (on a quiet Wednesday afternoon). The bar staff all seemed to be Polish (no problem with that) but, mostly couldn't understand very basic Ebglish. My partner literally had to point to the menu in his endeavour to order food and then it took 3 off them discussing amongst themselves before pressing the buttons on the till to submit the order. One managed to say that the prices on the menus were wrong, they had gone up but "they couldn't be bothered to amend them" ("they" being Mitchells and Butler) so we paid more than the menu stated but didn't receive a receipt!?!

I won't have another rant but I won't go back to this pub again. It's mostly full of dirty, broken down alcoholics and benefits people who spend their time scrounging off the other decent customers who look like they actually work for a living - a disgrace of a pub but in keeping with the other Wood Green chavvy dumps. Sorry Goose but you did it to yourself.....
elllie - 21 Jun 2006 20:42
With drinks this cheap you're going to get some customers you'd rather not meet. Really really smoky (don't go if you're asthamatic!) but fine for a quick drink. The staff are pretty good and afternoons are pretty relaxed in there. Avoid the food though - there's a reason why it's so cheap.
stripytiger - 20 May 2006 16:36
Went in here this evening with my partner - yes, drinks are fairly cheap but don't go near the food. I ordered veggie lasagne, which comes with garlic bread (as it always does no matter where you go) and a side order of chips (preferable to garlic bread as the garlic bread is inevitably variable in "quality" with pubgrub). My partner ordered a burger with chips. Both meals were almostcold on arrival and stone cold before we were halfway through the meal which was somewhat hurried due to the fact it was nearly cold on arrival. The lasagne was microwaved so that the edges were actually dried out to unbelievable proportions (microwaved more than once methinks) rendering the only edible part to the very centre of the dish. The garlic bread was part of a dried out burned baguette and was pretty good to do a drum solo on the table (demonstrated there and then to my partner). The burger was well overcooked (solid, very very solid) and was really plain and dry. Chips - cold. No salad, no onions - bugger all really. We struggled as we were hungry (any port in a storm syndrome) and gave up - it was truly awful. We did stop by the bar to tell the manager who was very gracious and apologetic. She offered us a refund and apologised again. We declined the refund as we didn't want to look like people who eat half a meal and go for the refund deliberately - customer feedback should be more important if the place actually wants to subscribe to some kind of quality (I hate to admit it but the food was actually worse than Wood Green Wetherspoons and the Tollgate and believe me, they take some beating but at least the manager wasn't rude and uncaring in the Goose - in fact she was lovely and said she would speak to the "chef").

Rating for the pub is good, for the food - abysmal, abominable (a couple next to us seemed to struggle with the veggie bangers and mash - it did look truly revolting). Rating for the manager 10/10!
elllie - 11 Mar 2006 20:41
Why is it Goose and Granites always stink of piss??
Beautiful building, shame about the pub inside
anonymous - 10 Mar 2006 01:29
Drinks were cheap busy even on the one lunchtime that I went - had a good time in there, people left us alone which was a welcome change! Good place to go before Ice skating!!!!!!
tullster - 17 Jan 2006 15:59
Those crazy cats at the goose! Holly and Steph from America give this pub an enthusiastic seal of approval. I can't believe it's been so long since we sat on the sticky sofas and drank seems like just yesterday i was hurling in the bathroom. Kitchen is the best bartender in the world! AMERICANS LOVE THE GOOSE!
jerseysteph - 2 Jan 2006 17:19
Its certainly lost its appeal (to me anyway) since it became the Goose and Granite.. Had far more character when it was the Nags Head..
Never mind, not a bad palce to watch life go by...
easyco - 28 Dec 2005 09:14
For a Goose & Granite, this isn't half bad. Good size building with a little hint of character in a prime location opposite the tube station. Variety and price of beer is good, sometimes though quality isn't quite what it should be(never awful but often insipid). As for customers, as a rough rule of thumb; giggling students at the back and world-weary middle-aged locals at the front, but given the location it has a fairly high degree of passing trade from all walks of life and nobody should feel out of place or unwelcome here. Don't sit within smelling distance of the toilets if you know what's good for you as the stench would turn a slaugtterhouse worker's stomach. Food wise prices are fairly low and you get what you pay for, they have a tendency to run out of various items though.
Mr.Monkfish - 12 Oct 2005 09:45
It *does* take a lifetime to get served here, as I've found on several occasions. Shame really, as the place is reasonably priced with some of the offers, and the beer isn't too bad. What is it with the staff of pubs on Wood Green High Street?
Edd - 29 Oct 2004 11:59
I wouldn't normally post a comment on a website however I feel customers should be aware that a truly great pub is going down hill fast. There is a long wait to be served at weekends as there is not enough staff to handle the flow of customers. The selling point of this pub is the price of drinks, it's fantastic! And the food is great. This pub has so much potential but it appears to have poor management.

Rating 4/10

Andrew Cahalan - 24 Sep 2004 16:20
Last night they had Old Speckled Hen, Bass and Tetleys on draft, all at very reasonable prices. Decent music, not too loud, very friendly place.
Big Vern - 11 Aug 2004 11:50
They did cracking food when I was in here and the staff and service were great.
Aaron - 17 May 2004 04:33

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