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Globe, Brentford

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user reviews of the Globe, Brentford

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Nice Fuller's pub with a central location in Brentford. The usual Fuller's suspects in perfect nick. Excellent fish & chips.
Sigmund - 7 Dec 2018 03:54
It's Brentford...Now who on earth would wish to live, die or drink there?

ScummyTown personified, only beaten by it's sh**t'sville neighbour - Hounslow.

Get over it and MOVE. I did...
watching_them_4_you - 19 Sep 2014 22:35
I have lived in Brentford for twenty years and I decided last night that I will not go to my local anymore. The Globe was great when Charlie ran it because he barred all the low life that now frequent it.

The band were great last night( Replicator) but one felt that a fight was going to kick off any second - not a carefree safe atmosphere. In addition, the bar staff were rude. It has changed into geezerville!
jacko22 - 12 Apr 2014 12:56
Not a bad pub, food is good value for money, always loads of fitties working behind the bar. Beer is okay not a fan of Fullers beers.
psw31983 - 24 Jun 2013 17:16
Impressive Fullers pub in the shadow of the Chiswick Flyover. Had a couple of well-kept pints of the Chiswick Bitter. Sport showing on several TVs, food being served (check out the Rest of the World burger) and friendly and attentive staff. A great find.
Komakino - 25 Feb 2013 13:55
The Globe is a pub in which i first got served in when i was about 16 because it was a craphole, yet since coming back to the area 4 years later theres a new manager and a whole new atmosphere which attracts me to this pub most weekends! Paul 'Hambo' Hamblin is the leader of a tribe of ridulously good looking staff who are very friendly and very easy on the eyes.
The pub has good beer and lovely food cooked fresh and served attractively. The globe has a great atmosphere especially on a saturday whether its full of Brentford fans, GWR rugby ream or the students ffrom TVU theres always a good buzz.
tommoqpr - 18 Nov 2010 15:10
Bar staff are fantastic, go forthe bar staff and on Saturdays they wear football shirts. Oh yeah the beer is great. The bar staff are lovely, well worth a visit
Wanderingbee - 4 Feb 2010 15:24
As legendary barmaid Betty Crocker off Coronation St I can honsetly say this is the best pub since the Rovers Return.
I have visited many times in the hope of this landlord Paul "letching" me but he has always been a true gentleman.
I even wore my best stockings on one occasion, and he commented that my lavender perfume was sensational, but declined to show me the upstairs of his fine hostelry.
Beer is great, food is great (though at 96 I need mine blending) just need a big old letch session and I could ide a happy woman.

Betty Crocker, Wetherfield
bettyturpin - 3 Feb 2010 12:11
I went to the Globe recently on a birthday night, and Paul the landlord didn't letch me up once!
Beer and scran were top - will visit again
Imbibedit - 5 Oct 2009 22:00
have been to the globe occasionally for work do's and have always enjoyed it.

was in on saturday night to see a band. the pub is excellent, the staff and locals are friendly, the atmosphere relaxed and the beer very good.

i can imagine losing a few saturday afternoons in here playing pool and watching the world go by.
porcus_volans - 20 Jul 2009 15:00
Having read these reviews, me and my mates thought we would go and see for ourselves who the apparently legendary 'Paul' is. The place was great. Watched the footie with atmospere, good food, great beer and caught some rays in the garden. I can only say one of two things either this is a great marketing ploy or some jealous individuals. Didn't get to meet the bloke but will be going back to shake his hand, especially as there ARE some great bar maids to 'lech' at. Also went to some pubs near by, great day out in Brentford.
brentfordian - 1 Jun 2009 20:36
Does he still spend half his time leching at female staff and customers? Pauls sense of humour is not "unique" its just not funny...
parabola - 29 May 2009 08:56
As regular customers of this pub, i feel these accusations against Paul are very harsh and i can't say I've witnessed any behaviour to which he has been accused. I was a customer before Paul and Holli took over the pub and have noticed a significant improvement, regarding such things as cleanliness, customer service, condition of the ales and a better menu.

Paul possesses a unique sense of humour which some may not see the funny side. However, nothing he ever says is meant as offensive.

It would appear to me that the women who did make the accusations agaisnt Paul may possibly have a hidden agender!

See for yourself and pop in for a pint!
smitc039 - 28 May 2009 22:37
As Pauls partner i have watched him turn many run down pubs into succesful GREAT pub's. i find your comments cruel, very sad and cowardly and if you feel this strongly about Paul maybe you should come and speak to him instead of this "hate mail" against him....
As for the pub it's doing the best it has for a very long time and we have had no negative come back apart from these two very sad people.

Live bands are massive and we recently had half of brentford in the back garden singing football songs till 11pm when they won the league two championship, and BBQ's now going when the weather is good, which is a crowd favourite.

The food is significantly better and a recent EHO score of 3 stars....!

As for the ales... Paul has taken many cellar courses and the lines ARE done at least once a week i should know as i do them myself, you don't have to take my word for it, come down and try for yourself, we pride ourselves for our Ales.

bumbalina - 27 May 2009 23:51
Having worked for this guy in the past I can confirm everything Gallatea says is very true. Paul is a sad, arrogant, vain, work shy individual, has no clue what to do with ales, how to treat staff or motivate people. How he gets work managing pubs is a mystery to me!
parabola - 27 May 2009 17:08
had a great sunday night band good had a great sunday dinner before in the garden which is beautiful lovely atmophere i recommend this pub for food at drinks
penrog - 26 May 2009 14:33
i an disgusted with what this ex barmaid said i am a regular and the pub has been cleaned up since paul took over i have never heard paul rude or nasty to anyone .the pub has a great atmosphere food is great i wonder WHY she is a EX BAR MAID and why she was SACKED she sounds a very unhappy lady
penrog - 26 May 2009 14:21
As an ex barmaid I would like to share my story with all of you.

......Landlord of the Globe pub in Brentford IS :
Greedy, Arrogant ,Stuck up, and had a strange habit of insulting his staff members in front of the customers.

He was very calculative, mean and discriminative he was calling us monkey , stupid in front of the customers with a laugh but he meant what he was saying each time, I know cause even client were saying it to me :
-Eva why wont you answer back to him.

My boss Paul very often liked to call himself a GOD.
-he SAID im the God, I answered no your not,
-he said I'm always right never wrong

We never got any brake during the working hours. I was there full time average 36-37 hours.Couple times he cough me on having a cigarette.

-He asked me ,So how many cigg. brakes did you had today I said this is my 2nd, and he said so how many minutes do ya ow me?

Before I gave him my national insurance number he was already deducting it from me. I asked him where does the NI goes cause i didn't gave it to ya yet.

I knew the money went to his pocket. After few weeks i rang the tax office asking them about my working records. Tax office said that they have no records of me or any of my other friends working there.

He wasn't cleaning pipes regularly so the Ales were coming out cloudy. And still he was telling us to sell them to the customers.

I have never met so discussting person in my life.

THe last bad habit he had was: leaving pub and going out living us of just me on my own and coming back 4-5 hours later.


gallatea82 - 10 May 2009 11:33
A lovely trasditional pub with great ale on offer. You don't have to pay £3.40 for a pint of Carling - you can always drink real beer and give the chemical, overpriced lagers a miss.London Pride, Discovery etc.
beehave - 28 Dec 2008 01:07
I'm yet to find a better pint of London Pride in Brentford. The Globe is under new management now and the new manager seems like a good guy and he and his staff are accommodating. There's an excellent range of beers and a nice beer garden. I will continue to regularly visit this excellent pub
Hanwale - 13 Oct 2008 13:12
a nice traditional pub, with a great landlord. Just a shame it costs you £3.40 for a pint of carling!!
i know its a nice pub, but its hardly the ritz!
mrbee - 15 May 2008 12:43
Unfortunately I didnít see any characters from Flash Gordon during my visit here yesterday, but I did meet a very friendly barmaid who poured me a great pint. The normal lagers that you would find in a Fullerís pub were available alongside Pride, ESB and Honeydew.

The pub has a large bar with tables and chairs running around it with a larger seating area at the rear which seems to cater for people eating the pub grub. There is a pool table and also a television which was showing the tennis on Sky Sports. The toilets are nice and clean and I thought that the potted plants were a nice touch.

There is also a nice sized split level garden at the rear of the pub although it is a little noisy with the A4 the other side of a row of houses, although it does still feel like a secluded back street boozer.

I really liked this old traditional pub and feel a little jealous of the local residents as they can choose between here and the equally good Lord Nelson around the corner.
Strongers - 13 May 2008 12:10
Went to the Globe for a swift pint in early August '07. Is there any better time to go for a pint in the Brentford area? Sun was setting and the London Pride was absolutely spot-on. The pub is a decent size, spacious and bar staff are friendly. Also have complimentary newspapers in case you're drinking alone. I'm looking forward to coming here again when my team play Brentford!

jim_of_the_bob - 16 Oct 2007 17:49
Despite the comment on the 30.11.06 suggesting to the contrary, the landlord (Charlie) IS English. The landlady (Beata) is Polish, yes, but she is damned elegant and certainly not easily mistaken for a bloke - particularly when Charlie does, as asserted elsewhere here, look rather Ming like!

Charlie is every inch the host, personally introducing the individual members of that evening's band back on for an encore, usually immaculate in a natty three button whistle and red leather shoes. It must have been someone else that "anonymous 30.11.06" saw. Charlie is the life and soul, no word of a lie!

The Globe is famed for its music, and rightly so. Guitarist Papa George serves up some of the best blues to be heard anywhere in Europe, and soul singers Paul Cox and Andy Roberts are never less than captivating. As a musician no stranger to this pub, and indeed many, it's not often that you find a gig circuit pub you keep coming back to again and again .. as a punter. I never tire of a pint at The Globe when I'm not gigging myself.

Whatever beers are/aren't for sale, it is only fair to point out that what is available will be kept beautifully. I haven't tried the food in there yet, but gazing idly at some the menu on the blackboard when packing up after a "straight after work and no dinner" gig has certainly had me watering at the mouth on a few occasions!
Rob_OldMalden_Surrey - 10 Jan 2007 21:43
The most friendly pub I have been in. Fantastic Bands. Landlord may look like Ming the Merciless but he's a nice bloke. Could do with more space.
absolutebounder - 7 Jan 2007 18:51
Basically a London pub situated near London. Where they get the decorations from I don't know, but it sure gives you something to talk about!
Will2 - 22 Sep 2006 20:04
Maybe great for atmosphere on band nights yes - but quite a low key atmosphere on weekday visit. Only serve the London Porter during the winter. Not sure whats with the 3 skull's by the bar. Bit unusual to say the least
aleman - 22 Sep 2006 16:27
Great pub,full of life on band nights.Well done charlie & your staff.Have you heard a band called Undiscovered?I saw them play at the Brook house last Friday & they blew me away.Very talented band.Would go down a storm at the Globe.Keep up the great work.One of the finest pubs for entertainment in London.
anonymous - 2 May 2006 16:20
The bar staff are generally very good, and kept busy by the sometimes demanding locals who can occasionally treat the place like they own it. The draught ales seem inconsistent, but the beer selection is good. The walls are adorned with oddities from around the world which means there is generally something to engage your befuddled gaze when things are spinning.

BUT! Will The Globe embrace the impending student invasion from the nearby looming University building? And how will THAT go down with the Brentford typicals?
anonymous - 21 Dec 2005 12:05
Less than half a dozen customers were in the pub when I visited last Sunday afternoon at about 3 - 3.30 pm. Has someone upset the locals, I wonder ?
Charlie didn't look very happy at all
JohnBonser - 15 Nov 2005 13:33
Popular pub - gets very busy and can sometimes be noisy, so if you're after a quiet pint you might find the Lord Nelson better suited. If you want a pint, a meal, a game of pool and a live band, however, The Globe is hard to beat on this side of Central London.
posieflump - 13 Apr 2005 17:49
An excellent pub that serves the true purpose of entertaining and amusing a local community. Not just a watering hole for desperate drinkers there should be something to occupy you most nights here. The beer is kept extremely well, the Guinness is excellent, even if it is a little expensive for a pub in Brentford (I guess that the late licence and entertainment licence don't come cheap). If you're playing on the pool table I would recommend using a six inch cue as the walls are very close to the action!
Agnes - 26 Aug 2004 13:44
last night was a STUNNING night! Cry Wolf were back after what seemed like an eternity when they didn't play there for a long while. Let's hope that they get regular gigs there again! Excellent bands, excellent beer, excellent staff.. Charlie & Beata keep up the good work guys!
Pandora - 2 Apr 2004 14:53
Can't recommend it highly enough - I lived down the road for a couple of years and it became an extension of our front room. Great beer garden, brilliant owners, Cry Wolf playing live, late license (well 12) Thurs - Sat, pool table - genius! I couldn't help but write in to say so.
loads_of_monkeys - 1 Apr 2004 15:59
Benjamin..there are some hot rock chicks...I am one of them! Check out the 60's All Stars on Fri 27th Feb..cracking band! Mick Avery from the Kinks is the drummer and a very nice chap he is too!
Pandora - 24 Feb 2004 03:21
I agree. Amazing Beer Garden (They have put a lot of time, money & hard work into it) great bar staff, and good choices of down to earht gritty bands. The only suggestion I would make, is that they get a few little speakers and run them off the main PA feed, so that the people in the beer garden can hear the music too....Also the Pool table can get a bit hard to play on as its small, and situated in one of the main routes to the loo's. Overall a great pub to get blasted in (but suprisingly very few hot rock chicks)
Benjamin - 13 Feb 2004 14:55
I will say that the Globe used to be my local for a few years when I lived nearer (what a lazy cow I am!)
But now I practically live in the Magpie...great pub though which has live blues/rock n' roll music every thursday, friday and saturday entrance too and you must get in there before 11pm or the staff may get the strop!

Beer is all good, lager is a bit expensive though..£2-80 a pint me thinks? Still, the pub is practically packed on music nights and you will have a good night out there.
Pandora - 11 Feb 2004 02:39
If you are going to bother commenting on a pub at least rate it as well - then we might be able to get it in the top 40. Good pub, nice atmosphere pleasant staff. Have yet to get pissed up in here so I can only give it 7/10 for the time being. Still a good mark though.
Good for: I enjoyed watching watching the footbal results coming in on a Saturday afternoon.
thenationofjames - 20 Jan 2004 13:25
Pool table, jukebox, sky, and live music on a regular basis, Beer is fine, as are the locals.
AWESOME beer garden for the summer.
CWN - 18 Dec 2003 22:52

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