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William Morris, Merton Abbey Mills

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user reviews of the William Morris, Merton Abbey Mills

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A real must! 10/10. A really great pub popular with couples and all the family! Idyllically situated by the beautiful river Wandle. They serve delicious traditional pub foods, beers, wines and coffees. It's not too expensive and the staff are always very friendly and helpful. They have plenty of seating and it's nicely decorated. It's beer garden is amazing and right on the bank of the Wandle, with many windows overlooking the clear water. It's geared up for kids and is about a 5 min riverside walk from Dean City farm, which is really great for the little ones. It's also right next to Merton Abbey Mills for shopping, theatre and live Music. A really awesome pub in a beautiful location!
buchan1605 - 23 Feb 2014 11:15
A real must! 10/10. A really great pub popular with couples and all the family! Idyllically situated by the beautiful river Wandle. They serve delicious traditional pub foods, beers, wines and coffees. It's not too expensive and the staff are always very friendly and helpful. They have plenty of seating and it's nicely decorated. It's beer garden is amazing and right on the bank of the Wandle, with many windows overlooking the clear water. It's geared up for kids and is about a 5 min riverside walk from Dean City farm, which is really great for the little ones. It's also right next to Merton Abbey Mills for shopping, theatre and live Music. A really awesome pub in a beautiful location!
buchan1605 - 23 Feb 2014 11:15
Enjoyed a few beers friday night.good place to visit during the good weather with outside seating.busy with the abbey fest on at moment.
talesofthebar - 21 Jul 2013 19:15
Today we were very well received by the staff despite our late arrival at 2.00 pm after walking down the Wandle Trail from Waddon Station. Food reasonable, staff cheerful and Adnams at the right temperature.
hothamhugh - 22 Oct 2012 18:19
First time ive been to this pub and got told the location was really nice with a market area on a Sat and a good vibe - although it isn't as good as it was 10 years ago
The pub experience was very enjoyable. Was a bank holiday and wasn't too packed, and tried out the varied ales on tap. Didnt order food but saw others that did and it came out fairly promptly.
The outside sitting area was a bit small and can imagine in the summer getting a seat is hard work. The view is ok but limited.
Other than usual London prices was a overall decent experience
the_original_rawnsleys - 10 Jun 2012 12:06
Lovely location, but that's about it. Cold white wine doesn't exist, and the toilets are always lacking hand towels/soap/loo roll. Service is appalling.
brionyot - 27 May 2012 18:11
I went to this pub yesterday evening for a function. The upstairs bar and balconies were used. The bar wasn't very well stocked and the lager was warm. If one wants to drink lager it must be cold. 2 handpumps present but not used. The main bar of the pub had 5 handpumps and I tried 3 of them during the evening. The cost was between £3.70 and £3.90 a pint. Beer only moderate at best and exorbitantly priced.
Our friends had generously provided a barbecue on the balcony and burgers, sausages and chicken was served along with salads and rice. What a let down!
The burgers were initially served up seemingly well cooked but they were raw in the middle. The chicken was dry and tasteless. Seemed like everything had just come straight from the freezer.
It would take a lot to tempt me back to this place, especially with The Trafalgar and The Sultan just round the corner.
geoffharwood - 27 May 2012 08:20
I have been there in the past for a pint & it was OK. Beautiful location
I went yesterday afternoon for a meal with my sister & it was absolutely appalling
The young lady I gave my order to took fifteen minutes to ring up the order. I told her four times I wanted fish & chips & vegetable tagliatelli. I showed her the menu several times & still she could not get it.
Then we waited forever. When I went up to enquire she said it was comming & went back to doing nothing
When after 45 minutes I told her we were leaving & wanted my money back she didn't answer me but rushed into the kitchen and brought out two plates
The fish & chips was luke warm- looked like it had been standing about for half an hour. The tagl;iatelli looked uneatable
I told her I was very unhappy about this & she just walked away
Absolutely appalling. The worst meal ever & as for "service".....
Moshe - 26 Sep 2011 11:31
I met some mates at this pub about a year ago for an afternoon of playing cards, and had been recommending it to people in the area for that time.

BUT I was there on the weekend for a family friendly gathering and will not be going back...unlike my food which had to go back twice, I had ordered one of the more expensive meal on the menu and what i got was 1 piece of dried BBQ chicken and 3 Ribs.

While the Location is great, unfortunately the Central London prices for food and drinks, coupled with the poor service and quality we won't be going back anytime soon.

This is my first harsh review of anything, but I was so hopeful and let down so badly that I can only hope they read this and lift their game.

pjdkryan - 22 Sep 2011 13:51
Really sad - this was a fantastic little place about a year ago. Super food, great staff, lovely pub quizes etc., and awesome position. Has slowly gone downhill since about November 2010 - now really bad, overpriced food, slow service and the only thing going for it is the great location. Used to be a regular, visiting at least twice a week, and we were excited to take our friends to "our local"... sadly won't be going back until we hear of a big improvement.
skym - 16 Aug 2011 17:05
When you have the Traf just round the corner and the Sultan with a large selection of interesting real ales, you'd have to set your bar quite high for a beer festival.. FOUR averagely kept beers does not constitute a beer festival. Even the Princess of Wales, who are tied to Wells managed to put on a decent enough selection last year. I actually paid MORE for a real ale than my pal paid for a pint of lager!
bite_me_hard - 27 Feb 2011 11:30
Great little pub, Ale in good condition
HTP - 18 Jan 2011 19:38
amazing!!! where better to go and chill out, havent been in for a few months, when i was there on monday i was quite suprised, it was packed, full of all differint types of people and still a wicked atmosphere, bless the staff they were under pressure, appoligising for the wait, everyone of them had a smile on thier face, is nice to see staff in a pub act so positive about thier work place well done to the manager! i think it must have changed hands in the last year or so because even the food was good, really truely impressed, will be passing this pub on the all my friends, might even make it my local
bianca84 - 3 Sep 2010 20:02
Unfortunately, the World Cup has attracted the odd undesirable. I agree that the incidient last week was unfortunate, particularly for you local residents. The incident resulted from my stance against these low IQ, shouty guys, and the fact that they are not welcome at The William Morris. I can only apologise for the disturbance and noise pollution experienced by local residents. I hope in future, these people are dealt with in a more efficient manor, causing as little disturbance to you guys as possible.
Jameswm - 5 Jul 2010 13:24
Avoid. Place is crawling with low IQ shouty, brawling guys. Evening is not quite complete without police related incident stoked up by yet more bottle waving, St George attired punters. Sad as the pub was turning a corner... it's now a point of call for Pipps Bridge lowlife.

If the landlord was to banish the football in favour of rugby all would be well - for both punter and staff alike.
Max84 - 2 Jul 2010 21:54
Went back for the first time in over a year and it's hugely improved. Friendly staff, wider range of drinks, no shouty blokes swearing at the bar. Felt like a proper local pub.

We ordered some snack food and that wasn't good, but I'll try a proper meal next time and see how that goes. There were loads of people eating there and everything apart from what we ordered looked good.

Think I'll be using this place a lot more in the future - certainly for the summer anyway.
Loki - 21 May 2010 15:05
Will further that - went to the Morris for the first time in a year last week - the used condom that put me off re-visiting has now gone, and the beer was cool...
ptg - 26 Apr 2010 09:10
How about "build them a covered lean-to" as a suggestion? or increase collection frequency and decrease the overall number of bins?
ptg - 26 Apr 2010 09:07
I'm sure if someone's got a suggestion of where to put the bins, they'd be gratefully received by the management. Besides "hide them" or "remove them". Hide them where? It's a riverside building that has access routes all the way round it.

However I doubt there is anything at all that can be done about the Mama Rosa van which isn't rusting IMHO and certainly doesn't sink in the mud - it's owned by the restaurant next door and is parked on block paving.

Personally in all the years of living near the market and visiting it regularly, I've barely noticed bins or fridges. There are far worse pubs appearance wise. Not saying it couldn't do with a little tarting up but a couple of people here seem to be making mountains out of molehills in my opinion.
bods - 21 Apr 2010 11:54
We thought the car boot sale had relocated to the side of the pub by that footbridge. Growing collection of smelly old fridges taking root in the mud. Broken chairs and all manner of nastiness. You are judged by first appearances guys. Sort this out and you might just attract some punters - the ones who don't own a polyester football strip for summer day wear.

Potential is there......
Max84 - 20 Apr 2010 13:35
I'd just like to say I've been back three times since I wrote my last update in January. That's more times than I've been in the last three years. That certainly says something.

I do hope the William Morris grows and flourishes - its rebirth could really help the market and get people into the area, as well as causing me headaches about which pub to visit :)
bods - 10 Mar 2010 16:40
I have been going to The Morris and have even provided live music down there at a few points, for over 7 years now and I've seen it change alot of changes.

From the days when they would not be ID-ing people at the bar to now days. The pub has had some really ruff times in the years I have been going there (as you can see from other comments) with too many changes for any of the managers or staff to have made a massive difference. It has just slowly risen and then fallen several times.

I've not been able to make it in to the bar that much in the last year but I like the changes when I do. I even get phone calls and txts telling me to come down and check out the new chef (who is doing a bloody amazing job (go Matt)) or any other massive changes like when the function room was re-furbished last year.

James has done a really good job of the place so far and I'd like to see the place packed again like it was when I first went in there (4/5 deep at the bar, not even during the Abbey Fest.)

There's a saying which is perfect for this place "don't judge a book by its cover" don't walk past, check it out and meet the friendly locals. Some of them are so nice, you'd keep as friends for as long as you (or they live).

As for the bins look at the pub, you can see all the way around it. Where would you be able to put them without p!ssing someone off? The best approach would be to leave them where they are but to build a shed around them with bolt doors so they are still easy to access for staff and the waste collectors, but are kept out of site from passers by and customers.

Keep up the good work James,

Davetc - 5 Mar 2010 14:15

Sent you a PM listing company who maintain that landscaping you like on the other side of the bridge.
Bennetts - 22 Feb 2010 11:43
James, PM sent regarding a good pub gardener - not cheap, but until the horrid winter weather, our boxes looked great over here.
ptg - 18 Feb 2010 00:40
Unfortunately the current bin location is the only practical one. I know it does not look great when approaching the pub and I am constantly looking for an alternative site for them.
As for the garden I am currently looking at getting the area landscaped in a similar way as to the other side of the bridge by the flats, and also to add some nice potted plants etc in time for the spring/summer. If anyone knows any good landscape gardening - tell them to pop into the pub and ask for me to discuss what can be done.
I would still love to meet with a group from the flats & see what I can do for you. I am seeing more & more coming for Sunday Lunch, the Weds quiz etc, but would love some more input from you guys.
Also we now have a screen showing the 6 nations so come and join in & sample our famous William Morris Liberty Ale.
Jameswm - 8 Feb 2010 20:06
Bernie, Sadly we can only agree :( Think it's a work in progress at the moment. Somebody's got to sort out the refuse situation on the market and get rid of those bins. Smell bad, look bad, just plain wrong. Can't think of another pub that store bins and junk in all areas visible to the public. Could be as good as the Rose & Crown in the village if only they spent just a bit more cash.

I'd plant some Evergreens & Dogwood on the patch of land by the bridge & erect some temp wood posts to stop the rust buckets tearing up the earth & newly planted shrubs whilst they get established.

Market Manager's vision is a culture vacum that will never venture beyond a bouncy castle & car boot sale but we still think the William Morris can give the market a badly needed adrenalin shot. Go on James show 'em what you can do. Couple days work with a spade and some planting would add to those twinkly lights Bernie likes :) £300 quid would do it - Homebase have got all you need within walking distance in their garden section!

Max84 - 3 Feb 2010 01:18
Thirsty after our river walk from Morden Hall. Walked over the new footbridge with plans to visit this pub. First impressions: some broken fridges abandoned on the mud & grass, bald christmas trees, litter, plastic & cardboard strewn about and a great rusty old van (Mama Mia or something) sinking into mud. Kitchen doors open to all, huge bins out the front, overflowing. To finish it off metal beer kegs stacked like baked bean cans outside front of pub. My husband Reg decided we'd go elsewhere. Maybe it's nice inside but a shame no care or attention has been given to the appearance as you approach from the river to draw in us thirsty customers. Maybe next time will be a good day and all will be well. The twinkly lights on the eaves looked lovely though.

BernadetteB - 2 Feb 2010 14:00
I visited the William Morris for the first time last night since, ooooh, well, that last time I tried to go in in September.

Things have certainly improved - three ales on handpull. One Adnams Broadside and the other two from the Westerham Brewery - the latter of which were in great condition, and the Special Pale Ale was really good.

The tables were clean and not sticky like they once were. And the bar service was prompt and efficient - which must be the first time ever in all the years I've tried drinking there.

You never know - I may be back. And it's been a long time since I would have said such a thing!
bods - 13 Jan 2010 10:29
Max84 - Following your comments I have arranged for removal of the offending clutter, which will take place Tuesday 15th Dec.
Having recently taken on the pub, I agree that it should be a cherished local for you the residents of the flats. I am open to your suggestions on what would be required to make the place more appealling to you and your fellow residents.
Therefore I would like to suggest a meeting with yourself and any other fellow residents interested. This would also give the opportunity to sample our new range of beers which have recently been introduced.
If you would like meet please drop by the pub and we can arrange a suitable time in the near future.
I eagerly await your correspondence.
Kind Regards
Jameswm - 13 Dec 2009 22:04
Read Dalkin35's review. Spot on. Happen to be one of the residents in the smart apartment block overlooking this pub. It should be our cherished local. I cannot name a single resident on the whole development who drinks there more than once or twice a year. Shame. It could be so good: location, architercture, river, history. It's got it all.

What it had not is a clean well stocked bar, clean pipes for beer, good honest decent grub menu. Check out the grotty wheelie bins parked outside with the barrels, broken furniture, broken umberellas, staked kegs, unswept dirty paving area. Tired, naff seating. We could go on. Close the place, repaint, refurbish, get a decent cellar, get a couple on board who want to make a go of it - gay or straight and you've got a place people want to pop into. Even an open fire would help create some ambience.

Sadly, the latest landlord will be the last landlord in no time at all.
Max84 - 2 Dec 2009 23:35
I had a steak & a pint of Adnams in here last night for less than 9 quid! Food & service OK and the beer was in great nick. Will be returning.
SeanDavies - 6 Nov 2009 11:35
Don't write this place off yet. I was in last night (my first visit) and met the new landlord. He seems like he knows what he's talking about and we had a very pleasant evening. I'm looking forward to seeing what he's going to do.
Mark_Davies - 13 Oct 2009 14:44
Went in an hour or so before Abbey Fest for the first time in ages. Every single hand pull was off. The bar was very quiet yet staff seemed to have gone AWOL. With nothing else inspiring on the bar, and no one threatening to serve us, we departed.

I've written before this place could be a real gem. So why isn't it?
bods - 4 Sep 2009 12:20
What a disapointment, really left a bad taste in the mouth in more ways than one.
The (expensive) Aspell cider tasted off and a guy on the table next to us actually took his lager back because it tasted of vinegar!
Even through this it was nice to look at the river (and try to ignore the staff having a great time and marching about the place/going outside for fags every ten minutes) so we ordered food which really for a place like that was far far too expensive, only to get cold soggy fish absolutely full of bones with undercooked chips and mushy peas out of a tin (the veggie burger was off) and a burnt beefburger.
The pub itself was in need of a very good clean if not whole make over.
Definitely would not recommend it.
popiellajones - 12 Jul 2009 12:01
I've read through these posts and no-one has said anything that captures the essence of what this pub once was. People these days don't have a clue!
Today it is a "ghost" of what it once was. I've been there a few times in recent years and I'm appalled by what I have experienced. Its like an abandoned building now; mostly empty - even on a Friday and Saturday night!
The upstairs, which was a great place to drink and relax is now always closed - which is baffling as it was one of the pub's attractions!
When it first opened it was nice and quaint - different from any other pub in the district - but between 1993 and 1998 it really took off and became popular. This pub from Friday evening to Sunday evening - and even sometimes in the week - was teeming with people; five deep at the bar.
Of course it was difficult getting a drink, but nevertheless, the atmosphere was magic. The people were happier and friendlier in those days and the pub had various nooks and crannies to sit and drink or eat your meals - which were always "top-drawer"! It had a Carvery in those days.
I think Rick was the Landlord during those years, and my wife and I had our reception there upstairs. There were quiz nights, and I remember the actors from The Bill used to drink in there often.

Unfortunately, Rick and his wife left in 1998 and it was taken over by a single manager - a young guy. He had it refurbished . . . and everyone had high hopes, but really he ruined it. The bar was extended into an oval in the centre of the pub like an American bar, the billiard table went and the upstairs was eventually closed and was never reopened much to my knowledge. It soon began losing customers and that's when the pub began to go downhill.
The pub has now lost its appeal with people - especially those who remember better days and I only go there now to recall good memories and have a relaxing drink by the river, which is the pub's only redeeming feature now.
Members of staff come and go are always different when I go in there; you can never get to know them - and many are from some eastern-european country.
You can't warm to the pub or the people there anymore.

It needs a married couple to run this pub - not a manager who is never there.
Perhaps then it could bring the punters back who used to enjoy it and perhaps the atmosphere it once had.
At the moment the magic has been lost - and perhaps forever now! Its just not the same, and I blame the up and coming generations of managers and staff who simply have no idea on how to run a place like that!
The potential is there, but no-one who has run this place since the late 90s, seems to know or care about bringing the best out of it or restore it to its former glory. Abbey Mills is not the same as it once was - since the property developers have moved in . . . KFC - yuk!!
The 2000s decade has seen everything go downhill anyway and sadly that is reflected in what this pub and Abbey Mills in general has become.

G. from Surrey.

dalkin35 - 25 Jun 2009 17:53
The thing about this pub, is that your critical eye can so easily be distracted by the pleasant surroundings it finds itself in. The old print works, now coverted into fancy 'boutique-style' shops; the big old 7-spoke mill, still turning in the wheel house; the river Wandle lazily flowing alongside the pub. It's all very peaceful and charming, but aside from some nice drinking spots on the river bank or the roof terrace, I'm not sure the place offers a great deal.
The interior is fairly run-of-the-mill (no pun intended) and the ale selection was a little drab (Adnams Broadside and Regatta, plus something from Bateman's I think) ans below par in the taste department. Still, if it's a drink in the sun, in nice, quiet surroundings that you're after, this is probably worth a punt.
Pubsignman - 4 Jun 2009 23:27
We visited for a midday pub lunch with two small children (who we needed to get to bed by 1.30pm for their sleeps) and had a very poor experience. It opened late, staff were arguing with and swearing at each other, they didn't have any crayons for children (pretty rare these days), they even seemed annoyed that we'd arrived, then after we'd placed our order they came over and told us the kitchen wasn't even opening for another half hour or so! Fortunately they gave us a full refund, but still it wasn't a fun experience. As for being by a nice location, this part of the River Wandle is very scruffy - lots of rubbish and weeds, and the trees stop sun coming in.

If you have a car and want a pub lunch, hit the A3 and aim for somewhere like Esher or Ockham - there are much nicer places out there.
philwhitehouse - 26 Apr 2009 14:04
reasonable pub in a fantastic location ... expensive though. Interesting selection of drinks to be had. Can get very hectic in the warmer weather especially at weekends.
anitas - 17 Feb 2009 10:43
The pub is actually part of he Merton Abbey Mills market area, one of the buildings of the former Liberty Mills print works. It was converted and substantially altered some 20 years ago when the old riverside works were turned into today's attraction.

The pub has a central bar, flagged floor on entrance with a carpetted area with plenty of seating behind overlooking the Wandle. The upper bar tends to be closed but is available for hire, A side room has wooden floors and panelling and has a traditional feel. Lots of exposed brickwork.

Sounds good, but it really does not maximise the potential or opportunity it is given. Disinterested staff and an indifference to the beer served let this pub down. Superb location, history etc, but wasted.

Four seemingly working handpumps, five once but one has the handpull missing. Only two on, others not even reverse clipped, both serving Batemans, XB and Valiant.

Maldenman - 9 Jan 2009 23:12
Somewhat newbuild, with a rather bland boxy feel to the bar area, but nicely located next to the river Wandle so I’m sure the roof terrace must be popular on a sunny day. Didn’t know of this place until recently, surprising since I use the nearby Traf regularly, but there is quite a cosmopolitan complex surrounding the pub, eateries include Mama Rosa’s italian, Belgian bagel/creperie, Caribbean jerk shop, also weekend market, craft shops. William Morris has 4 handpumps but uses just 2, on my visit they were Bateman’s Valiant & XB, although the latter had already gone. Valiant looked good, but was too cold & a little tangy (£3.05). Food mains incl fish&chips, steak pie, scampi, sausage&mash, £8/9. The layout & beer limitations make me feel this is something of a wasted opportunity.
trainman - 25 Nov 2008 10:05
I'm amazed to see the comments below! I was here a few days ago and had a really nice time. It's such a nice location by the river and the staff were friendly. Maybe the new manager has got his act together.
Gembot - 21 Nov 2008 11:53
used to love this pub, not any more. since the new manager has been in the place has lost its atmosphere the staff all walk around like they have lost all moral. and i dont blame them. from talking to them as i know them quite well they are all down doom and gloom too many changes and not for the better, and the new menu well whats that all about? Serious money for not serious food all in a convenient microwave package. The riverside terrace however is fantastic so i recomend you buy a can and enjoy the views from the riverside without entering the pub. In my opinion the new manager has killed the little jewel in colliers wood.
buffy2 - 19 Oct 2008 01:45
just visiting this site today as i was in the area on business. first impressions from the outside walking towards the site was wow but then it all went downhill from the time i entered. what a dissapointment. empty glasses everywhere, unwiped tables. and they appeared to be short staffed as the 2 staff that were visibly working seemed stressed and under pressure. Tried some food off the new menu that was advertised as sizzling??? more like stinking. microwaved steak pie and mash with no gravy??? and to top it all off a manager with an attitude,and appeared to not know 1 end of a bar from another. was looking for a venue for xmas dinner but think ill chose another venue. shame nice looking pub lots of potential but very poorly managed.
publican_1 - 19 Oct 2008 00:17
If theres is one thing I do know about this pub, the old managers who have only recently just left were fantastic. The pub looked better, service was obviously made first priority, the food was top notch and the managers themselves were the most professional and friendly managers I have ever met. The staff were well trained and were a professional team who worked well together, even if they were slightly boisterous at times. The atmosphere of the pub was fantastic and we mourn the day they left! Im not to sure on what the new manager can bring to us as of yet, but if it was anything like the way the pub was a month ago then roll on!
rrickman - 15 Oct 2008 21:06
this pub has so much to go for it but needs the right management and company as at the moment you can see the staff aren't happy with it even if they are having a laugh between them, lets see what the new manager can do to turn this around with the new menu.
Shaba - 9 Oct 2008 02:36
the girls behind the bar made my day worth coming here and worth the price of the drinks was a friendly bar, when we normally come to willam morris the food is lovely when i came last i ordered a jacket pataoe and it was horrible i had to send it back and didnt eat it. i will diffently come back for the drinks but not for the food.
jess1cooper - 2 Oct 2008 00:29
I used to like coming into this pub, the food was good, the staff well trained and the place always served from the whole bar. The managers knew what they were doing and were always working, not like the most recent bunch.
I was in the area and decided to visit with some customers - well what a shocking experience. As the reader below pointed out - the manager is an absolute joke. The place is filthy, the food was disgusting and the staff totally ignorant. This pub used to be run by decent managers, now I believe its owned by Faucet inn and I wouldn't give them another pound if my life depended on it.
Perhaps its time to ask the last managers to sort it out again - it only took them 5 years and these managers have killed it in 9 months!
SHANCOLSA - 21 Aug 2008 19:36
A real hidden gem of a pub, with a beautiful riverside location. Unfortunately, the place can be a bit grubby at times, and glasses not so clean. Has the potential to be wonderful, if they utilised the upstairs venue for example. How about a quiz night? And why have they closed half the bar? A lazy Manager?
Location 10/10
General running of pub 5/10

Room for improvement, but one suspects, in another 6 months, they will have someone else running it.
TheWhisperer - 9 Aug 2008 13:34
Cycled past here yesterday with the other half and had 2 pints of shandy and a bag of peanuts. £7!!!

The pub was quite busy and half the bar was closed as mentioned previously. Unfortunately the manager belongs to the 'I'll stand on this side of the bar and drink my lager while the staff struggle and the punters get fed-up' school of pub management rather than jumping in and lending a hand.

Nice location on a sunny day.
PDWR - 28 Jul 2008 11:57
A rip off. Yesterday ordered a pint of Eidelweiss a german wheat/weiss beer. The price £4.20 the quality poor. Far too cold it is not a lager, but staff reckon thats how it should be. The Speckled Hen is casked and gas served again WRONG WRONG WRONG. Get it right because you have lost a customer and judging on the sparse number in the bar a lot more as well.
Barra - 5 Jun 2008 11:16
Been coming here on and off for a while now but on my most recent visit I noticed that this place is improving rapidly. There seemed to be a much better class of customer in here and it was refreshing to come across friendly staff who knew what they were doing! Hats off to the landlord!
RobBlake - 8 May 2008 12:02
On the banks of the River Wandle, standing on the site of the old Liberty printing works. Pretty dead on a Sunday evening with only about half the bar being “manned”. Food used to be OK, if somewhat unimaginative, but maybe it has improved, as suggested by a previous reviewer. Gets very busy at Sunday midday when the Merton Abbey Mills market is in full swing, and is very pleasant if you can sit outside during the warmer weather. Pretty ordinary real ales on offer – I think we were drinking Young’s Bitter. A decent enough pub if you can sit outside, or can get a window seat overlooking the river, but probably not worth seeking out unless you are visiting Merton Abbey anyway.
RexRattus - 18 Mar 2008 20:43
The managers that have taken over this pub are great. What an improvement in atmosphere. The beer tastes great. It's clean. Staff are friendly. Food is home made and great. What a difference from how this place was. I recomend to anyone that you pop along and give this pub a try!!!!
rsb - 16 Mar 2008 13:53
I had a great roast there with Mum on Sunday and I would certainly recommend this. Nice view of the river and quick, friendly service. 9/10!
JustinNewman - 4 Mar 2008 13:07
I used to work at the William Morris pub back in 1997 and I really liked it!! The managers were really great and friendly. I dont know if its the same managers that runs the pub now, but Im curious!
Malin - 28 Feb 2008 21:01
Blimey. The users below are obviously not fussy.
I popped in recently (just before Christmas) and had a limp sunday roast that might just about have passed muster as a school dinner and was charged an absurd amount for the diet coke that went along with my pint.
The glasses were not clean either.
I wouldn't use this pub again unless I were on the verge of collapse with thirst and hunger, and even then the KFC across the carpark might seem a better option. 3 points but only for the view out across the Wandle.
The_Slider - 5 Feb 2008 13:37
I have to say that the service has drastically improved in the three years I've lived in the area. When i first went there, you'd regularly wait ten minutes to get served even if there was no one else in the bar. Thankfully they've improved that.

However this is a pub with potential and it's not meeting it. Service is still too slow, tables are not always particularly clean, and the food looks like they're trying but not succeeding. A recent burger bought there came with a pathetic piece of limp lettuce leaf with a small dollop of colslaw as garnish which is just pathetic. Plus it's usually only luke warm.

The area on the river is scruffy and untidy and the roof terrace needs a lick of paint, but more importantly you're usually drowned out by the loud humm of air conditioning units.

The beer range has also gone down hill recently. Could do better.
bods - 11 May 2007 09:41
Went to see the music at the pub today, what a treat. Enjoy the atmosphere every time I come here, but today was excellent. Menu is great on a Sunday, Service was excellent even though it was so busy. Glad to be so welcomed by the staff and managers!
anonymous - 9 Apr 2007 23:29
anyone who lives around this area knows that this is the best pub to come to for great, friendly service, good homemade food and always a warm welcome from the managers, and the new baby!!!!!!!!!
anonymous - 22 Mar 2007 13:11
I've been here many times over the past 5 years, and despite the negative comments below, I've never had a bad experience here.

The beer selection is pretty good, but it's the location that makes this place. In the summer it's great up on the roof terrace, and in winter you can get a good Sunday roast in a warm conservatory.

I even took my Mum & Dad here to show them a good local pub.
Loki - 9 Mar 2007 17:03
Third pub on my s. wim crawl. Nice location, friendly enough staff but oh dear, the beer! Not very well kept...
pubkrawl - 24 Jan 2007 15:05
Visited the William Morris yesterday. We come every week as work is close, had a lovely lunch. Service was good and friendly, would recommend it to anyone.
anonymous - 28 Nov 2006 14:33
Don't ever try to order food during a lunchtime ... you can wait an hour! Okay weekday evening for a quick afterwork drink but on the whole this place needs closing down and revamping ... the potential is huge.
celt7 - 13 Oct 2006 10:41
As Colliers Wood resident I was initially over the moon when we discovered this place hidden nicely on the river at Merton Abbey Mills. It looked great (at first) then it several things shattered the dream of finding a great new pub.
Firstly the service, 3 people behind the bar, 2 having a nice chat, and had to wait along with others for service.
Secondly, when ordering a glass of wine for my lady we got a filthy glass (even with lipstick on it) when this was pointed out we got shit service.
Thirdly, does anyone collect glasses in this place?? From either inside or outside?
Fourthly, the place literally fills with smoke from smokers - if you want to enjoy being by the windows on the river or have a decent seat anywhere be prepared to suck smoke all day. The non-smoking room is nicely hidden to the front with no atmosphere.

I was initally excited to see some good ales on the pumps - until I was told not of them worked - except the Youngs - to be fair it wasn't a bad pint.

This pub has SO MUCH potential it is staggering - it looks great at first and it's location is great - a real hiden gem - it just needs someone to turn it around.
Flawed - 1 Sep 2006 12:34
I was in the pub on Saturday night, and if the last chap to write a review bothered to read the notices up he would know that because of the music festival, licensing regulations do not allow them to serve drinks in glasses after a certain time.....
Anyway I chose to drink at the William Morris and Have met the Landlord on many occassions - at this time of the year they get a lot of customers from further afield because of the Abbey Festival. Sorry for all you bored people out there - rather don't waste your time writing when you can't even be bothered to write the facts!!!!!
Abbey Mills Residents
anonymous - 15 Aug 2006 18:50
Cicumstances have dictated that i've been here about 4 times recently and each time I'm shocked by how such a potentially quality pub is so bad.

On a recent sat night there were about 20 people in the pub. There were plenty of glasses on tables waiting to be collected and they were only serving with plastic glasses!!! At no point during that night did I see acive glass collection. How many glasses do they own???????

Three people at the bar tying to order seems to cause all manner of confusion and the speed of service is at least as slow as i've experienced in the west end!

There seems to be a lack of direction as no casual punter i've spoken to recently knows of a landlord.

I want it to be a 10/10 but it's a nice building with little else!!! 4/10
anonymous - 13 Aug 2006 23:37
slow slow service and irritable punters, don't know which came first. The male staff member was polite but they weren't busy and were struggling. I couldn't be bothered and walked out and that was the second time I've done that for the same reasons of late. Just wanted a quick pint after the market. It remains a good location and they often have different ales on but overall service ruins it and the ales aren't well kept. For better beer go to the Sultan or Trafalgar and see if you can fool your Doris into imagining they are in a beautiful location.
mitomighty - 24 Jul 2006 13:30
Good this Sunday afternoon sitting on the riverside watching some guy capsize out of his canoe.

Spitfire was very good but the Youngs bitter was suffering from dirty pipes so a few bits floating around, tasted fine though. Staff good enough but it was fairly quiet.

I can't quite decide if this is a very good pub or just a good, another visit will no doubt help on a different day.

Harlap - 17 Jul 2006 11:52
Been supporting the William Morris for a very long time now, and have yet to have a bad experience.
South African managers are always pleasant and seem to have cleaned the pub up, which is a difficult thng to achieve, and yes they may still have a few rough ones in, but they do keep them in line - anyway, lets not forget that they may border on Colliers Wood, but in actual fact the area they are in is Mitcham.
No mean feat to say the least.
anonymous - 22 Jun 2006 20:45
I've always had a soft spot for the William Morris. The only bad experience I had in there was recently with some sarky, unprofessional and inept new barmaid who pulled a rather ugly scowl when I requested she top my beer up. If only she pulled pints (a quarter of a pint of head love is taking the piss) as well as she pulls pathetic faces.

Anyway, the other staff are usually nice and have the uncanny ability to pour a pint. They have ales on, the location is nice and, aside from some slightly "rough" locals, it is a fine place.
AleKing - 20 Jun 2006 16:32
Lovely pub, great location. Staff are friendly and very helpful. Food is very good. Perhaps could do with a little advertising - could only find it by accident.
Will visit more often!!
anonymous - 30 May 2006 22:48
Selection of ale was good but it has never been that well kept in my experience. the only Good location in the wastelands of Colliers Wood. Also far too smokey!

Got nothing to say about the regulars, as they're regulars and I'm not. Staff were fine.
mitomighty - 30 May 2006 13:23
By far the nicest pub in Colliers Wood in terms of location (by Abbey Mills plus the riverside view takes some beating) plus it is the only watering hole that actually has half decent real ale selection, including that fogotten idea of "a guest ale".

Food is reasonable, in both taste and price, and the - mainly South African - staff are pleasant.

The negatives are mainly the "regulars", who can be loud and a bit intimidating. If you find a quiet corner on the riverside of the pub though, you can ignore them.
anonymous - 10 May 2006 16:40
One of those places where you walk in expecting it to be great.... good location, not bad looking from the outside. Within minutes, you've heard the "c" word about 15 times, plus a numbr of other not so nice exchanges by the locals, and decide you'd be better off elsewhere. Really, avoid at all costs. Mamma Rosa round the corner is better!
Billina - 24 Mar 2006 22:47
I've been going to this pub on and off for the past 7 years, I suppose it's my local!
Sometimes it's great and sometimes it's not. OK pub with a great location. I would'nt go out of your way to visit!
supersammy77 - 27 Jan 2006 18:57
Had a lovely meal today, pub is beautifully decorated, very clean, bathrooms great, staff very helpful, at last a pub with a difference!
anonymous - 12 Jan 2006 20:30
Lovely pub, right on the river. Good selection of food. Friendly staff and good service.
anonymous - 12 Jan 2006 01:50
really nice pub - to sit by the river in the summer. clean, good food, friendly staff, good location.
introboy - 21 Oct 2005 17:22
The William Morris is a lovely pub, hidden away in a lovely secluded area in the abbey mills market. Visited the pub on Friday last week and was so impressed with the new interior. Myself and a friend decided to have something to eat while we waited for the music to begin, WELL what a nice surprise, the food was great and didn't cost the earth. We met some really nice people and they joined us for a drink. All i can say is well done to the staff and management, i am not usually easily pleased!
anonymous - 24 Aug 2005 22:29
I have been a customer at the William Morris for 3 years now, and can tell you honestly that this is the best pub in the area. I booked my birthday party in their function room, it was absolutely fabulous. I asked if they would do a bbq, and they were more than happy to. They went all out to make us feel welcome as well as special. My 30th was the best party i have ever had and it was all thanks to Shannon, Colin and their excellent staff. The Pub is clean and beautifully decorated, the managers have improved the clients and the food is fresh and excellent value for money. I would suggest a visit and not pay any attention to the uneducated comments prior to mine.
rugrat - 29 Jun 2005 18:32
Definitley one of those pubs where you go in and instantly know you are in a wrong'un. It is in a decent location... but for my money don't bother - the whole place needs a kick up the backside.
stephenb - 25 Jun 2005 06:07
Nice to sit outside ie. who'd want to sit in such a dump as per Cheryls comments
anonymous - 4 May 2005 16:25
Bless our Merton Abbey market and the blooming building that is going to spoil it. Anyway staff at this pub are miserable but it's a great location in the market and by the river especially if you have walked the kids from the city farm or market and all fancy sitting outside for a quick drink after.
anonymous - 30 Sep 2004 14:20
Attractive looking pub with a wonderful location on the River Wandle at the back of Merton Abbey Mills. Good selection of beer too (eg Adnams Broadside). However, I agree with the earlier comment about dodgy clientele. Should be better than it is.
Edward - 30 Aug 2004 11:19
i agree it is nice to sit outside in the summer but i can't work out if that is to enjoy the sunshine or just not have to sit in the overly smoky tip that is the inside of the pub. the staff obviously agree as none of them look like they want to be there either. such a shame could be a realy lovely pub.
lizzy - 2 Jul 2004 16:55
SHANNON - 22 Feb 2004 16:32
We used to enjoy a quiet sunday evening drink in this pub, now it is horrid, a botle of wine up by £3, music so loud you cannot hear yourself speak, dodgy customers and indifferent staff - what a disappointment
Cheryl Thomas - - 31 Dec 2003 11:39
Not bad for drinking outside in the summer, but otherwise it's a tip.
Darryl - 13 Oct 2003 19:43
In the last 18 months this pub has gone down and down. I must be a glutton for punishment but 3 times I've been in there this summer (mid-week lunchtimes when it tends to be quieter) and walked out having waited an age to be served. As already said, the outside area is filthy.
Bob - 30 Sep 2003 09:04
A group of us visited for the first time on Saturday 2nd August 2003 intending to eat - wonderful setting - TOTALLY SPOILT by the absolutely filthy state of the outside eating/drinking and surrounding area - looked as if it had not been cleaned for months!!! Literally hundreds of cigarette ends, discarded sauce sachets and plastic glasses amongst other rubbish - staff walking past made no attempt to clear up - DECIDED TO FINISH THE DRINK AND GO AND EAT ELSEWHERE.
Teresa Forey - 14 Aug 2003 14:00
great location.but too expensive,stroppy staff and snotty attitude.never again.
dave smythe - 4 Jul 2003 12:49
Prime tourist trap which struggles to cope with the Abbey Mills crowds. Service is far too slow and the conveyor belt food - sloppy Sunday roasts ad nauseum - doesn't make the gastro grade. Just goes to prove the old maxim: nice site doesn't make for nice pub.
Paul - 1 Jul 2003 19:41
Excellent Irish band called SWIGG that can bwe sometimes heard on a Sunday afternoon. Great atmosphere
Tim - 2 Apr 2003 15:52
Above average chain pub. Good range of real ales, and interesting menu. The market is an excellent excuse for visiting the pub...
Marc - 21 Mar 2003 18:26
Lovely place on the river, swans, coots, moorhens and lots of electricity pylons...
hungbunny - 17 Jul 2002 01:56
free live jazz on fridays for a few weeks over the summer
anne - 8 Jul 2002 10:04

got anything to say about this pub?

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